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  1. Dying re-ordered the default placement of fairy fire on the hot bar from position 1 to the last open position 6 without me changing it. Alt-P dropped me off at this location, and I could not see any NPC enemies, even when they were fighting me. Logout button does not work, it puts the choice too low to mouse to in the tool bar. This is intermittent, as a restart fixed it. Quest Way markers on the compass in sun temple seem to stop self removing once complete in the sun temple. They persist even through restart and following day. Lots of sun temple problems.
  2. Keep building, as a one man guild, but somehow not having to fight to hold it in order to win the campaign. Are you even being serious? Go ahead and give it a try, I would love to see you "win" a campaign with that strategy, and we can all hail you as the most mighty of crows. It sounds like your cooking up far fetched hypotheticals that have zero basis in reality.
  3. There is a very good reason that K/D isn't an important metric in determining the winners. Like all systems that can support a "fight club" model, it's fundamentally broken. Take a guild, make a sub guild that isn't in your alliance. Put a few alt accounts into it. Let the primary guild farm Kills. Proffit!!!! Now K/D for individual recognition, that's possible, eventually, with a pile of work to prevent the above. But as for who won the campaign, K/D is a terrible metric.
  4. Bit late, but just plain NO. Necromancy and vessels are account level upgrades. Once you have it, you have it, unlike just about every other object that goes on you paperdoll. It should be a long and drawn out process, and it should be in the hands of players to manage as part of the economy. The fact that you want a system that is easier for everyone, indicates just how much of a draw it is, and that is specifically should not be watered down. I'm with those that think it could be expanded into more that just stats, but as for making it more universally accessible to every account
  5. They could go with crowns to the guild and leave it up to the members to sort how to split, and then the shop to have the things people want that don't add power.
  6. I think it's important to note or add to this. The entire system was originally envisioned to have a "factory" model attached. Mass production of repeated results, reducing the required effort of the dedicated crafters once the supply lines were in place. That didn't happen, and isn't going to happen before launch, and it's absence is a big part of the pain points within crafting. Some effort has been made to address the above, with more items having zero experimentation and being stackable, and sorta mass producible with less clicks, like runestone blanks for rune tools.
  7. I'm on the fence about this philosophically TBH. The plus would be as you said, it doesn't become redundant at better quality vessels. That said, if you know you can get 50 Con from this and hit cap, maybe you don't have your vessel crafter max that stat and instead have them build for a different secondary. I'm not sure what the HP budget is, and if they made room above the Cap HP in the budget. I think there is currently a bit of fly by seat of the pants going on in HP land.
  8. I like this idea for the direction in general. Don't bump end stats, bump the sources of those stats so it's more versatile, and makes it a variable affected choice. If you can hit stat cap without the selection, then you can eliminate the need to and open up other options for yourself in the tree.
  9. Yes, decay should be a knob. There is potentially another way to adjust the rates. For example, there is the "imported" flag that can be used to guarantee that gear can't be used across multiple campaigns. They could also set it up so the only imports that are allowed are equipable items. That would also partly reduce the impact of resource surplus, in that what you can usefully do with that surplus is limited to EK parcel building, and gearing up for the next campaign, but can not be used to project power from one campaign to the next, and everyone would hit each campaign needing more
  10. Do you know of any class that health regen isn't currently useless for in group combat situations, and essentially useless in others? I can't. Even the stealthers, if they want OOC regen, take Agent Provocateur for Lay Low.
  11. There would need to be a few more mechanics than that if it's a carry item. Have to include "no mounts" because I can not recall too many times where mounted people/groups caught other mounted groups. Alerts for pickup. If you can pick "anytime" to do it, and nobody knows your doing it, then really no point. However that could be trolled by simply picking up, and putting back into chest, so... A new chest that blocks items going into it. Logout = drops this type of item, to prevent pickup, trigger alert, logout and into a different toon and do something else, wait t
  12. Those are called pack pigs. The zone notified escort quest you can't teleport with and gives you resources if you finish is already a mechanic, and yes, it can be pretty fun as a smaller group/one person activity.
  13. Really, they just need some rule/mechanic tuning. The role of the "fort" used to be covered in Shadow Bane (another JTodd MMO, and the one he goes back to when looking for a solid baseline) by mine fights. Mine fights were (Fight in primetime once a day, earn the resources for the day) and drove a great deal of conflict. There are some differences, (E.G. Mines could be upgraded for better resources) but mine fights in SB were one of the main conflict. PvP drivers, and did work well. The mechanic needs tweaking, like everything else currently, but the core idea has been proven
  14. Welp, considering that ACE's "history" has been almost entirely about having a "get this thing finished" focus, and it's now starting to turn to balance etc, I don't think that exactly indicative of what will happen as things become more polished for a launch. For example, I have heard many times in the Q&A's that the knight was the "first" class they built, and that it wasn't really touched for ages, and they kinda laughed about it being the essentially the red headed step child of the game, and it needed another pass. My guess is that AFTER we have had our hands on these change
  15. I just love this, it's so amusing. Nobody has even seen let alone experienced what the runes/domain relationships are, or how all the other changed pieces fit together, but lord help us, somebody KNOWs this isn't balanced because ..... idea.
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