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  1. Error report

    Probably not here. Your best bet is posting this on the 5.8 feedback and bug report thread. EDIT: You can also post it on the 5.7 thread. Its is late and I cant remember what version EKs are supposed to work at.
  2. Dúvidas sobre craft e Gathering

    Bem, se vc estiver se referindo as divisões de items nós temos: básico: Pode ser craftado por qualquer um em qualquer lugar. intermediario: Todo mundo pode craftar mas precisa de uma 'crafting table' (mesa de trabalho?). Presente nas beacheads nos servers. Avançado: Só quem tem o treino certo tem acesso as essas receitas. Então vc vai ter q gastar algum tempo treinando a profissão correta se vc quiser ter acesso a essas belezuras. Runic: Nada se sabe sobre essa categoria. Apenas q o ultimo talento das promoções garante a oportunidade de equipa-los.
  3. Votação - colheita

    Não, Guilds sempre me pareceram algo mto sério. Eu imagino q assim q eu tiver responsabilidades forçadas em mim eu pararia de curtir o jogo. Eu imagino que seja bem provável q eu termine jogando como um tipo de mercenario. Me tornando amigo de pessoas q fazem parte de uma guilda e simplesmente dando uma ajuda ou fornecendo serviços quando eu estiver afim.
  4. Votação - colheita

    +1 pra Sozinho.
  5. Need help with EK, New to game

    What the-, where all the helpful people at? I cant help ya with the specifics, but all I can think of is that you are going over the parcel building limit. Parcels have a maximum number of civil buildings and defense buildings so it might be that. That said a Screenshot would do wonders in figuring out what is going wrong.
  6. Weapons with multiple playstyles

    Seems more like something that would be tied to powers. Champions' hurlbat power is exactly what you asking for. Using a ranged power whilst in melee stance. (Actually, are hurlbats consumables? They should... Wait, are hurlbats even proper items?) It wouldnt be hard to make an assassin variant where they throw a dagger. BTW would it be okay to bring out the 'using bow as melee weapon' here? I dont think getting a small knockback power with major durability loss would be that farfetched...
  7. Duvidas de um noob

    Esses são os únicos links officiais q eu pude achar: Fora isso, se vc manjar dos paranauê, tem alguns videos no YT comentando o 5.8, em inglês.
  8. Duvidas de um noob

    Posso estar errado mas acho que o 5.8 só tá em teste nos servers gringos então os PT-BR com acesso (que é no momento td mundo) devem estar lá. Mas msm assim acho que o número de BRs no 5.7 não era lá aquelas coisas. Mas com todas as novidades em 5.8 as coisas devem mudar.
  9. Why not just create crafting classes?

    I think it is more of a issue with the talents' (and also skill tree) gating system. Ideally you should be able to just pick what you want -- in this case that would be the talents branching off the crafting disks.
  10. How innovative is this MMO?

    Innovative AF. 1. There is a level up system. 2 in fact -- A passive System that is account wide and a active one where each char can level up by gaining the standard XP. I will leave the specifics of your question to others as I am not too clear on the XP gain, and I am sure people can also drop the actual percentage of how strong a maxed character is compared to a newbie. I remember the gap wont be as wide since lvls arent absolute. Gear and even class match-up can make a big differene in closing the gap. The plan is for newbies properly equipped to be viable and competitive from the start. 2. There is no "content". The content is winning (this changes based on the person), and as such your question is difficult to answer. Can you win an engagement with no healers or with full dps? Yeah, probably. Is that the best way to run? I would say that most of time the answer would be no. 3. I think the biggest innovations are the passive llvling system and the campaigns 'resets'. The first allows players that aren't able to no-life the game to still be competitve and cut down on the grinding necessary to be competitive which is almost a standard feature on MMOs these days. The resets allow for even playing fields to exist. Oh, another one that is the freedom CW will have. Will players be able to bring gear from outside? Will it be full-loot? Factions, guilds or smaller groups will be the focus of this CW? Characters starting from zero or being imported? Everything can be changed by the DEVs so in a certain way it is almost like playing a different game based on the CW you choose.
  11. class idea?

    I think with the fessor and Frostweaver (wow such a long time with no info on this I had to look up the classs name) we have enough fire and ice (water?) play in the game. And I really, really, REALLY wouldnt mind if a geomancer class was added post-launch(C'mon ACE, make it happen!). If I had to pick a unarmed class to introduce in game I think a Monk would be the best fit. Yeah, it is cliched, but classics are classics for a reason. Maybe your idea could even be a promo of Monks if we give it some tweaks.
  12. Is Release any closer

    I do seriously hope they move into alpha soon. It will really be nothing more than a name change for everyone who has been following the game but it will be really good to put an end into the 'This game still in pre-alpha!?' thing. 5.8 is also looking good and the first campaign milestone would go really well with some light marketing on getting into alpha. Hmm, the videos they have planned would also work quite well... Two birds, one stone.
  13. Getting logged out of Forums

