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    Lover of games and sports! Primarily my NY Mets. Love music, reading and a great board game night with my wife and friends. Making videos for Crowfall! https://www.youtube.com/c/ThatEriksson
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  1. The only reason id say yes is so I can buy another account i been planning to buy but dont want to being so behind with my other one I def see the problems a wipe cause for the big time guilds quitting or being mad. But honestly its Pre-Alpha long way off with lots of changes. People are very picky in wanting a "Playable Game" that is like a released game. Fact of the matter is its not and we will probably have to start over many times including once more when it starts for real, we got to support what the game team thinks is best for getting the game out quicker while voicing real valid arguments as to why we think its a bad for the development of the game not for players personal enjoyment in Alpha.
  2. Hey guys latest new player guide up for 5.8 for all you new players I see in the game chatting and asking questions this should address your first few hours! Next up will be PvP and sieges.
  3. Hmm yea, I only use Window Defender and I disabled still got the error ill submit a ticket thanks Jack. I also deleted made a new folder and re-downloaded patcher but still no dice.
  4. One thing to note is you cannot see how many people are online in their personal Eternal Kingdoms either. Many people test builds and pvp on their own EKs to test builds and be in a chill environment. There is little to gain in the campaigns with fighting at the moment so it can feel empty. I would suggest getting on Crowfall Discord and talking in Global and see where the action is! I can assure you a lot of people probably hanging out in EK's.
  5. As an American in Brazil I am super pleased by this obviously Portuguese is not my first language but I am pretty fluent after living in SP 3 years now! I am loving the new ping
  6. Hey all, I have the live client on my pc and laptop and up until last week no real problems. When I try to login to Crowfall I am getting this error. Updating: Error #1 Hash Failure No Error Failed to access content on Network Read Operation I have tried running as admin, (I have had to do this in past and was suggested.) Did I miss a message about a new client over last week? I do not mind re-downloading but if it can be avoided.
  7. @Pann I met my wife on the internet long ago we been friends over 12 years. I took some vacations out here we got closer. I packed everything up and moved out here cause her sister has special needs and would not be able to uproot her. Been only speaking Portuguese 3 years but I can hold my own, almost fluent I'm an only child and work from home so it works perfect. We are expecting our first baby in September! Its been a great adventure and very happy! Can check it out on IG @that_eriksson also!
  8. Yeah it is def super valuable I wish we can just mouse over links to get little pop ups of the passives/actives gained though.
  9. Yea i just know the disc system can be daunting to those who are not following closely or know of sites like https://malekai.org/disciplines etc.
  10. Yea I know it is a concern of mine but im missing making videos and trying to find some fresh topics. I do not mind duplicating some work or efforts or updating down the line
  11. Hey gang, I want to pick back up and make some good class guides for the channel to help new players! I am thinking aside from just going over the stock abilities it would be good to come up with some quick beginner discipline templates. Myself I really only focus on Knight, Cleric, Assassin atm...so please throw some fun template suggestions even if they are just theory crafted not tested (I can test em). I will be sure to give credit to your ideas (only if you want to be mentioned of course.) This is such a huge system and I have yet to test all of them so I would love to hear some ideas to help players! So please hit me up with your quick templates for classes I do not play or even the ones I do play if you have a cool idea. I know our special builds we like to keep secret so only share these if you really want to. I am thinking more along the lines of VERY basic, make sense easy builds to get new players with an efficient discipline load out straight out the gate. I think it will be useful to new players so they have a general effective discipline line up that we can suggest as people love class guides! Thanks in advance for your help! I would say we can make a format like this. Class Style (like solo, support, group play) Majors Used Mastery Used (what weapon you choose and why) Minors Used Skills Taken (Optional) (unless you want to go into this detail feel free, otherwise I can figure it out) Tips & Misc Info (anything else you might want to add here, style, rotation, race choices etc) Credit If you do not want to be mentioned for credit please be sure to let me know!
  12. Vessel ideas Seasons/Resets/Campaign differences to fit playstyles. Time training while it catches a lot of flack I think in the end works...i cant think of many that focus it that are popular other than Eve.
  13. Sou Americano mas estou em Sao Paulo meu Portuguese nao e fluente
  14. I think the options for EK's will be endless and go as far as the imagination of the community. I have pictured people organizing PVP events in their EKs for prizes and bragging rights. You can turn your EK into a shopping mall. You can turn it into your own personal kingdom and give rights to your friends/guild mates. Think of the EK as a staging ground/housing instance and just an overall do what you want area! I am sure we will get more and more tools to do whatever we imagine in the EK. We will be able to craft/make parcels grow our area. As far as Materials go its been said many times youll just get the same basic stuff you collect at start as of now. Slag/Knotwood/Cobblestone. All of your account wide training/property will persist in your EK.
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