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  1. Dead scout ain't no good for nothing.
  2. Maybe its the other way around, and there is only hell and eternal damnation? Heaven just a fantasy, made up to soothe our savage souls.
  3. Don't make it easier for the megazerg to manage their zerg.
  4. I like the idea of a special fresh toon - so everyone starts at zero for training/etc. Server rush would be a serious rush - people beating each other to death with sticks and rocks.
  5. So, why would a guild who is obviously winning accept someone's surrender? Really, only if the campaign is no longer any fun for them. If the other side surrenders, but its not accepted, I see two possible outcomes: 1) the loser will adobe guerrilla tactics as much as they can, preventing the other side from resource accumulation 2) the loser will just abandon that campaign, spending time in their EK or on an alt in a different campaign, ceding the resources to the winner but also boring them to death, as there won't be anyone to fight. Depending on the level of domination, option 1 may not be feasible, in which case its option 2 only. I can see where we might want to make the rules such that option 1 is a little more viable to keep the campaigns going as long as possible.
  6. Yeah - dont do that. https://youtu.be/ssA4Pht5Moc
  7. Don't disagree with you. And I was being a little extreme to try to be funny. But yeah, deadlifts.
  8. Centaur spear warrior would be a great choice for a noob.
  9. Anyone who seriously trains at Planet Fitness needs to check their commitment to training. I guess if you have no other choice - but I have seen better gyms in cheap hotels. Crossfit gyms are nice, but way too full of themselves, and way too expensive. Most communities have an old school place where real work and gains happen - figure out where it is. Luckily I set myself up in my basement, so I can drop all the weights I want, do any exercise I want, throw chalk around like Tony Montana in Scarface and drink beers while I lift. Remember, beer is anabolic!
  10. its not just a game of math. Now the outcome is derived by how you play the toon, rather than dumb luck. Certainly, gearing up properly will be important as well. (using plate armor to counter slashing attacks, or seeing someone in plate, and then switching your attack to crushing damage) for example. I don't see the harm in eliminating RNG and damage ranges. It allows true nuts and bolts min/max analysis. OTOH, I always was kind of fond of procs, which allowed someone who had a certain damage style, to be able to add a second style in. (a melee with a proc for fire damage for example) I don't see how a proc would work well without RNG. If you just put it on a cooldown, that would be kind of lame, and if you made it proc at the end of a damage chain, that would also defeat the purpose (for me anyhow)
  11. I compete in highland games and some strongman - so lots of training with weights (both powerlifting and olympic), stones, grip strength, etc.
  12. Hopefully we will have a variety of combat opportunities. I am more afraid of the 1v1 dueling bs than gvg. The faction rule sets may set up more of the zvz stuff, but with 3 or 12 factions, hopefully that will make it more interesting.
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