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  1. IIRC everyone is granted VIP to test as of now. 1 month is what I would expect for a VIP account.
  2. As a skinner (and person with a slight OCD) I can not explain how peeved I was having to take things like Apple harverst Chance (or something like that) before getting skinning boons in 5.10. Same also happened with talent points where I had to waste points in trees just to unlock a disk. Yes, I am getting something from it, but being forced to take it really sours any possible gain.
  3. Eu tenho quase 100% de certeza o server de teste esta fora pra todo mundo até a atualização 5.11 estar pronta. E se não me engano 5.10 é o mesmo tanto no Live Server quanto no Test, então jogue direto no LIVE. Eles disponibilizaram algumas coisas pra baixar no Test (Pensaram q daria pra disponibilizar o 5.11 mas não deu) mas não está completo, por isso parou com a atualização.
  4. I honestly think inviting alpha 1-2 people would be a good idea. The leg up we would get seeing all the new stuff would be awesome. We have way too many new stuff coming so I honestly think we could easily spend 2-3 weeks simply commenting on all the new stuff. It would keep the hype sky high. So it wouldnt be much about feeback or bug report but simply a sort of live sneak peek? Plus it would help new players/not invited players to get in already knowing what to expect in the future. I really think as it is today we might go some time where everyone will be kinda lost trying to learn how to play the new game. I honestly dont see negatives about inviting a small group. I mean, I wont be denying people the option to play simply because I can not do the same.
  5. Amazing calls you guys are making regarding this new patch. This is exactly what we ask for when we say to keep us updated. Nothing crazy or specific, just telling what is happening and explaining why/how things are happening. You took maybe 10 minutes writting this up and as you can see the feedback has been amazingly positive.
  6. As someone who ended taking public transport today I can certainly say Coronavirus is being blow waaaaay out of proportion. Look, I aint even gonna argue whether it is indeed a problem or not, the thing is if anyone were to go by how everyone was taking about it you would think we were talking about the new black death or something. Worldwide apocalipse and what not. And this is coming from Brazil, where things are a mild as they can be 'till now. Just chill people, wash you hands, cover your mouth/noise when coughing/sneezing and we shall survive.
  7. Really? Aint they, like, under 100 people at best? I get the government and stuff cancelling events where you will have thousands of people, strangers, all bundled up together. This tho seems a bit overkill.
  8. BarriaKarl

    Keep agro?

    Man, I remember that thread. I always thought the ideas there would be interesting once implemented.
  9. Could make it scale with your health. It would make sense since 'small' is relative.
  10. On another completely different note... No reason for you guys to withhold info like this. Not like you people don't have a full dozen full weagons of shinnies to tease us with in 5.11. Could have shown all racials at once...
  11. Seems you guys are making some changes to each race lore while at it? Pretty sure Fae Ladies didn't exile males when this all started. Unless you talking exiling them to unlife that is. Madness excuse is also new? Also I don't remember Guiniceans having their origin as a straight up transformation of pets hamsters to humanoids by gaea. Totally might be me forgetting it tho. Just felt it makes their whole race that much less... interesting? Kinda hard to explain... Now they are quite literally, lore approved, overgrown hamsters instead of a race that for god know what reason look like cute pets. EDIT: Seems that was always the case (Guineceans part). My bad.
  12. So, gathering is a god damn mystery as of now. Everything has to be determined by trial and error. Yes, more plentiful is better and higher ranks are the same. How much? No idea. Are the special drops triggered at each 25% percent? Seems like it. Are special drops not dependent on season/plentiful? Maybe not... Anyway, some sources claim beside all the mess we already have it also changes based os speed of extraction: Others either don't mention anything about that or are incredibly vague: Is it a thing? I dare not ask for data 'cuz we all gotta hog that knowlege to get an edge over our enemies (or something like that), but a simple confirmation would be nice. To me if that is true it simply be making things even less clearcut and being more of double dipping than anything. Not like being faster was already not a boon...
  13. Oh, is there no chinese/korean/japanese community thing?
  14. You mean the 2.2 million goal? I think those have been unlocked since pretty much last decade... Unless our asian friends really start coming in droves I don't think they will put the server online. Lets check the situation. Whoever is gonna play on asian servers rise your hands!
  15. BarriaKarl

    Keep agro?

    From what I saw the mobs seems to focus on whoever aggroed them until they (player or mob) die.
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