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  1. I think what I would have to say to that, is you perceived correctly that there are limitations, but incorrectly that it is deemed to be a problem with the design. Rather, it is a major goal of it. Many of us here consider that many modern MMO games are too homogenized in design, and it's hard to differentiate players and styles. If everyone can be a specialized crafter without some restrictions, nobody is a specialized crafter. In order to drive home that point, this design forces you to make periodic choices that exclude others. You can, pick a new passive training line, level a new vessel, but at some point you will notice that to move forward in a new profession/race/class, you have to start over to some degree. One of the big advantages you may not have seen yet to the leveling and vessel system, is that you can "twink" yourself. If you are playing a end game Cleric, you can use that endgame cleric to harvest/craft/farm everything you need to try your next build exploration, prior to jumping into a new vessel. There is no gear limitations by level, nor grouping limitations by level with your friends. Got a great purple suit of plate, migrate it to your brand new level 1 Guinean knight after messing around with the Nethari templar. In fact, getting twinked and rapid experimentation is probably going to be the more common early player experience, rather than the current slog due to all the resets.
  2. Nothing is preventing you from changing your choices. You can play any number of races and classes, simply delete the vessels your not playing. You get unlimited numbers of free vessels, and maintain all passive training between them, so you can experiment endlessly if you like. You just can't have every option available all at the same time. This is not League of Legends where you buy champions and constantly expand your library. To be honest, after watching the forums for several years, you are perhaps only the second person I can recall who has said they thought the number of vessel slots was too restrictive. (With the exception of those that use them for bank space because bank space is a problem) As I said above, one of the kickstarter bonus awards was +3 vessel slots. Who says that ACE won't sell additional slots in the future? I can totally see that as being something to add in later for those interested in a massive library of vessels. Pay 10$, get another vessel slot, or maybe even earn one as a reward for winning a campaign. But now you have moved the goalposts for this conversation from, "every vessel should be able to combat and craft", to "I want more vessel slots".
  3. I agree. I hope the new death mechanics of having to fly away from your corpse encourages people to hang out long enough to lose their heads more often. If it did, that would be a huge plus.
  4. This is the 4th revision I believe to the passive system, disciplines, races/classes and its relation to vessels, and quite frankly is the best one so far. The changes slated to happen are locked majors, with having to spend talent points into the individual powers within the majors. It has always been a goal, that you can screw up your vessel, and have to make a new one. And that you must make a choice between crafting and combat vessels. Many of us happen to like, and backed because of that approach. It is not going to fundamentally change at this point. EDIT: (Bold) The crafting system and economy is supposed to run by discrete individuals, and groups of individuals, trading the skills and abilities they have focused on, with other individuals, and groups of individuals, that have different skills and abilities, just like any other real economy does. It's really rather simple. The AVERAGE player should be discouraged from the crafting system if it doesn't interest them. It's supposed to be driven by the achiever players who are bent on achieving crafting and economic dominance in the game. You have 6 slots currently. You can be capable at one crafting skill in a reasonable amount of time, become an "expert" in a few months, and maximise through gear and vessel upgrades in that time. You can use a single vessel to do two crafting skills moderately well if you pick the right race and slot two disciplines. That leaves you 5 slots for building a variety of combat vessels. If you happen to really NEED to devote all your time to crafting, and being good at it, then buy a second account. But at that point you are far past being the average player. Even with a multitude of accounts, one human simply won't have the time to do everything. What is not supposed to happen, is for individual players to be able to do everything for themselves. That again, is a different game.
  5. Heh, that gave me an idea, shove the XP into the player decapitation mechanic. Take a head, and earn the XP that they have earned since the last time the head was taken. Slows fight clubbing because after one death, your head is gone. You could fight club/give your stored XP once through collusion. But to me that's really not all that bad.
  6. You are describing exactly what has always been the intended design. The Kick starter packs even came with a +3 character slots bonus for early participants. If you don't like it, that's too bad, because it's what has been sold to us all for years. Looks like you want a different game than what was promised and is being built. Oh and you might want to tone down the use of disparaging language calling the devs "douches" on your very first post if you want anyone to pay attention to your opinions.
  7. To what end? ACE already said in a live stream they know about it, will work on it, and it's not an easy fix. Do you want them lamenting in sackcloth and ashes and cutting themselves in mourning supplication for vexing you so?
  8. I would really like them to add a guild level faction pre-select. If your guild leader joined X faction, welp then your in that faction as well. No getting separated from your friends, AND no ability to cross join multiple factions within a guild. Sure you can hang your alts out away from your guild and do that, but at least you have to do at least that.
