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  1. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    CF from day one advertised a passive training system. If you want to talk about what CF is "supposed to be", maybe start with the early comments from the developers about how training and leveling was going to be handled, because even if the details have altered somewhat, that part of the model has never changed. Somehow I think what you believe was "supposed to be", is not what you think it is.
  2. Use Emails as Logins NOT Usernames

    "What you know" security is never solid, be it username or email, holes can be found in either. It's better though that it be email because that is not anonymous CF public, (but it is "people who know your email" public). That said security through obscurity is almost always crappy security. If you have a keylogger on your computer, your #$%@ed already. Format C: and start calling your credit card companies. That's why 2FA in some form is real security.
  3. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    To be more fun/satisfying it would need one of two things, or a bit of both. Steeper curve. That one pip of training represents a more significant change in character power. You do see this in crafting and plentiful harvest PIPs, but not much else. Quicker training time. If I was to log in, and every day select some small meaningful gain from my time bank, that would be more fun. No power should take more than 7 days to train. The build up from 3 to 6 to 9 to 12 all the way to 24 day tier 8 powers are simply too much time between gains. One week is plenty to force someone to wait for a full new ability, and it would mean every week every player would see some sort of progress. It's not like there is a shortage of powers made or comming that anyone will be able to fill them even if they moved that fast and had a decade. It could even be argued that ALL training should dump to the time bank by default, so the level up moment does not happen while you are offline. Every skill gain would be an active event and choice. Much more engaging to show up and spend time, and directly see the gains at the start of every session than look at a more full spinning wheel. With that model I would suggest that non-VIP have a 48hr time bank to compensate for not being able to train pips during times of inactivity.
  4. Use Emails as Logins NOT Usernames

    When a EVERYONE's account gets hacked, it's the companies fault. (See Equifax). When one or two accounts get hacked, it's almost always the owners fault. Well other than the fact it's really the hackers fault for hacking. But that's a bit like blaming the scorpion for stinging you.
  5. Use Emails as Logins NOT Usernames

    Also, a weaker version 2FA (Short for two factor authentication) can also be accomplished without the use of a 2FA app, by sending a one time use code on login attempts (that match username/password so you can't get spammed) to the email on file. There are 3 factors. What you know What you have What you are. Online this is ;know (username/password); have (phone); are.... good luck with that one online. EMail account access can substitute for the have. If they have ability to log into your EMail, you have bigger problems than a CF account. So lazy. Good reason to lose an account.
  6. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    It's a huge thread necro, and is very much in the tell it like it is language that is so easy for some to spin wrong, I am very reluctant to even ask. The entire thread was started by VK on the FF issue, (see link for thread title), and obviously Todds mind wasn't changed by VK's arguments in 4 pages of posts because VK is still complaining about it. I'm pretty sure that thread started up the same time as another similar one was going on in general or suggestions. Maybe VK can ask Todd, since he claims I got the reasons so wrong he should be happy to be proven right with Todds own words.
  7. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    One of the big pluses for CF that gets around this sort of imbalance, is the ability to twink new players, and the total lack of "Must be level X to use this item" limitations. Day one, I can put on the best weapon,armor,disciplines, etc, if only I have access to them. Old MMO's were like a football team where the new players couldn't wear the best footwear, padds, and other gear, and had to earn the right to wear them one piece and step at a time. In CF, if your on a team, that team can be the source of your gear, so your starting limitations, and power curve to achieve can me much more shallow. Couple that with "multiple ways to the same end stat" approach, and maybe you don't get to high end final abilities via training, maybe you have to equip the relevant discipline to do it. All in all it's pretty robust. I still think training is too slow, and would be more interesting if there was a second and active channel for achieving the same thing, as long as the active channel was not the permanent progress. Disciplines are ... close, and sacrifice .... helps, but it just seems to me that active progress is still gated too heavily by time and grind work.
  8. A couple of suggestions

    There is in fact a state for temporary blindness where nobody can see anything, that could have been what happened to you. If it definitely wasn't though, I would add that comment to the bug/feedback forums. They know about autorun. Brought it up in a Q&A several months back. It's one of those low priority items though. Welcome to the forums. Grab a helmet and a spatter screen cause it can get messy in here.
  9. Do not soft launch until you have strong anticheat.

