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  1. Not many. Most of us already have lost all hope on ACE. When you think it cant get worse they go and surprise you. Most of us have been at this for a while. We will have fun while it is fun. If ace doesnt kill the game we will keep playing. That looking less and less likely tho. Ps.: Not everyone is a loser to spend all this time complaining about something they dont like. Get a job.
  2. BarriaKarl

    Sustain nerf

    Yes. It costs 750 now (from 500). On my warden it is not that bad.
  3. Warden still strong. Despite me using a group build i still won all 1v1s i had today. Well, one was a draw. And bow warden still disgusting. Not that i would say no to increasing fessor ults costs.
  4. Making /invite case sensitive and removing 'move to previous tab' are dumbass decisions. I really cant excuse the idiot that thought those were good changes. Yall have a bunch of things to fix but instead yall keep making other things worse! Just why? How about we make a deal? You leave the not poorly made dergsty things as they are and you work on the poorly made dergsty ones? Are you sure there isnt someone actively working to make this worse?
  5. All i know is there is only one alliance that uses 3-4 people to escort 3 pigs, respond every single event with unreasonable numbers, and seemingly keep 20 guys afk on keep to respond to ganks. And it isnt us or death.
  6. Listen ACE, this is silly. We are at best a medium sized guild and we are still needing to use way more chests than is reasonable. We didnt even focus gathering. We arent even a econ guild. I dread to imagine how many chests the real numerous guilds must be using to store stuff. At the very LEAST stuff should be stacking to 500. If we farm we dont deserve to suffer for it. The organs adding to 20 is just dumb. Like, really?
  7. Yeah, it sucks. 1 hour is just way too long to expect people to still actually compete for those. 15 or 20 min tops should be what we should be using.
  8. Ya, i roĺl alone a lot and i have no trouble. You just gotta manage your expectations. You wont control stuff. Like, at all. At best you can cap something like a rez temporarily, but you risk attracting enemies. But farming? PvP? More than doable. Just gotta be smart.
  9. Isnt the test happening today trying to improve exactly what yall are complaining about? Am i missing something?
  10. I find it dumb a "glass cannon" has one of the best escapes in game. It isnt uncommon for us to be forced to ignore fessors because trying to kill them can be a huge waste of time. I mean, pick your lane. For one, id like to see their ult cost increased too.
  11. Ya. Look, im part of one of the big alliances in game, but it is imho clear CF fights shine in smaller still organized fights. Not necessarily 5v5 or 1v1 but 20v20s. Plus the world will feel more interesting when it isnt about all islands being made 90% of a single faction. It is ridiculous some islands require at least 15 guys to even attempt to go because the immediate response will be the owners sending 20-30 men to deal with you. It totally would help with the 'it is all about zerging' feeling.
  12. Believe it or not it is possible to farm in no stealth characters. Turns out you can kinda fight to survive. This is ridiculous. It is insane how yall just got used to the easy mode and now think the slightest inconvenience is a deal breaker. btw, sin is prolly the most played class (obviously because of its high skill ceiling and skillful gameplay) and of those i dare say 98% are faes.
  13. Since we are talking about outposts. Outposts (or points i guess) need to tick in shorter intervals, say every 20min. Also, for the love of god, pls make it so you can only have a god buff while your alliance owns it (once again back to territory control). why Outposts tick at 20 min: Currently the 1hr just makes it so people dont care about those. Just wait till they go away and backcap it. Cuz there is just no way in hell a group will babysit outposts for hours to get some measly points. Same with god statues, why bother responding when said person is just have gone away after capping? This own for 2minutes to get a 2 hour buff is stupid.
  14. 11 outposts total? Listen ace, we need like 5 times that. It is a game about territory control. Let us control said territory pls. I dont know what is worse, current dregs where half the outposts are in a giant cluster in the maps or this where they are all miles apart.
  15. 4 islands is a joke. The cw cap is almost 2k yet yall basically having it so only 800 tops can actually play the game. It is basic math ace, cmon. No, temples dont count.
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