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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I've added filters/sorting for size (and also fixed that it only showed wrong guild sizes). I'm still thinking of how to change the frontpage regarding showing random guilds, and also want to change the filter behavior a little bit.
  2. Oops. thanks for letting me know, will fix it hopefully tonight after work. edit: should be fixed I think right now I don't mind people re-listing, and on the old frontpage it also just showed the 5 latest guilds and I don't think re-listing happened often. Maybe if there are more users it will become a problem, then I will change it, thanks for the feedback. I will start sending emails soon-ish, as soon as I have everything else fixed up. Responsive layout still has some issues for example.
  3. After not working on this for a reeeeally long time, mainly because lack of time and being frustrated that my internet connection is too bad to actually play the game until recently, I noticed that this site is still getting some traffic and guild entries every now and then and I've finally decided to overhaul the site a little bit. This includes a slightly nicer design and some UX improvements and a few features or improvements that I still had on my list or that people suggested, but not all of it is done yet. Also added logo upload, if you have a guild listed on the site you can edit
  4. Ooops. This should be fixed now.
  5. Yes, I was going to make it so it works like tags, as someone else suggested to me. So you can tag your guild with "hardcore", "pvp", "pve" at the same time. Then I can also add more tags like the ones you suggested. I just have not gotten around to it yet :/
  6. I will probably require guilds to update their listing periodically starting some time before release and remove or hide all the inactive ones based on that. But there are a number of other improvements I want to make before I get to that.
  7. Hey! Not sure whether to post this here or in the guilds subforum, but I'll try it here. I've created a guild directory for guilds planning to play Crowfall, and while I still have quite a bit of work left to do on it (and not enough free time -.-), it is already online. Please let me know if you have any problems with the site, as it's still a bit rough around the edges. I'm also very open to suggestions on how to improve it. http://www.crowfallguilds.com List of features/improvements I want to make as soon as I find the time: Email validation/password reset New layout Ch
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