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  1. BDO hasn't failed and is still going strong for the niche. Has nothing to do with tab/skill shot. If they added tab targeting the whole combat would have to change. Seeing as Crowfall already has a decent combat cycle, changing it would impact it too much.
  2. I'm sure this will change in the future but gotta say it. I feel like the beginning area for newcomers needs to be a little more streamlined. Granted I know the quests lead you to getting to know the systems but right now it feels a bit convoluted and bulky if that makes sense. I feel like there needs to be a sense of urgency and accomplishment with it rather than "hey go kill 5 wolves, grats on the new skills!" and the same with learning to cook, etc. I guess I am trying to say a better first impression is needed to engage the player and "hook" them in.
  3. The community is solid here, for an easy payment of 10bux you can fly today.
  4. gunner is op just my style
  5. idea would be sound if implemented correctly.
  6. Amber was a good package, if the game flops I'd be disgruntled if I paid more than Amber.
  7. Plush


    Media loves "racism". Even though the one that is accused of murder is a black police officer, people want to still blame "white" people. It's an endless tug of war that will last long after all of us are dead. The guy ran, what happend on the street did not bring upon his death, what happened in the van did. Hence why the driver is up for murder. So I am guessing, they knew Gray and his antics as a known narcotics dealer and generally did give him a "rough ride" which should of never happened. Race has nothing to do with it, but theres an agenda that wants to push "racism" forward tha
  8. Whatever OP stated, I am 100% behind.
  9. More than you can ever hope for young strapping lad. https://youtu.be/AebQIy5UNng?t=51s
  10. Whole full campaigns yes, that would be unwatchable.
  11. If ACE plays it smart, they'll redact it from the list and say it was never there. Like how TRION did that with their packages.
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