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  1. If you have a lot of materials to experiment with you can easily get a huge bonus and make a blueprint of it and it will easily match a lot of higher-tiered stuff, at least the way things are going right now. Also a funding promise is a promise, what will you do if they announce that they are changing the paying model to buy + subscription like wow (not talking about the current optional one). A crowdfunded game needs to cater to their investors.
  2. This brings another point, too. In low tier CW's, the people who buy parcels are going to have an EXTREME advantage, since the materials are pretty much the same. Also even if 1 parcel takes 1 hour to farm (which I doubt), to max them you'd need a TON of time, or 4-digit numbers. At the end of the day this is a crowdfunded game and promises have been made, I would really like an official answer to that.
  3. Whether one would need 3 hours or 50 hours of grinding to get them, they are still pay to win, right? This doesn't seem like good practice to me.
  4. So, with the introduction to EK's I went to check over the parcels at the store. Now I remember from the FAQ (checked it: ) that DEVs claimed you wouldn't be able to buy ANYTHING that offers and in-game advantage. Now, while I say the size and the population of an EK seem like an advantage, I'm more curious about the offered parcels that say they produce a material (like hardwood) in the store. Are these materials for cosmetic things or will everyone have access to them instantly? Do we have any info on this because it certainly seems like a pay to win advantage.
  5. WoW is undeniably the most popular MMO and let me add by far.
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