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  1. While I really like the spy play possible without logs, the negative to this that your not talking about is guild's being able to track income sources, so they can properly attribute credit, whatever that means, to those that deposit.
  2. Looks like you may not understand or are making assumptions about how they will operate. With the statement "having the forts to capture between those times" it seems like you think that everything is going to be locked down at certain points, but that is not the intent of the system. The system will open basically "as many forts and the population can support" at a time, so there will always be something to fight over. You just don't get to pick "any" something you like, it's a limited exposure to funnel more people to the points that are vulnerable at a given time. Look at it this way. At 4pm, forts A,B, and C open up. At 5 PM X,Y, and Z. Then 6 PM A,Y,C open up. 3 AM, only A is open. There should almost always, if not always, be something to fight over, just not everything.
  3. I never said it was the "best" solution to the problem. ACE has to live within a time, development, and historically built systems restrictions. There may be better ideas for solutions that could eventually emerge from more dialog that may not actually be viable, or even possible. Given the current state of development, and the need to eventually release. Signal to noise ratio is real, and ACE very often has to guess what is in fact the best solution, when multiple possible options are available, given their unknown internal limits.
  4. That's a false dichotomy. Emergent gameplay comes from within the rules that guild gameplay, not from free for all unlimited behavior. League of legends has very emergent gameplay, yet the maps never change, and the goal is always the same. The rules of engagement are very fixed, yet from the champion select phase to the building of gear as the game progresses, a very emergent game process develops. Magic the Gathering also has very emergent gameplay, despite being highly structured and organized. (Must have at least 60 cards in a deck, cannot have more than 4 of any non-basic land, can only lay one land a turn, etc) Next time you have a game of Risk, try just picking up and chucking pieces at the other players, or take two turns in a row, and see how "free and emergent" the other players consider that to be. Bottom line, no matter the game, there are rules, from how long it takes to mine gear, to when/where the best time/places to attack are. The more you limit options, the more creative players have to become.
  5. For players that "can't be bothered", and think "forts are useless", explain to me how this impacts them in any way shape or form.
  6. More time to stand in a circle doing absolutely nothing, no thanks.
  7. It's not odd. Basics anything is junk. Have you tried to "upgrade" to intermediates? There are tables in the temple that anyone can use to craft them, for very little.
  8. I would sort of prefer filters to be honest. MTGArena does a pretty good job of filtering out cards to build decks. Adding a filter option that lets you pick what you see with an auto sort would not impact the data structure on the back end, but move the manipulation of it where it belongs, in the view layer of the application.
  9. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the purpose of forts is currently bypassed by the massive import/export limits, AND the ability to reset those in 30 seconds of lock/unlock. The moment they actually enforce some control on imports and exports, when you lose a keep, holding your forts is going to be critically important. Lose them all, and suddenly you're in a very difficult posistion with no imports left, or at least rationing them. The related reason is, when exports are tied to score, everyone is going to be more interested in the points that they can all but ignore currently if they choose to. Right now, the only reason to even craft in them if you have no keep, is for the crafting score points for the gold badge
  10. Stack size is not "more information", it's less. It is much smaller to store one row with a "count" column than several rows, each with counts that are all at 100.
  11. Honest question, because your a new poster, have you seen the current free for all that is modeled after "take things at any time" in action? It's been universally despised for it's night capping, and lack of PvP content because people simply wait for the enemy to leave and go take it back at their leisure or susceptibility to the play style or willing to stay up later than other people and stand in circles. Our guild had ONE New Zealand player who "out preformed" everyone a couple of campaigns ago, simply because he could stand in circles all "night" long. Around 4 months of this has already done pretty much nothing to encourage PvP. I can't honestly believe anyone who has actually been playing and watching with any regularity would still support that model. Forget the ideology, and look at how it has already been performing in a practical way.
  12. Add in the words "in factions". Factions are not the "real" game, they are limited by nature. Your looking at a picture frame and not what is being done with the canvas.
  13. We currently have mostly (minus the keeps) a free for all system and it is not working to create more PvP. Quite the opposite in fact. Anyone who actually wants PvP, and not just night capping, should support attempts to focus players into critical PvP events, rather than just waiting for everyone to log off so they can roam around uncontested.
