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  1. Have you seen what a great piece of gear will sac for? Here is a 49K chest plate. If they do it that way, the mass producers like myself (128GP IIRC / tool) haven't got a hope.
  2. @Pann Ok now I am really confused, because the way the article is worded and what you just said, it might mean The moment I craft the item I get the score based on it's gold value OR I can buy items I don't even craft but purchase to sacrifice count as my score. OR Both So what is it. When I make it, when I sack it, or both? NOTE: When asking a programmer to give you details, make sure they wrote those details in english. 😈
  3. Yup, that would be horrible. But there is a solution. Stop handing out finished items, and hand out unlimited use scroll recipes with rare ingredients instead. Possibly even make "victory shards" you get as direct rewards from winning, that let you make anything you have a "victory recipie" for. So if you lose your prized whatsit, you can make a replacement, either by winning, or trading with a winner for a shard. Same as for skins.
  4. Misunderstanding of terms. "Free loot" to me does mean "all items including gear are up for grabs on death". The current inventory only loot is what I would call "partial loot". You get to keep all the time put into crafting stuff you actually wear. All that is at risk is what you happen to pick up between chest/bank stops, and often not even that. The Spirit Bank aspect is certainly far more carebear than I expect things to settle on. In fact, with GR in play, I can see them feeling more free to ratchet down the import/export flexibility currently in the campaigns, significantly. Full loot would definitely put a different spin on the reward badges they have been handing out if you could lose em.
  5. Kinda curious what "point of inception" means in that article. I suspect the intent is "XP value regardless of leveling vessel", but it's not 100% clear.
  6. You can't have PvP free loot AND hard to aquire in the same game. It's just not palatable or fun. If it's free loot easy go, it simply can't be that hard to come by. If everyone losses 6 hours of effort every time they lose a 30 second fight, that juice to squeeze ratio is just not worth it.
  7. Those are going away. The main problem here is the R6 ML's in GR. Dropping the ML's in GR, and locking to T1 all the nodes makes sense to me. Still not sure on the dust/embers, but as I said, it "could" be a problem. Still has to be proven. Also for the record, I will amend to "likely" a problem. But I do think it's something that both sides deserve the best arguments to be laid out, before passing judgement, simply because dust/embers are one of the very few things that new players can contribute the moment they start playing the game, that old players may be interested in buying from them.
  8. Well considering I'm a big proponent of easy come, easy go, up to and including full gear loot rules, I don't see a problem with that pace. I don't want another MMO game where the gear progression is the most important part of the game. Nor do I want a game that you need to make into a second job just to be marginally successful at. I would rather the "bottlenecks" be wide funnels, than tight straws, so people can and will spend more time focused on beating each other, than on pounding on resource nodes. Remember the real gate between worlds is supposed to be import/export/embargo. Sure you make enough embers for a suit in GR/EK's in a couple of hours, but if you can't move those into the campaign because you burned all your import slots, it's not really going to help you win is it? Imagine if for example the "fix" to the problem, was to limit ember and dust stack sizes to 5 and 100 respectively, and then limit the import/export numbers based on that. Now you have a choice, import enough embers to craft a piece of gear in world, OR craft that piece out of world and import it directly, OR get everything from inside the actual world you are fighting for.
  9. Most guilds in games are around ten people strong. Then there smaller groups of players. They will need to trade with each other, just to play. Connected large guilds may trade with each other exclusively, but there will certainly be those that sit in the margins and trade through shops. -W- made over 5 million gold IIRC in 5.6 with it's trade center selling mostly white gear and bad rolls. If I run solo and have only maxed out Iron harvesting for example, I could see setting up a shop selling surplus iron of all qualities for enough to buy the other things I need elsewhere.
  10. You still need the T10 nodes for resources, which will not be in GR. You will also need the territory, and to win those PvP sieges, and, and, and. Not every scintilla of the acquisition process needs to be a pain in the ass for the game to not be carebear, nor was gear ever supposed to be the main measure of what distinguished successful players from failures.
  11. Because it's boring for most, and really doesn't get you that much closer to winning campaigns past a certain point. You still need to be in the CW to get the higher tier resources, and you still need to be in the campaign fighting for whatever it is that is measured to win worlds. I'm not sure what you want from me. I said it was a potential problem, but your not going to convince me it's an actual problem until we have seen the how the system is used over the course of the next few campaigns. GR has been up for less than 12 hrs, with no real campaign running. There are just too many missing parts to make more than a guess at this point, for either of us.
  12. I know what embers are for. The answer to the bold is, because actually playing the fighting part of the game, vs players or the new war camps, is a much more entertaining way to acquire enough wealth to keep doing the fun parts of the game for many players. Go ahead and whack rocks to get ahead. Some people like that pace, but I suspect most will prefer to simply buy those things off others more interested in the economy game than in the conquest game. Supply and demand will regulate the fair market price, and since they are needed for crafting high end, or frankly any gear, the demand will be stable. With a stable demand, flooding the market will result in lower prices, until eventually the supply reduces because it is no longer worth the time to acquire. Basically the market will self regulate production, regardless of how much time it takes, or ease to acquire is. Water is free if you go to a clean river, or a tap, but for some reason people buy it in bottles all the time.
