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  1. XP while dead, waiting for release. Resurrection powers not working if you get a level while dead. When eating from the action bar, food meter does display going up every time. When out of a resource like food on the action bar, there is a noticeable delay for it being removed Guild crests not visible from time to time on those in group. If you have a two stage power double slotted on the action bar, the second use requires the lowest number on the bar, rather than the one you pushed. (Maybe block double slotting?) When you enter, then exit stealth, the stealth background sounds don't end. Had massive duplicates of one of the speed buffs affect a group member. No super speed boost, but every member in the group notices massive frame rate drop and laggy behavior.
  2. Posting Meme's and comments like I think you and I may have a very different view on "Core problems". For me, it's the rough start, and lack of sense of ability to affect your personal progress, no current catch up mechanic, and the assumption that "years" as a valid target for getting to the end of a profession, not the core of the entire system. In my view it needs a bit of tweaking, not a total overhaul, and frankly there is no way a total overhaul on the table.
  3. Not that I disagree with any of the above, in fact I agree with most of it, but lets take the next step and talk about catch up mechanics and the previously proposed Tome System, and the entire purpose of the passive system, and see if the core problems above can be addressed simply, without a whole pile of new systems. I think what might be a really interesting/good way to deal with it, is to simply preload points into every basic tree when the account is first created. New players get a starting value of points to select, getting a sense of progression and immediate choice, while still addressing the core issue passive was supposed to solve in the first place. I could see it going a few ways with this solution. Players get for example three weeks of points or more (180,000 ) on a primary line they pick, or each line of two they first start training. Players gets no choice and a set amount of points on each line. ACE makes a tome system and gives each starting players basic tome of the value of above. That however could be gamed with multiple accounts feeding another account to "basic" cap basically instantly. 1 or 2 would probably be the least amount of work. That could simply address at least the whole starting out problem.
  4. Recently talked about. later on the Q&A they talk about this being the first "test" of the "Expected" training speeds. So if you think 1X is not fast enough, speak up. An not just a gripe, maybe suggest what you think is the right speed. https://youtu.be/uH9v7JPliwg?t=1534
  5. I'm sure there will be. They weren't kidding when they said it will go the minute it's ready, they didn't even have time to set up the 5.110 bug forums yet. 5 minutes later, they did.
  6. A Salute back at you. I really hope that is what you were going for, because this was all I could think of when I saw it. Maybe I'm just too old.
  7. More useless to everyone else in fact, because it can't be handed off and traded once inhabited. It may not decay like other items, but it is single use, AND takes up a valuable vessel slot on your account permanently. Eventually you will find a better one, and need to destroy the old, just to make room, or to try a new race/class combo you are interested in. So maybe they don't decay, but they will be destroyed.
  8. The "something" that *might* have changed is the way they open with spent points as you level up. I'm not sure how that will all play out.
  9. Depends on if you consider starter vessels minimally viable. That is the real goal, to get people minimally viable as quickly as possible. That is why there are war tribes drops, and if a minimally crafted vessel is included in that assumption, it's best to not have it take too many flaming hoops to sort out.
  10. If we/they wanted to make vessels harder, pretty much all that would be required is either seriously raising the re-roll costs, or removing the ability to re-roll stats all together on them. I am not however convinced that they are too easy to make to begin with as it requires groups to harvest motherloads, etc, not to mention months and months of passive training.
  11. Personal opinion, but the Q&A from October had the best info on the new release in terms of broad stroke details.
  12. Fair enough. Managing expectations is very much a no-win sort of thing, just because people all have different expectations of vague descriptions.
  13. You mean like this warning on the store before you make any purchases?
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