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  1. I would do the following. (First let me caveat this bit. There is currently quite a bit of rune grind that needs be fixed. The current drop model is on a first pass, and it needs to be adjusted so it's not so grindy. Full commentary on that system would require its own post) Put all "gates" like rune tool use and similar only behind having the correct exploration rune equipped. That to me is enough of a commitment to your vessel that you have made a "hard" (cost you gold to buy, can only have two per vessel) choice about profession. They have done part of this by putting the profe
  2. No, "limited choices" wasn't what I said at all, or rather was not the intent if it came across that way. I said it locked hard choices for too long, and possibly into broken meta. That it would be possible to literally BREAK an account, or even an entire guild. The first problem I had was that if I had picked for a current example Elken/Confessor and passive trained for months, and found that something ACE did to alter that combinations meta to the point where I didn't want to play it anymore, I would be stuck trying to play a new meta with all those months and months of training PERMA
  3. Often suggested that there should be a volume effect of some sort when hitting a weak spot. Even just triggering the same event that 25/50/75 destruction does would go a long way.
  4. Or, they could add import filters, specifically "Items you can equip only". That would sort a raft of problems, including importing of gold for sacrifice, over farming low risk areas for resources to take into high risk areas, etc.
  5. Do you have a better/different idea on how to address that, that won't require a major code re-write? We have already been told that the very large piece of factories which was to help solve the "takes too long" problem, which is what could have made the current system really work and was a lynchpin of the plan, is not on the table for launch. Not wanting some change within the bounds of the current system, just sounds a bit like letting "Perfect" be the enemy of "good".
  6. Been thinking about it actually. If this model had lower end results, say a different cap (-3) on the max number of pips you could assign, I could see both the complex current model, and this actually working together TBH. Do the quick and dirty model, OR be a new player that can't benefit from the more complex recipe, and you have a much less time consuming way to get started on crafting. Or maybe lower the bonus a touch (-5 -20%) for all the experimentation bonus options.
  7. I think it was a step in the right direction myself. I can now, with zero training, get my hands on any profession rune and try my hand at crafting. This means an individual who really really wants to try to solo craft items, can use multiple vessels to do so on the same account, and with vessel progression, push out *something*. It also means there is a clear active path to being a better crafter, with better vessels, crafting bonus gear, upgraded runes and belts, etc.
  8. Isn't that what we already have? An active and passive path. (Don't even talk about VIP having a different skill progress rate, the screams of pay to win will deafen you). Active skill up = gear and vessels. (Let me know when you have a legendary everything with all the stats you want) Passive = Crow level permanent upgrades that crosses vessels. If you want to sit on your ass and "benefit" from not playing the game, your going to be behind those who have spent the effort to gear up, get better vessels and learned how to use them.
  9. For a while, not sure if it's still true, cutting grit ONLY came from slag, and the only people even remotely interested in harvesting slag were the new players. I think that fell apart sometime after GR and gear drops, and then NOBODY wanted to hit slag for any reason. It used to be a gateway to "real" materials, but the fact is that gate is no longer in play. Your right. Besides that I can't think of anything that an account without passive training can get, that an account with passive training can't do better for themselves.
  10. From this and your previous posts, it really looks like you have been missing the whole stat cap limits. Let me put it simply. If the cap is 75% and your gear gets to to 80% and your passive training gets you another 10%, Your cap is still just 75%. Since it's possible, as far as I know, to hit every single cap with gear alone, AND there are literally no limits on vessels or gear based on any aspect of passive training, it is entirely possible to acquire a vessel and gear that hit max caps on day one with zero passive training. Passive training makes it e
  11. Well that depends on how deep that rabbit hole goes doesn't it? With the "current" vessel limits, if your not the experimenting type, then yea, that one can bottom out. If however there were ways to acquire/buy more vessel slots. now it becomes a bit more endless. The problem I see isn't that it's a bad sink, but that there are account level caps that get hit in terms of vessel quality. With over 130 possible race/class combinations, and another 3 promotion classes for each, as long as there is enough reason to want to try to build something new in the form of more vessel slots, t
  12. Think of the UI. Group identification has been built to support 5 man group. Devs only know how much would have to change to add another possible 5 members to the panel that displays your group members. Then the powers that peter out after it hits five in an AoE, and the group heals, and... and.... and. It would be a total paradigm shift to "just" add in 5 more players to a group at this point.
