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  1. You can't ever fully catch up, there will always be that couple % stat gap or more options for the Vet.
  2. The skill tree systems seems to be based on giving players straight up more power based on playtime. The system seems to also limit player choice when wanting to be most effective. Long term, 3 years from now, Veteran players are going to have TONS of these skills unlocked. A few complete Archetypes. They'll be able to pick a few different thinks and be competitive. A new player wants to start playing Crowfall. They're immediately at a disadvantage. Straight up % stat worse naked than a Vet also naked. Give them 6 months. They've now completed one Archetype. They can be competitive with that, but really are now at a disadvantage for wanting to play something else. The system punishes new players, and limits choice. I think completely abandoning it would be better than having it.
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