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  1. Get the "Dead South" to do your sound track. Just sayin.
  2. Health as a boarder around the faction shield might work to reduce visual noise. Heh, started this before seeing @Tinnis's and @PopeUrban's posts.
  3. Yup, two different interpretations of Todd's spiel is a pretty good way to describe it. It really feels like a very strong case of confirmation bias actually. Fantasy fulfillment does not line up, at least to me, with a goal which has never once been stated or even hinted at by the dev team of "value in every scale of PvP", especially since the linked video had these quotes. That is the polar opposite of "every class should have value in every scale (situation) of PvP". The only way to read it as you have been, is to assume that "situation" is more specific than scale of PvP, which is I think an interpretation that is only going to lead you to continuing disappointment.
  4. Latest (unofficial) word I heard was it was to be in for 5.110, and we are on 5.100.
  5. I'm not here to argue with you, I was only trying to let you know how it seems things have been designed given the statements of the devs, and that you seem to have a problem with the design goal of "fantasy fulfillment", rather than built for balance and utility. Assume whatever intent you want, but if you think that "every other class build/archetype is valuable in every situation" then I really think you don't understand what the intent actually is. For example, the Templar has been described as excelling in tight quarters combat, and "area denial", after players complained that they didn't have the skill necessary to peel and being somewhat easy to escape from/hard to finish kills in an open field, despite being a very tank sort of class. The answer was essentially, "that's not really their role".
  6. I do like the direction of those, because it's not force, and leaves agency in the hands of both players. There is a huge difference between "force" (As Deioth said in the quoted post) and what I would call, strongly encourage certain behavior.
  7. Those big statues in the temple, the ones that look like the gods, they are calling them sentinels, and the goal is for them to eventually hand out quests for rewards.
  8. You may be right about the need for more peel and trying to draw focus, BUT you can't FORCE humans to give you agro like you can PvE MOBS in a raid. Pve tactics against players don't work, because allowing a class to FORCE other players to play the game the way they want in all but minimal ways, would just suck for the player being forced. The bold is pretty much also where you are wrong. Did you even watch what I linked? Classes are not supposed to be valuable in all situations, they are supposed to seek out the situations they are good in, and excel at them. There is a reason we all get more than one vessel slot to start out with. Your crow/account can have a bunch of different options, but individually the vessels are supposed to be really good at one thing, and at best palatable in the others. Part of getting good, is knowing how to avoid those situations you are weak in.
  9. I've suggested this before. Keep using the current re-spawn timer, BUT subtract one minute from the remaining time for every non-boss killed in the camp. If that becomes to frequent, then turn up the default delay. This way, if you are not part of a farming group you still have a chance to find and kill one, but if your group is actively farming a camp, the bosses will show up frequently enough to make it so you don't need to run from camp to camp.
  10. It does impact the stats ON the seal though.
  11. Humm. I thought "soft launch" was also "beta".
  12. I think that "really lacking outside of sieges" might be intentional design.
  13. I thought that "Beta" was when they originally said that at least passive training wipes would stop.
  14. You did notice that they changed the formula for stacking bonus right? Camps collecting zero bonus in spring etc?
  15. That sounds like a great mechanic, as long as it was part of a build up to that climactic battle. One hit can decide a baseball game. One field goal, a football game. One over time goal a hockey game. AND one game, and any one of the above can decide the annual national championship (pick your sport). There are more examples of that sort of design than I can count. So the main point is great competition including professional level competition is often found to where exactly where "one" event can win or lose it all, preparation and planning notwithstanding. What isn't fun, is knowing who is going to take the championship 1/3 of the way through a season.
  16. Won't fix the core problem of no schedules. They take it, "defenders" make a note of time, and then show up 45 minutes later to take it back after the original attackers get bored of waiting for opposition.
  17. That really only encourages stacking ALT accounts, and playing those sorts of games. Any zone limits that are not higher than peak population, are subject these sorts of shenanigans. Would rather they work on missing systems, than adding in faction balancing limits just yet.
  18. This is one of those things that looks good on paper, but is practically a bad idea due to current instance population limits. Two (of probably many) tricks to look for with a layout like this. Lock up access to sieges by overloading the only access path adventure zone. Gate camp an entire faction, making it impossible for new players to enter the adventure zone areas. Strip all good resources out of temple, especially since the GR will get you minimum viable safely, and that will be a better first step.
  19. It was the use of the word "need" in your post that set off my alarm bells actually. "Need" is for things that fall into a category of "must have at beta or game will fail", not post the game being in a ready to launch state. Glad we are on the same page now.
  20. Seriously, you think we don't have unique races? Out of 12 races, 4 are rather unique, and a couple of others are new takes on old tropes (Stone born). Considering the amount of art resources necessary to build a new race, it's not surprising that just less than 3/4 of the starting races (I expect more post launch), are what would be considered genre "normal".
  21. A few things to add. 2.) Loot rules will vary from world to world. The GR (God Reach) is like newbie Island, which is why there is no looting, and no need to find your way back to your body. 6.) The level cap is very, very, unlikely to change. The goal is for players to become participants in the greater PvP war ASAP, which is why leveling is so quick on the default "white" vessel. Progression is however possible, in the form of crafted vessels, which have better base stats, can be customized with specific goals in mind, and more stat points to spend as they level. They also take more XP to level. 9.) Currently there is only the cap and hold points, however several times on Q&A I have heard them talk about adding in other mechanics similar to "longest road" in Catan (if you know the game) that will make sure the winner of a world will not be known too early. 20) Vessels are "locked" into the campaigns they join, and can not move freely in or out. EK to EK and GR travel, which is what you are seeing prior to the next campaign start, is free via the logout and initial selection menu. 21) There has been talk about solving the late player problem, but up until now, nothing. I would not expect it prior to launch because of all the corner cases and other issue. Travel in the world with materials and risk is supposed to matter, so people teleporting around has to be very carefully thought out prior to implementation, if there ever is something like that. 24) there are no recipes to remove/delete. The real issue is using the correct material combination to get the effect you want. Currently, every crafted item is a one of a kind, but there was/is talk of manufacturing of runs of componentes and products, but that keeps getting pushed to the back burner in favor of more vital systems. 25) http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ 29) Very, very responsive. You should watch for and check out the regular Q&A on twitch. (https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame) ,and check out a few of the videos on the Crowfall Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHVjXO-WdYHUIdxC8buCkzQ)
  22. It may be just me, but I would much rather they "balance" the mobs as glass cannons, than tanks. So if your skilled, and manage your CC with them, they go over pretty easy, but if your sloppy or make a mistake, they beat the crap out of you FAST.
  23. They also have to test the management of test/live dichotomy, and there are many/most players that will play what they think of as "live" like it's a full game, while they would never touch a "test" server.
  24. That sounds like the same role as a catapult in CF terms. I would rather the fire effect moved there, possibly to a specific "type" of catapult to connote ammunition type.
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