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  1. Orosili

    your thoughts

    i understand the game isnt built around 1v1 gameplay but you will encounter it in some aspects of the game say if you are just solo roaming gathering .
  2. Orosili

    your thoughts

    After playing the knight for a few days with the disciplines . i find the game play on the knight lacking mobility trying to catch up to confessors and druid in general is a losing battle in a 1v1 or am i missing something? The class also feels starved of rescources during fight as everything cost stamina . I love the knight class and the idea of its play style it contributes to the group alot in group gameplay but like i said 1v1 feels a bit meh. it would be nice if other knight would post their discipline choices here and their reasoning for taking them to maybe help other player with their choice of gameplay in 1v1, small groups or large fights.
  3. Orosili

    [Story] -

    nice read rhast cant wait for chapter 2
  4. Tanks for the fix will Try again
  5. Im a 40+ gamer living in the netherlands looking for a semi hardcore/ casual guild that preferably uses discord for voice chat and plays in peak times in the european time zones . i am looking to experience the game to its fullest on release and meet new players and hopefully make some new friends along the way.
  6. when trying to upgrade my pledge to bronze 2017 at the checkout i keep getting an error that my upgrade cart is empty but it clearly shows the pledge package clicking the checkout button gives me an error message Error: Unable to create a checkout solution. Please use your browser's back button and try again.
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