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  1. Know Your Enemy - Official Discussion Thread

    Nit pick. These are not enemies, they are obstacles. My enemies run around trying to win worlds from me.
  2. Seems like someone wants CF to be the DC universe. Dark, serious and angsty teenager all the time.
  3. Campaign construction

    The current EK functionality is the testing grounds for what they want to move into the non-faction Campaigns. Not too sure about destruction and rebuild models in the non-factions.
  4. Can't Play

    Was it Gordon/Tyrant that got back to you? That guy is a support machine for being so far up the food chain.
  5. Tome creation should be VIP only.

    It's called an economy. The moment ACE decided to let VIP be a tradeable commodity, everything attached to it got connected to RL money. BUT The important thing is the shallow power curves and interdependence relationships designed into the professions. Sure you can probably sell a 'Crafting Basics' tome, and the subsequent recipes for someone who wants to jump start into a crafting profession for VIP/RL money, assuming ACE doesn't have a similar route to the same thing eventually, but that is not going to establish the person as a viable "crafter". That will take finagiling into the already occupied marketplace. Sure someone could spend real money on a bunch of combat tomes, push way into class levels, and buy an incredible vessel with the best gear. They will still suck in a group combat situation where they have not practiced team coordination. Winning is not a solo activity, and working together will be of a higher priority than vessel skills and stats. Arrogant but useless $$$ twink players will probably find themselves isolated, or jumping from group to group and they clash socially. I know the idea of it rubs a few of us achievers the wrong way who are used to the MMO paradigm of high level = ultimate power. The fact is achievements alone will not win you worlds, and missing those achievements won't make you lose them.
  6. Tome creation should be VIP only.

    With VIP being a tradable token, it's not going to stop dedicated players from running VIP ALT's. Someone will pay in VIP tokens for something a player that active has to offer. 15$ is chicken feed to someone who wants to twink out a character in green or better gear on day one, or get their hands on an end game vessel.
  7. Map Updates Please

    FYI: ACE is fully aware the map is terrible, and it's on the list to improve. The current one is basically a placeholder they threw together as quickly as possible, and has been lingering around ever since.
  8. Can't Play

    You said you submitted a bug report. Was that an E-Mail to If not, do that. They usually get back very quickly, the whole "a week or two ago" seems to be a very odd thing if you sent in support emails.
  9. Necromancy

    ACE is going to put filters of all sorts on the gates, so I am sure there will be vessel level barriers for entering a campaign as well. It would be horrible if all you could get out of a world was green mats, but ancient players walts in with legendary gear beating all the new players trying to make some progress.
  10. Necromancy

    Kraahk may not be 100% correct on the vessels breaking issue. Yes it was the original plan for everything to break. Vessels are currently under debate with ACE internally, probably because people do get attached to them as characters. I was really hoping for clarification from either of the last two necromancy posts, but alas, the debate must still be going on. Motherloads (not Kraahks lousy spelling Motherlodes ) will stay, period.
  11. More XP - Pets - Chests - Tutorial

  12. More XP - Pets - Chests - Tutorial

    That gap can be filled without needing to eliminate the crafter middle man with the nascent scroll system under development. Imagine for example you don't get a shiny sword as loot, but rather a scroll that has the recipes for a shiny sword, with a built in +4 pip bonus of experimentation on all the components. If it had for example enough charges to have three full swords made if you counted all the sub components, then using that item would involve a great deal of social interaction, trying to find the best crafter, and the best deal, to get the best final results. Maybe that scroll would have a pre-built name and appearance change as well. I would much rather loot drops end up being scrolls for items with charges and bonus values that get used by crafters, than simply kill monster, get stuff. That model has been done to death already.
  13. More XP - Pets - Chests - Tutorial

    One of the issues is, how do you take a set of gear from no experimentation rolls, to full experimentation?. It's hard, and yes that would impact the crafters. They do have intermediate gear, so any player can build the same sort of thing that should drop from mobs when you plan on the best stuff being player made. I could see them adding intermediate gear drops, but even on NPC's that would mean doing things differently, because gear can't be looted (currently), and they may want to buff NPC's with pre-made gear types with set values not generally available to players. Much better to just have NPC's carry gold you can use to buy stuff from players with, that trying to finagle all the sub-systems to have sub par gear drop as loot.
  14. More XP - Pets - Chests - Tutorial

    Well known issue. Cheers
  15. It's always a series of trade offs. Client processing speed vs security Real time aim combat vs tab targeting Lots of pretty images vs client graphical speeds and group sizes With current tech, you simply can't have everything.