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  1. You clearly have no clue what your talking about. VIP now and in the future will have Zero impact on passive training. This was a deliberate change by ACE to remove even the appearance of P2W. Maybe just a wee bit more research before chittering about the sky falling is in order.
  2. The could make it like the bank. Everyone who opens it, opens "their" own version of it, and gets one amount of whatever is inside. If the items inside spawn only on flipping, or on a schedule, then it would give people a reason to go visit all the territory they held because they would know there was something in the chest for them.
  3. You said I was disagreeing with that, and saying why. I just don't think there is some master ratio of class range type even on their radar. To be honest, many of these choices, like multiple melee versions of the ranger class, can simply be attributed to the "oh that type of race/class combo option would be 'cool'", even to the point of not realizing the baseline range options are not really being represented yet. Besides, we just don't have enough players running around with Drizzt clone names yet for a fantasy game. If that target ratio is not reached, how will we ever see Drizzzzzzztttttt's roaming the hills?
  4. Unintended consequences to other decisions about small group balance. Your assuming there is a grand large scale GvG plan in play, when what I remember about the "balance" question (the "you just suck video") was race/class is first about fantasy fulfillment more so than it is trying to balance armies.
  5. 24/7 Access specific EK shops is not P2W. Remember, most of the busy ones will be opened by other active players 24/7 regardless, AND players will be part of guilds with other members that have VIP that will be able to open them, AND the real power gates for CW's is supposed to be import/exports. The current fully free flow of all goods in and out of EK's is something that is planned to be more restricted in the future partly because of that the in campaign vendors are much less than they will be with a fully rolling economy. Being able to open any EK 24/7 is strictly a convenience thing, not a required to win thing, at least as far as I see it.
  6. VIP. Anyone with VIP status can start up any EK owned by another VIP player. Can always start your own, VIP or not, because that's pretty much part of the core game.
  7. This of course assumes the best conquest mechanic is a single tree, as opposed to something more spread out and objective based. An example of a mechanic that would split the blob would be four smaller trees at each corner of the keep, with a similar "shield" to the motherloads, that "spiritually" tied together, so that in order to damage one tree, you must be hitting all the other trees at the same time.
  8. Already planned https://youtu.be/og_DJoG08T4?t=759
  9. Could maybe add a "crowded" debuf. Not sure the range or numbers to use but a similar effect to slowed or forced into "walking" stance, and added power cooldown like that added when using a heavy weapon. Maybe a stamina burn as well, or a stop of stamina regen so CC has more impact (Lack of E regen) Basically the kind of thing that should normally happen when beings are too crowded.
  10. I doubt it's at all a edge case. People hate to wait, and always hammer on buttons when they think things might be stuck. Your not going to change that behavior. YOU might be smart enough to wait, but after 10 seconds of spin up, you can be guaranteed a percentage of players will be clicking buttons trying to make "something" work. And what if it is actually broken and won't spin up? Now the answer is Alt F4? That's just terrible.
  11. I do like this solution. I think there are some technical issues, like how long after requesting the server spin up do you wait before failing on the entry attempt, what do you do with players that change their mind in the middle of the spin up process, etc. It's probably avoiding having to work out those issues that led ACE down the, "just make it two steps, and let the players manually handle to timing" path.
  12. This is exactly the behavior I have seen. Prior to action harvesting, when with crappy tools, low training, and trying to max out the beni-harvest buff time, I knocked multiple nodes down to 1-2 hits left, and then raced through the final hits on all of them with to try to take advantage of Beni-Harvest. Trying that, I ended up getting NOTHING from any of the nodes, despite having the beni-harvest proc. So much for being clever.
  13. It might be better to eventually just have an EK toggle for owners to set that allows other players to spin them up. Of course that would also mean having a DDOS guard on accounts so that one account can only spin one up at a time. JADT;
  14. The best would be that only the account that owns the EK has no timer. Otherwise random players can just park in your world clogging up the limits.
  15. It might be a bit... abrupt, but perhaps 3-5 minutes before the siege window hits, ACE could force everyone back to temple. Then teams have to make a choice, try to race in ALT's and spies, or try to race in real players.
