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  1. You can set up a shop zone in your EK, and it currently is the best way to sell/trade offline. Theoretically, if your EK was busy enough, you would not need VIP to keep it up 24/7. In reality, that's going to be a pretty lofty goal for a single player without guild support. One of the future roadmap items is to be able to buy/sell in different currency than gold, so "buy orders" are not a thing yet, so the harvest-craft-sell economy wheels are missing some grease. E.G. you can't currently offer to buy '200 purple iron' to craft with, so supplying all you need in order to be a crafter is going to be more work if your not in a guild that will solve the supply side of the equation for you.
  2. My hope. Friday of week one, with a 30 day minimum length, with a new dregs campaign opening up every week on Friday there after, and for the game to see enough active players to start justifying 60 and 90 day campaigns ASAP. I would hope that anywhere between 8 and 12 different dregs campaigns be running at any given time, with new ones starting every week so people who just start are always at most 1 week of prep time away from being able to join a fresh campaign where they have an actual chance to try to win.
  3. In a world without oceans, the only home for the creatures of the deep is with the undead.
  4. Prune is such and interesting way to say "Nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure".
  5. You won't be "in combat". The "Out of combat" state automatically happens with only a couple of seconds on not swinging a weapon or being hit. If your ult doesn't put you into the state of not swinging weapons, unless your under a DOT, AOE or dumb enough to stand directly in front of an enemy who is swinging, your will be "out of combat" long enough to justify being considered "not in combat". It's a request for a change that isn't really a change.
  6. Sooo, as someone with a 'partial' stealth ULT, all I would need to do is build a macro that times the reveal from 'partial' stealth and simply automatically trigger the "full" stealth the micro second this 'partial' stealth ended. The reason this model works for confessors is that they have no 'full' stealth to begin with. There already is counter play via abilities, DOT's, AOE damage and perception. You just don't know how, want to figure out, or like the idea of counter play costing you other abilities. Assassins' and the like are the last time I tried very lack luster, harder for teammates to work with (no constant DPS, burst needs to be coordinated well to kill), and squishy in group situations already. Thank you for the opportunity to re-post this classic video from the past through, it's one of my favorites.
  7. If your willing to permanently lose all progress on that race/class and equipped econ/explore runes (Harvest/Craft) combination... yes. I'm pretty sure that swapping out vessel slots (via delete) more than the default vessels would feel way too painful to do often, unless you reserve one slot for the purpose of experimentation. Personally, I hope that the future holds ways to get more vessel slots per account. There are balance issues around that, (Alt Vessel parking to avoid travel, etc.), that will have to be handled if that day comes. We do know that on the horizon is a an "Item binding" task they really wanted to get in before launch, which I strongly suspect is related to the explore/econ runes so you don't have to make them single use only, and can swap around, which would help quite a bit with the whole progression model.
  8. I would not recommend crafting tools as a money making profession. I had a shop up for a while, and really didn't sell all that much. By the time people need advanced tools, they will have secured them within guild for the most part. The requirement for a purple rune to even hold the things, pretty much destroyed the entire marketability of them. Your best bet is the awkward stuff. Wood working for archery and quivers is about the only one I can think of that does not require a dual box to get materials, AND quivers are not able to be copied in factories, AND rangers are pretty strong in the current Meta. You can get pretty much what you need to make and level up wood working with logging and skinning, and bonus points for the fact that most of the logging/skinning sites are fairly uncontested. Just my 2c.
  9. I was not pointing out errors in your experience, or all the other comments you made. Those are obviously valid. I was simply pointing out that your very specific criticism on having to do the NPE multiple times was not correct. You don't have to do it in order to level. The purpose of leveling 1-30, is in fact the "short tutorial" of which you speak. It's just long enough (3hrs or so) to give you an overview of all the game mechanics. Further progression is done by a different means. The runes/belts of professions and crafting of better gear than drops by players. What does not progress via leveling is the power curve of your avatar.
  10. The "endgame" and "content" is the PvP and character explorations in the form of race/class/talents/runes. The PvE is a background to that. It simply would not work if for every vessel you had 5,10,15 hrs of PvE leveling where you were totally ineffective for any sort of PvP, in the same world where PvP between any matchup is possible, and there are no locations where you can't be attacked by people. You have to be minimum viable in PvP the very moment you enter the campaigns, and that viability is being targeted at lvl 30. This isn't supposed to be a massive MMO PvE theme park. Progression is done in the "exploration" runes and belts training, and not so much in the power curve.
  11. This doesn't have to happen (Bold). When you play in Dregs and farm/fight over WT drops, you get far more XP sacrifice items than you need to level multiple vessels in a single campaign. Even the ones as short as the current ones. You only every have to do the NPE once.
  12. Test NPE. The burn the journal confused me for a few minutes for two reasons. 1.) There is a sacrifice alter right beside the quest giver, this is not where the burring happens. 2.) Did not actually have a "journal" in inventory, it's just a "your on this point of the quest" logic.
  13. The question is "Why"? How many more people would login if they felt they could find a world they felt they had a chance of winning? How many people are simply disgruntled off at a few specific players/guilds, and simply won't play with them any more? How many people feel there is literally nowhere useful to get "the good stuff" that they can even compete for? How many people feel "eliminated" from the competition to win before they even really start to play it? It is a bit doom and gloom TBH. I've personally be playing EQ the original for the last few weeks, to try to figure out exactly what the missing secret sauce is that was gotten so right soo long ago. I've sort of come to a rather disturbing hypothesis. CF is not actually an MMO, it's more like an RTS strategy game. Development focused far too much on MMO elements, (because that was the developers primary experience), and not nearly enough effort was put into the RTS strategy elements. CF is essentially an elimination game like RISK or Monopoly, and there is no way to change the eventual sense of being out of the running to win. There is no way even with steeply slanted point scoring to the later game, for teams to feel like they can catch up to those in the lead. There is also no side funnel exit for the eliminated to start up a new game without being forced to play with the exact same players they didn't enjoy playing the first game with. It's like having entire chess teams with ELO's below 1200, being forced to play against teams of 2000+ players. Without some player division mechanics, or enough different worlds to move into, the 1200's who are the vast majority of players, will never find playing that way fun. There is a damn good reason beer league and professionals don't play against each other competitively.
  14. I think, they should start iterating on the whole different campaigns for different people. The above is one very good option to try. Instead of starting just one campaign up at a time, start 3 in NA and 3 in EU, and give each different rulesets. Start the process of figuring out what ones will have traction. Maybe begin with the difference being 50/50 import/export 10/10 and 0/0. You simply can't A/B test, without a B and all the testing we have really seen is A(1), A(2), A(3), with no competition for eyeballs between two similar but slightly different styles of game running at the same time. Hell, even the maps are identical. The fear of "splitting" the player base has in my opinion actually split it in the worst way possible. Into "Will play this ruleset with these players", and "Won't play this ruleset with these players".
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