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  1. Has almost 12.5m in sales, still wants to make it a P2W. I kind of knew they were money hungry from all the spam I received from them with their second tier crowdfunding but dang... If only you could refund a kickstarter payment >.>
  2. Awhh It'd be really amazing if they had a support class honestly. But ooh well, as long as there are some type of healing roles
  3. So, this seemed to have gotten off topic, and turned into a rant of some sort, as well as confused me. The first reply said there wasn't any healer roles. But the others are saying that there are? Are there, or are there not any major healing roles in the game?
  4. This, and doesn't this game have destructible land? I know in Minecraft griefing is when you just destroy everything for no particular reason.
  5. I was watching a few community videos, and a lot of them said there will be a support, however, there won't be any healer styled classes. One, is this true? Two, if so, what would be the reasoning behind not having a healing role in the game?
  6. Thank you to everyone who was lucky enough to greet me before my reign of this forum That is a great representation of me! Though I have a Phoenix as well as a tiger.
  7. I am very pleased at your welcome post. I already know this, obviously, but what is BW? Just to ensure that you're aware of what it means (Obviously). It means Big World
  8. Hello everyone, I am the one, the only, legendary, Xyphien! I just purchased this despite telling myself I'll never buy another pre-made game. The game has really great potential, and I hope it doesn't turn out like the other 283,038,234,849,183,477 games and either doesn't have half the stuff they offer, or stop development before it is released. ooohhh, and if you'd like to know more about me, and my majestic nature feel free to ask below.
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