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  1. NPCs getting stuck in those places are really common. Honestly, you might as well disable their invencibility in this case, it isnt like any player needs them to be stuck to kill them. All it makes is cause outpost unable to be capped. Leave that to strong mobs to avoid people cheesing them, common outpost mobs? They being stuck or not makes barely any difference to be honest...
  2. I would really appreciate if power resource costs were shown in the class base parameter. Am testing a cleric and I have no idea what power cost me less. One is 240 mana, the other 16 resource.
  3. Seems like it is the Flash of Light power. Makes them just stand there not attacking even long after the cc ends. The ranger shown in the video below only starts attacking me again after more than 3 minutes from CC.
  4. After fighting the mobs for a while it seems some of them bugged. This was a long battle considering im going full healer and my gear is trash. Went up and down the ladder a few times so it might have been that. BTW there were like 10 mobs when we started.
  5. I will once again request a slot of bandages be added to our inventory. Without a healer bandaging is often game changing in small scale. Rezzing at a statue at this point places you at disadvantage. I already have to loiter around ult charging. Often having to waste even more time getting poorly made dergsty wood to make even poorly made dergstier bandages. Just make it so we lose 2 bandages on death. A reasonable haul to the killer.
  6. Outposts campfire 'Resting' buff is still buggy. After respawning yesterday I was attacked in the Rez statue and with no Bandagens and still charging ult getting that buff was a question of literal life or death. I gotta say I was really mad I was gonna die again because the game wanted to screw me over.
  7. Seems like the problem is you havent noticed the promo unlocks. Weapons and armor are common unlocks on promos. And often a class mechanic is changed, like the essence here.
  8. @Animeboi4u You need a minor called God's reach to unlock those. Otherwise it is melee mace.
  9. We need more interesting terrain. Just look at all the videos showing up on these last few days, all on open field. I wouldnt be able to separate one from the other... How comes we dont have caves? Or trenches in places? Those walkways we use to cross canyons would make a super interesting place to fight at. Yeah, having a desert biome or a Winter world would be nice but if all it amounts to is differently colored background open fights then that wont be worth the trouble. And those arent exactly difficult ideas to add. The caves would be basically be a stylized underground
  10. This sorta thing right here is what I'm talking about. That is some serious Machine Translation thing. That kind of mistake just cant happen. I will never forget them translating '(Equipment/Durability) Decay' as 'Decomposing' on our PTBR translation.
  11. Man, fighting fessors with that sound bug was awful. Most attacks "missed" you and all you saw was your hp bar disappearing.
  12. Heya folks, today I come to yall with a new mechanic to replace the current ‘placeholder’ disc dropping one. The basic of it is getting a disc drop will have now two parts: A constant progression and a random one tied with quality. Basically, the constant part is akin to a lvling process to help players get their feet under them and avoid the dreaded RNG in it until they are ready to take off the training wheel. The RNG part is in the beginning more of an extra but replaces the constant progression later, working also in a way to slow down the player progression and kee
  13. I dare say the reason pop is so low is heavily implicated by how damn hard it is to find fights. There is a reason people have been asking for an arena mode and the reason JTodd is thinking of adding something akin to it. PvPing in this game is super fun, but it aint fun enough to spend 1 hour looking for a fight. I dont think any game is that good to put up with 1 hour of boring for 2 min of fun. No game of any type on any platform. Those maps have an pop cap of 175 IIRC. Which is to say it is expected to handle 175 people in it. Hell, even if that isnt exactly correct it sure as hell ca
  14. The fact they often just run away and then ult at empty space, heal and return is just so dumb. Brain dead class.
  15. *Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall Just check a feedback/bug report thread when you want to remember the path to logs.
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