    As I understand it, setting up an immutable ledger blockchain with your own economic policy like Etherium is not a huge task these days. If they made every item a programmable contract they could not only detect duplication, but follow every item from birth to destruction. Might be too much work to shoehorn it in, but hey what company doesn't want to raise it's profile and value by simply saying they are using blockchain these days?
  10. Do not soft launch until you have strong anticheat.

    Even in games that are well known to ban cheaters, and have no lasting in game goals, they will spend an accounts value for troll factor alone. PUBG has banned as of Dec 29 1.5 million players. Even still the cheaters keep buying accounts to play and get banned again. I've seen streams where a fellow named "speed gonzales" was using the speed hack to run around like the Flash. Obviously a paid for throw away account fully expecting to get banned but enjoying the cheat just the same. I have also heard that culturally speaking people from China have way fewer hangups with being branded a cheater. It's not really a moral consideration for them. ACE has to be very obviously in support of banning cheaters, even if the software for detecting it isn't fully fleshed out at the start. If they are at all tolerant, for any reason, it's going to leave a very bad impression.
  11. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    Actually, I have another idea that could work to satisfy the desire for active progression a bit more, tie into the passive system, and still leave room for completion targets. Use the sacrifice system to supplement the training system directly. What this would mean, is that a vessel can sacrifice to train a skill node actively, with the following rules. Must have the qualifiers in the passive training tree, or sacrifice training tree to advance that node. Must have maxed out the current sacrifice limits. Training happens after the leveling. Has no impact on passive training. You can get ahead of passive training this way, but you can't push passive training further ahead. Tied to the vessel, so if you lose the vessel, you also lose the sacrifice training. So what happens is you can actively pursue a different training line for vessels as a one off, but still need to finish the passive training if you want all your vessels to benefit from a particular skill. That would give you active progress, the ability to see if certain skills are in fact worth the time to train, but have an end of campaign reset (or mid campaign if your vessel decays), that active achievers could work towards.
  12. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    That was actually one of the earlier suggestions I made on the issue as well. I think it would be neat if you had to gain your vessels training passively but rapidly while in a campaign, and then export (retire) that vessel to your EK when done. In your EK the vessel could still skill up, at the current very slow passive training rate, and would forever be locked out of new campaigns. If you had a vessel in your EK with certain training, in campaign training could happen for those nodes at 2X or faster, as you "remember" the past lives the crow has lived, so every campaign you can get further, faster on those things you have already trained in. It would change the life cycle of vessels from decay and loose, to lives for one world then "retires". Constant passive progress, limited ability to uncle Bob, and no absolute skill ceiling to hit. Kinda pointless to talk about though, ACE has a direction they are not going to change a third time before release. We have what we have mechanics wise, all that is left to argue about that has a chance of changing is pace and things placed in the skill tree.
  13. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    I'm not going to play this game with you. Someone else who has access to that post please point out which one of us is off base. I say the major issue presented was that the powers will suck because they are not built around FF.
  14. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    I didn't get it wrong. Apologies to those that can't follow the link. There was an entire thread in developers in June on the FF issue, and in this post Todd gives 6 reasons why it won't work. Two of them match the description I gave. I can say I was wrong about them being able to just turn it on, apparently that is easy. BTW, once again disturbed to see coolwaters posts. Sigh.
  15. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    Yea I get that. I actually agree with your sentiments on "if there is a ruleset out there you(meaning us players) would like to try, we can do it"., it's actually a club I use to beat people who complain about setting X or Y. Call it inside knowledge, but I KNOW Todd answered VK directly on the issue, even if I got the reasoning given wrong. (I still think I got it right) IF there ends up being enough population, and IF turning on FF isn't a huge change in the code base, because it very well could be buried deep into each power's targeting logic, rather than a easy to switch global, then ya in a year or so after release VK maybe should get his shot at sucky FF. But as a early game experience, or taking Dev time now to custom build a mechanic not wanted or needed by a high percentage of the community, it's just not worth it.