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  1. Which is okay. Think of LOL for example, most people just look up builds from the champs they like and they dont need to know all the 'why' to play a good build. Even my build was heavily inspired on stabilished and proven builds. I just changed a few things to suit me better. That kind of spot is where CF must aim at. It already is the case today, most guilds already provide a list of builds they consider good. No need to have the newbies trying out thorns...
  2. The rumored adv./dsv. thingy could be a game changer too. Was it scrapped JTodd?
  3. With the currenty bug where the Ranged tray is routinely wiped out I would really appreciate the feature of being able to equip powers by left clicking them. Just send the power to the lowest empty slot. It is a minor but quite nice QOL detail.
  4. Please for the love of god be careful with how you show us stats. I am testing how my buffs stacks and some of the descriptions/values are just straigth up confusing. Here Treant Wood Stake, which talents description (which is the only place its new buff is listed) says 'reduces all damage taken by 25%'. Well, where is my 'damage taken' stat? There isnt one. Searching and testing showed me the stat I was looking for is 'Personal Damage Modifier' under 'Defense'. Well, those two don't sound alike. Without testing for which stats changed inside my power I wouldnt ever have found it. Plus the description for PDM is 'Modifies the amount of damage you take calculated separately from armor'. Which means jack to me but lets not go there. Well, guess the lower it is the better, right? that is what Treant Stake does anyway. Wrong! WRONG! Treant Stake's '-25% damage taken' increases this stat by 25%. The hell!? Two problems in a single instance. How to fix it: Rename the stat to 'Damage Taken Modifier' or something like that. There is no other damage taken modifier so scrap the 'Personal' and there isnt any need to display other people stats on our page so all stats are our personal stats anyway. Change Treant Wood Stake power description (once gain the current desc doesnt mention the damage reduction) to 'and increase your Damage Taken Modifier by 25%'. Ugh, I dont like the new name either but it is still better. Sounds really bad. A mouthful. Any better name folks? 'Defense stats block:' Also, I noticed that the 'Defense' block, if I can call it that, seems like a overall mess of a bunch of stats you guys couldnt place anywhere else. Incoming Critical Heal and Personal Healing Modifier? Rename PHM to Healing Potency (Sounds great!) and move both to the Healing Block (Why the heck would you not place them there?) Lifesteal and LifeSteal Bonus? No possible relation to defense. I can see it being moved to Power Modification, that is exactly what it does, modifies (power) attacks to restore health. Worst case it goes to miscellaneous. Retribution, Retribution Bonus, Thorns and Thorns Bonus... Those are a bit hard. Part of me think they have no place here but they are still 'on hit received' stats... I will leave them here, unless anyne has a better place to move them? Power Modifications block: Blocking: Big Hit Cost Multiplier and Blocking: cost multipler should be moved to Defense. Block bonus is already there and it fits better. Power cost Multiplier. Its description says 'The sum of Power efficiency and Weapon Weight, ...', except my Power Eff. is 25% and weapon weight is 20 which gives... not -5%. Can Power eff even go negative? Its description seems to imply no. Text should be changed to something like 'The result of Power Efficiency minus Weapon Weight, ...' Retaliate Cooldown Reduction. I can see this being moved to the Crowd Control group. I mean, if asked for it that is where I would look for a power that involves being CC'ed. Miscellaneous Spirit whip falloff Bonus, Shield Throw stats . Move it to power modification. That is exactly what those stats means. Chain Healing stats. Could be moved to Power Modifications. BUT part of me would like to see them in Healing. They just fit too nicely there. Oh typo on Shield Throw Bonus ricochet. 'To' not 'too'. That is it. Damned be my OCD, This was supposed to be short...
  5. Well, everyone would still test but my thinking would that this would be both faster and easier to change. Like, it would be simple to test multiple variation of changes. Prop multiple EKs where ranged damage was nerfed by 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%. Let the players test and see which version feels better. Instead now we have to wait 1 month to see a change because there is N other system that need to be ready for the new build. Plus it would mess the real game that much, if we want to simply test combat there is no need to do it on Campaign worlds where even finding PvP is hard. EKs would work like a dumbed down arena.
  6. Nah, it work on my machine. Make sure you are logging in the correct GR. There is a old one and the new one. Gods Reach New Player experience part 2 or something like that. Plus Infected it seems.
  7. People shouldnt need to be trained to not be crushed by ranged. So what? Do we tell player they can only play melee 3 months after launch? Just like we do with crafters? Not saying nerfing ranged is the answer, but thinking that 'it fixes itself later' is dangerous. I'd rather it work well from the start.
