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  1. | The Crowfall Database

    I totally agree but ACE's tooltip suck (Sorry ACE but you know it is true) and since they have to do it they might as well do it right. Not sayin it is a must but it would be good to the project.
  2. | The Crowfall Database

    Are you guys copying the data exactly as in game or do you guys have some freedom? Would it be possible to change stuff for better reading? For example the description of the absolution power is as follows in the site: "Absolve 3 targets of Sin for 145 - 218 + 181% Weapon Fire Damage, consuming all stacks and increasing damage per stack to a maximum of 284 - 426 + 355% Weapon Damage. If 5 stacks are consumed movement speed is reduced by 50% for 8 seconds. " i would change it to: Absolve up to 3 targets of Sin for 145 - 218 + 181% Weapon Damage as Fire Damage, consuming all stacks and increasing damage per stack to a maximum of 284 - 426 + 355% Weapon Damage as Fire Damage. If 5 stacks are consumed from a target its movement speed is reduced by 50% for 8 seconds. Another thing i would change is the targeting stats display. I think you guys are taking a string as data (Example: "Max 3 target(s) in a ray") which seems wasteful but i am just guessing. If you guys take just an integer (3) and the targeting type (Raycast) it would be cleaner to display "Max 3 targets (Raycast)", please notice the missing (s). Last, DONT use "Fire" as a tag if you mean Fire Damage just use "Fire Damage". Same with other Damage types.
  3. Sigh... A 1 hour stream and no meaningful info? I admit i didnt watch it but judging from the comments (the lack of) it still is the same old stuff. Haha. That is why i stopped watching this.
  4. Discipline Stones and Quality level

    IIRC their durability is your body durability. How long do bodies last is anyone guess but i hope we are talking about months and not weeks.
  5. Nearly no Players in the campaign.

    Like elvo said unless you are playing the newest version you can expect a wasteland. 5.3 is up in the TEST server and as of now unlocked for some alpha 2 folk.
  6. | The Crowfall Database

    Wow, how did i miss this for so long? Is this a good place to leave feedback other than missing/wrong info? Disciplines and filtering: Tags needs some love. Classes should be a tag. It would also be useful if every special effect (Bleed/blind/slow/root/etc.) could be turned in tags just like stealth is (only tag as of now?). The more tags the better. I would also swap the tag column with available classes column. With more tags it would become a mess and searching for a tag should be done through the search bar. BTW i dont see point of hiding the filter line (the one that pops/disappears when you click the filter simbol) nor the items per page limit. Discipline power order: (the same happens in the class page) It seems the powers shown are sorted based on type, something like Instant buff power > instant debuff power > Instant melee power > passives (with alphabetical name order as secondary or something like that). That is okay but since chain combos powers arent grouped together and follow the same rule it can lead to weird situations with the order being messed up (check blade master disc for example). The easy solution would be to only sort the first power in a chain and insert the others after it. Could also give chain power a visual cue (an identation could work i guess). This is even more so for powers with different names like those in the classes page. EDIT: So i just realized the powers are sorted by type following the alphabetical order (i thought you guys chose the order). So if possible i would like if before that you guys sorted the powers in power slotted in the 1-9 space, followed by left-click powers, right-click, ultimates, retaliate and passives (the same order as the game). It also needs to tell us which category the power fits, for example i am checking the Myrm class page and i am confused which of the powers are the left-click (i am 99% sure now but still took some time and remembering since i dont know this class well enough). So, i know a bit of programming (java and reaaally basic python) and json seems interesting so i would like to ask if it was possible to send me one json file of some page to me so i can see it in action? I am, of course, looking at some examples on-line but they are pretty meh and cant compare with a live example about a game i like. You can PM me to keep the thread clean. See ya...
  7. Okay, now i reaaaally wanna see these powers in game. They sound awesome and i cant see why not. I would only change it from hits to damage. I might even play as a tank sometimes if they give me that kind of field control.
  8. I admit that i just realized that the cleric is a ranged class even though it uses a hammer and shield. Would it be possible to make the power effects inversely proportional to distance? The LMB power could do more damage the shorter the hammer flies making it a quasi-melee power. The same could happen with the other powers to varying degrees. I honestly think it would be a interesting playstyle. A cleric that must risk his safety going melee-ish to be as useful as possible. Well, it beats the kitting playstyle that i assume will happen...
  9. I couldnt help but murmur "That was really cool." when i saw the left click attack. GJ on that one. The other powers VFX were pretty simple, it isnt a big problem for the buffs (like the aura powers) but i think the ground targeting powers animation needs to be a little cooler. Maybe it is a problem of POV since they all hit far from the caster so we cant really see what happens. But in most of the Ground T. powers i found myself asking "Was that flash it? Did we use it?... So simple."
  10. The problem of focus/effort/intensity

    I think we lost track of whatever we had at the beggining.
  11. Seems like the stats window will stay the same, meaning a lot of stats together. So i would like to suggest a fourth tab (besides combat, gathering and crafting), where we could add specifics stats for easy visualization. I would like to avoid searching for that one stat among the dozens in each category. I think most players will only pay attention to specific stats, some will look for the healing modifier while others for critical damage. Give the players the chance to add the stats they choose and let them sort then as they will. You can even show all the three categories together since the number of stats shown would probably be low. Ex: [ Quick view ] (yeah, needs a better name but i cant think of any right now) ---- Combat --- Attack Power Piercing Bonus Dmg Stat Stat Stat --- Harvesting --- Skinning related stat Skinning related stat Stat Stat Stat --- Crafting --- (Would be empty for me since i aint no crafter) <Empty>
  12. Eye Candy - Official Discussion Thread

    Thanks, man. I was about to post a really snarky comment about this update but this info solves the main issue. I think i avoided getting a warning. But I am still looking at you ACE. I expect you guys wont keep passing solo images (even cool solo images) as updates.That is wrong, dont do it. Give us real updates.
  13. Tuesday Halloween update?

    Nothing yet? Suspicious. I smell 5.3 in the air...
  14. Tuesday Halloween update?

    I totally feel like 5.3 will drop today...
  15. Incoming changes to Rules of Conduct

    This is a little too harsh IMO. This is a game forum so unconstructive posts are a given. Memes and funny images are really useful in making the forum feel alive. I also have more then once quoted a huge post just to write "This." or "+1" at the end. A totally useless text if you pay attention but a valid post in a internet forum. IMO this change makes the forum rules too strict. Like i said before this is a game forum. I came here to talk freely with my fellow gamers and not to send a message to my boss. Too restrictive i say...