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  1. Maybe an apology is in order for the tone of the first post, considering the communication problem originated with your email service.
  2. Only need to find one boar pit to get into whites, and the temple area has at least one of those.
  3. That's what Gods reach is for. God's reach is not a campaign.
  4. I would rather see an equipable belt slot item like a book or scroll that you carry around when you want XP to go into it, instead of on your person. Auto creating something just seems janky, but a craftable "XP Journal" you can carry around on a belt slot, has some lossy behavior like only collecting 20% of your XP, and requires a quality level that matches the vessel or better does seem interesting.
  5. CON's, you can farm dust endlessly in your own EK and will always need to so EK crafting can be supported. Gold you cannot, and with the removal of gold from the average critter, ACE can consider letting us install temporary monster generators and other nodes, knowing that at least one currency, gold, is not subject to endless EK farming. I think the gold shortage is partly due to people having become dependent on it for leveling as the best way to get past the point where the XP drops, and creature XP fall off. With the "XP for all the things" in the pipe, we need to see that in action to know if in fact gold is too scarce. If there is any problem currently with stores and taxes, it's the rate is high given the current input volumes. (240GP/Day). We took a huge squeeze hit on it with the removal of it from a huge number of sources, but what I would rather they do at this point is fix the XP curves so gold is no longer the "best" way to level, and add in different avenues to getting gold like a vendor that will purchase anything for a couple of coins, added to the random treasure chests in the wild, and give more to the humanoids that actually could carry currency. I think we need to see a few more pieces fall in place, before we can definitively say what's already planned won't cover off on the problem.
  6. 58:50 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/406031529
  7. Depends on how you trade. If you do vendors, they can only take gold. If you do custom orders, most of those are paid in dust/embers.
  8. As I said, put the training on something not ready to expire in that short of time period. Then, when you are playing, or are sure of your ability to get on, switch to fill out the final of the one your working on. The Tome system is the long term plan for catch up and to smooth the edges, but that is long term past launch. If tomes are past launch, building a queue system or allowing points transfer would be in the same time frame anyway.
  9. Time bank is slated for 30 days. If you are going to be away long enough to pass the cap in your current tree, change the tree you are training before you go.
  10. That was not the direction I expected comments about that remark to take.
  11. If I was going to make a food/alchemy buff division, I would put all body stuff (HP, Healing, Base stat buffs etc) into food, and all magical stuff (Powers, SP, damage types, etc) into alchemy. Harvesting buffs are already in food, but maybe the more or less magical kind could also migrate away or even overlap with an alchemical version (dust finder, etc). It would make "sense" from the perspective of what food does for people, and what magic does. Very few veggies make you actually fly.
  12. Well since it's still a test and not a production game, with things changing so fast that an announced 3 week campaign was switched at the 11th hour to a one week because of this issue, (you can still see three week language in the post), I would say that ACE has been doing pretty good job since I suspect even they don't know sometimes what will be ready for prime time from week to week. Could they be better, sure. Do I want them to divert focus from development so they can act more like they are in live production, nope. Still in test, is still in test, and information out of one official channel is still technically "informed" in my estimation.
  13. Depends on what you call inform. Timestamp 11:37 starts conversation about "why" for the short campaign, (1 week) including a "wipe coming", for 5.8.6 "literally in the next week" AND that it would be at the start of the next campaign. This, and the usual player chatter on the forums, is to me more than enough to say they "informed" us that a wipe was coming, and that was said more than one week in advance.
  14. So will God's Reach be available after he patch and wipe before the new Trial?
  15. This would be neat if it was tied to the day/night cycle. Every night (game cycle night) a random parcel enters a "week" long cycle of ranking up every night, until it hits a cap, and resets back to default, with a new parcel being selected to start the rankup. Would add exploration, and once discovered, add contestation for that parcel. It would be unpredictable, and be I think a rather interesting way to handle T5+ nodes. All nodes start at T5, and then rank up for a "week" of game cycles, and then reset back.
  16. Have you considered alchemy as a avenue to what the "classic" term for alchemy was, transmutation of materials from one to another? E.G. Iron to Silver. Is this maybe where we could see conversion of dust and metals into gold coins? Why not cook up a bunch of recipes that make things out of currently unrelated mixtures instead of making new things to drop/gather. Alchemical recipes like mandrake + granite + iron + oak = Resolution potion with the same effect as resolution minor rune.You could make Alchemy the gateway to experimentation with the now drop gated runes, and may get away with just reusing a bunch of existing powers and materials.
