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  1. Soul of the world

    I would prefer it to be something more EK focused, rather than "more power". For example, a soul of the world thrall may not require any dust to operate in your EK, and never seek release. Or they can be used to imbue an EK artifact that provides some sort of bonus or resource generation. Maybe if a more power thing, simply allowing player to transfer that thralls experience to their training time bank.
  2. Here is the thing, and it's a potentially HUGE problem for ACE. On one side we have all sorts of warnings and hints that things are "easy" now. Resources will be harder to get for various reasons, time to craft items is supposed to move to the "days to make a sword" direction, things like buildings will cost more, etc, etc ,etc. On the other side we have the current fact that even after going through all the pain and anguish to get through all the flaming hoops, the value of that effort will result in very marginal , almost negligible, temporary improvements in performance. That is a VERY out of balance approach to the trade off for valuable player effort. It's like the scale they are using for scarcity is based on a classic MMO design where the difference between levels and gear is severe, and it takes months for players to catch up and compete, and items are permanent and unlootable, with a model that removes a great deal of value from overcoming that scarcity because everyone can compete on day one. ACE ultimately can not have it both ways. People will put up with massive barrier to entry for items that provide significant advantage, but NEVER tolerate insignificant advantage for all that work. The effect. 99% of players will end up running around in white/green gear, and only pick up high quality stuff if a crafter they know happened to get lucky. They certainly will stop seeking perfection or even high quality. If they want the primary objective, that players can compete from day one, they need to re-think the scarcity and difficulty of access to "high quality" items with marginal advantages. Fast to acquire, fast to lose needs to be the motto, not hard and slow to acquire, fast to lose. People simply won't put up with feeling like risk/reward is all risk, little reward. Fortunately, it's a rather simple matter to bump the volume tables. That with the implementation of the BP automation process will go along way to removing some of the difficulty/risk side and bringing the balance closer to where people will tolerate it.
  3. Back in may when the Labor disk was first introduced, I suggested a revamp to the entire PH training line to give a more gradual but immediate sense of progress. Basically every pip of training as opposed to node should have an impact in plentiful harvest, so instead of the current 5 cap, the tables should be expanded to support 20 or so. Perhaps once the temporary pots have been removed and we see how things behave and feel, that can be considered.
  4. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    I pointed out above or before in another thread, there is no reason they can't either split the type of exports possible, so that building materials for example have to reach the location, but item materials do not, OR Have both. Once you burn through your export limits, you now have to take materials to a location to increase your limit and do your exporting. I think ACE is running out of time to make it close to the release target date, and they have no choice but to leave this mechanic mostly as is, and not build a new one prior to launch, without delaying launch even further.
  5. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    Part one. My only real answer is that I think your over blowing the effectiveness that "instantly being able to throw items safely out of the risk of the world" will have with long term campaigns and limited export numbers. Go ahead and do that once or twice, and the third time find yourself again without that option because you burned out your limited number of exports. There is still no indication that importing or exporting will be as you put it, too plentiful, even without location requirements. As to the other topic. Fortunately they used very flexible language in the explanation. " we have the ability " for example does not mean they will do it in every case, or even most cases. "in some Campaigns, we will likely use this as a balance mechanic" implies that in other campaigns they won't use this as a balance mechanic, also in "some" campaigns. So regardless of what side of the fence you are on this issue, there will be campaigns running the way you want them too. For all we know, there may be incredibly popular and long term set of faction worlds that have unlimited import/export of both, that are used by more casual players to splash around the kiddie pool in and castle build their EK's with no better than green resources and gear. That's part of the charm of the campaign worlds. Many options are possible, and so many can be tried. "I don't like X rule", means never having to step into a world that has X rule. I think people find it too easy to get hung up on a dial, thinking it's always going to be set to 11, when in fact it is a dial, and can be set all the way down to 1. I just like seeing that they have the dials to turn. Too many games hit the ground assuming the dials should be at 11, when 6 is the right setting but they have no easy way to adjust post launch.
