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  1. "Gold" Economy

    This ^^^^ Not really sure why there isn't a recipe that anyone can use at the beachhead tables that eats gold and dust to make coins. Maybe because that would make dust the de facto "real" currency, and gold "just" another hoop to jump through. The only reason I can see it being useful the way it is, is to make gold impossible to acquire in your EK(unlike dust), reducing the gold farmers ability to... farm gold in complete safety. Perhaps it's that it splits up the harvester types into PvE (critter) harvesters vs PvRock stationary node harvester. Honestly, it's a bit baffling.
  2. "Gold" Economy

    Currently the only exits are sacrifice, and vendor thrall costs, and purchase of mats from NPC vendors in keeps. (That's the big one). There will also be this thing called taxes to upkeep things in your EK. Not in yet, but will be. The current gold drops are very much a placeholder to try to get some sort of game EK player economy going.
  3. Worst thing that can happen to a game?

    No, the biggest misconception that is causing people angst, is that they not testers, when they are. Consumer testers yes, but testers none the less. For people to expect any server to act like production live is expecting too much. Does ACE try to run it like production, yes. Should we expect them to actually run it like production, no. This stage of development and testing is not for everyone, it's for those of us that can tolerate a very bumpy road.
  4. Worst thing that can happen to a game?

    You trying to do some astro turf advertising for them or something?
  5. My thoughts on some mechanics and balancing

    Until those who don't mind it have enough resources to spread around their guilds, and the crafters start to get hungry for high end mats. And maybe if we are good, ACE will give us the same effect from NPC vendors "lots of white resources" via a more group oriented, PvP, combat avenue.
  6. My thoughts on some mechanics and balancing

    I think your being a bit too reactionary given NOBODY has had time to train anything harvesting, so obviously everyone is as good a harvester as the next, and with springtime season of plenty, of course the differences are not really noticeable, because season of plenty gives everyone what, 3+ free months or more of harvest training We are all at the start, but rest assured, once we are all in white gear, those combat harvesters you are so worried about will actually not really be doing all that much harvesting. I am already seeing the majority of my guild when we are running together, nobody but me even looks at the nodes we are wandering by, even when they are hungry and could quickly whack a couple of apples. It's just not interesting enough to side track for most player to even think about hitting a node for resources. That will only increase as people get tired of the whack a stationary object grind. Just give it time.
  7. Suggestion for the new tower/camp systems

    Perhaps the towers could be wide open, BUT to take a fort you need to have an unbroken group of enough (3-6) towers near the fort. So the 1-3 player groups could enter behind enemy lines, and start capping back/middle towers to create a break in the lines and force that side to try to deal with that, or support the forward groups by making sure their entire "area" is properly backfilled. That would also work for non-faction campaigns. Have to think about what a map may look like with 20+ groups fighting individually for territory. There always has to be a way for a new group with no towers to start up, or a team that has been beaten back to zero towers to start, and I don't think using the starting rune gates as a open zone would really work all that well. A good board game example of what I think it could play out like would be the game of "Go". You can alway place a new piece on any square, but the rules of the game naturally drive good strategy to require certain connection patterns and enclosure strategies.
  8. game mechanics leans too far on gathering

    After a weekend of farming and crafting I was able to build over 6 suits of leather breast plates for my guild with the new NPC vendors in the keeps and tier 9 gold drops. I admit there was probably about 4 hours of "farming" to do that. I spent more time roaming around with my mates and looking for or participating in fights, and less time scrabbling around feeling like I was fighting the game more than people. I could easily have geared up a vessel to at least one white item of each kind if training was a bit further along. Decay doesn't seem over board, even though I was hunting critters and was in combat more than say an ore harvester. Getting my hands on enough green+ resources to build things, yup that's going to take some time. (Got a few blue and a couple of purple though). I think I like the current balance. All I would like to see at this point is for them to move the effect that NPC vendors have into some group PvP/escort/objective activity instead.
  9. I would like to see XP leveling tied to capturing the new camps. 250/500/750 would be solid motivation to find a group, and go take some camps. At least once the .. um er .. current easiest way to level has been mitigated. Maybe a XP clock that ticks up 10XP every X seconds as you capture and strengthen a claim. The above said, it's still faster to level through getting mats from gold from PvE tier 9 critters and buying, than standing around the beachhead whacking knottwood for... reasons.
  10. I'm not going on with this with you anymore. It's pretty clear you want something different than what has been sold with CF for the last 2+ years or so.
  11. Check your math. There are multiple years, possibly over a dozen, of training required to get to the end of the CURRENT list of skills. There is always going to be something new to train and do. Bold 2. My guild has been mixing it up hard core all weekend after a complete reset. Just because your crow doesnt have skill training, doesn't mean your on the sidelines. Crafters can go out and start on some mobs to get gold to get the first resources they are going to need to start building things. (Nobody is going to be a profitable crafter on day one. Everyone is going to need to jump start with a bit of gold and killing.) Harvesters, same deal Combat guys can jump in right away, probably get twinked by someone just interested in a few more numbers in a current fight, and be engaged in what they want with zero training. If your waiting for skill training, or think that's all there is, your doing it wrong.
  12. That was basically what I was saying. As a pace to introduce players to the game, it's pretty good. That is not about game 2 or 3 or 300, it's about making it a decent enough first play experience to keep people around, without watering down the long term plan. Yes, yes it is, and it's hardly a bait and switch, they have been talking about EK persistence vs temporary campaigns since the very first kickstarter video, and the official discourse about time gated training came easily within the first months. Are you really asking for everyone to be able to do everything on day one because that's what it sounds like, and frankly your in the wrong game if that's what you want.
  13. Tier 9 hunger growth is difficult thing to deal with pre-rune tools. Love it. Maybe even crank up the armor on them more so even with good tools they are a real pain to get rid of. Maybe in the future treat the hunger snow areas like critter camps. If a critter is on the snow, it heals like the camp/tower guards do, while your fighting it. Would like to see the AI critters a bit harder. Being able to solo a Tier 9 anything in intermediate gear just strikes me wrong.
  14. Training pace, at least for a fresh start, feels "right". First weekend nearly done, and people are just getting past basics into crafting, barely started on the race/class, and just thinking about harvesting specializations. If it was up to me, I would leave things at 3x for live, and if more time needs to be pushed in increase the cost of the later skills, because 1x training will take too long to get through the basics. At 1X after 9 days you will be looking at starting crafting, maybe, and taking longer than a week is too long to wait to get started IMHO.
  15. Logging into EK's twice now I have been totally stuck without the ability to move or select {i} menus. Both times it was on first entry to EK. Relogging fixes.