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  1. Game will be ready for launch soon.
  2. Indeed. By the time I stopped playing I was just buying full blue WB gear sets at the temple for 1-1.5k gold. I would literally farm for 10 min and be set for at least a while. So if you want people to do your Quests they should be worth the time.
  3. Please. PLEASE! It is a awful system right now.
  4. Eh. Faction locking and pop balancing might be possible. One would think those would be in from the start, but not gonna go there. Not likely. We have been asking for something more advanced to territory control for years now. And we didnt even get a doc on this. Think even the "handshake" doc had timers. So I will go with not likely. All in all there is a chance this next Q&A will be big what with ACE skipping the previous, but I cant just find it in me to get hopeful. Too many 'x.y will have things that will make the game good' for a single lifetime. But keep on hoping, man. You never know.
  5. Pretty cool. This is what Eks should be about. Good job.
  6. PDM is a crutch. And fixing it will require a complete rework. Damage and Healing in crowfall is completely out of wack. CF is probably the only game I have seen where you have powers that literally reduce damage taken by a fourth and have it no matter. Because the damage is so big it doesnt really make any difference. A more correct example would be: the defender will have 10000 hp and be getting hit with 4k damage attacks. I legit remember stepping on a old trap on my brig and seeing my hp get to half. 1 trap. ONE. I once had people get mad at me for saying 6k hits on a Sin was stupid. Im pretty sure you can find a clip of Fessors one-shotting people currently. Im pretty sure Blazzen would be happy to show you the GIF he has of me getting obliterated. CF is lucky it still is somehow fun on small scale. If Fessors and BGs were fixed and they added Hellgates, Id prolly play it again. Stupid PDM, Damage, Healing, useless armor and all.
  7. I just would like to point out people would pvp for the sake of pvping, As long as it was fun. This was supposed to be a PVP MMORPG. I would absolutely just play for fights. I have been getting 1-2 hours on Split Gate (a pretty interesting Arena Shooter) daily and there is no sort of persistence to it. Shooting people is fun, outplaying people is fun, so I play it. Looking at CF I daresay the reason PvP MMORPGs dont work is that there are just too many system getting in the way of PvP, fun PvP. It is clear to anyone not dumb PvP is an incredibly big market, BGs, Mobas, Arenas, Shooters, Fighting games. People like playing with others, people like winning against others. I have said before, and i will say it again because ACE still hasnt adressed it, what made me stop playing CF wasnt all the many, many problems it has. It was Fessors and BGs. It was the little PvP I got being awful.
  8. Also shame on you for doing this to the poor guy. With friends like you who needs enemies?
  9. Could be*. Or more accurately CF when it is good is waaaaay better than NW. Problem is CF hasnt been good for a while. Some of it are big issues: No actual strategy game, Zergs, timers, no small group content. Others are dumb but also incredibly disruptive: Awful balance issues, no AH, no Guild bank. What made me stop playing cf wasnt the big issues. It was Fessors and BGs. I can deal with avoiding zergs, I can deal with rare fights, what i cant deal is with those rare fights being me getting cumberstomped by idiots who think they are good running the current broken bs classes.
  10. @macavity would 100% get banned on the first report. Not everybody is equal.
  11. I just want to point out nobody craft in keeps. So whether they are safe zones or not is irrelevant. It isnt our home, it is where we get our buffs.
  12. My warden is fine. Even my Brig did incredibly well, to the point i think giving me one extra ult would prolly make winning 1v1 (which is what brig is made for) effortless. I think Archers were the one hit the hardest.
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