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  1. How comes? I have a issue with their actions, I posted on the right place, I offered my solution. You sir was the one to come here say they don't owe me socks and told me to leave. Why are you here?
  2. Oh, my bad. You are right, I just checked and it turns out companies don't have to try to treat their customers well. Lets just make a the forums needlessly socksty. Don't like it leave. Seems good. I tried. Brought my issue forward. Did what I could,.
  3. Sure I guess. I just don't like how they can do it without any sort of report or accountability. It is the easy way out. Just give me a reason. I have been feeling that we are just deleting anything we don't like and pretending it didn't happen. Sure, the guy dropped some names, but I could see he was raising some important points. Even went as far as to call out on ACE's credibility. And what we got? Did ACE come out make a proper response, pointed out why they were locking it and explained themselves about the reported exploit? Nope. Just delete and pretend it didn't happen. A common trend. Why make your case when you cant just delete it and nobody can call you out on it. "It is their job". Yeah, but they still owe us explanations. Just like a president reports to the masses. Look, it isn't about this thread. It is about how common those deletions are becoming. Threads deletions should be the last thing to be taken into account. Wanna lock it to avoid trouble? Go for it, but give us a reason/explanation. Don't just 'Heh, delete 'cuz I can'.
  4. I think he means FTP in a trial sort of way. Get in play a bit and see how you like it. It is a good idea but I wonder how to implement it. In WoW it seems 20 levels last quite a bit and allows player to really get a hang of things. In CF you won't be getting any real PvP without going over a bundle of things. It is not as straightforward.
  5. Maybe request the player to remove them like I tried to?
  6. Yeah, but I am an adult? Even if we really take that more seriously than it probably warrants, thread deletion? Just 'poof'?
  7. Seriously folks? Another one? I couldn't even read the thread before it went down. Listen, I know you guys got rules. I get it. But this is getting ridiculous. I could only read part of the thread OP' (I decided to tell OP to remove the name-calling but guess what happened when I pressed sent?) but it seemed okay to me. Listen, I could see how it might have been needed to lock the thread. I can see it. But how about, I don't know, just locking it and maybe, maaaaaybe, give us some response/reason instead of defaulting to deletion? It couldn't have been sooo bad that it needed to be removed completely, right? At the very worst just delete some replies? This is just starting to seem like a dictatorship or censure. Dramatic, I know. But when deleting threads becomes the norm, this is what it feels like. All right, now that I have ranted long enough. Here is what I propose: Don't just delete threads. Just don't do it. Unless things really went down the rabbit hole. Lock it., do a clean up as needed. (Can you guys edit our posts? If yes remove the bad parts and leave a marker like ** name calling **). And lastly give us the reason for the lock. Don't just delete it and pretend it didnt happen. Worse come to worst and you still want to delete it, how about instead delete all players posts and leave a response/reason-for-lock only. This way at least it allows us to double check your guys decision. The power to just delete threads as you wish without a single report is too tempting. Seems like the easy way out. I don't like it. PS.: Fellow players, since I wasn't able to read the last thread what do you guys think of the deletion? Was it necessary? Too much? Remember to not break the rules, it would be too ironic bad for this thread to follow the same way.
  8. Faction cap could be a thing. Increase the cap to 150 and lmit it to 50 to each faction? I don't really see a reason to not take affiliation into the cap.
  9. Directly limiting the number of stores should be the last option. Have different tax upkeep based on locations and maybe a extra tax for more than one store should work. Player will probably just have have alts/friends/guildies or whatever help them to bypass anything we came up with if they really want tho.
  10. I think the variation of the current ruleset with the area control and feeding lines deserves a mention. Anyone with better memory can make a proper entry?
  11. Seems suboptimal to me. Winning multiple CWs should be more profitable than betting it all in a single one. I would expect smart guilds to have some inside leagues. Full trained, almost full trained, halfway there, recently joined, etc. I mean, if player all progress in the same rate plus things like pop cap (both CW pop cap and zone pop cap) there will be a moment where buffing numbers with newbies wont be enough. Not like guilds will be giving the best possible to lowly newbs (gear, vessels, discs). There will be a certain number of player that will become optimal. Specially in rulesets that don't favor numbers playing as much.
  12. Of course they are. Everyone else is wearing blues so they would be handicapped otherwise. That seems to be the misconception going around here. Newbies shouldnt be playing against vets. A crafter that can only craft green shouldnt be playing in CWs where all other crafter can pump out purple. The same reason I don't see a reason for a vet crafter that can craft legendary gear to go play in a green-only CW like you suggested. There is no reason for new players to rush. They should be playing with people around their level. It seems better in my opinion, otherwise we might as well get rid of the skill training and have everyone start at max level.
  13. That is a problem with the skill tree then. If you make the leveling too fast you make the actual progression meaningless. We will have the skill tome catch-up mechanic and probably some newbies-only CWs. The key is making the whole 9 months of leveling interesting and not just go 'nobody cares about that part and wants to be master as soon as possible', That way of thinking hurts players themselves. Enjoy the ride. Take joy in seeing your progress. Don't skip steps. Of course the 9 months is subject to change after we test it, but I am with frykka. I would like at least, at least, 1 month between gear upgrades. Specially since players don't go back after upgrading (sans special exceptions), once you move to blue you are never going back to white so enjoy the noob phase while it lasts.
  14. To be fair it isn't as bad as it used to be, but still, it's not that hard or shouldn't be from my knowledge of editing text... Agree. There is IMHO some really big gap between ACE's game development and ACE's forum management and other non-game related stuff. Seeing things like a faq that has been full of wrong information for years. ACE's sometimes a little dubious calls on the forums. Lack of proper basic actions like uploading the damned youtube account in a reasonable manner. Or even taking time to properly notify us when streams are starting. Heck, I don't think I even saw the stream week actual schedule here. A bunch of silly things that make them seems amateurish and quite honestly makes me feel a little on edge sometimes. This a company with millions of dollars under it's name, not 5 guys making games in their basement. However, when I look at the videos like the last Q&A. It makes me remember why I trusted these guys. Sure, we are not there yet game-wise but I can see these guys care about the game. I just don't feel that care with other stuff.
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