  8. So, folks. I was thinking about how retaliate is warping the game while reading the 'assassin is a liability' thread going around and remembered the Wednesday Fight Nights idea going around (great IMHO) and thought if it would be possible for ACE to simply throw online EKs that would test combat changes. We know owners can set some rules in EKs so being able to change the combat rules makes sense (and it is something I hope to see used on campaigns) and it would be a reusable tech (I hope we will be having coliseums buildings for EKs, no?). Plus we have hundreds (?) of them just lying around with no use which means they dont cost much to run. So my question is would it be feasible for ACE to simply create EKs with differents 'Combat Rulesets'. The one I would like to see the most right now would have the following rules: Retaliate Test Gear decay: whatever we have now -> 0 (No need to punish us for testing combat) Retaliate CD: 0 -> 30s Retaliate cost -> whatever we have now -> 0 stamina (CD alone should be enough) Plus it would be an easy way to test future changes quickly without needing to drop a new build. Ranged Nerf Test: Gear decay: whatever we have now -> 0 (No need to punish us for testing combat) Ranged Damage: - 20% (Or whatever number they plan to use next build) @jtoddcoleman It most likely would require some changes to EKs code which mean engineering resources but this looks like an incredibly useful tool that would give gains every turn. It would be super handy IMHO. Plus it is obviously reusable on Campaigns which is great and means no wasting long term. And you fellows testers what do you guys think? Any ideas for combat ruleset we would like to see getting tested? Am I missing something and this is a dumb idea? Comment, share, click the like button... or not.
  9. This. Retaliate as is is warping the whole game. There were several ideas throw around. The 30 secs one is one of the most accepted. I once saw one where retaliate would only be activated if you were attacked while CC-ed. The point is, it is incredbly hard to make retaliate suck more than it already does and make the fights worse. I mean, if we change it and the meta becomes CC what would be the problem? The meta today is AOE and damage. Not like the game is balanced so why the heck not? Which is my problem with ACE cautious approach. Same with the green minor disc answer we had yersterday. "We are aware of it but dont have an good way to solve it. Yet." Fair enough, but doing nothing is just as bad. If simply reverting the loot tables isnt a good answer, it is at least a BETTER answer. If we change retaliate we would at least get some data. How the game looks like with a lot of CC (probably) seems to me is more than interesting enough to see.
  10. I am just checking the stream now, so forgive me if I end up cluttering the thread, guys. About the new spawning bosses: We asked if it was possible to give us a heads up when the big badass spider spawned and you guys said there is no tech for that yet. Fair enough. But @Yoink proposed a 20 min invulnerability buff on spawning. That would be a great temporary fix. Maybe even an actual mechanic. It does bring up good points about what else can we do with it. For example I could see a 'rampaging' buff that makes the bosses incredibly strong on spawning instead of simply invulnerable. Maybe play around with their aggro range too. The opposite could also be a great mechanic. Bosses that get stronger the longer they stay alive. A bandaid implementation would be give them debuffs that fade over time. Hacky for sure but it would work. And to make sure those bosses arent killed on sight spawning they could get a less specific message. "A evolving boss (I got bad naming sense) has spawned!") It would be interesting to see everyone going out to find it. Would be a great way to generate activity. Another idea given by @ArkdinPK was to spawn a mob and use it to send the message. Great fix too. In the spider case it could be a 'cocoon mob'. Just make it invulnerable. A 'portal mob' could be used for general bosses. It would even be nice to have players show up to a fight without knowing what kind of horror would come out of it.
  11. I just want to give a shoutout to DebySue who did an amazing job selecting questions and being super attentive to the chat.
  12. Please take a proper look at the forums and give us some good answers. No more trivial questions. It is about time you guys start adressing the big problems.
  13. EK search is bugged. It seems to be having problem with spaces. Searching 'Jah' doesnt show me 'Kingdom of Jah', but searching 'gdom' does. Whatever data you guys are reading for the search doesnt match the ek's name. Edit: No, it is more complicated than that. as you guys can see on the second image it searching for 'gdom' shows 'mmmjr kingdom'. As a test searching for 'of', ' of', or ' of ' does show 'kingdom of jah', but 'of j' doesnt. It seems it stores the name as simply 'kingdom of '. More testing needed. edit: Ugh, no, this search is just a mess. It is completely nonsensical. It doesnt show results that were there just a second ago. I give up.
  14. I agree with pretty much everything on Makkon's post but I would like to reinforce this one. First, you guys NEED to add more majors (and minors, and exploration) so if y'all are planning to do a big drop like you did at the reveal I really suggest you people abandon that idea. As you guys probably know people are getting burned out. The game has some big issues. It has potential, but oh damn, does it has issues. Giving us 2 new majors each month or something like that would give the community some really needed reprieve. It would bring back all that rush of playing something new. And to be fair 2 majors/month would translate to +20 or so in 1 year and that is what I would expect to be the goal to soft launch. Even if you guys cant/dont have enough majors to sustain a large amount of reveals the benefits are more than worth doing anyway. Plus it would make all the other issues more tolerable. That balance pass is taking waaaaaay too long. TLDR: Dont go be hogging shining stuff. The community needs all the good things we can get.
  15. To be fair that is pretty much the case for all melee classes. At least you guys can hide and run. We just die.
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