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  1. One of the primary reasons I suggested that ACE eventually set up some guild level rewards, that are ALL given to the leader of the guild, to try to figure out how to distribute. For example the top guild in a campaign, the leader gets 5 gold badges of Kane to hand out at his discretion.
  2. Todays live stream covered the next plan for siege timers. You may want to watch it, lots of good stuff in there. Forts/Keeps starts at 1:04:00 In short, forts will be tied into the vulnerability windows model, the quantity of exposed locations will be based on typical server population for time so night capping with be reduced,with the ultimate goal being to give people limited things to fight over, so that PvP is more likely to occur.
  3. I was able to craft for a couple of hours unmolested as a chaos player. Found one of our built up forts, and set up shop in it. The T10 guards on the corners being enough warning of incoming attackers (if you leave your sounds up and are paying attention). We may have lost our keep, but there are currently still some forts. If they all fall, well then I guess it's try to form a 5-10 member PUG and take one back. (Actually if your very patient and know what your doing it's still possible to solo.) The above said, I would not be opposed to ACE swapping out the many intermediate tables in the temple for some real ones, just to make sure crafting can be done somewhere. Maybe do the opposite of what the keeps do with bonus pips, and have them take a couple of pips off, or limit experimentation risk/rerolls if you use them.
  4. Yet. There wasn't a crafting score last campaign either. If you find the development process problematic and require all the systems be finished, take a break until Beta.
  5. I want something a bit different, because of the requirement for long term investment. Two passive training sets per account. One is eternal and forever (current model), and one is reset and then used when entering specific campaigns, (one at a time limit for these types of campaigns, and every vessel that enters on the account resets the training), with each of those campaigns having a dial for the speed of training.
  6. Rank up on Tiers would have more control on quality than training. Skills do not NEED to be unlocked with T10's to get materials. I have an account with near zero training in harvesting, and pulled a couple of legendary mats last night with white tools on the T10 around our keep. If I was serious about it, and did more than a couple of solo nodes, with equally untrained friends, using food buffs (I didn't bother with those), I'm sure that a couple of us could have put together a blue set of gear on day one.
  7. I'm not sure, but they seem to be able to put many universal buffs/penalties into the seasons, so that could/should be possible. Now convincing them to make some parts "more", and other parts "less" as seasons progress given the existing narrative, might take some doing.
  8. I think the answer to that question is, "on certain campaign worlds, with no imports and where the tier of resources are limited, yes". The start is a grind, but what you are describing is a "rush". I personally don't see the problem with not having to deal with the time part of that every world, and move as quickly as possible onto the conquest side of things. If what you want is "I want there to be gear progression over the life of each campaign.", then I would much rather they add a campaign nob that allows them to escalate the tier qualities by season. so that for example that T1 node you saw in spring, becomes a T7 node in the fall, while the plentiful harvest buff has dropped off and only well organized or trained players can make better gear than the white/green they got in the early seasons. Maybe even a campaign dial that ignores all or some of the passive trees. So for example a campaign that blocks access to all but the "Basic" skills until winter hits, like your diagram. I would put the blocks at the already existing zones in the trees. So spring is "Basics" (everyone runs around in intermediate gear) because nobody can craft advanced, then summer you get for example "armor" and "weapons" in the combat tree, and then fall/winter you get the full training. But asking (repeatedly) for a full passive tree revisit at this time it pretty much a non-starter.
  9. Its marked as "skills" on the top of the vessel/world selection screen. It also looks like a pair of dumbells in the left icons when you are in inventory. The passive training runs 24/7/365 as a progression model. You collect points over time, and spend them when you login. If you don't pick a train you won't accumulate as there are specific tracks and branches you have to select. If your planning on crafting, you will need to get to one of the nodes that specifies a certain field, like blacksmithing, or leatherworking. For combat the gains are marginal increases over time. (E.G. +3% slashing mitigation). For harvesting they will give you better results of the appropriate material types. Some buffs are by class (E.G. All Ore), and some are by specific harvestable (E.G. Iron). You will always start in two "basics", so you do have some time to examine the trees before making a tough choice. Cheers
  10. Oh, It's just shy. Leveling a blue vessel is just north of 50k. (52500) Of course if you sacked that one piece, you would end up losing the majority of the XP because it's won't let you over sacrifice per level, so as a sacrifice, it's basically a level.
  11. No clue. I don't craft vessels. It is however about 245 rune tools.
  12. Make one of your first tasks finding and joining a guild you like. It's a very social game test. All the systems can be extremely daunting to learn, as the New Player Experience requires a ton of polish still. Make sure you are passive training as soon as possible. If you plan on crafting, you will need to train for a couple of days before you get into advanced stuff, which will give you enough time to level to where you can equip major disciplines. (Check your talents tree). You start by whacking some spiders with basic weapons, and I would recommend not leaving the newbie zone until you have a couple of levels. When you get into the world, the God's Reach campaigns have "training zones" which are PvP free, and you can learn very basic combat against AI mobs relatively unmolested. You will want to make intermediate gear as soon as possible, and then go hunting for advanced gear either in shops at the free market, or struggle through the crafting stuff, but that will take you some passive training time. Much faster to farm PvE critter gold and buy if your in a rush. Good luck out there.
