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  1. I just had to re-log and noticed a random 'we are under maintenance' pop-up coming up once I clicked the login button (It also took longer to log-in than I remembered but not sure). The same happened when I tried logging out to see if it was a one time thing, and even when I clicked the 'register' button (misclick) . Considering I was able to log-in with no problems (excuding the slightly bigger time frame) and was able to navigate the forums no problem this seems like a web issue. It seems like the pop-up is shown just before the correct action is carried out. Just before the page refresh. Here is what I saw just after clicking log-out: PS: I think "We're undergoing of maintenance" sounds weird. I would get rid of the 'of'
  2. Bestiary: Urgu - Official Discussion Thread

    Well, the lore reasons for the race is kinda... dumb. I mean, not to nitpick but humans are supposed to eat meat. We dont do it 'cuz we are murderers or anything. Blame whoever made meat so damn delicious. So I got the feeling she was punishing humans for being humans. A overreaction. The lore also kinda limits the addition of more morsterly humanoids. I thought for sure we would see something like non-human natives faction. Now, since this is a deliberate punishment there is no room for creating others without creating a new lore behind. Are there other clans planned? PS. And yeah, totally calling them orcs.
  3. So they provide nothing other than points to our group(faction/guild)? I really think making it more interactive and allowing players to upgrade them would be more fun. Start with just a ruined fireplace or ruined camp and upgrade it slowly: War bane -> single tower -> double tower. Players could add, remove or destroy things in them. If you plan to keep the place upgrade it, if you plan to leave and dont want your enemies to get all those upgrades for free you can burn everything to the ground and reset it to level 1. We could be able to buy NPCs (Is this kind of NPCs gonna be on release?), buy some constructions (walls, crafting stations, maybe some small siege constructs?). Make them small keeps. Just a small base. All in all, better than just holding them for points.
  4. Oi Brasil. Bem Vindo

    Not sure how this test will turn out to be. Brazilian players and beta testing dont mesh that well. If possible and it is not a major PITA would like if we could get some reports telling how much players are logging on this server. Also what is you minimum value to consider this succesful and what you are looking for exactly. Just so we can follow how this test is going. It would certainly make all players you currently have to bring as much new blood as possible with a visible objective.
  5. The Winds of Change - Official Discussion Thread

    Which raises a whole new set of issues. Are they really gonna prevent me from using my training? I'd rather they mess with the loot tables. It sounds like the same but for there is a diference with resources drops decaying with season and me just magically sucking at it. I i trained to full pips I want to be five times better than a newbie. Capping and removing skill directly from players seems like a flaw. So don't mess with PH (or even other stats) but with the loot tables directly.
  6. Whats the point of crafting taking time?

    I think the problem is that the times used now are basically there to just annoy the crafter. Not fast enough to be ignored and not too long to feel meaningful, they really only seems there to get in the way. I would like to suggest that: A- If the crafting time is staying move it to the final combine. No times when making the pomel, blade, guard or the likes, only when turning everything into a sword. IMO it is better (AKA less annoying) to bundle the whole wait at once and allow player to go do other stuff. And it would change nothing balance wise. PS.: Can someone bring numbers to this? How many times does a timer appear when crafting a item like a sword? What is the total time consumed? B- Allow for items to be made while another is being completed (In the above style). Could even be a crafting table quality thing. The higher its quality the more items you can have being made in the background. C- Kinda unrelated but also falls in the wasting time area. Try to decrease the number of panels and clicks when crafting. The most pronounced one would be to add a ''send item directly to inventory' checkbox to skip the final and ( useless 99.99999%) take panel. I think the naming panel could also be optional, but I don't remember if there was another information with it.
  7. Beware the Hunger - Official Discussion Thread

    ^The above wording seems to heavily imply the infection will come back in the same place. As in removing the hunger crystal is a temporary measure and not as if the new respaw point is RNG based (it is random, right?). The end kinda makes it clear but it sounds confusing IMO. I had to re-read to understand you meant spared from being infected and not from disappearing at sunlight which was what we were talking before. Might want to make it clearer.
  8. Yeah, we need to know what are the plans for how their looks will be determined. I would bet in adapting to the wearer race but that sounds way too gamey to me. Having the crafter determine it at the crafting phase would raise it own issues. Like, can we change their looks later? Can other races still use that now? If we have more variations for each race (which we will probably most likely have) I would like to propose that looks should only be able to be changed at a crafter (or station if one is already a crafter). Better if some looks are harder to unlock making the crafter more sought after. And, in this case, selecting the look (more accurately race) upon crafting (or buying) would be a nice solution. Oh, and implementing a neutral style would be good, if only so crafters can craft and display their wares in a single style and keep things neat and tidy.
  9. ACE Q&A for June - Official Discussion Thread

    "Or a guinecean riding a centaur riding a horse."
  10. ACE Q&A for June - Official Discussion Thread

    Pretty much what Svenn said. I think making a bigger group that is not a party would be a win-win for everyone. My grip with with huge parties is that it gives too many easy benefits to a large group of people. The easy group heals (which someone even said wanted to see on bigger groups) and the leadership passive are actually (in my book) already a tad too much as is. Double the party size and things will go awry. Too big of a party size seems like favouring mindless grouping. 2 teams of 5 working together seems better than a group of 10 with each half doing their own thing while enjoying benefits they aren't due. And if we are talking about hundreds then 5 or 10 doesn't make that much difference anymore.
  11. ACE Q&A for June - Official Discussion Thread

    I am not sure what bigger groups sizes would bring to the table. Except for exploitable things like the disgustings party one-click powers, the leadership buffs, and the (probable) friendly-fire immunity. All of those could be easily exploited should party size be increased. Five or six (why though?) maximum please. Managing large sieges have nothing to do with the party sizes, more of managing multiple parties kind of thing. The idea someone brought up of creating another large grouping is solid. Like 5 people one party, 5 parties 1 battalion (random name), 5 batallions one whatmachcalit. Each could have their own set of benefits. But please no friendly fire immunity, leadership, and party powers.
  12. Wildcrafting - Official Discussion Thread

    Really cool. I just think it has potential to make more close to a profession instead of a free-for-all-first-come-first-served as the article seems to imply. As a explorer being a rare plants harverster sounds hella cool. Some training bonuses would be cool too, maybe a training to harverst a better quality plant or smt.
  13. Wildcrafting - Official Discussion Thread

    So Desert, Forest, Highland, and Marsh biomes confirmed? I think the one we have right now is highlander? And desert was confirmed before. Would like a deep forest, and a marsh biome sounds interesting...
  14. Streamer Mode

    The focus is indeed on testing right now and allowing a way to disable that would be a sure way route for EVERYONE disabling it. We would lose some information that is most likely pretty useful for ACE. BUT thanks for dropping by and welcome to the forums.
  15. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    I think those shards were supposed to buff the Mobs? So, despite not disabling them they will make them harder to kill.