  13. I see a "potential" problem, but not necessarily a manifested problem at this time. Thundar spending a week of dedicated farming to get 160k worth of dust/embers is a corner case player, and it's a bad idea to ratchet down on the majority, because a minority player excels at a certain aspect of the game. I certainly would not be interested enough in farming to hammer on nodes for multiple hours a day just to get some fake internet gold/dust, unless I had something useful to do with it. The moment I got my epic suit of gear, the farming stops for as long as possible. I have more fun things to do. I think the bigger and most obvious problem was the ease with which this could be scripted to be done AFK because of the EK eternal tree. I don't think that choosing to spend dozens of hours of constantly and manually working nodes, risk or not, should or even can be managed. I can easily find a knottwood forest on the edge of a "risky" campaign world, or even a patch of lower tier ore nodes, and farm in relative safety, as I have had several hours of that sort of thing without interruption in the past. Use a stealth character and even being ganked while marginally paying attention is not likely to be successful. So potential problem, yes. Actual problem... too early to tell.
  14. Same applies for EK's. There are three issues at play, so let's not conflate them. Is the current drop rate to high or low? (proposition is it's too much to get 1 chaos ember every 5 minutes (roughly from Thundars sample)) Do all nodes produce the same rate (currently yes) Is it a problem that it can be done safely? (Also proposed as a yes) So what do you see as the most significant problem? Drop rate, nodes producing the same, or the safe harvest? Personal opinion. 1.5 hrs of work for just the embers of a couple of crafts, (still need the mats work time, AND the crafting time), does not seem too fast given this is not, at least to me, supposed to be a farming simulator, but rather a PvP conquest game. Edit: Holy crap, it sure looks like it is a farming simulator for you. If Thundar made 160k from farming, enough to level a high level vessel, represented as at least 240 T10 critter kills (250gp each), then you can hardly say the market is flooded with the product or he would not have been able to sell it for that price. Not everyone wants to spend that kind of time whacking nodes every day. Someone who does that much should be "rich", simply because if he isn't those that don't do it that way will be poor.
  15. Was an edit, so yes I did miss that part. A few questions to understand the parameters: "already" as in "how long" did it take? (What is the hourly expected output? how trained are you? (Is this what a noob can expect?) what tools are you using? (Are you using higher quality tools with a dust buff?) Is this better or worse than putting in the same effort in a "real" campaign. (Is there an advantage other than not being ganked to harvesting here?) Is this better or worse than in an EK? (Same as above) The summary question is, how much "better" is it to harvest in the GR than it is in the CW? Not getting ganked really doesn't cut it for me as the most important reason, because it's pretty trivial to find an out of the way location and harvest in piece for hours at a time, if your only goal is dust/embers.
  16. My guess is the stacks of dust in the free city are coming from macros and the eternal tree in the EK's and not something inside of GR or from normal player behavior. To be honest, I have always thought that dust and embers should be exempt from transfer to and from spirit bank and any campaign world. Go ahead and harvest as much dust in EKs as you like, but you have to convert it into useful goods before it can move to campaign.
  17. Your assuming they won't do those things, which I don't think is fair. This is most certainly a case of expediency to accomplish the goals set out in the post. All the things you ask for will probably take too much time at the moment from other priorities, and don't address some of the issues above, while slapping up a gods reach was a quicker response to an obvious set of problems revealed in the last four campaigns. As someone with a development background, even solving the "when do we update the game" will make GR worth it from a development velocity point of view.
  18. Agree with you on dust and embers that it's a risk but not so bad as I think you are making out. The fact is, even with the safe eternal tree in EK's, dust and embers are still the primary bottleneck on getting good gear. So I'm not so worried about it, especially since dust/embers are the one thing that newbs can harvest that the vets will be interested in buying from them. It's more a currency than gold is. The T10 nodes are a temporary situation because of the coupling of parcel Tier to Monster difficulty. In the future they are going to be seperate, so they can have T1 only nodes, AND monsters difficult enough to level to 30 off of, on the same parcel.
  19. Depends. How many people take the exit once they get rolled stepping into the competitive world, find they started in winter and can't harvest anything, or join and see their randomly selected faction has zero chance of winning? We may see a fall off in the hardcore that are already committed to play to win, but I bet there will be an uptick in the lookie lous of the world sticking around longer to kick tires and try some stuff.