    Quite annoying. Happened twice yersterday and also got logged out a couple minutes ago. (Well, I noticed I was logged out a couple minutes ago when refreshing the forums) I specially keep getting logged out of the forums while still logged in the crowfall main website. So I have to click login here -- which leads me to the main website where I am logged -- logout, and finally login again. It's a real pain in the ass.
  14. Changes to give the Talent System more Freedom

    Well, you wont lose your ranged tray even if you take 'Brigand' as promotion. That said, you most likely wont be using ranged powers if you really wants to use a full melee build. Specially in the end game where your equipment and stats will (should) be geared toward melee. You will be missing a lot of bonuses in that case. Rapid fire is a easy example of this issue, no matter what you want to do you must take it. Don't get me wrong it is a good power, but what if like you said a ranger wants to go full melee? What if we run out of space in the tray and Rapid Fire ends up being the worst power and have to be unslotted? Point wasted. Rapid Fire, Archer's Stake, Gleeful Strike, and Bring me Everyone! are nodes that you cant skip no matter what. Couple this with the fact you have to buy another 2 nodes to have acess to the last two minors (which while kinda meh as of now are a big part of the character customization) and we have 6 talents points where choice are objectively taken away from us.
  15. Okay, so I was replying to another thread about how many choices in the Talent system arent really free and thought of some changes to the underlying rules that could give the player more freedom in what to spend in that -- from what i could proofcheck so far -- wouldnt completely ruin the game balance. The biggest problem the talent system has (IMHO) is that we are obliged to, at times, waste points getting to the node we want. It is a side effect of the gating system the DEVs decided to use. It sucks. Not much, but it still sucks. The change would be to kinda allow players to make their own tree. Calm down, hear me out first. The basic shape of the tree would be fixed and the talents (and tree too) would now be separated in tiers/ranks. The gating system now would be that players only can buy talents with tier equal or inferior to the talent points they own in total (counting any talent spent) AND the limits of nodes they can use in that tier. Okay, so using the Ranger ('cause that is really the only class that matters) as example to make sense of all of this. Using the number of points we had to spent before being able to buy the talents in the current system as tier we have the following breakdown of the basic Talent tree: Tier 1: Rapid Fire Tier 2: Hunting Party, Tree Sparring Tier 5: Archer's Stake (Requires 3 pips in one of the tier 2 powers) Tier 6: Ricochet Shot, Ambidexterity, Gleeful Strike (Requires 1 point in Archer's stake) Tier 7: Major Discipline Slot, Minor Discipline Slot Tier 15: Sure Aim, Cloaked In Moss, Boundless Energy (15 points spent requirement) Tier 16: On Target, Minor Discipline Slot, Flare, Something Amiss, Explosive Trap, Double Shots!, Thievery, Cross Slash Tier 17: Armor Piercing, Weathered Resilience, Sleigh Of Hand Tier 18: Minor Discipline Slot (Requires 2 more points spent after last minor Disc) Tier 28: Bring Me Everyone! Tier 29: Major Discipline Slot, Weapon Mastery Slot The promotion part is trickier. Here, to both allow players to mesh promotions and to keep a concept of balance we could introduce a cost to picking Talents outside your promotion. How about triple the cost? Twice? A fixed +x cost? Would need testing... Well first we would have to remove the promotion selection from the talents nodes. Make the player himself select the promotion he wants before allowing them to buy talents. Here is the promotion tiers: Tier 30: Military Training (Archer), Gift of The Forest (Warden), Into the Shadows (Brigand) [Limit: 1] Tier 31: Exceptional Weaponry (Archer), Withered Barrage (Archer), Bark Skin (Warden), Shrapnel (Warden), Lambs Become Lions (Brigand), Robbery (Brigand) [Limit: 1 power and 1 passive] Tier 32: Close Ranks (Archer), Supression Shot (Archer), Amazing Rapidity (Archer), Treant Lore (Warden), Tracker's Kit (Warden), Triumphant Cry (Warden), A Toll is a Toll (Brigand), Twin Surge (Brigand), Deep Cuts (Brigand) [Limit: 2 Powers and 1 passive] Tier 33: Target Practice (Archer), Tree Sap Blood (Warden), Below the Belt (Brigand) [Limit: 1] Tier 34: Archer, Warden, Brigand (This should be locked based on promotion) Here is a image of how the tree would look like: (Made it top-to-bottom to be more readable in the forums since it would be too long to fit here otherwise) In the example above I decided to skip all nodes except the discs (spent 5 points), took brigand promotion, some brigand talents (more 3 points), and took suppression shot at Tier/Rank 32 (1*3 points). The segmented line delimits my current limit based on the total of talents points I own (written on top). I guess that is the gist of it. There could be changes made to restrict acess on the basic tree (I think the promotion tree is covered with the hard limits), such as soft limits (you can choose up to X amount and anything over that gets an extra cost -- Tier 16 and 17 could perhaps use this). Thoughts? Am I missing any obvious flaws?