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  1. Your problem is the use of the word "only", and assuming that all the rewards are reserved for the top 100. There needs to be some intersectional rewards, but the "best" rewards should be reserved for the best guilds and players. One of the problem with the current campaign is there is only two categories of prize, and entire factions get the exact same reward, one kill or camp capture, or 500.
  2. "Fault" is a pretty dumb word to define a new player just coming to the game. Nobody is at "Fault", they just are not educated. Unless of course unless you think it's an 8 year olds "fault" for not having finished high school.
  3. This is what the map looked like the first morning of the campaign. All forts held by balance, almost all camps held by balance, and you know what a slog it is trying to cap those by yourself, not to mention I was there when you swept the first couple of forts, and I saw how the current best/cheat builds with the knight blocking bugs (now removed) were being used. So what in that behavior and results would lead me to believe that anything other than the above layout of the map would greet us every single morning that could possibly make it worth even bothering? It's not just one keep fight, it's the totality of the situation.
  4. Not that your right, but does it matter why? You colluded to do one thing, and we decided playing the game the way you wanted to wasn't fun enough to bother.
  5. That is pure gold. Personal attack worthy of a forum strike, AND totally wrong all in one post. Tark is Chaos.
  6. Well if it was sports, teams would be limited to number of players on a team, number of players on a side at a time, and amount of money that can be spent by a team to hire players. But ACE doesn't have that way to divide groups, so is sort of in the posistion of trying to get groups to form their own divisions voluntarily, and so needs something in the mechanics that drives or motivates that division. It's easy to say, "That won't work", so what do you suggest?
  7. Ding! He wins the prize. Of course it creates inner guild tension, AND cross guild tension. This is supposed to be a throne war simulator right? Isn't part of being a leader who would be king, being someone who can figure out how to alleviate tension caused by having to distribute limited rewards? ACE is going to never get all the intersectionality possible options right. That is going to be like trying to push a rope. And I didn't say all, I said to some extent. The current campaigns have a rather limited set of rewards, but moving forward I expect there to be more types and options. When that happens, that should be one type.
  8. I figure there might be a place for letting guilds decide to some extent who gets what. For example, if the current rules were "The Guild leader of the top guild gets 12 gold badges to distribute", then ACE offloads the problem of defining who worked the hardest in the guild to the guild leadership.
  9. This campaigns guild shift was planned weeks ago. Splitting up players that work together and want to play together by random, is a great way to convince them to stop playing.
  10. Change the definition of "win". Do what an effective society does, create multiple smaller hierarchies. Maybe the ONLY winner is the best guild on the best faction, so there is some internal competition for the spot. If HOA knows that Aided -W- is ALWAYS going to be that faction, maybe they decide the only way they can win, is to not team up with -W-. Maybe make the reward for first guild in the second place team better than the second place guild on the first place team.
  11. That's not always going to be the case. The screen you get when logging in at campaign close is the roughed in start of the "when you claim your embargo", with the ability to select your worn gear as part of that process. It was brought up in a live stream, and that functionality is on the agenda.
  12. Because in order to test, you need to test. We tested 4 day campaigns, and the factions went back and forth between them. Now we are testing to see what happens if even the most marginal of rewards is offered at the faction level on an extended campaign. Both of those needed to be tested, so the problems could be seen, and worked on, now, in test. So we saw what happens. Time for ACE to use that data to develop systems to deal with it.
  13. Of course it's a zerg, many guilds switched sides deliberately to make it a zerg. Zerg was the plan, and frankly it's working. You don't get a world map that looks like this after the first day without vastly outnumbering the other factions in a zerg. Congratulations Uncle Bob, you get the gold prize. Kings of an empty hill.
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