  14. There is part of your problem with the current iteration AND all the frequent wipes. The player economy keeps getting reset, along with vessels and equipment. It takes a rather large amount of effort to not only set up an EK like Srathors lawn, but also for other players to generate what they need, and THEN generate a surplus to sell. This campaign came after a wipe, AND a massive gold source income reduction. Gold that was previously used for the primary purpose of leveling vessels to get on with the rest of the game. Once the wipes stop happening (Beta), built up economies will survive longer, and become established. Then running to your favorite EK filled with stores and purchase options will be a more viable alternative to doing everything yourself. The game is not currently "economic empire" friendly, due to the frequent wipes, but the day will come when that will be just as valid a strategy and contest between players competing for customers.
  15. Actually, it behaves more like a fuel than anything else. You burn it to make many different things. While valuable in the extreme, very few barter in barrels of oil or electricity partly because of the issue of convenience. By locking vendors to gold only transactions, ACE has created a different economy around gold than barter, with a common shared currency, that has no real empirical use, in much the same way as cash by and of itself has no empirical value.
  16. Your post assumes that there will be no forts open during non-primetime, but that is a bad assumption. At any given time, even non-primetime, instead of there being 12 possible locations for a fight, there may only be one. It is entirely possible with this system that there is ALWAYS one to fight over in any given hour, with the difference being 3 or 4 being open during prime time. It's active population based, so can and will be adjusted to create more, not less, action. Your post also assumes that the world and fort count size remains the same, and does not in fact become larger than it is, with the increase in attendant forts to accommodate. Having a scheduled flipping and attack window and the tables for crafting are THE PRIMARY reason to own fort/keeps. With fort vulnerability being a known factor, crafters can be reasonably certain that they will not be subject to casual harrassment. It will not stop dedicated assassination groups from crawling into them and trying for some easy kills of distracted crafters, as used to happen in keeps. But PVP and conquest groups will know where they have to go, and it won't be to harass the crafters in a locked down fort. It will be critically important that your last fort be held at all costs, or your out of the game till you can capture another one. Right now, if it drops who cares. Round up a couple of friends and go take one back (or go solo, that's still possible for a stealther). It is probable with this system that there is ALWAYS one to fight over in any given hour, with the difference being 3 or 4 being open during prime time.
  17. Sac value also equals score value for crafting. I've been grinding out tools for around 200 XP a pop, and if that one item matched the crafting score of 155 individual items, not including all the step up items it includes, that would just be bonkers. Also, coming soon is the "XP for all the things" so just crafting things will get you XP, not just from the sacrifice. If crafting then sacrificing a single item got you 62K of xp, assuming they eventually fix the "can overflow sacrifice" XP, that would just be ridiculous. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/406031529 Time 58:50 starts the talk about all these things.
  18. I've seen him posting on other forums on articles about CF. He's a bit like Teller here, but I have seen him "speak". His behavior does not seem to be consistent enough to be staff.
  19. Ummmm isn't that what the camp fragments are? I think this was more along the lines of not specifically hunting for XP, but XP accumulation from just playing the game, especially when "XP for all the things" gets turned on.
  20. Guess I better close up shop. I bet most of my rune tool sales were from people getting gold this way.
  21. Watch out for a quiet but subtly grumpy cross dresser. Got it.
  22. Your going to have a harder time hiding your .. unique personality, than you are an account name. Just saying. 😈
  23. I almost LoL'd at this comment. If there is one thing ACE has been doing since day one, is describing the "intent" of the systems. There are literally years worth of videos on their YouTube channel filled with statement of "intents". You can do a coles notes pass by just watching all the monthly Q&A's. Just off the top of my head some of the key intents are. Solving the "Uncle Bob" problem. This is a niche game not for everyone. Classes/Races are not balanced for 1v1 but are more about fantasy fulfillment. Crafting will require interdependencies with other players. ...
  24. Only need to find one boar pit to get into whites, and the temple area has at least one of those.
  25. That's what Gods reach is for. God's reach is not a campaign.
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