  17. Frankly we already have enough fragments, shards, gems, and other assorted ingredients to last us till the universe cools. Why not just cook up a bunch of recipes that make many of them out of unrelated mixtures. Alchemical recipes like mandrake + granite + iron + oak = Resolution potion. Perhaps use runestone blanks + resolution potion + chaos ember = Resolution minor discipline. Force a specific minimum blank quality on some, so that world type gates, OR you can get them from drops, OR buy them from players EK side. Not all runes need to be covered this way. Perhaps none of these recipes are even documented, and just fall under a "rune potion" recipe so people have to discover them like we did with the metal combos. With the tools at hand that sort of addition would be just some recipe mix and match and could be pushed into the alchemists direction, so an alchemist could make both a temporary buff potion, or have the same potion being used to make minor runes. There are existing very cool systems, so why not mix and match a few for a while, instead of bloating inventory requirements even more than they already are? The above does not preclude ALSO dropping on boss mobs, or exclusivity of some runes from boss mobs only, but could provide another avenue to the same items.
  18. No, actually it's not using my proposed solution, because it is literally impossible to have my solution applied right now. The actual solution requires a multiple campaign ecosystem with varied degrees of reward and challenge, with outlets for the most dedicated groups to fight it out for the best rewards, but keep setting up straw men if you like.
  19. Not that I am aware of, no. Nor am I aware of any game that essentially treats faction campaigns like they are the learning grounds for more real competition. The closest thing I can think of, is games that have skill divisions, and yes you do occasionally get smurfs running around trying to smash noobs, but an entire guild of smurf smashers that has enough population and dedication to break factions with limited rewards across multiple campaigns does not sound like it would have broad enough appeal to the kinds of players that would need to have the dedication to really pull it off with a higher population base. But that is all speculation, because no other game I know of has tried that for factions when other options within the game were also available, which is why I think this discussion is mostly a solution looking for a problem at this point.
  20. There is no way you can know this, because no other game of this type has ever had factions that end. This is entirely negative speculation on your part, and in no way does it justify spending dev time fixing a problem that may not even exist.
  21. Until dregs is around, there is equally no compelling reason to assume that the faction campaigns balance will not become closer and more fluid, and will not require the draconian measures of control you are suggesting. The current round of players that are causing the perceived imbalance will have moved on to greener pastures, and any guild that is organized and ambitious enough to start swaying faction play will be motivated to try playing in that setting simply because faction rewards will be lower.
  22. But I don't WANT to join Marks guild, and my GUILD doesn't want to ally with ANY of the guilds in the lowest pop faction. That seems to be what your missing. You can't FORCE people, individuals or groups, to play with or how you want them to that degree. This isn't professional sports where players play where they find themselves because it's a paycheque, this is entertainment. If trying to work with a bunch of people I consider ass hats is a forced requirement, I have plenty of other entertainment options available to me.
  23. Sure you do, all the time. People wanting to play with specific other people is very much part of the negotiation when you play pick up. Besides, that's a pretty weak analogy when it comes to CF, because campaigns will be months long. It's a massively different thing to say, "well we know you like playing with mark, but today we have to split you guys up", and "well we know you like playing with uXa, but for the next 3 months we have to split your guilds up and you have to work with your hated enemy if you want to win this world."
  24. You stop letting people choose inside the game to that degree, and what you will get is people making a different choice, to go play something else. I personally, and many in my guild, are not at all interested in having our choice of allies selected for us, either by fiat or RNG. Neither would many be at all interested in having their "side" chosen from a lore perspective. Just go look at the new guild pages. "We are a Chaos guild....." is very common among newly formed guilds, where before even forming, they have the side they want to play for already picked out. Lore may not matter to many, but it will matter enough to some that the wrong forced selection would mean them instantly abandoning the game. You simply can't force people to play a game that way. Go jump into a champ selection or two on LoL. Even with fairly draconian game dodging disincentives, people will still abandon champion select if they don't get to play the champ they want. Sop much so they built a pre-pre- select feature to try to line up players to desired roles before joining the champ selection process, and even still, pre game selection is often one of the most contentious parts of the game. Months stuck on a faction you don't want to play for, is a total non-starter.
  25. Actually, thinking about it, unless they deal with gold different than other base materials, this is exactly accurate. On test I have not noticed any sort of issue with the free vendor filling my inventory with stacks of 99,999 gold or dust. Might be worth a test to see if filling everything with 99,999 gold has any apparent opening or loading speed impact.
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