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  1. It was to me you replied. One thing I want to make clear is that I am not saying Pit is fine as is. What I proposed is for us to wait a bit before bringing out the nerf hammer. Although people saying Pit is broken are probably right, I'd rather we wait a few days, at least until all powers are fixed before making any balance changes. This is both to Pit and any other class. Both nerfs and buffs. This isnt the Live server after all. we can afford leaving the broken classes in for a while longer. It is better than ACE coming in and gutting some classes. Something they already did
  2. I saw something similar on my warden. The top domain was also blue. Unfortunately I had already spent my points so I couldnt test if it worked. It was normal when I opened my talents.
  3. Bleeds could instead simply refresh instead of stacking more. Changing how much it stacks would ruin whatever balance math they used, while refresh is basically the same. The bigger bleed, forgot the name, shouldnt prevent basic bleeds tho. It could work by increasing the bleed stack cap to 5. So it would move from a bleed to a bleed debuff of sorts. Once it hits it add 2 (or even 3 bleeds) and add the 'serious bleed' (I really forgot what it is called) and while it is active the bleed cap changes to 5. Still does more damage but now it is both more interesting and skillful mech
  4. My barbed stake was pretty fast. I was using it on combos without issue. Which stake was it?
  5. I think it would be better to wait until we try group vs group before we mess with values. In 1v1 they reign 'cuz anyone that could deal with their heal have no hope of lasting long enough. Also, some control builds have some crazy sinergies that just arent able to appear in 1v1 format. Dont take me wrong, their heals did look crazy today and we should keep an eye on them, lets just wait a bit...
  6. Dummies had disappeared but quitting to lobby and back fixed it. When I logged back I appeared at the gate I entered from, so it is possible the problem started when I entered the Keep. Images:
  7. Unkillable guards is dumb. Sometimes I really cant understand why you people make some changes. Make them stronger, make them spawn faster, make them spawn more. Just dont make them something completely out of the loop!
  8. Corrupted Soul - Soul Steal Bug: The heal only procs once. The power works correctly in that it adds the counter and that the player get the heal when someone reaches 5. The problem is once the counter reach five, they stay there. Meaning it is worse to me if someone stay inside my power, and that with me imagining the counters reset/go down when players go out (which might not even happen). The counters should clear once it reaches 5. The concept of this power is exactly to heal myself from the damage dealt to anyone that stays inside it. If my opponents wants to pay the price
  9. Oh and update Blackmatle text too, someone told me it absorb heal above 500 hp too. The the txt gives the impression that it only reduces a bigger heal instead of cancelling them.
  10. I would update Concussive trap tooltip to tell those are invisible to other people. I was under the impression that was Brigands only.
  11. If you get too close to the north keepgate at the Keep of Arameus (Infected, Stango) the enter prompt will use the outside so instead of going out it ports you to the same place as if you had entered instead of tried to exit. (coord: 2731, 4, 3111) Edit: just tried the west gate and the same happens. If you get too close you will interact with the outside part of the gate.
  12. Enemy sanctuary alert should be a big ass red sign saying 'u gunna die!' in the center of the screen with some sirens playing in the background. Just died out of nowhere, just to realize there was a Sanctuary south that I didnt even look at. It is a pretty annoying way to die.
  13. Fix the damage taken log color please. That red makes it incredibly hard to read.
  14. MOBs POI's levels are too damn low! I just fought a lvl 6 chief. Why? That is too low even for GR. Seems like it is the same for all islands. Anything below 25 is a joke and I honeslty think making them all lvl 30 wouldnt be a stretch. I wanted to train my build a bit before joining some player skirmishes but no dice.
  15. You really need to start telling us proc chances. Why would you not do that? You should know what kind of people you are attracting, give us all the data!
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