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  1. I'm currently on test and when I equip Naiad discipline I cannot use water spirits skill. Water spirit is suppose to heal allies and deal damage to enemies but its doing neither. The skill seems to just fizzle out no healing, no damage ,not even a combat text log saying I used skill. I have tried it point blank , at maxed range on enemies and allies. Also there's a delay and visual glitch with life fonts not being able to been seen.
  2. Hello, I was on test earlier and I have a problem with my cleric holy symbol still healing targeting dummies and allies in parties even after I move away or leave area. Me and , my friend were dueling is his eternal kingdom on test and I could throw down one holy symbol and move far away from him and still heal him. I was healing for 5-10 minutes straight off of one holy symbol without refreshing buff.
  3. cause if they did not now maybe in few years they would add doomsayer a man can dream can he not but if loving everything they have done so far.
  4. I was not complaining was just wondering. That's why it posted in suggestion.
  5. Me and my friends where discussing about what happened to the weapon disciplines ands I have came up with an idea. We where thinking about a secondary skill tree for weapon masteries after you hit 30. Maybe the idea of it branching out even further after we max our levels out. Another idea would to be add weapon masteries into the skill weapon training tree. Where you could have in the one-handed tree master of rapiers or master of shields. This is just a thought please reply I you like idea.
  6. This ones simple wanted to know if you ever at one point considered a Minotaur cleric. If you did explain why did you scrap the idea.
  7. This is Dahurtz again and I was wonder if its possible to bring Doomsayer as discipline or even as a class promotion. Also an idea they can maybe heal allies by sacrificing health would be perfect on tank classes and could maybe be a racial only discipline. P.S. perfect 4 Minotaur race.
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