  16. FYI, @Malphrus the reason you didn't get to see a siege, was there wasn't one. Order is so bereft of players right now, they didn't have keep walls up, so Balance just waltzed right in, put up walls for them, and waited for the siege timer to start. The other zones ended up so full, there was no way for a real fight to start. A 25 second siege might be a new record never to be beat. Also FYI, I was in the chaos group you followed. People get a bit testy when they think they are being followed to report positions/numbers.
  17. You forgot to sacrifice a small fluffy woodland animal on a vegan alter. Do that and I'm pretty sure you will get your answer.
  18. You got a pretty good point, but this isn't really an RTS. With RNG, and enough triggering events, you will achieve an expected distribution. Casinos are not gambling, and quite frankly they don't care and even want some people to win, because the RNG distribution is always in their favor. That said, the active harvesting can/does add some real "skill", as you can effect the frequency of triggering events by doing more damage, or restoring stamina, as well as the RNG results so it's not really entirely RNG based. I think the RNG in harvesting is not about simulating skill, it's about creating a emotion similar to slot machines. Just look at and listen to the doobers. Sometimes you "win", sometimes you lose, but every time you play you are not certain how it's going to turn out. It is not about producing the kind of consistent results that you get from RTS farm units.
  19. Could be multiplication math. Crit chance 40% Crit Defence 50% Final = .4 * .5 = 20% crit chance.
  20. I can see those divisions within a guild, and different smaller groups tending to run together, but I can't see people in the same guild choosing to join campaign worlds that will be guaranteed to keep them playing apart from other guild members for 3-6 months at a time. The guild would have to be something awful "goons" large to field enough people to justify splitting things up, given the goal of 20k players per server. I just don't see the expectation of players even wanting to step slowly over the course of almost a year through the process being viable as a crafter, for 90+% of the population.
  21. While I suspect/hope that population levels support enough players for all varieties of worlds, I can guarantee you that guilds are going to push ALL their players into whatever worlds they are involved in, and all but the insanely large guilds are going to be very reluctant to split up efforts into winning multiple worlds. Heck even the super large guilds may only focus on one campaign at a time. Guilds are going to do their utmost to have new players bypass the middle steps and join them in the vets worlds. This is a guild centric game right?
  22. "Don't skip steps" and "enjoy the journey" is what I've always thought that was what import rules for campaigns was for. Want to experience a green campaign, find one that blocks all imports of anything above green, and caps out resource nodes at 3. If you don't think that would be appealing to you, why would you assume it's appealing to someone else? I think we have all seen so far in this test, that if allowed players will rush as much as possible to the end game. I know most of the first day players in our guild are looking for and being encouraged to get into, is blue or better gear. And that level is being supported by the guild, so it's possible. Any player taking the "journey" in a campaign that allows any level of gear, is going to be rolled over in most matchups. That's going to apply as much to players wanting to be "dedicated" crafters as fighters. Right now, our guild has zero interest in new players helping us craft, because of sub-current standard results. Fighters can make up for missed combat passive training with skill, and the results have the largest impact on them. Want to be a guild crafter, welp no way am I taking your sub par builds over our other crafters, until you catch up on your training.
  23. I suspect that tomes with the fall off value could effectively reduce the time from 9 to maybe 4.5 months before the expected value fall off exchange of them to actual training points became too onerous. Regardless, tome catch up does not by itself deal with the fundamental issue in my opinion, that 9 months behind is simply too long for a game that toutes dealing with the Uncle Bob problem as one of it's primary objective. Being a minimum of 9 months behind an Uncle Bob in a single profession, is too far behind in my opinion.
  24. The "game" is going to blow through these values eventually regardless. Your argument would be just as valid as if we had 1 advanced level or 100, because eventually everyone will want to be in the maximum level gear, whatever that is, from pretty much the day they start. Only us first through players are going to experience the world parceled out by the passive training lines. Anyone coming in 3 or 9 or 12 months down the road will be confronted with players in end game gear. Knowing your at least 9 months away from being a competitive crafter would be a major turn off.
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