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  1. Updated the description for the Battlerager promotion to note that the Berserk Enhancement does not prevent death to massive influxes of damage That is dumb. Are we a tank or not? Specially when any random joe can one button press 1/3 of your hp away. Maybe it wouldnt be as bad if BRs self healing didnt suck. Shame, it sounded like an interesting class to alt...
  2. Balance seem okay on the surface but if you really look at things you will find many things that dont make sense. Wacky relation between complexity and results: Alpha can with one button do 4k damage on Area. No build up. No skill. Yet powers like Reprisal, that require you to risk you HP for better payoff have a laughable 1k damage cap. It should be more on par with Wreckoning. Funny how even Wreckoning barely competes with Aphas smooth brain Ult spam. And you still have people that say Alpha are okay. Another stuff is balance between AOE powers
  3. I swear I tried to play in Infected to help newbies. I tried to always give them a good fight, I used a less oppressive class, I didnt don my crafted pieces, I tried to always point other newbies from my faction to fights instead of taking them all. I answered tons of questions. But today my will of putting myself through all this trouble has ended. My backlog and luck has ran out, my usable gear has all broken. Again, I dont want to use my crafted stuff. I got my bank full of gear, just nothing i can use. Confessor books? I must have like eight. Ice Frostweaver thingy? 5 or so. But
  4. Neckslash isnt working as the tooltips states. It says it is enabled on using berserk, so nothing says it is only enabled while berserking. Repro steps: Use Berserk, see Neck Breaker light up, wait till Berserk ends, see how Neck Slash goes grey. (Tested on Battlerager)
  5. Cant swap faction on Infected. MIght be because my guild affiliation overrites that. Guess I am forced to stay in the most popular faction, shame since if i could change factions it would be better for everyone. edit: Someone confirmed to me you cant swap if you are guilded. I think that shouldnt be a thing for Infected, Maybe it wont be an issue when (if) the game becomes popular but I think it would be nice to be able to balance Infected without it affecting the real cws. I just wanna help out the newbies of the factions that have less members. That shouldnt require a guild impacting ch
  6. New accounts should come with say 3 respec tokens. Plus it should drop from chiefs and higher mobs. If you have VIP u can just sell those.
  7. You guys need to take a stand about Alpha one click 3k AOE damage with 30 secs CD. Because if that is okay I can see a bunch of Powers that could get their damage CAP removed. Say hello to one hit Kills.
  8. Still cant get Resting buff from owned outposts. This has ended up getting me killed more than once.
  9. Frozen means there was a Hunger Shard making it impossible to break/harvest. The Black Spires thing. You can break them with a pick without needing training inside Infected as their rank is low iirc.
  10. Should be able to Rez at neutral outposts. I have been leaving all rez outposts neutral so that new players could easily come back to action. Imagine my surprise when I try to rez to kill a duo that killed me (see berserk bugged entry on the Bug thread) and wasnt able to. Turns out I had been removing rez points from everyone, including my faction newbs.
  11. OMG, the vendors at Infected temple are useless. Im sorry but Novice items can be removed from the game already. Plus there is no reason to give newbies trash gear. These guys already have so many things against them. Give new players a break. Add normal vendors to temple. And all armor vendors too (wtf?).
  12. Died twice today while I had Berserk active as a battlerager. Shouldnt be a thing. edit: Make it thrice. edit: Make that fourice(?).
  13. Myrmidon Titan Feedback: I feel myself struggling with slots to slot my powers. With Berserk, Neck Slash and Whirlwind being must haves it feels as if the class struggles seriously with lack of slots. It wouldnt be an issue if I could avoid talents that grant powers, but so far I have ended up with like 4 powers I would like to but cant slot. As someone who mains human I have no idea how yall can live with this. Lacks good self Healing. It has access to three Healing option on its talent tree. Neckslash (Battlerager), Gift of Blood, and Indomitable. Neckslash is okay
  14. Infected should drop 'flawed minors' inside those bookshelves, those are equal to green minors but cant be used to upgrade to blue. It is really dumb some discs dont drop at all yet some discs drop so much people can get to lego minors in 1 day. Introduce those flawed minors, fix the drops so ALL minors drop both in Infected (flawed) and Dregs' bookshelves. Either drop all minors or dont drop any ffs.
  15. Maps this cw really suck. Benicus: ^Nothing of worth on that whole part of the map. Same up there. Just empty. There is no use for empty space to exist. There should always be a few POI always near. If a guild member is doing X I should be able to pick between a few options of things to do near them, such that we can be there to help each other should the need arise. This cw I farmed some graveyards and despite that being a great spot for that I ended up logging out out to wait for them to respawn. Cuz there was nothing near i could do. Those maps size c
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