  20. "Split the player base" is not really accurate, "accommodate different players needs" is more in line. Campaigns were certainly accommodating the "play to win" and experienced crowd in that form. If you roamed out past the temple, it was dog eat dog, and heaven help you if you were new and just trying to muck about with an assassin around. GR is now the place to roam if your a new player, or just want to mess around within a non-competitive environment. Sure there will be a few ass hats trying to cause as much grief as they can for kicks between campaigns, but the grief they can cause is pretty limited. The big picture will see multiple simultaneous campaigns running. Until then we just muppet about in the GR or EK's getting set up for the next campaign.
  21. You could you know, go try out the latest and greatest on test if you don't like spending time in GR. This isn't a launched game yet, so maybe lower your expectations about 24/7 campaign uptime. 24/7 testing is still a thing, just not testing the thing you happen to want to test, not all the things that need to be tested. Besides, there have been complaints from the other side of the argument about 24/7 daily competition being too draining. Go take a few days break if you find nothing interesting to do in GR.
  22. Fair enough, you are entitled to your perspective. I will point out however that it's enough of a perception mountain that several pre-alpha testers seem willing to give up on the game because of it. It won't matter a hill of beans if the number and RNG are in fact 100% spot on, if the perception is people are having their time ripped off by it. That has been the perception of many people for as long as I can remember regarding failures on combine. It was way worse on the low end stuff when you got nothing, but it's still bad when it "feels" like you get nothing because of the cost of the materials involved. Especially when you already did everything in your power to prevent a bad outcome, and still have that outcome happen because of RNG.
  23. It's not about statistics, it's about calculated chance math. It's actually well known and understood what is in the range of expected outcomes on a 2% chance, and landing a 1/OVER THREE HUNDRED MILLION chance event with less than 10,000 players and such a small event sample size is incredibly far outside of expected outcomes. You don't need to roll 100,000 marbles around a roulette wheel to calculate the house odds, and you can be sure if someone won on the exact same number on an electronic version of roulette game 5 times in a row (1/69,343,957) which is 4.78X more likely than what Ussiah reported, they would pull the machine and tear apart the code line by line. One occurance like that described is enough to think there is something wrong. Is it game breaking, well that's arguable. But when the break punishes players by costing them hours of harvesting work, it's worth either a second look, or changing the amount put at risk by questionable RNG behavior.
  24. With those numbers, we can use a Markov chain Assume the lowest value possible for the factor is 2% because your skill is high enough to go to that maximum. (Is this the case?) That is 2/100 or 1/50. This means there is 1/50 results that will match a fail. Two in a row would be 1/((1/50) *(1/50)), or 50^2, or 2500 meaning there are 2500 different combinations from 1-50 and 1-50 and only 1 of those combinations is double fail. The same works all the way up to 8. So 50^8 or 1 in 39,062,500,000,000 of getting 8 fails in a row. Now you have 5 fails, not 8, so we have to find out how many combinations are possible from 8 tries that include 3 success results. As a Markov analysis this can be expressed as 1/((1/50) * (1/50) * (1/50) * (1/50) * (1/50) * (49/50) * (49/50) * (49/50)) The result of that math, is 1/332,025,772 You are literally 24 X more likely to win a lotto 6/49 (1/13,983,816), than you are to see 5 fails out of 8 with a 98% chance of success. That makes it pretty clear that something is wrong with the RNG or how it is being handled. It doesn't take 10's of thousands of results to see, when the values are so far skewed from published expected odds.
  25. Why so defensive? I've consulted for casinos on table games and electronic RNG systems, so it's kinda in my wheelhouse of professional experience. I've seen many a programmer "think" they understand RNG and odd's, run millions of tries to "prove" it was random, only to program a fatal flaw in seed handling in production that totally nullified all the test scenarios. In this case I was very careful to say things like "feels" because I know we do not have nearly the sample size necessary to make a valid determination. 9K isn't even close either.) That said, having multiple reports of 3 in a row failures for individual players on a supposedly 1/125,000 chance of occurance raises many red flags. Heck, even the Unity RNG function description says With functions like this, it's ALL about seed management and universe range size, and that stuff can be so touchy that two pieces of code that look like they "should" behave identically, in fact don't. It's not so bad for RNG to be a bit borky when all that is on the line is one small roll in a series of dozens or hundreds (combat damage), but it is critically important when one roll represents hours of player effort, (Final item combine). The simplest fix is to drop the risk for combine to 0% with the right training, or add in a way to re-combine at a cost so there is no critically important single rolls. Experimentation re-rolls have homogenized that phase enough that a questionable RNG isn't really a big deal. It can also go the other way. If the seed and preset sequence pattern can be discerned and predicted, it's entirely possible to be gamed in the other direction. Knowing your going to lose the next three tries, could just as easily mean you also know your going to succeed the three after that. Also not a big deal on small rolls, but definitely valuable on say a legendary vessel roll sequence. I'm not saying it's broke, I'm saying it smells fishy, and it would be nice to see more details about the preset sequence patterns as they happen.
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