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  1. State of Bugs (Not a Troll Thread)

    I pushed a crash report to ACE just this weekend on being "locked in" a 2m area after harvesting a node. Gordon said they had not seen that before. Don't conflait your personal experience with a few, admittedly very nasty bugs, and the actual experience. Aside from the performance issues, which they are putting quite a bit of resources into solving, the bugs that make it off test server are usually not all that bad.
  2. World-Building Pt. 1 - Official Discussion Thread

    Further to that, they could add hippo towers along roads. Once upgraded the upgrading team could put thralls guards in them, maybe even a roadside shop, or forward respawn point for crows.
  3. Live test

    I seriously doubt they even know further in advance when they are going to run these. It's probably all "hey, that one builds, let's ask the players to give it a stress test" and 30 seconds later the time is announced and the test is up. They wanted as many people as they could get in, in, so I'm sure they gave as much warning as possible.
  4. World-Building Pt. 1 - Official Discussion Thread

    "False roads" would also be interesting. Road tiles that simply fade away as you go deeper into a forest, or abruptly end at the mouth of a collapsed mine or something, or even set up/used as a bait by a high end NPC critter.
  5. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    Yea, of all the things that "concern" me, is the steep climb currently between the goal of having fun, and all the mechanics as presented. I fear there is confusion between interesting and fun, and that fun is being hidden. I hope that is simply a symptom of the open development process, and the unfinished game loop, and that ACE will circle back around to put people on the correct experiential path once all those are in place. I mean the vision for the game sounds fun, and since it's not finished that by definition means the fun may no be there. Kinda like how bike can be fully assembled, but if there is no air in the tires it's basically useless. Maybe we are just missing air, and it's the last thing usually put in.
  6. Soft Launch

    "Un-marketed" just doesn't roll off the tongue like "soft" does, which is really what they seem to mean. "Comercial launch" then followed by "marketing launch" could work. I seem to remember some discussion about that suggestion of a name change from some thread a few weeks ago.....
  7. World-Building Pt. 1 - Official Discussion Thread

    Love these "Professor Gringo" (11:06) (sorry, don't know his name) looked a bit like he accidentally wandered into the room, and was just so fascinated with the conversation he stuck around to watch.
  8. Soft Launch

    OP's original concerns have been answered, multiple times by multiple people, but feel free to add something new to the discussion any time.
  9. Soft Launch

    If ACE was suddenly course correcting on a direction and steps in the plan made over 2 year, and backed by 20+ million in pledges and investments, because of a few noisy and ill informed or deliberately obtuse internet pundits, then I would we worried. As it is, @entityofsin gave a great list of things that have issues that need to be addressed. Other than details on the timing, which will become more clear as progress is made, the launch plan is not one of them. It was really not obvious you were trying to be humorous, if you were. I know he can take a joke. Those Obey posters with his face on them in the background of a few streams make that clear. That said, the context of your message was not jockular, it was entirely critical, with supposedly that one inflammatory reference being the exceptions. That kinda makes me think of those youtube "prank" videos where people are just simply unpleasant person bags, sometimes criminally so, and they try to hand wave asinine behavior with "oh it was just a prank". Sorry, no free pass on that for you. BTW, calling me a lickspittle is I think about the third post this thread I could flag as being against the terms and conditions. I don't usually take that step, I prefer people with different opinions to express them as frequently as possible to show how wrong they are, or to bring up a good arguments that may sway me. But keep up the personal insults and name calling, and I will start flagging.
  10. Skill Mechanics & You - Official Discussion Thread

    They would probably lose the portion of the MMO audience those sorts of things appeal too. You may not like it, but many do. They already sorta cut the legs out from under the achiever types, who tend to dominate MMO's by taking away the bulk of active progression. All achievements currently are tied to gear you will eventually lose, no permanent achievements. Stripping out all XP like progression would be a bridge too far. There is already quite a number of us (I include myself) that wish there was more active, permanent, progression options for our crows than Ek Lego to slate our thirst for achievement. Different mechanics for different types of players. Some want training to be what distinguishes them from others, which outside of professions is not it's purpose, while others want training to be a barrier to achievement (the best sword maker), so that they can have a niche that not everyone else can fit into. It's purpose is not to be stimulating or challenging. Not everything in a game has the same purpose. Select your options when you login, and ignore it, if it's not your cup of tea. Combat players will ignore crafting as much as possible. There is no point in trying to ruin crafting to appeal to them. Same goes for the progression.
  11. the time bank should not be a thing.

