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  1. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    Aside from the development time needed to change the current behavior from one gate, one destination, which is probably needed for seamless EK portal to EK portal instead of the menus anyway, that would be one way to raise the bar on effort.
  2. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    I think your just here too early given the expectations. Possibly because of the 5.8 hype and "first sanctioned campaign" talk and possibly wanting first sanctioned campaign winner bragging rights. This game has soo many things still left to be added in, THEN all the polish. Sometimes the "quick fix" to make the game fun NOW, or a dramatic change in direction, is the absolute worst thing to do if you have a longer vision. I personally don't recommend this stage of testing to anyone I don't KNOW will find fun at this current unpolished phase of development. The real answer to the OP's question is, "You shouldn't even try if you don't enjoy it now".
  3. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Ahhh. That sounds like they went with the "try to make money while in dev" by putting polish on "Apocalypse" with the intent of heading in the MMO build direction. Hard to say if people will burn out of playing it in MOBA/Battle royal style before the MMO ever hits the door.
  4. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Art of Conquest? Sorry, so many different things can hold the AoC acronym.
  5. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Oh there is room for suggestions and direction change, within the scope of the greater vision. ACE doesn't have a monopoly on ideas, and they take quite a few from the members of the forum. They however will not turn from the greater vision, because that vision is in fact part of the "game experiment" they wanted to try and we have to assume people backed. Can't really go and say people "really" wanted a MOBA, when what they put money into was a "Throne War Simulator". If ACE wanted instant action and zero leveling, they could have polished hunger dome and just released that, but that would not have been the greater crow fall vision, but they have left that open as an option for some campaign worlds. They may circle back at some point in the future, and have some worlds that cater to the instant action audience with the same gold vendors, nearly instant leveling to 30 with free gold, and extremely limited or zero exports, (all of which can be found currently on the test server), but first they have to finish the big picture and see how that plays out. That may mean some unpleasant to some mechanics are in play (massive amounts of harvesting), while the support systems like player supported EK trade centers and new user experience improvements come into play. So don't suggest massive vision changes, because that simply won't get any traction at all.
  6. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Trove™ does look interesting, and I'll probably give it a spin, but hardly the character depth of CF in regards to options I can see why you have the "ready to go" and "have everything at the start" mentality if that's what you were thinking. Not sure how you got the impression that CF was ever going in that direction with the passive training taking years to fully fill out for an account like EvE. Very cartoony/lego feel, and from my first comb through the about pages, 12 classes each with three locked powers. Playable on Xbox and PS4, and it looks like it was designed for those types of controllers. They appear to be very much focused on PvE theme park adventures with your friends where you can build lego castles, and not a throne war simulator of territory control. Pretty clearly much more casual and different type of game than CF has ever intended to be. Looks fun though, just a different kind of fun.
  7. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    As long as it applied to everyone, and was an impersonal mechanic, I would have no problem with it. For example, if the gate area acted like the starvation effect of being close to a hunger shard in the new player zone, and fatal starvation was possible, then it would apply to all without all that "he said, she said" nonsense. But those types of mechanics are very very hard to design without negatively changing the very nature of factions, that you are safe from other players in your faction hurting you, and almost certainly a poor use for developer time because of the cat/mouse nature of the whole process. Much better to just get the Dregs finished, (still planned before release), and let people use that option. I bet you won't see much of this type of spying in the faction campaigns once dregs open up anyway, simply because those dedicated enough to have multiple accounts, will be those dedicated enough to play them and keep away from the factions for the most part.
  8. a Revision to Game Play.

  9. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    What you apparently want is the depth of dregs play, without the risk and complications associated with dregs play. You want to run inside a faction, with all those advantages, BUT also have the same recourse dregs players will have, without the same advantages of protection. The plain and simple truth is that having faction locked allegiance is a two edged sword. You have the advantage of being able to physically trust your faction players to not be able to kill you, but no recourse if they informationally betray you. In the dregs it's the opposite. You have no guarantee of 100% trust they won't physically kill your vessel, but if they do, you have 100% ability to retaliate for it.
  10. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    Ha! Given time I can think of dozens of ways around this, that would only be a headache for ACE. Lets see off the top of my head. Guild in faction A wants all the rewards because they are winning, so the entire guild, ALT's and all, "reports" the leader of guild B. While ACE is trying to arbitrate, A takes the world in the confusion. and everyone on B is disgruntled off. Someone starts a 'we hate player X' campaign not because of this behavior, but because custard him, why not. Then it gets worse and people start accusing random new players of being that players alts, and trying to get them banned through word of mouth, mob rule. Again, ACE has to step in and arbitrate. ACE trying to algorithmically or personally trying to arbitrate and punish players is just a bad idea on so many levels.
  11. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    Set up counter spies. Get the same thing going on for your team. Find a guild that has enough players that they can play the same game, by the same rules so everyone knows when people move through any faction controlled gate. Heck, make it unnecessary by putting up toast messages on incoming portals, or having the gate ray into the sky flash/pulse like the tree of life whenever anyone comes through, so there simply is no way to travel through one undetected.
  12. a Revision to Game Play.

