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  1. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    Fix the right "Should" first before calling for nerfs or every class is just going to be a homogeneous pasty mush of similar styles and abilities. Perhaps plate should add a modifier to PCM, and/or enforce a minimum LMB attack speed.
  2. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    Then a proper armor pass is the problem, not the attack speed. I most play one, but to be honest, I have not tried to min/max for group combat, or really had much chance to work over equipment options other than leather. Plate should gimp them horribly, and bows from disciplines should not benefit from LMB basic attack speed. I would go so far as to say some abilities should be not even available if your wearing plate. Choices should matter, and Assassins in my opinion should have a very specific play and combat style, and not have everything all min/maxed just to DPS.
  3. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    And squishy. Other DPS can do so from Range, (Confessor, Archer) assassins are up close and personal and wearing lighter armor. If you get jumped unprepared 1v1 by an assassin, that should be a really bad thing for you.
  4. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    Great stream... again.
  5. Racial skill trees and crafting bonuses

    I would have to dig through a few Q&A's to find the times mentioned. It's been said in those, more than once, I just can't recall exactly which one. I understand what you are saying, but they might still "help" you. For instance if you needed the leadership buff to hit cap, but with race training didn't need it, then the race training will help you when no leader or group is around to "help" with the crafting. For harvesters, it means taking less discs for harvesting, and therefore being more combat capable. It's not just about hitting the skill cap, it's about other choices hitting it starts to open up.
  6. Racial skill trees and crafting bonuses

    That may be because you don't realize that those bonus values get you closer to cap, or to it quicker, but to not limit other races from reaching the same cap through other avenues.
  7. Not Confident ACE Knows How to Make Economy Work

    I think along these lines, the most important question set is, How big is the average cohort of users or guilds? How big is the target economic size of guild? What is considered fully "self sufficient"? What items(crafters) and materials(harvesters) are absolutely minimally required for a guild to feel adequate. What is being provided for guilds, that are not self sufficient, to handle and organize the need for large scale trade? I agree about the ratios. Maybe not the exact numbers, but the idea behind it. The economy should be robust enough to not require a significant portion to need to participate directly in harvesting or crafting in order for it to work. Right now, it feels like everyone is basically required to participate in both harvesting and crafting.
  8. Mid-Year Checkpoint - Official Discussion Thread

    As a player, I don't think that's a valid "only". Players from other parts of the world will have a miserable ping no matter what ACE does. You can't overcome the speed of light limitation. If that ping can cause network issues for other players, and not just the person with it, it would hardly be fair to other paying players to have to deal with lag issues induced by someone trying to circumvent reasonable restrictions, like keeping to viable regions.
  9. Not Confident ACE Knows How to Make Economy Work

    5.7 or 5.8 is also supposed to have more crafting work done. So they may be looking at the stalls and stutters in the process itself to make it less burdensome.
  10. [todd twitter] small player economy idea request

    Fair enough. I have limited experience with MMO auction houses. Mostly DDO who "tried" the "by city" auction house model and caved to the screams of convenience focused players to make it universal, back in the day. I think that auction houses, while good for some things, can have catches. If for example you only charge the fee when the sale is made, as opposed to when the item is listed, it can start to behave more like a day trading model, rather than a storefront. It's much easier to manipulate a market, if you don't have to pay to do it up front. Part of the difference between an exchange and a store, is that a store owner has up front expenses and costs (Building/lights/marketing/stock etc), and someone who plays the auction/exchanges may only really pay on the point of sale, taking all expenses as part of the profit equation. Having to pay to change listing prices by collecting listing fees up front, as well as stall specific vendor costs and stock, would keep the markets a bit more stable, and more expensive to manipulate. ****** On the issue of the original thread. I think one of the biggest categories of things missing, which is what many of the suggestions in this thread point to, is marketing communication tools. Right now it's really hard to find what you're looking for. So much so that it's easier to just go hunt it down yourself, or give up in frustration. This tells me there is a lack of marketing tools available to those with things to sell. Giving players tools to market their own wares, not necessarily complicated ones, would probably go along way. For example, I don't think you need to automate the content of EK shop displays so they crawl all the stalls for inventory, just give people a larger display field on what they can say about their EK, so they can essentially advertise their wares. If a player gets a rep as making spammy and misleading sign boards, people will learn to avoid them. We have a "favorites" tab, maybe add a "avoid" tab as well.
  11. [todd twitter] small player economy idea request

