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  1. To be honest, I don't understand the "why" of the limits either, other than it aesthetically seems to make sense. If you are out in the field, then taking full stacks of things is a huge risk. Die and it's all gone. If you are not out in the field but at a chest, then you are in a place where your inventory is safe from looting if you are killed while examining. I can see no reason at all for the limits personally. Walk around like a loot pinata if you want to. I would much rather the limits be on the inventory size, and pack whatever you want into for example the 16 squares you get.
  2. Todays live stream covered the next plan for siege timers. You may want to watch it, lots of good stuff in there. Forts/Keeps starts at 1:04:00 In short, forts will be tied into the vulnerability windows model, the quantity of exposed locations will be based on typical server population for time so night capping with be reduced,with the ultimate goal being to give people limited things to fight over, so that PvP is more likely to occur.
  3. Yet. There wasn't a crafting score last campaign either. If you find the development process problematic and require all the systems be finished, take a break until Beta.
  4. Its marked as "skills" on the top of the vessel/world selection screen. It also looks like a pair of dumbells in the left icons when you are in inventory. The passive training runs 24/7/365 as a progression model. You collect points over time, and spend them when you login. If you don't pick a train you won't accumulate as there are specific tracks and branches you have to select. If your planning on crafting, you will need to get to one of the nodes that specifies a certain field, like blacksmithing, or leatherworking. For combat the gains are marginal increases over time. (E.G. +3% slashing mitigation). For harvesting they will give you better results of the appropriate material types. Some buffs are by class (E.G. All Ore), and some are by specific harvestable (E.G. Iron). You will always start in two "basics", so you do have some time to examine the trees before making a tough choice. Cheers
  5. Oh, It's just shy. Leveling a blue vessel is just north of 50k. (52500) Of course if you sacked that one piece, you would end up losing the majority of the XP because it's won't let you over sacrifice per level, so as a sacrifice, it's basically a level.
  6. No clue. I don't craft vessels. It is however about 245 rune tools.
  7. Make one of your first tasks finding and joining a guild you like. It's a very social game test. All the systems can be extremely daunting to learn, as the New Player Experience requires a ton of polish still. Make sure you are passive training as soon as possible. If you plan on crafting, you will need to train for a couple of days before you get into advanced stuff, which will give you enough time to level to where you can equip major disciplines. (Check your talents tree). You start by whacking some spiders with basic weapons, and I would recommend not leaving the newbie zone until you have a couple of levels. When you get into the world, the God's Reach campaigns have "training zones" which are PvP free, and you can learn very basic combat against AI mobs relatively unmolested. You will want to make intermediate gear as soon as possible, and then go hunting for advanced gear either in shops at the free market, or struggle through the crafting stuff, but that will take you some passive training time. Much faster to farm PvE critter gold and buy if your in a rush. Good luck out there.
  8. After some testing on GR, which is by the way tracking the crafting scores now if you open the map menu, the points are earned based on the value of the item crafted, if it was sacrificed by a level 1 white vessel. I tested it by crafting green parchment, by a maxed vessel and then matching the 11 points I got for it to what a level 1 vessel white would get for sacrificing the item. I got nothing for sacrificing it, either on the original creator vessel, or on another, though I did not try sacrifice by a second account. This craft would in fact be worth 49005 points for the final combine, plus whatever it was worth for all the sub components.
  9. Seems like someone missed reading this FAQ, which really has not changed since pretty much day one. Nowhere in anything I have read from ACE says that the game is going to be exclusively ANYTHING. In fact, the difficulty of the described above quotes from the FAQ include a less challenging zone of faction play, up to and including complete free for all zones. So no, it's not a waste of developer time to build a campaign world different from the one you happen to have been sold on, nor are they obligated to have a variety or specific campaign world style available during development. I am sure many of us would have prefered if they had started with the free for all ruleset, but logically, and realistically, they have to start with the most protected style as close to the start as possible, because otherwise they could paint themselves into a development corner when it comes to trying to shoehorn in protections later. It's much easier to simply turn off protections and raise difficulty, than add them after the fact. Different types and difficulties of campaign worlds has always been part of the package, and there is no reason to expect that the one you prefer is the one they will be focusing on at any particular time during the development process.
  10. Would also open up the possibility of "cursed" items. Items that if carried have a small negative effect, can't be dropped in the normal way, but only transfer through loot doobers.
  11. If it went to doobers from players, there would be all sorts of problems around it, such as what about when a critter kills the player, and how do you deal with group "ownership" in a large group battles. If on the other hand it was "head taken = loot pinata" and there was always enough time to take a head even with a release request, then the head choppers group could have ownership, and critter kills would not drop loot. In fact, it might be interesting if the system was set up so that the only way you could loot a player, was if you took their head.
  12. Good thing it's still a pre-alpha test then eh? This would be a disaster if it was actually a released game, and not just a community influenced test cycle. There is a reason ACE backed off on the "sanctioned" campaigns. They know it's not a worthy game yet. Seems some haven't got that message yet.
