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  1. Haha /who gets taken out to prevent spying and now its "Hey can you tell us how much gear we're allowed and when the sieges are gonna be so we can plan our attacks" ! lol
  2. Should not have import/exports in God's Reach
  3. Only problem aside from the afk timer killing the Lawn is that they didn't run the regular campaign yet so the vets are forced to sit in God's reach and do nothing because they've already got to the top end stuff. When the campaign starts I'm sure you'll only see the new players here learning as was intended.
  4. They've already done half the work with the talent tree system and the changes coming to it, changes to gear etc I just think it would open up more individuality and less cookie cutter builds. Only a suggestion though based on everyone saying all the trees are the same across the classes and everyone playing in plate armor etc.
  5. Just make all the talent trees generalized and focused on unlocking disciplines then put all the class skills in to disciplines so people can custom make whatever they want.
  6. Ya I was talking about this set of Trials that are completely unbalanced because everyone wants a gold trinket and some people are quitting or taking time off because of it.
  7. Hey why don't we let the top guild on each faction be able to name their own faction for the next campaign instead of having the imbalance caused by the current order/chaos/balance system. Maybe the top guilds would then want to split up and create a better balanced game and become famous.
  8. Some healers also need to do dps
  9. Cantruss

    Zone Caps

    Ble you have earned my respect, thanks for viewing it as testing.
  10. Cantruss

    Zone Caps

    So you're ok with 2 entire factions taking 2 weeks off because you guys had 'Perfect Balance' and rubbed it in whenever you could?
  11. Cantruss

    Zone Caps

    Lol, everyone complained when Balance had their 'Perfect Balance' and they said well step up and do something. Order stepped up and found out how to win against superior numbers just like we did with our ballista tactics and now all we hear is "Oh we can't roll these guys anymore, let's get rid of how they are winning finally" again. We put the time and effort in to gear our peeps and have them log in to defend hours ahead of time. So now that we are somewhat organized you guys can't deal with it ? Quit crying Uncle Bob and let Auntie Nueby and Uncle ZombieGhandi have some fun.
  12. And now you've imported a lopsided campaign that everyone is waiting to end.
  13. People all jumped ship for the sake of the colour of the badge. How about you give everyone who competed a blue, the top 20 on each faction a purple and if you are on the winning team it gets upgraded to gold. This should get people going back to their factions to be in the top 20 and having a chance to get the best looking one. Will also promote continued fighting to stay in the top 20 instead of letting it slip away to us night cappers. Will also need to work on the scoring system to accommodate for people who don’t fight at all but build gear for everyone else to fight.
  14. This just forces Order and Chaos to band together until the time comes when Chaos tries to stab Order in the back to get the win.
  15. Should have auto-rerolls somewhere in the advanced crafting trees so that crafters get the benefit of failing once or twice and still getting a chance to complete the item over someone who is untrained.
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