  13. You can do this for yourself. Collect, buy, or otherwise gather high end enough things to sacrifice once you put on your new skin, and you will have done the "leveling up" process for yourself, by transferring the time effort spent doing it in your original vessel, (at level cap doing things you find fun) to the new one. Play the way you want. You can always wait until you have enough sacrifice things saved up to instant level your new vessel, jump into it. Heck, if there are enough people like you about, I'm sure a market for things you can buy to sacrifice to level up with will exi
  14. Don't agree at all with the bold statement. Just like "noob toob" I don't think the game should require a minimum level of skill to enjoy, and being viable is part of that enjoyment. There should always be introductory or easy roles, that are viable, and people can use to participate quickly without a great deal of hassel or knowledge. Now, that role should never be the best, and should have plenty of counters if you know them, but it should still be "strong" and "viable" in a large range of situations. Personally, I think the philosophy should be "the less situations a role is via
  15. Depends on how you listen to them. They have clearly said, it will be possible to build terrible (broken) builds that are all but useless. The trick is, making sure that each promotion class has at least 1 viable build for each domain selected. If they do that then there are a great number of combinations. Race (12) Class (3-4) , promotions (3) and domains (3) = 324 viable combinations. The rest is gravy. Oh, and that "Viable", doesn't have to be "Viable for the role you want it to be viable for", It only has to be viable in at least one situation. If you don't want to suck
  16. Fundamental design principles from day one maybe?
  17. taking a camp in infected, the moment it was to flip from neutral to chaos client crashed. No "file report" dialog.
  18. NPE walk through is the fastest way to level as long as you can kill those five wolves. I've also seen them starting to add in item drops along the way, so if one of the first drops was for a class appropriate weapon that wasn't as bad as the default starter, that could help. I can see in no import campaigns it being a pretty tough row to hoe for initial gear up if you want to go solo Cleric though. Perhaps they could drop in the free weapons racks for no-import campaigns just so thing's don't start at total zero. It's not like you wouldn't replace those as quickly as possible.
  19. So I try to describe the concept this way. If you have ever watched Altered Carbon on Netflix, you can think of vessels as "sleeves", and your crow as the little disk thing that goes in the back of the neck. When you start your in a crappy vessel, that you will want to upgrade. You upgrade your "sleeve/vessel" by getting one from someone with the necromancy crafting skills, or building one yourself after passive training that up. The best part, is the vessels are permanent additions basically on the account level. Once you have one, it won't decay like other gear, so it's basically
  20. Dying re-ordered the default placement of fairy fire on the hot bar from position 1 to the last open position 6 without me changing it. Alt-P dropped me off at this location, and I could not see any NPC enemies, even when they were fighting me. Logout button does not work, it puts the choice too low to mouse to in the tool bar. This is intermittent, as a restart fixed it. Quest Way markers on the compass in sun temple seem to stop self removing once complete in the sun temple. They persist even through restart and following day. Lots of sun temple problems.
  21. Keep building, as a one man guild, but somehow not having to fight to hold it in order to win the campaign. Are you even being serious? Go ahead and give it a try, I would love to see you "win" a campaign with that strategy, and we can all hail you as the most mighty of crows. It sounds like your cooking up far fetched hypotheticals that have zero basis in reality.
  22. There is a very good reason that K/D isn't an important metric in determining the winners. Like all systems that can support a "fight club" model, it's fundamentally broken. Take a guild, make a sub guild that isn't in your alliance. Put a few alt accounts into it. Let the primary guild farm Kills. Proffit!!!! Now K/D for individual recognition, that's possible, eventually, with a pile of work to prevent the above. But as for who won the campaign, K/D is a terrible metric.
  23. Bit late, but just plain NO. Necromancy and vessels are account level upgrades. Once you have it, you have it, unlike just about every other object that goes on you paperdoll. It should be a long and drawn out process, and it should be in the hands of players to manage as part of the economy. The fact that you want a system that is easier for everyone, indicates just how much of a draw it is, and that is specifically should not be watered down. I'm with those that think it could be expanded into more that just stats, but as for making it more universally accessible to every account
  24. They could go with crowns to the guild and leave it up to the members to sort how to split, and then the shop to have the things people want that don't add power.
  25. I think it's important to note or add to this. The entire system was originally envisioned to have a "factory" model attached. Mass production of repeated results, reducing the required effort of the dedicated crafters once the supply lines were in place. That didn't happen, and isn't going to happen before launch, and it's absence is a big part of the pain points within crafting. Some effort has been made to address the above, with more items having zero experimentation and being stackable, and sorta mass producible with less clicks, like runestone blanks for rune tools.
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