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  1. No limit. My guess from lots of testing is that the RNG generator keeps getting its seed reset when you login or restart the client. This *might* create a pattern where the low to happen odds are front loading in the RNG generator. I strongly suspect that unity uses a version of the mersenne twister RNG. One of it's short falls is... "Poor diffusion: can take a long time to start generating output that passes randomness tests, if the initial state is highly non-random—particularly if the initial state has many zeros. A consequence of this is that two instances of the generator, s
  2. ^^^ This. There are melee, range and stealth trays. Additionally, there is precedent in the one key, one tray in how FPS games handle weapon swaps. Push the slotted key like '1' and you pull a specific weapon. Some like to roll through on a mouse wheel, I personally prefer, especially if laggy, for the single button to ALWAYS leave you in the desired tray, rather than trying to guess what tray it will leave you in if the swap is slow due to lag.
  3. Failed to include ANY economy is rather unfair. There have been patches in the past where guilds set up rather successful EK shop villages in the past. There is certainly a lack of what I would call marketing tools to aid in suppliers being able to promote said shop EK's, and clear aids for new players to find said EK's. The problem was always a chicken/egg competitive environment problem. When your dropping players into a competitive environment, it's not a good plan to require them to play for dozens of hours, or waiting for passive training to kick in, before becoming competitive
  4. While this is pretty decent advice for later game when you have gold to spend, the fastest way to get replacement gear is to find a WT or village and farm the monsters in it. If you want weapons, start with the camps right outside the gates in infected that have tents and weapons chests. If you want armor, hit the villages and find the bookcases, drawers, etc in the buildings. For some reason frostcasters and books seem to be more rare than other weapons, so you may need to do a couple of passes through the camps to find any.
  5. If you have any other skin, you can use the transmogrification recipes under the "j" menu to alter the appearance of "standard" mounts to one you have access to, no cost.
  6. Might want to look here for what those types of wood do for woodworking. http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ Your criticism is not unfounded, there is a metric butt load of items that are bloating inventory and systems, but the different types sometimes do have a purpose.
  7. Actually ANY node and an intermediate tool will do, as long as you are in infected. The right course of action is hit a few nodes till your first rune pops out, go back to the temple, destroy the white and equip the green. That will about double your productivity on the nodes. If you want to have effective intermediate tools, equip a runecrafter disc on one of your vessels, assuming you have more than one or don't mind using a slot on your first out in the world character and use it to craft them. All vessels can craft intermediate, but without the rune you get two experimenta
  8. I think its about PvP management. and in the future when things are busy, population management. GR has no PvP, while ALL Infected is PVP. Now they have these massive debuffs for going to certain areas your faction isn't supposed to, but that is not exactly the same as "nobody can do anything to you while you learn". There is also the ability to compartmentalize what resources you can gather totally safe. The transition from GR - Infected is really the bumpy part, which a one way portal that let you skip the whole lobby would cover.
  9. Further, if you have active characters in Dregs, and don't mind spending the export slots and burning gold sac items, that time can go down to as low as 3-5 minutes.
  10. God's reach is for new players. What I would really like to see is changing the level restrictions to enter worlds/zones changed from "the vessel you want to use" to "your account must have a vessel of this level". That way a new player with a guild can just drop into Dregs with the team and have them hand them the 30-40 gold sacrifice items and be through the whole thing in a few seconds. The lvl 25 limit while it keeps noobs from jumping into the deep end of the pool with an anchor, also limits the ability of guilds to twink vessels to be dregs ready behind exports.
  11. Having a way to add a chaos ember for a bunch of +25 values (Harvest type, Crit chance, Spot Crit, Crit damage) would be the "easy" way to go IMO. Or give the soul tools that use polished soul stones a buff other than the rune drop chance. There is already a process and cost to making those.
  12. That sounds like a marketing problem for vendors, not a problem for ACE TBH. As long as the tools are the same for everyone, including the existing mouse over technology, no matter the state it's an even playing field for everyone. Not that I wouldn't love to see a bit more "pop", but that is hardly a necessary component. Would much rather see a search that encompassed the statistics that show up in the mouse overs. E.G. Being able to filter the list to only include items with "Critical Chance" would be much more useful than visual "pop".
  13. I'm pretty sure the tech for that would be vastly different than what we currently have due to the hierarchy of control. This would be something at the account level, which is where the old passive training lived, not at the vessel level where the current rune/belt model handles the training. IF, and this would be big IF, there were enough vessel slots you could purchase per account ( > every race/class combo possible) and the requirement for a vendor was to actually apply a profession/exploration rune on one, and park that vessel in that role, then it would bridge the account/v
  14. You can't do it that way. Once people know there is a quest for "bring 10 birch", then they will just stockpile birch in the bank, and withdraw it when they hit that quest. WE have already seen that sort of behavior with the "sacrifice the most X race relics". I as a habit will keep my bank full of any relic I find until after the final season cards are known, just in case one of those shows up. Unless the rewards are known and more than the risk/loss of the higher end materials like "legendary oak heartwood", that material is worth WAY more being used to craft quivers than whatev
  15. It's both too SMALL and too BIG at the same time. Talk about a challenging problem. It's too BIG, because it "feels" empty when you are out and all alone. It's too SMALL, because even when it feels empty, the sound of your movements and harvesting seems to carry to 1/4th of the island you are on. Add to that the fact you can run an entire zone in just a couple of minutes, and finding action is pretty easy. Top that off with logging, where anyone watching can see the super tall trees fall over at a long distance, and it's pretty much impossible to not become a target for hungry and bore
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