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  1. Question is, why aren't there more FoE guilds?
  2. Reminds me of the days of Aion playing as a sorc, every hour my 4k DP skill would be up and I would go insta-kill 4-6 people farming balaur in the abyss. I wouldn't like to see this in Crowfall.
  3. Eonwe has always been great with the ladies. Some might say, a legend.
  4. The community is solid here, for an easy payment of 10bux you can fly today.
  5. top quality guild, may the best riches find you and your members.
  6. gunner is op just my style
  7. There comes a time when everyone eventually thinks to themselves "damn, what the hell am I doing with my life?", do you know what these people tend to change first? That's right, their fashion. What does this have to do with a Massively Multiplayer Online Game? Mostly nothing, except for pure facts. The truth is, people enjoy putting somewhat of an effort into thier looks, even more so, with their massively multiplayer online video game character. You see this a lot when games start to introduce "skins" or "transform" an equipment item to customize your armor. "You look amazing in real life but your massively multiplayer online video game character knows no bounds when it comes to being a fashionista!" People enjoy feeling good about themselves, even if you're a sloth in real life 9 times out of 10 chances you still will create and maintain a high level of fashionable creativity for your massively multiplayer online video game character when the opportunity shows itself to you. Character customization be damned if it does not include being creative with your gear, most games fall into the hole of everyone looks the same, and I hope this doesn't bode for Crowfall falling into the same trap. The important thing is that, hopefully Crowfall will implement a good system to allow players to customize their characters by changing the way their massively multiplayer online video game character looks to other massively multiplayer online video game character players. Hopefully in a good and just way instead of an after-thought. When you're spilling blood on the battlefield, you might as well look good while doing it.
  8. Plush


    This is a glorious post OP, bravo.
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