  13. Kinda both to be honest. For the record, I main an assassin, and have done my own fair share of stealth stalking/hunting. The tray flipping system is clunky, and not just from survival to stealth, but in general. The toggle model is quite bothersome. If I double hit my combat tray, say when things are lagging and I haven't seen the first keystroke work, the whole flip out of that tray into survival, basically at random after a bit of button mashing, is not ideal. The whole "I'm in stealth which is sort of below survival in terms of vulnerability" does not make sense to me. If I'm in stealth I am not taking a nap by the campfire, or distracted while I am harvesting, I am actively avoiding being seen by enemies, and it just rubs me the wrong way to take survival style damage, ostensibly because your not ready to be attacked while in survival mode. It is simply clunky and feels off. The part of stealth where you can wander around indefinitely, without any real consideration for positioning or actually being sneaky, is the nerf. And not really a nerf, but more like a cost, if some decay was added to gear. Nerf would be changing the mechanic in a tangible to game play way like limiting how long you can be in stealth, or setting a cooldown timer between stealths, not just raising the durability costs. Right now gear decays at 2 points to a random item every 6 seconds. (or is it 10 seconds, not sure?). If that was set to for example 1 point every 30 seconds while in stealth, it would at least cost "something" for that wander around without being skillfully sneaky. Stealth would be a choice that has additional impact to just slower movement. With numbers like that, you could still wander around for 3 minutes stalking your prey before all of your gear even took one point. Not huge, just a token really, and probably not worth the dev time to be honest.
  14. Yea not forgetting that. Pretty sure at some point I suggested that the stealth tray should cause decay, even if reduced, to offset the advantage of being hidden. That would be a much better way to deal with stealth and vulnerability than the current in my opinion.
  15. Assumes all the guards had been bought. They now cost 1k each to feed the guard hippo. If the defenders decided to go cheap and not bother with the tree room, then a single Fae unmolested could possibly have done it. There is also a wall climbing trick (reported to support on how to duplicate) that can be done, so it doesn't actually take breaking down a wall to get inside a keep. THAT is actually a bug that needs to be dealt with.
  16. After some testing on GR, which is by the way tracking the crafting scores now if you open the map menu, the points are earned based on the value of the item crafted, if it was sacrificed by a level 1 white vessel. I tested it by crafting green parchment, by a maxed vessel and then matching the 11 points I got for it to what a level 1 vessel white would get for sacrificing the item. I got nothing for sacrificing it, either on the original creator vessel, or on another, though I did not try sacrifice by a second account. This craft would in fact be worth 49005 points for the final combine, plus whatever it was worth for all the sub components.
  17. Seems like someone missed reading this FAQ, which really has not changed since pretty much day one. Nowhere in anything I have read from ACE says that the game is going to be exclusively ANYTHING. In fact, the difficulty of the described above quotes from the FAQ include a less challenging zone of faction play, up to and including complete free for all zones. So no, it's not a waste of developer time to build a campaign world different from the one you happen to have been sold on, nor are they obligated to have a variety or specific campaign world style available during development. I am sure many of us would have prefered if they had started with the free for all ruleset, but logically, and realistically, they have to start with the most protected style as close to the start as possible, because otherwise they could paint themselves into a development corner when it comes to trying to shoehorn in protections later. It's much easier to simply turn off protections and raise difficulty, than add them after the fact. Different types and difficulties of campaign worlds has always been part of the package, and there is no reason to expect that the one you prefer is the one they will be focusing on at any particular time during the development process.
  18. To be honest, the into stealth song and dance doesn't bother me as much as being in stealth is treated as in the survival tray from the point of view of dizzy/slowed hits. If I'm sneaking around in stealth, I am not "unprepared" for combat.
  19. In GR, there is a cap bonus ticking, and can be earned and show in the top score card until the next "tick", when it sets back to the "Holding" default values.
  20. Would also open up the possibility of "cursed" items. Items that if carried have a small negative effect, can't be dropped in the normal way, but only transfer through loot doobers.
  21. If it went to doobers from players, there would be all sorts of problems around it, such as what about when a critter kills the player, and how do you deal with group "ownership" in a large group battles. If on the other hand it was "head taken = loot pinata" and there was always enough time to take a head even with a release request, then the head choppers group could have ownership, and critter kills would not drop loot. In fact, it might be interesting if the system was set up so that the only way you could loot a player, was if you took their head.
  22. Good thing it's still a pre-alpha test then eh? This would be a disaster if it was actually a released game, and not just a community influenced test cycle. There is a reason ACE backed off on the "sanctioned" campaigns. They know it's not a worthy game yet. Seems some haven't got that message yet.
  23. I would like some metrics on what is being called "casual". Your "casual" may be 90% of other peoples "hard core". R10's by some definitions are not casual by design. They require a foreman, and pretty decent tools or advanced passive training, and good node path plan, and possibly a group that fights off the zombies if your in the caverns etc.
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