  13. I would like some metrics on what is being called "casual". Your "casual" may be 90% of other peoples "hard core". R10's by some definitions are not casual by design. They require a foreman, and pretty decent tools or advanced passive training, and good node path plan, and possibly a group that fights off the zombies if your in the caverns etc.
  14. Have you seen what a great piece of gear will sac for? Here is a 49K chest plate. If they do it that way, the mass producers like myself (128GP IIRC / tool) haven't got a hope.
  15. @Pann Ok now I am really confused, because the way the article is worded and what you just said, it might mean The moment I craft the item I get the score based on it's gold value OR I can buy items I don't even craft but purchase to sacrifice count as my score. OR Both So what is it. When I make it, when I sack it, or both? NOTE: When asking a programmer to give you details, make sure they wrote those details in english. 😈
  16. Yup, that would be horrible. But there is a solution. Stop handing out finished items, and hand out unlimited use scroll recipes with rare ingredients instead. Possibly even make "victory shards" you get as direct rewards from winning, that let you make anything you have a "victory recipie" for. So if you lose your prized whatsit, you can make a replacement, either by winning, or trading with a winner for a shard. Same as for skins.
  17. Misunderstanding of terms. "Free loot" to me does mean "all items including gear are up for grabs on death". The current inventory only loot is what I would call "partial loot". You get to keep all the time put into crafting stuff you actually wear. All that is at risk is what you happen to pick up between chest/bank stops, and often not even that. The Spirit Bank aspect is certainly far more carebear than I expect things to settle on. In fact, with GR in play, I can see them feeling more free to ratchet down the import/export flexibility currently in the campaigns, significantly. Full loot would definitely put a different spin on the reward badges they have been handing out if you could lose em.
  18. Kinda curious what "point of inception" means in that article. I suspect the intent is "XP value regardless of leveling vessel", but it's not 100% clear.
  19. You can't have PvP free loot AND hard to aquire in the same game. It's just not palatable or fun. If it's free loot easy go, it simply can't be that hard to come by. If everyone losses 6 hours of effort every time they lose a 30 second fight, that juice to squeeze ratio is just not worth it.
  20. Those are going away. The main problem here is the R6 ML's in GR. Dropping the ML's in GR, and locking to T1 all the nodes makes sense to me. Still not sure on the dust/embers, but as I said, it "could" be a problem. Still has to be proven. Also for the record, I will amend to "likely" a problem. But I do think it's something that both sides deserve the best arguments to be laid out, before passing judgement, simply because dust/embers are one of the very few things that new players can contribute the moment they start playing the game, that old players may be interested in buying from them.
  21. Well considering I'm a big proponent of easy come, easy go, up to and including full gear loot rules, I don't see a problem with that pace. I don't want another MMO game where the gear progression is the most important part of the game. Nor do I want a game that you need to make into a second job just to be marginally successful at. I would rather the "bottlenecks" be wide funnels, than tight straws, so people can and will spend more time focused on beating each other, than on pounding on resource nodes. Remember the real gate between worlds is supposed to be import/export/embargo. Sure you make enough embers for a suit in GR/EK's in a couple of hours, but if you can't move those into the campaign because you burned all your import slots, it's not really going to help you win is it? Imagine if for example the "fix" to the problem, was to limit ember and dust stack sizes to 5 and 100 respectively, and then limit the import/export numbers based on that. Now you have a choice, import enough embers to craft a piece of gear in world, OR craft that piece out of world and import it directly, OR get everything from inside the actual world you are fighting for.
  22. Most guilds in games are around ten people strong. Then there smaller groups of players. They will need to trade with each other, just to play. Connected large guilds may trade with each other exclusively, but there will certainly be those that sit in the margins and trade through shops. -W- made over 5 million gold IIRC in 5.6 with it's trade center selling mostly white gear and bad rolls. If I run solo and have only maxed out Iron harvesting for example, I could see setting up a shop selling surplus iron of all qualities for enough to buy the other things I need elsewhere.
  23. You still need the T10 nodes for resources, which will not be in GR. You will also need the territory, and to win those PvP sieges, and, and, and. Not every scintilla of the acquisition process needs to be a pain in the ass for the game to not be carebear, nor was gear ever supposed to be the main measure of what distinguished successful players from failures.
  24. Because it's boring for most, and really doesn't get you that much closer to winning campaigns past a certain point. You still need to be in the CW to get the higher tier resources, and you still need to be in the campaign fighting for whatever it is that is measured to win worlds. I'm not sure what you want from me. I said it was a potential problem, but your not going to convince me it's an actual problem until we have seen the how the system is used over the course of the next few campaigns. GR has been up for less than 12 hrs, with no real campaign running. There are just too many missing parts to make more than a guess at this point, for either of us.
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