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  1. Streamer Mode

    The focus is indeed on testing right now and allowing a way to disable that would be a sure way route for EVERYONE disabling it. We would lose some information that is most likely pretty useful for ACE. BUT thanks for dropping by and welcome to the forums.
  2. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    I think those shards were supposed to buff the Mobs? So, despite not disabling them they will make them harder to kill.
  3. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    This works too. Thanks, man.
  4. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    Okay, would it be possible to multistream simultaneously on youtube gaming? I have seen people doing it (other games in developtment too although i can't remember which) and honestly it would be a good move. Youtube is really waaaaay ahead of twitch when the thing is watching. I tried to watch this stream on twitch and it is a no go. I had to watch on source quality (1080?) and not gonna happen on my potato machine. But overall even when I tone the quality down twitch JUST. DON"T. WORK. To prove my point I am currently watching last week stream on YT and it is so damn smooth i almost cried remembering how much i suffered trying to watch the VDO, it makes me wonder why the heck are you people not streaming there instead. I am not trying to be a YT fanboy but it makes sense to stream in multiple platforms since that IS possible. And I doubt Artcraft would have problems with bandwith or whatever comes with that. Worth trying.
  5. Market Concerns

    I think most trading will happen in the Campaign worlds. I mean that is where we will spend most of the time and where we will require to buy things. I won't use my import stuff on trivial stuff only the things I really need, doing all the shopping and selling mid campaign. At least to common people will be like that. GUilds are a different beast but they will try to be as sell-sufficient as possible anyway. I don't think EK will be the limiting factor or that players will have to browse through millions of EKS for anything. Heading to the town with most stores set up would probably be the only thought of players. That said a options to check what items a store has would be a good function. I am not sure how PM is explained in CF (good question actually) but it makes sense to be able to PM the thralls to see what they have before heading there. Could add a 'vendor-friend' list. Only for convenience really.
  6. Oh, well the 404 page is a dead end and users can only click a button to return to crowfall main page and THEN go to another page. I remember seeing some sites that leave the main menu there and shows the 404 message below it. So if users hit the 404 page they can still move somewhere directly from there. Adding the Top Menu like the image below: It is probable the Web developers have a reason to make the 404 page a dead end. But, if possible, I think it would be a improvement to allow users to just acess the menu directly and skip the redirect to crowfall main page.
  7. So is leading to 404 page (Main Page menu: Game-> Crows-> Combinations). I have no memories of that page but I assume it lists the race-class combos. All other links in the menu are working fine. Yes, I checked them all. Also @Pann is this the right place to post this? It is kinda old and the website design can't even be considered new at this point. Anyway, might want to either stick this thread or make a new one where people can easily report small errors like this. Making a thread just to report this kind of stuff is too much and might even turn people off. Feedback: Would it be okay to add the top menu (present in the crowfall main page) to the 404 page? Having to click a back button to do anything after getting the 404 page bothered me quite a bit. I mean, being able to just try accessing another link directly seems more fluid. Might be a web design rule, so your call.
  8. What Minors are you guys using? (Rangers)

    Oh no, I was talking about only the Minors Rangers can pick. But I would like to say it is really, really unfair how champs got 2, I repeat, 2 Minors tailor made for them.
  9. So crows are totally in? Might want to remove the * from 1,000 crows on the Pioneer starter Pack. * means not in-game yet. Also might want to make it clear if the upgraded pack cointains the previous one exclusive rewards. I imagine if i buy the Adventurer starter pack i also get the 1,000 crowns and warhorse in the pioneer pack? Also I decided to browse the store (despite having work to do) but I am having trouble navigating. The store page seems like a dead end. I can see the starter packs and some 'Other Crowfall bundles and items:' but that is all. I can't really browse anything... Where are all the other items? Don't tell me I can only see the real store after buying a pack?
  10. So, I decided to check Malekai and see if any new Minor were added that Rangers could use. None, there were the reaper and a few ones like elven sight or smth but i don't care about them. So far I haven't seen any Minor that really felt good for rangers. I mean, so far I if i had to pick my three would be: Uniform leather, Armor of faith and... just those two (I would pick probably Amulet one as third because why not). That is how bland they are. +AP and a shield. If you pay attention ranger Minor Discs are all super common among the classes. From 40 Minor Discs only 2, I repeat, 2 are not shared by 10 or more classes. Shadow Caress and Found Resources. While not a rule, this means there are no Minor Discs made with Rangers in mind. Or even with just ranged or melee in mind, but that is more a general minor problem and it is not ranger-specific. So I would like to know what Minors people are using in their rangers. Maybe it is just me who think the other discs are meh. Tell me your thoughts...
  11. Vassals FAQ Page

    Does the 'No!' sounds weird to anyone else?
  12. Vassals FAQ Page

    Are the slash commands only usable by the monarch? Might want to make it clearer since I would expect nobles(and vassals and even citizens) to also have some commanding power, even if only general commands like /eklist or /invite.
  13. Blair Math

    It all started when crafting was implemented. Things were funky and TBlair was right at center of everything crafting related. I remember he often dropped by the forums to explain how things (were supposed) to work and engaged a lot whenever crafting problems were related. His math at times didn't match reality. At others it didn't match how we expected them to be. So it really seemed at times Blair was using a different math than us. He said things were right and we said 'no way!' Nowadays BlairMath can be used to refer to any sketchy math. Blair doesn't even need to have interacted with it. BUT I would like to say I never thought of the term as 'snarky'. I always found it more amusing than anything.
  14. Social System - Official Discussion Thread

    1.5 hours/season should be a good spot to the Devs to test the season system. They will probably last weeks in the live game.
  15. Social System - Official Discussion Thread

    Okay, my final guess. A year (4 seasons) lasts 6 hours. And the timer at the bottom means time 'till the the seasons loops. Each seasons lasts 1.5 hours, and it is divided in 3 bigger parts. They don't look that equal on eye alone but each should lasts the same 30min. The lasts 8min we have to finish summer equal approximately half of half 30 min (Makes sense? Look at the small markers in the image). So it would match Math-wise.