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  1. Here were the tables Blair posted ages ago for the drop rates, and how they work. That 10% I believe is on the chance the table gets a roll, and not on the volume to expected after the roll, which is critical amount. # of times the critical table is rolled when a critical hit is made. If you look at those R9 tables, there is only a 15% chance of green on a R9 Crit, but the sample data I have seen where green represents 60% of the yield, seems to indicate that the majority of material is from the non-critical hit table.
  2. Your only partly right. Look at the starting stat for your green tools. IIRC they have a starting base stat (mining, logging, etc) of 5.25 when green compared to 5.00 for white. That starting improvement will factor into each pip automatically, so green pips are worth more than white. As a rune crafter, if your trying to craft blue tools with all blue materials, your wasting your time and resources. Green will get you as good a bonus as you ever need for such a disposable item. The difference is not worth the quality mats unless you have a very large surplus. Even then, that surplus is probably better spent on other items. The only blues I ever roll for are ones I made by bootstrapping blue parchment and white ore to blue runes, upgraded when applying to green blanks.
  3. I would still hold off on that until AFTER they have pretty much everything in they want of that sort. Even that list is a moving target, with things like hammers and other camp drops being added almost every update. Don't get me wrong. I've been asking for/about this feature for ages.
  4. On method could be to have the timer reduce by x minutes for every war tribe underling killed. So for example, it starts at 1 hour, but if you kill 30 of them it will accelerate and trigger in half an hour. If nobody is around, it still shows up in an hour, but if your active in the area, it happens faster.
  5. Yup, no buy orders is a big missing piece. Probably THE big missing piece as far as I am concerned. The problem is that it's got a great deal of user interface requirements and decisions to make on how to message/handle all the options for players. Just count all the possible basic materials and drop items without experiment rolls that you could want to buy to get an idea of how hard designing a good way to select that might be. Add in the fact that every piece of gear has a unique value, try to figure out how to explain a buy order for a "Poison Dagger with at least 80 attack". Right now, I personally would much rather the UI guys be working on a better bank/embargo, and a couple of other things than this missing piece we can get by without.
  6. No need to jump start the test economy. The marketing tools for EK's is probably on the bottom of the list for ACE, simply because some have proven with the tools available players can make a vibrant EK trade center. (Current gold drought notwithstanding). The Winter Blades made over 5 million in gold with a EK trade center back in 5.6 I believe. If you want to make an economic empire, put in the work to make one. Don't expect ACE to hand it to you, because they can't. No matter the systems they provide, you are going to run into the pareto principle of economic distribution. No matter the tools given, you will be in competition with other players and guilds that have, and compete to use better than you, the exact same tools. ACE can't hand you a successful business, you have to build one. Oh, and last campaign there were open stalls in the main Chaos temple, not sure about the others. I did quite a good business making and selling tools. There is no restriction on vendors to types of goods. You can load up a vendor with any amount and type of product you want. Do I hope ACE eventually builds better tools, sure. But it's not really a top priority item right now.
  7. I don't agree, but then my understanding of Theme park came from DDO. Walk up to a door, it tells you how many of what level characters you can/should have for the "ride", and then you start into a private instance of the adventure with your group, and nobody else can interfere with that instance, like your own roller coaster car on a set track. Take the ride again, and you get virtually the exact same experience. Play a solo "adventure" and you are basically playing a single player game. That's theme park. Sand box is, "go where you like, do whatever you want in the one environment everyone else shares." CF is way way more sandbox than theme park. There isn't a place in the campaigns where someone else can't influence you in some way. Even in protected temples, some ass hat can follow you around and jump around like an idiot effectively kicking sand in your play experience face. First google result for "sandbox games definition". CF is sand box not theme park
  8. Your just wrong here about it being completely disliked by community and rejected by the devs. NOW, before the major promised game goals and systems are in, is not the right time to add it to the mix, but it has not been rejected as an option eventually given the right conditions. From the campaign FAQ page.
