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  1. another druid thread

    Not a heavy druid player so this could be totally off the mark. I tried to pick it up a bit in 5.7, and struggled. Would the essence mechanic be better or easier to understand if there was a survival tray ability called "Balance" that moved your essence to a middle of the road state? When I was learning, I kept finding myself stuck at one end or the other of the essence pendulum, and the only way to get into balance was to attack or heal. Shouldn't balanced between the two sort of be the natural Druid state, and not crammed against zero and needing to climb every time?
  2. Is Release any closer

    I'll agree on this. Basic tools should have the base line durability bumped up. If it's trivial to get a new one, (in the field, only three wood, etc), then why make it a grind? Intermediate, not so much, because the + on them is actually competitive with some crappy rolled advanced tools. But to be fair, you can chop down the knotwood trees in three swings now, so you do get about 30-1 wood conversion ratio. and it takes me all of 20 seconds to make a new one.
  3. Is Release any closer

    I don't agree. Getting your first set of "real" gear is quite a bit of work, and that might do with some adjustments depending on how easy it is to find the player markets, but advanced gear does not degrade so fast that you are worried about them breaking before you can afford replacements, unless you are doing nothing economically. The basic tools, yea those degrade quick, but they also replace quick. 30 seconds and 3 wood and your done. Once crafters find the required quality sweet spot, and have some training, higher end versions with more durability will start to show up on the market. The 3 pips with no training is not enough to push the effectiveness up enough to justify pushing into durability, but in a few months at most, the masters will be able to max out all the pips on white, with a very high chance of amazing success rolls. Those will end up on the open market for new players to buy probably pretty cheap. It was already getting that way on 5.7, and with all the skill resets we are experiencing literally the worst starting economic environment, repeatedly.
  4. Pvp Rewards

    We already have skulls if you manage to behead an enemy.
  5. Pvp Rewards

    I think that's a bad assumption. The faction world's are more or less the learning to play realms, or the casual player realms, and will not be the home of larger guilds. Guilds are all chomping at the bit to get out of the faction kiddie pool, and into the deep end. Factions are going to be where casual players learn how to play the game, fight a few battles in sub par gear, and find guilds to join. Faction was done by ACE first, because it's hardest. When your teammates are programmatically enforced, ACE has to consider all the ways an invulnerable teammate can troll you. For example by taking all the vendor slots, which you can't attack to remove. With Guild v Guild, which is where the "real" game is going to be, if you don't like something somewhere, blow it up, move it, or otherwise banish or punish the troll through guild systems. If a guild is winning, they basically have won, and the campaign will end.
  6. Tech skills

    Each training line has a cap, so after a reasonable time you cap, and pick a new thing. It's not a constant progression with no end in one field. Also, shallow power curve, and item twinking. A day one player can enter, get a helping hand up with quality gear, and be on nearly the same numerical level as a vet. EvE blocks access to ships and such by training levels. Here that does not apply. Tomes will allow vets to sell their training time as a catch up mechanic. About the only thing a new account can't have that an old account can, is some specific combat and crafting skill training. As far as combat is concerned, active player skill plays more of a role than those stats, and gear has a bigger influence than training. As far as crafting, the actual activity is a large time commitment, so there will always be a niche for new crafters to supply lower end, and component items. For example, master rune crafters are going to spend effort making master runes for weapons, while new rune crafters can build tools and probably disciplines.
  7. New player experience

    ACE is moving so fast, and things change so often, once a week wouldn't be often enough. The real issue is not wanting to have to walk back promises that get taken as set in stone, when everything, and I mean everything, is subject to change. Basically, and this is my own way of saying it not theirs, they don't want to have to treat customers like they are publishers. They don't want to paint themselves into a corner on a release date, or even a milestone date, and then have to justify why they didn't make it. It's painful, damaging to the product image, and simply not worth it. If you really want to know what is going on, watch the vids, read the forums, and do the job yourself that tracking software covers, instead of essentially asking ACE to spend more resources and time to keep you specifically informed. Frankly, the fact I have the quoted dialog above from the creative director of the company, as well as the frequent video Q&A's should tell you how much effort they already put in keeping us informed.
  8. New player experience

    Jira. Having worked with it myself, I think it's solid. You are not going to get more transparency into the day to day, and many have already asked, and the answer is always the same.
  9. New player experience

  10. Testing and defect tracking

    It's the same stock that ACE has, not common stock. Todd and other larger investors, have their horses tied to the same hitch as the player investors.
  11. Inventory - Sort Button

    [CTRL]+ [Right click] will stack if possible on the current item.
  12. If you leave an item on the workbench, [F] will not open the workbench to take the item, you have to use the [J] menu.
  13. No, no it can't. I've been on test for a while now, and your just plain wrong.
  14. I assume it is the current planned final, given the error messages, and penalty of losing equipped gear, and other related things they took the time to build telling you exactly why you can't use your vessel in the EK. ACE does not like wasting time building things to throw away if they can help it. I would guess they didn't properly vet the language of the article, much more than they plan on changing the model.