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  1. I have the same problem with "invalid client" today. Maybe this will be fixed on the server side, if not please provide guidance on how to fix this on client side. Thank you,
  2. Baston


    Thank you for your response and the time you took to formulate it. I appreciate the input!
  3. Baston


    This topic raises more questions in fact for me and your thoughts about them would be appreciated: 1) Is there enough demand for a PvP game only? 2) Is this game for hardcore players only and will there be enough of them to make this game viable for a good number of years? 3) Isn’t there a risk to end up with low population if it is PvP only like many others before? 4) What RPGPVP only game can we refer to that has been a real success (financially and for players) for five years or more to draw from? 5) Haven’t the most successful games drawn from a larger audience that is not only PvP oriented? 6) How is Crowfall going to allow for non-hardcore players to have fun and not be at a disadvantage against hardcore guilds that may end up controlling the content? 7) Typically players that like Crafting are less into PvP and vice and versa; how will this game not produce a discouraging conflict for these players? Nevertheless I’m excited; enthusiastic about Crowfall's prospects and wish ArtCraft all the best of success. I’m like, many others, thirst for an epic and long lasting adventure!
  4. test... Trying to delete this post! Any instructions on how to do so would be appreciated.
  5. Found a Guild quickly! Thank you gizmaul! There seem to be quite a good choice of good guilds Many thanks to all Guild leaders for your time and interest. Guild criteria: Region: North America (PST preferred) Atmosphere: Respectful, where people look to help each other, are goal/achievement oriented and like to have fun. Casual/Hardcore: Hardcore Size: Medium to Large Play Style: Played tanks, healers, DPS, Stealths and ready to play anything the guild needs. Commitment: Reliable and fully committed to help the guild in its activities. Related Experience: Since Everquest I have been playing many MMORPG games… Thank you for your time and consideration.
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