  9. Right now that is a pretty big missing piece. With all the interdependence, and required crafting time, guild crafters simply don't waste time building white quality gear. There is certainly a niche for it. I have done quite well for myself this campaign selling white quality rune tools, despite anemic gold supply, AND the tax on a vendor. Getting to the point of making those takes the initial sprint to rune crafting, and a table. There are plenty of white items that you can build to grease the wheels of other white crafters. Leather padding for leather workers sells to armorers, and buckles from blacksmiths to leather armor crafters comes to mind. Also cooking. That can be done without training, and everyone can use those buffs. New crafters belong to the public market, because none of the really good stuff makes it outside of the guilds.
  10. Math on costs was done more on line with what we used to get for gold. IE, every critter dropped gold, not just the humanoids. There is also a problem with the only spawn once, and Archers using LOS trickery to make them little more than massive gold sinks. They do need work to sort out, that is certain.
  11. I think what I would have to say to that, is you perceived correctly that there are limitations, but incorrectly that it is deemed to be a problem with the design. Rather, it is a major goal of it. Many of us here consider that many modern MMO games are too homogenized in design, and it's hard to differentiate players and styles. If everyone can be a specialized crafter without some restrictions, nobody is a specialized crafter. In order to drive home that point, this design forces you to make periodic choices that exclude others. You can, pick a new passive training line, level a new vessel, but at some point you will notice that to move forward in a new profession/race/class, you have to start over to some degree. One of the big advantages you may not have seen yet to the leveling and vessel system, is that you can "twink" yourself. If you are playing a end game Cleric, you can use that endgame cleric to harvest/craft/farm everything you need to try your next build exploration, prior to jumping into a new vessel. There is no gear limitations by level, nor grouping limitations by level with your friends. Got a great purple suit of plate, migrate it to your brand new level 1 Guinean knight after messing around with the Nethari templar. In fact, getting twinked and rapid experimentation is probably going to be the more common early player experience, rather than the current slog due to all the resets.
  12. Nothing is preventing you from changing your choices. You can play any number of races and classes, simply delete the vessels your not playing. You get unlimited numbers of free vessels, and maintain all passive training between them, so you can experiment endlessly if you like. You just can't have every option available all at the same time. This is not League of Legends where you buy champions and constantly expand your library. To be honest, after watching the forums for several years, you are perhaps only the second person I can recall who has said they thought the number of vessel slots was too restrictive. (With the exception of those that use them for bank space because bank space is a problem) As I said above, one of the kickstarter bonus awards was +3 vessel slots. Who says that ACE won't sell additional slots in the future? I can totally see that as being something to add in later for those interested in a massive library of vessels. Pay 10$, get another vessel slot, or maybe even earn one as a reward for winning a campaign. But now you have moved the goalposts for this conversation from, "every vessel should be able to combat and craft", to "I want more vessel slots".
  13. I agree. I hope the new death mechanics of having to fly away from your corpse encourages people to hang out long enough to lose their heads more often. If it did, that would be a huge plus.
  14. This is the 4th revision I believe to the passive system, disciplines, races/classes and its relation to vessels, and quite frankly is the best one so far. The changes slated to happen are locked majors, with having to spend talent points into the individual powers within the majors. It has always been a goal, that you can screw up your vessel, and have to make a new one. And that you must make a choice between crafting and combat vessels. Many of us happen to like, and backed because of that approach. It is not going to fundamentally change at this point. EDIT: (Bold) The crafting system and economy is supposed to run by discrete individuals, and groups of individuals, trading the skills and abilities they have focused on, with other individuals, and groups of individuals, that have different skills and abilities, just like any other real economy does. It's really rather simple. The AVERAGE player should be discouraged from the crafting system if it doesn't interest them. It's supposed to be driven by the achiever players who are bent on achieving crafting and economic dominance in the game. You have 6 slots currently. You can be capable at one crafting skill in a reasonable amount of time, become an "expert" in a few months, and maximise through gear and vessel upgrades in that time. You can use a single vessel to do two crafting skills moderately well if you pick the right race and slot two disciplines. That leaves you 5 slots for building a variety of combat vessels. If you happen to really NEED to devote all your time to crafting, and being good at it, then buy a second account. But at that point you are far past being the average player. Even with a multitude of accounts, one human simply won't have the time to do everything. What is not supposed to happen, is for individual players to be able to do everything for themselves. That again, is a different game.
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