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  1. You right you right. I sacrificed Jim Belushi to the Killjoy altar all for a shameless bump. That's almost as bad ironically bumping the thread while commenting on what you just said... wait...
  2. I eat tapioca? The of puddings? How dare you Niv. I'll have you know I eat vanilla pudding.
  3. Embrace the crow friends. Be a killjoy... wait... I mean mean join Killjoy the guild
  4. Hey all! Thanks for the well wishes so far. We're looking forward to getting some awesome recruits. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me! he ded
  5. Hyriol, Thanks again for another solid response. You gave some really good input in this thread. I had a horrible vision of what crafting was at the start of this thread. I was imaging slave-driving guildmates keeping me working in the salt mines to make sure the weapons were made in time for a battle. The vision you've helped shape definitely sounds better than that. I feel like crafters are going to have the most down-time. I can't wait to see what I end up spending my time the most on.
  6. Hey Hyriol thanks for the reply man. I never did play SWG. It did look like a solid game when it was big, though. I was unfortunate enough to be a day 1 player of SWTOR, and quit that quick enough haha. I want to go through what you said piece-by-piece. First thing that jumped out at me was your mention of a player's own station. How do you think a player's personal house will fit into the scheme of an EK? Will the capacity of a crafter's ability be gated by the quality processing area? I seem to remember a video where it was said that a blueprint could only be copied for as many times as you had prerequisite material in your inventory at the time of the blueprint's genesis. That makes it seem like I'll need a constant, massive supply of material to roll a blueprint worth putting into mfg. Another thing I remember from some place was a mention that thralls were good for so many uses. I'm not sure how that system will work. Do you think that will also be a part of a crafter's game - getting thralls? Do you think you can buy them in some capacity? So, do you think most of a crafter's life will be spent in a safe/guarded area? It would make sense to a degree. If it's advantageous for a crafter to have a ton of material on his/her crow at a given moment, then it'd be better to be in a safe area. I still can't envision the gameplay. I get that I'll be running around to different stations to make different gear and to roll the best blueprints, but there doesn't seem to be an element of playing the game there. That seems to be a lot of menu hopping and playing slots. I'm not saying that can't be fun, but it seems lacking compared to say, combat. This game is PVP-centric so you'd expect combat to be pretty exhilarating! Jasta, that all sounds reasonable enough. I have a few ideas about the early stages of Crowfall as a whole. The first few months of the game will be very important. If anything ends up being over-tuned and it gets to the EK, the effect its has could reverberate for a long time. You're definitely right. I feel like crafter's almost need a guild to get big.
  7. Let me re-phrase the topic title: what will crafter's be spending their time doing? Is crafting going to be a series of menus? Does it depend on place in space? When I ask myself what a combat specialist will be doing, I get an easy enough answer. They're going to be fighting and killing other people. A harvester is going to go harvesting out in the CW. A crafter is going to... craft, obviously. But where? I seem to remember Blair talking about adding a mini-game or something, but I don't want to have my entire, envisioned Crowfall experience a mini-game. I can't quite place what I'll primarily be doing. If I log in on a given day, besides sifting through menus and playing slots, what will I be doing? Please share what you think the crafting experience will be. It had me excited to be among its ranks at first, but I'm starting to rack my brain how I'll have fun doing just that. I mean strictly gameplay, of course. I expect crafters to have to interact more than other players.
  8. You blew my mind there. That's definitely an interesting idea. I really like this idea. Like mctan said, this would make EKs the 'free' aka non-subbed version of the game. By running free CWs, Artcraft could promote and give the free players something to look forward to. I'm gonna think some more about this idea.
  9. I'm having a hard time reconciling the depth of the skill tree with having multiple accounts. This type of game is going to be next to near impossible to balance with its depth. A continuum of better and worse specializations to take in the tree will emerge. With the massive investment you have to put in to a given skill with your only resource (time), we're going to have some serious disparity in utility among accounts. We're dealing with a mix of the choice paradox and decision theory. I don't want to wake up one day and realize my time investment into the skills I've chosen is completely outclassed by other skill choices. I get that there's an element of making your playstyle reflect your choices, but obscurity arises from the depth of the tree. Take the combat spec vs leadership Zybak talked about - that's just one aspect of the tree. He even mentioned the opportunity cost associated with speccing differently. I'm worried that there's going to be a ton of alts, or people constantly tearing down and rebuilding in new trees because they made the 'wrong' initial choice. Then, if we scale this issue to the level of the guild, there's going to exist an optimal number & diversity of members. If you have the wrong makeup, or your guild just isn't big enough, you could be seriously disadvantaged. The natural population of the player-base is going to be heavily skewed toward some specs (I'm guessing combat), and seriously lacking in others. You can fit a logistic model to whatever discrete segment of the population you want. Wherever that population hits critical mass, guilds are going to fill the role in one way or another if the utility of that segment is deemed necessary. Back to the population limit - if these niches can't be recruited, they'll still be filled by people who are likely in the guild and already have at least one account. Serious, consistent, and constant re-balancing (rather, spot cleaning) is going to be necessary to manage an ebb & flow for skill specs to not be relegated to the dregs of utility/completely overwhelm and outclass others. To accommodate the changes, players are going to want multiple accounts to keep above the water that is the current bar for utility, which will be set by the competition between players & guilds. tl;dr: I think that without an adequate player base, too much diversity in specializations will 'force' players into multiple accounts to stay competitive.
  10. I definitely want to be known as a crafter! Name: Najorin Profession: Crafting/Commerce Guild: To Be Determined Faction: Chaos (I'm not entirely sure this is what factions are) God: Malekai
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! And thanks for all of the resources!!!! I'm going to dive into all of them to get a better understanding of the game mechanics. What aspects of the game are the most interesting to you? I've been reading that combat isn't all that substantive at this point. Personally, I'm hyped for the economic and political metagames.
  12. That all seems to be exactly what I want in the game. One thing I haven't really seen addressed (but I haven't looked too hard, either) is whether I'll be able to effectively do multiple things. I understand that each person is to have a niche, but say I'm a crafting/economic-side player, and I want to go off dueling (a situation I'm predicting I'll eventually be in). Can I be competitive, or will I get steamrolled? Adding some context to this example, say I'm making a trade for my guild with another guild since we have a huge surplus of lower-tier weapons that we want to get rid of. During our trade, we get ambushed/another guild ganks/my contact turns on me. Will I be able to handle myself? I expect not in a situation requiring bodyguards, but what about in a 1v1? If you got all that and can think of a reply/reference to point me toward, that would be awesome! Thanks.
  13. Crafting looks awesome

  14. Hey everyone my name is Najorin. Nice to greet you! I've been following Crowfall's development for a while now, and after seeing some crafting/Big World videos, I finally felt compelled to contribute to the game. I'm only a contributor, so I'll see you guys in the Beta. I'm mostly interested in economic and political games in Crowfall. I always loved the idea of player-run economies. This game seems like it's built on a foundation of trust, as far as guilds go. So, I'm thinking it's probably wise to get in on a guild ASAP. Do you guys have any thoughts, tips, or suggestions about any of that? Thanks in advance, and I look forward to seeing all of you in-game!
  15. Hey there fellow Crows. After loosely following the development of Crowfall for about a year now, I finally felt compelled to be a contributor. As a contributor, i won't have access to the Alpha. Does anyone have any tips/references for digging into mechanics that I should know about the game whenever I get in on the Beta? Thanks in advance for the welcome, and I look forward to seeing all of you in game!
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