  6. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    Fair enough. I just don't want it to be more viable and easy to have pack-alts than to use banks, because if that happens it will be a major turn off for many potential players. For the above limitation, if any characters are in the wrong town, logging in had better be REALLY hazardous to their health and gear, so that they are even MORE stuck than bank items, as in will be killed and looted before they can recall their corpse stuck.
  7. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    They can also filter by type in the future. So for example people ahead and behind may be allowed to import the same number of items, but those behind could import finished goods or blueprints acquired in the EK's, while those ahead may have to import raw materials only. There are all sorts of dials to turn with the transfer of items between worlds, and the limits they can place on them. Sooner or later, really hope as soon as possible, that setting, or settings, that get the signal just right for many different worlds and styles.
  8. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    The question really is, how big are these worlds, and how long do they last. Perpetual comback mechanics suit worlds that measure time in months, while slippery slopes suit worlds that have lifespans of days or less. Fortunately, this particular mechanic is a dial not a switch. They can tune the impact and variance in the mechanic based on the expected duration, and probably even the season, the world happens to be in. A world they want to live for 6 months, that is in its first month, could see the imports for losing teams cranked up, while that same world in it's final expected month and winter, could see that turned off completely. Hunger should end most worlds, not players simply giving up on it.
  9. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    Welp then we disagree. Players are pure poorly made socks at being relied on to keep a game balanced, and I think any game made the way you want it made would be horribly boring and not last 6 months before the company that built it went under or was forced to re-build the entire model. I tend to analogize CF as a long term RTS game with each player representing one unit. Not sure how many of those you have played, but in those games if your side loses a town or base of operations, it's pretty much over, even if there are several other towns left to clean up. Very few games have managed the RTS genre with long term play, Travian being one of them. All of them have and need perpetual comeback mechanics in them to actually even work.
  10. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    I don't think they are trying to build a PUBG style game. Back and forth, and the sense of being able to recover from some or even most losses is critical to making sure the game/world isn't over, until it's over. Last thing ACE needs is empty worlds with a single victorious team waiting out the hunger time all alone exporting resources. That's just as boring as the Uncle Bob problem. The game NEEDS some perpetual comeback mechanics if the worlds are going to last more than a few days/weeks, and actually feel like a real territorial conquest game. It's better for both sides, winners and losers, that way.
  11. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    I would expect you're going to be disappointed because it's future use in campaign worlds was fairly well described. It certainly will have a place in the final version of the game. No way ACE spent all those development hours to simply toss it away because a few people don't like it.
  12. There is a huge point to discussing preferences, in so much as the percentage of potential players in the target audience with the same preferences can be identified. Unfortunately, what we have is a bit of an echo chamber of a rather small sampling of potential players who have proven themselves willing to take a chance on a product, before the product is finished. Basically all ACE has to go on is hearing all preferences, and guessing from historical experience (and they have a pile of that), exactly who and what those preferences represent. There are people who prefer to build a bot or program to do grind leveling/acquiring for them. CF however seems to be designed to thwart that type of playstyle at every turn possible. I'm not certain if it is primarily because of the inherent imbalance that putting humans in a competitive environment against teams that have humans and machines enhancing their efficiency, or if it's because ACE developers personally find little to no value is grind game play. I suspect more of the later than the former.
  13. Never met a MMO PUG where if we were short a role (say cleric/tank/mage), somebody didn't have one leveled up to play the role if needed. Just because that isn't your style, doesn't mean it's not common practice. The better part about the CF lore, is it's actually the same character (crow) making the switch.
  14. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    Thinking about it, they could split exports, the way they they split the type of resources POI's produce vs nodes. They could have an export location for building materials only, and keep the spirit bank model as is. Put different limits on exporting through the export location and building materials than for item materials. They figured, and I think correctly, that building blocks and item materials should be different in kind, so why not make exporting them to the EK's also different in kind.