  9. There is also the different sizes metas to think about. Building for "best of" in each of these categories is different. What handles 1v1 well, like an assassin ganking a harvester, is often pretty useless in a 20v20 hallway situation. 1v1 < 3v3 <5v5 >5v5 >10v10 >20v20 Except for a couple of obvious builds that seem to work anywhere.
  10. Rename, and re-order/sort/filter on the vessel select page would be a nice thing. Nicer would be pulling the "name" altogether, renaming it "Notes" or "Description", and allowing a full text field (1k limitish) you can put useful notes in and search/sort on. Bank fix would be a higher priority to me than that nice to have.
  11. Definitely looks like an improvement. It's 5.90, then the next will be 5.100. Decimals go up in steps of .10 now.
  12. That could work, and I would be happy if it did, but ACE has to have "set containers" functionality to support it.
  13. While I really like the spy play possible without logs, the negative to this that your not talking about is guild's being able to track income sources, so they can properly attribute credit, whatever that means, to those that deposit.
  14. Looks like you may not understand or are making assumptions about how they will operate. With the statement "having the forts to capture between those times" it seems like you think that everything is going to be locked down at certain points, but that is not the intent of the system. The system will open basically "as many forts and the population can support" at a time, so there will always be something to fight over. You just don't get to pick "any" something you like, it's a limited exposure to funnel more people to the points that are vulnerable at a given time. Look at it this way. At 4pm, forts A,B, and C open up. At 5 PM X,Y, and Z. Then 6 PM A,Y,C open up. 3 AM, only A is open. There should almost always, if not always, be something to fight over, just not everything.
  15. I never said it was the "best" solution to the problem. ACE has to live within a time, development, and historically built systems restrictions. There may be better ideas for solutions that could eventually emerge from more dialog that may not actually be viable, or even possible. Given the current state of development, and the need to eventually release. Signal to noise ratio is real, and ACE very often has to guess what is in fact the best solution, when multiple possible options are available, given their unknown internal limits.
  16. The issue isn't lack of gold, the issue is on the dependency of needing gold as a crutch in the first place. When the "XP for all the things" comes into play, the "slog" will be abated. 58:50 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/406031529
  17. That's a false dichotomy. Emergent gameplay comes from within the rules that guild gameplay, not from free for all unlimited behavior. League of legends has very emergent gameplay, yet the maps never change, and the goal is always the same. The rules of engagement are very fixed, yet from the champion select phase to the building of gear as the game progresses, a very emergent game process develops. Magic the Gathering also has very emergent gameplay, despite being highly structured and organized. (Must have at least 60 cards in a deck, cannot have more than 4 of any non-basic land, can only lay one land a turn, etc) Next time you have a game of Risk, try just picking up and chucking pieces at the other players, or take two turns in a row, and see how "free and emergent" the other players consider that to be. Bottom line, no matter the game, there are rules, from how long it takes to mine gear, to when/where the best time/places to attack are. The more you limit options, the more creative players have to become.
  18. For players that "can't be bothered", and think "forts are useless", explain to me how this impacts them in any way shape or form.
  19. More time to stand in a circle doing absolutely nothing, no thanks.
  20. It's not odd. Basics anything is junk. Have you tried to "upgrade" to intermediates? There are tables in the temple that anyone can use to craft them, for very little.
  21. I would sort of prefer filters to be honest. MTGArena does a pretty good job of filtering out cards to build decks. Adding a filter option that lets you pick what you see with an auto sort would not impact the data structure on the back end, but move the manipulation of it where it belongs, in the view layer of the application.
  22. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the purpose of forts is currently bypassed by the massive import/export limits, AND the ability to reset those in 30 seconds of lock/unlock. The moment they actually enforce some control on imports and exports, when you lose a keep, holding your forts is going to be critically important. Lose them all, and suddenly you're in a very difficult posistion with no imports left, or at least rationing them. The related reason is, when exports are tied to score, everyone is going to be more interested in the points that they can all but ignore currently if they choose to. Right now, the only reason to even craft in them if you have no keep, is for the crafting score points for the gold badge
  23. Stack size is not "more information", it's less. It is much smaller to store one row with a "count" column than several rows, each with counts that are all at 100.
  24. Honest question, because your a new poster, have you seen the current free for all that is modeled after "take things at any time" in action? It's been universally despised for it's night capping, and lack of PvP content because people simply wait for the enemy to leave and go take it back at their leisure or susceptibility to the play style or willing to stay up later than other people and stand in circles. Our guild had ONE New Zealand player who "out preformed" everyone a couple of campaigns ago, simply because he could stand in circles all "night" long. Around 4 months of this has already done pretty much nothing to encourage PvP. I can't honestly believe anyone who has actually been playing and watching with any regularity would still support that model. Forget the ideology, and look at how it has already been performing in a practical way.
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