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  1. I wouldn't get too attached to that character or items right now. There is a FULL WIPE coming when 6.4 hits live. It would however be helpful to spend some time playing with the exploration runes and belts/tools, which is where all crafting and harvesting skills have moved to from the passive tree. You will want to have at least purple (currently) harvesting runes equipped, so you can use advanced tools, prior to entering the Dregs campaign as a harvester, IF (huge if here because there have been pages of negative feedback on this gate) the rune restrictions on advanc
  2. Your just not getting it I guess. How big is your guild, and what do they do currently?
  3. It could be done ladder style. If your on a side that kills someone above you, kills or assists climb. If you are on the side that dies, nothing changes in your rank, unless the side that is climbing goes over your score, then you lose a place. As people climb the ladder, they displace down those they rank up against. Keep active, and keep climbing, and you hold your posistion. Stop being active, and eventually you will just fall back.
  4. Vessel durability. Not needed. I don't like hypothetical "when everyone has everything, its going to be dull" arguments, because I don't think the person making them fully understands just how deep that hole would be. Start with 6 slots, so six legendaries required to fill that. Add in that more slots are not only possible, but something very probable to be in the store, so lets say the maximum limit of vessel slots lines up with all the possible combinations of race/class. That's somewhere north of 36 (12 races, 3 classes minimum/race) Take into account you can 'upgrade' sideways.
  5. Guilds who have surplus, spend it for the most part on sacrifice to the war tables. For example, in an effort to build up a wood worker, thousands of resources are required. Somewhere north of 7K to purple, building bows. What did our guild which was a major contender until the last siege window of the last campaign? We sacrificed them to the keep war table. Not a single one hit any sort of market, because despite us not needing or wanting the production for the primary use (use a bow weapon), we had an essentially bottomless second use for them, that had exactly nothing to do with
  6. I don't know that 5 primary harvesting professions, (Ore,Logger,Stone,Skins,Grave digging) at what I estimate solo play farming at current levels for both runes (30hrs) and belts (100 hrs ext) for a total of 650 hours, PLUS (blacksmith, weaponsmith, runecrafter, leather worker, woodworker, jewel maker, necromancer) also at 130hrs per (910 hours) plus actually playing the games PvP side and all the non-farming activity between all that is exactly "quickly, In terms of the average full time 40 work week, that translates into 40+ weeks of full time work to finish. You are correct, the
  7. I kinda like that idea myself, they could even use the existing runes AS the XP drop. You either sack it for the specific XP, OR you can equip it and lose the ability to sack. I don't like the hard cap, I think quite frankly it's pointless, simply because exploration discs are not directly related to effective power, and there is no way a single person is going to have the time to effectively USE all those skills anyway. Even with the old passive system the idea was that after years of work, you would theoretically "could" train every skill. The converse is also true however. Since
  8. Well at least now I understand your "umpteenth time" comment. Totally disagree about the impact, since passive offered almost nothing for achievers, and now there is quite a bit to work towards, so that changes rather dramatically how it feels while doing the same things. Specifically, when you drop a new harvest/craft rune, you get a sense of progress and small dopamine hit that was totally missing from the passive "experience" (if you could even call it that). You might be surprised to realize, there are actually a set of people out there who enjoy that process. It's what many of th
  9. Moving economy skills from passive to active is what I would call really dramitic, since the production of the results of those economy skills is what drives the effective power of players in the PvP arena. Prior to that change, there was literally NOTHING a person could do to speed the process up. However now that process can be sped up through effort, to the degree that a well organized guild can work together to have a crafting account with max "skills" in a very short time, instead of periods measured in months. A solo player can in a matter of less than a week of dedicated "wor
  10. There currently is not much of a trading game in place, for even raw resources. NOBODY over gathers enough to produce a surplus to sell, and very strong efforts have been made to insure there is always some sink you can push ANY surplus to regardless. (Sacrifice for XP in the early game, sell to vendors for gold where price is high enough, and push the rest into the war table for keep upgrades in the latter.) The ONLY things that are being sold, are the sub par experimentation rolls that guilds have a surplus of and have a very low exchange rate in gold or sacrifice XP. For there to be a
  11. It was pretty important last "wipe" when what was wiped was the passive trees, because piles of guilds started way way behind the leaders who had the resources and gold of multiple previous wins, and a reasonable foreknowledge of the changes and on what to focus on, to power through the first round of crafting upgrades. The new model made it possible to catch the leaders with work (Good change) , but there was also significant pressure to actually do that catch up. The same mentality will exist on the next wipe, but for the reason that the larger the guild, the more collective man ho
  12. If grinding from a fresh start isn't fun, then maybe it's a problem with how starting feels, and that should be looked at, and possibly re-tried, multiple times until it is fun I have a certain amount of fun starting. Not the 30+ hours I think I put in last time, but at least some. But it should be better. To me if starting a new profession is the part of the initial grind, maybe all accounts should come with enough resources to make one profession useful (purple rune for harvesting, not sure for crafting), without ANY grind, and if you want to finish the process (Gold runes and belts)
  13. Except the original plan for even passive training was to be able to trade it in the form of Tomes, very similar to how EvE's injectors work.
  14. I would have to see the quality and quantity of "your people" before I pass judgment on your ability to storm our keeps, or attribute any emotion at all to that particular proclamation, other than bemused curiosity.
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