    No it is not. What three players? What level, how well equipped? Did any of them have disciplines, or race, or class powers slotted that let them deal with stealth? Have they even played long enough to have learned "how to avoid those situations where you are weak in", or have knowledge of how to combat a stealther who know what they are doing with good gear? I would guess not. I would guess there were three players, barely versed in the game, who got out maneuvered by one player with a bunch of experience, which can be done by multiple different classes.
  13. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    If it's an "exploit", by definition its a problem with the code. If it's a problem with code, then it should be fixed. So put in a bug report and add it to the pile. But it's not. Having two accounts, and having both those accounts having the same rights and privileges of protection in the "faction" setting that every other account has is not against the rules, nor is it a problem with the code, so it's not an exploit. The solution for players not wanting to deal with that, is to stay out of faction locked games, (when those are available), and only play on worlds that allow for personal retaliation against any player or account, so when you see spies, you can kill them. If however you want to talk about ALT accounts being "exploitable", that's a different thing altogether. The answer is, yes they can be leveraged to give one person an advantage that single accounts will not have. But that also is not an exploit, especially since it is possible for two different players to do the same thing through cooperation, that a single player can do through multiple accounts. Provided there is enough range of options within a single account to effectively play the game, there is no need to use multiple accounts, only preference. NOTE: Until the change of two full passive training lines and talents, addition of crafting discs equippable by vessel, and passive race/class training, I didn't think there was enough range of options in a single account, but now I do. I could just as easily have a friend with an account on the opposite team that does nothing but stand in one place watching people coming and going. It could still be called a "cheap" by scrubs if done by two people as it is with one, and frankly part of playing to win within the given game rules. Anyone saying otherwise, is just being a scrub.
  14. a Revision to Game Play.

    It really sounds like you want a different type of game, of which plenty have already been built. This game however was backed to the tune of millions of dollars by people who wanted something different. I'm linking this Q&A again, at a different point, so that maybe, just maybe, you can understand the vision we were all sold on, long before you graced us with your personal game style preferences. For the record, I trust these guys with decades of game design and marketing experience to build a successful game, after they have already built several successful games in the past, over a random internet "Johnny come lately" who wants to have everything turned into something completely different. They are not going to change course to the degree you seem to want. Thanks for the input, but this may not be the bus you want to be on.
  15. Resource material upgrade

    Possibly not. There is also the crafting of building's for building EK's. Go check out how many resources are required for parcels and structures in GeoMancy. You may not want em, but I'm pretty sure there will be a desire for EK lego once ACE stop wiping items. It's so much work now that is just going to get wiped, and ACE has given out some spiffy test buildings, so nobody is really messing with that side of things yet.
  16. Resource material upgrade

    My point is, it is a false assumption to think of leveling as a "finite market".
  17. Resource material upgrade

    You have never had to level up a purple have you? Takes 90k XP, (as opposed to 17.5k for a white) AND they have fixed the arches issue in 5.8.1, and will close any similar loopholes in the future. I think you are underestimating just how many people enjoy the "try a new build" gameplay. Right now we have the ability to swap disciplines at will, in the future, you won't be able to.
  18. Resource material upgrade

    That's supposed to be covered by the player economy in the future. Other people still need to sacrifice to level. Grind into dust is a much better idea than compress to improve quality though. Dust is one of those things you would probably spend as much as you have of it doing re-rolls, so I would support that one.
  19. Leveling

    Where were you that you thought was "safe" and got ganked. Temples are faction safe zones, and the newbie spider area is that way as well. You can fully suit out to white gear in the temple area if you stick to tier one iron nodes, pigs, and birch I believe. If you got ganked in the temple, then report it as a bug. Anywhere else is not a newbie zone.
  20. Resource material upgrade

    They do. It's called sacrifice. Make things with those mats to make them more valuable sacrifices.
  21. Resource material upgrade

    Not really a good idea. It has too many possible problems. Bands are supposed to be limited to certain qualities. If your in a blue or worse band, upgrades from blue to purple would a vector to bypass those limitations that ACE has to worry about and code to protect against. When factories come in, BP's are going to be build based on a luck quality upgrade on the combines. So you will get green metal bars from white-white-green, and be able to crank out copies from the original materials, so that will be the effective upgrade path.
  22. a Revision to Game Play.

    You misunderstand. It was in the skill trees UNDER each of just the race/class options. Those have been completely removed, so that why it was pulled from the passive trees, not because they pulled it from exploration, which is where it would be found if it had ever been intended for all races/classes.
  23. a Revision to Game Play.

    That opinion totally goes against the vision for the game. Stealth is specifically described here as being about class.
  24. 20 hour review

  25. 4 day campaigns

    The hope is the catch up mechanic(s) will do the job. Remember there are three dials, not just one. Seasonal changes to victory point accumulation Capture Bonus pool accumulation rate (Also adjustable by season) Seasonal capture value multiplier. It may take some twiddling of those dials, but those three things can have a huge impact on just how far ahead, ahead really is, and drive focus for victory more into winter activity over spring/summer. If that's not enough, I am sure more dials/mechanics will be added moving forward to make a higher percentage of campaigns more nail biters. As for harvesters. Longer seasons means the trained and dedicated ones that can overcome the low results nature that is fall/winter, will be in more demand, and more successful, at keeping teams in the fight till the end.