    Auction house is much different than consignment, in many ways, at least from my perspective. Auction house in order to work, everyone uses the same location. Consignment you pick the individual store to list in. In the auctions house mentality, ALL auction houses are linked logically and programatically, and least the ones I have seen in other MMO's. With consignment, that is not necessarily the case. To me it would make sense that you would still have to go to the "right" shop. With consignment stores, ACE could do a couple more things. Let players build and run them in the future in non faction worlds. Pay for the thrall and take a fee for your store front. It doesn't even have to be that complicated for players as willing to list, because you get your stock fee (or a portion of it that isn't taxes) regardless. Make the initial list fee based on location, location, location. Those four stalls right front and center after the temple in the beach head, maybe the list price is 40%, while further away at the back of town past the boar spawn, 10%. Change the rate for stalls in forts and keeps, so that it's cheaper to list in a fort, BUT, if you lose the fort the invaders get your stock. (Now there is a loot reason to take and hold a fort). Consignment is MUCH different than a universal auction house, and it could be limited to the faction worlds anyway. There is a reason Todd said "not sure how to make it work", possibly because they seem very hung up on everything being player owned, even though I don't think any players "own" the houses or workbenches in the beachheads, because personal ownership of locations in faction worlds comes with all sorts of complications. Consignment would mean the players all own the materials being sold, just not the shop front selling them.
  12. [todd twitter] small player economy idea request

    @jtoddcoleman For faction campaigns, forget player ownership of the actual shop, run it as a consignment for players in those worlds. Players list goods with a faction merchant at a set cost to list based on asking price. Make this a set time consignment, if they don't sell in a week, the item gets pulled, NO REFUNDS! Keep the numbers one account can list down so nobody can spam fill them. Order the showing by pages of items, by price, grouped by the category/type of item. (All two handed swords on one page) (This is a nice to have). I honestly don't see any other way to pull together a player ran, inside the campaign, economy, than to take away the need to fight for "space" against other members of your faction. It's too easy for trolls and large groups to lock out other players and attempt monopoly through placement bidding, without needing to actually compete economically.
  13. [todd twitter] small player economy idea request

    A "Trade" specific chat channel for each faction, or at the world selection screen. Make the world selection version a protocol that can be developed against, so players can build bots. I know it sounds silly, but I think letting people know it's ok to talk trade somewhere could encourage a bit more of it.
  14. [todd twitter] small player economy idea request

    Filter that brings the active EKs (with population and public access) to the top, or hides the closed ones. We can name and do our own marketing if the text space is large enough. ------ Add a player consignment system in the faction campaigns. Assuming that faction worlds are going to be player driven economies, a system for players to buy/sell, without the hang up of stall ownership, territory claim grief, or EK import/export issues is going to be needed. Let any player consign a small (1-3) number of items in beachhead vendors. Charge them a flat 10-20% of the asking price as listing fee, and then let them pick up the gold when they interact later after it has sold. This would go along way now for allowing players to set up shop, in the campaign, and reduce the amount of EK searching for shops time. Something like this is probably going to be needed in the future anyway.
  15. Not Confident ACE Knows How to Make Economy Work

    There is nothing short of not making people traveling EK to EK a non-economic factor that will prevent that from happening. It's called the the Pareto principle, and to date no economic system, socialist or capitalist, has done a single thing to prevent wealth and power from distributing in this fashion. Trying to build around that, is going to be like trying to drill a hole into water. Totally pointless.