    From some of the comments from ACE I have seen, this is eventually on the table. It's not something that is needed right away, and is more a future problem and consideration. I just have to say, I am fully confident that if passive training is not flexible enough, ACE will at some time in the future add that needed flexibility. If tomes are a poor catch up mechanic, then ACE will put together a better one. Given the timescales of training, catch up and reroll are not something that needs to be developed for immediately. If and when they do become important, ACE will certainly put the effort into solving the problem. It's not like the the game is going to be "finished" at the same time it is "ready", and they are well aware of the importance and controversy surrounding the training plan. We are already into the 3rd system respec in pre-alpha so far, much of it because of community input.
  12. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    That's a bit too blanket. Some games are designed for streaming, some are not. Some games need to build mechanics around being good to stream as a marketing strategy, others do not. I think crowfall is in a weird place that way actually. I think if you could get an awesome, cinematic camera as a third person who does not have an account in the campaign, some of the siege stuff may be awesome to watch, especially if that mode did not include the toasts and hp/floaters. But harvesting, and general player hunting. I think there might be too many gaps in the action for it to work as a live stream. Recorded, edited, and then highlights posted to youtube, that could work. No worries about stream snipers in that case.
  13. the time bank should not be a thing.

    If that's the way you feel, then you backed the wrong game. Passive EvE like training has been part of the design the rest of us have put quite a considerable amount of investment in to see tried. Is it perfect? nope. Does it have problems? Yup. Could there be a better way? Maybe. Should we keep suggesting improvements to it? You bet we should. But it is what every person putting money into this has backed, so simply saying it's unacceptable is provably false. It was acceptable enough for those of us who understood it as being a core part of the intent of the design, and to put our money up to see it built. No way your going to see it removed now, at least not before it's been tired out for real for several months. I do like the idea of campaigns with a different training plan. The problem is the amount of work it would require to isolate training by them. I'm sure they don't think the "Juice would be worth the squeeze", at least not until after they have problems with the original plans. Perfect design is a moving target, they will adjust where necessary.
  14. Soft Launch

    There is a very large gap between being a sycophant and agreeing with everything they do, calling them to task on bad calls, or even just calls you happen to disagree with, and questioning their motives and moral character, and calling him an "Evil Cheney Clone". What a horrible, insulting and dismissive statement of someone you allegedly want to succeed. Did you think you were being clever by being so insulting? Are you proud of yourself? (You want to know something, Gordon personally answered and thanked me for a crash report support ticket on SUNDAY. He was picking up support tickets on the freaking weekend. How's that for "Evil".) Yea, and I heard what Gordon said too, which you and apparently many other people missed the real intent of because the FUD spreading streamer pre-loaded your subconscious with a specific bias, and cut out exactly what he wanted you to hear to support his argument, so you would actually miss the intent of the words. An intent that is easy to find in all the other videos and quotes ACE has put out over the years. (See multiple examples earlier in this thread). Notice the word Gordon used, "should", not "can". Should is a moral word, a word very similar to "aught", That word indicates they won't start soft launch until it's better than a beta. The way I see it, it roughly translates into, "you should not charge for an incomplete game". and that the feeling is that players should not be charged for participating in a beta. If anything it's less cash grab than any game that does charge for beta. In fact, they are having an open, free to play, beta before the "soft launch", because they don't feel justified in charging for a beta. Soft launch is basically, "we think is complete enough to pay for because we pushed it through beta, so let's take it for a spin with real players and early adopters before committing to marketing". That is all. It's all in the spin, setting up a straw man, and then ripping two sentences out of context. It's sort of like finding Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich. If nobody tells you that's what it is supposed to be, you probably wouldn't even see the face.
  15. Soft Launch

    Then I have to ask, what do you hope to accomplish by spreading FUD?