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  1. t would be fun if after someone wins there is still the need to go to the embargo to export things. Leave the world running for a few days (maybe have the hunger start destroying the world) and force player to have to fight it out till the very end. Though that might be more workable as new ruleset: Capture all dragonballs and take it to the embargo. Once someones gathers them all the world start to die and their location become (somewhat?) traceable. Whoever returns any of them gets the rewards.
  2. This is actually pretty good. It would allow players to plan accordingly. The main problem with the current campaign is that most people didnt see it coming and are locked in the faction now. Imagine if people had the chance of making that rally call before the campaign even started? Things would be completely different.
  3. Yep, You wont be combat-able in white vessels. (Nor in basic/intermediate gear) The only good info I have for ya is that you dont need to upgrade vessels by steps. If you manage to get your hands on an Orange vessel go straight for it. The idea is for veseels to be slowly made available in the live game. We will have some months where everyone will run white. Then the folks at the top will have some time with exclusive green. Then the unwashed masses get their green. Rinse and repeat. Plus we will have more rulesets and CWs. It shouldnt be common to have new players having to compete with vets.
  4. They should wait a few days to make sure it is a bust. The problem is how stop the same happenning in the next campaign. As you can see above there is people who think nothing is wrong. And I think it is better to let those 12 days play out than risking it happening twice in a row.
  5. Oh, hello there stranger who has no post under its name and decided to chime in exactly here. You dont look suspicious at all. No sir.
  6. I think the issue is that the first part doesnt sound, uh, awesome enough to stand by itself. The intention seems to be to say CF is the very first Throne War game ever, but it reads blandly. It is why I thought the stop wasn't meant to be there. If I had to say 'only' just doesnt have enough "oomph" to fit there. If that makes sense...
  7. I think they are already doing that. It seems to be handled by Travian. Again, it just isnt good enough.
  8. Hey, pessoal. Eu acho q todo mundo concorda q a tradução tá longe de ser perfeita, né? Então eu gostaria de pedir a ajuda de todo mundo pra q ela se torne a melhor possível. Acabei de criar um post pedindo se seria possível ganhar alguma coisa por nosso trabalho. Talvez funcione, quem sabe. Mas msm que não eu gostaria de pedir a ajuda de todos em reportar erros na tradução. Eu acho q o presente esquema de mandar email pra travian é um tanto problemático, então bora postar aki msm. Isso vai ser mais fácil pra td mundo (menos pro fauno talvez), vai dar uma animada nesse nosso forum, e vai permitir a gente discutir e checar por melhores traduções. Win-win. Eu ouvi dizer que a guilda que reportar mais erros vai ganhar uma coisa especial. Soberanos do chaos ( @asteiro), Sinergia ( @Athyllan), Death Law ( @InfernusDL ), Reapers ( @Meliiodas ) e Corvos Famintos ( @Noura) Bora botar os membros pra trabalhar!
  9. Hey, folks. I know the topics of rewards have been a little controversial these days but hear me out first. ACE, it saddens me to say this, but the translation for portuguese just aint good enough. It just isnt. It has bothered me for a while, but seeing the current translation to CF, uh, slogan (?) made me finally step up. Here: "Crowfall é um jogo de Guerra do Trono unicamente online. Você pode vencer." Which translation would be: "CF is a Throne of War game uniquely (solely) online. You can win." or "Crowfall is a Throne War game only online." Okay, I speak pt-Br and maybe that is in pt-pt, but I dont think there isn any difference between the two in this instance. My point is, that is a awfully silly mistake. And I aint even talking about whether that translation sounds good (it doesnt), just the plain incorrect translation. In-game translation also has such issues. My request would be to consider giving us some incetive to actually go out and look for those. A simbolic title, a badge in the forums, something small (as in no extra work on your part) but that would get players and guilds working to better the translation. And, pls no stats or in-game gains that are not cosmetic. Pls. The same could also be done to other translation being made. While I cant talk about the qualities of these, a couple hundred extra pair of eyes could be useful.
  10. The wording under Crowfall seems weird to me. "Crowfall is the only online Throne War game. You can win." That stop seems out of place. EDIT: Checking the portuguese version it seems that stop is indeed supposed to be there. Still sounds weird to me. Anyone else thinks the same?
  11. Not gonna happen. This thread has become too amusing and gone too far to be used for that. I reccomend creating a new topic. People should be mature enough to not derail that one too...
  12. I thought so. But locking 2 other promos out of the power because of that seems excessive. Seems they dont want stealth classes getting an extra avenue of getting into stealth. Which is fair. But maybe they could simply not allow two of such powers to be slotted? This way only characters really using stealth before would not be able to use invisibility. Would perhaps require some extra coding to get it working, but the ability of having powers exclude others out could have a lot of interesting uses.
  13. Is ranger considered an stealth class? "cuz if IIRC the invisibility power of Illusionist isnt available to stealth classes... EDIT: Here:
  14. This is exactly the kind of thing a game developer must hate to see. You go and work hard, decide to be nice and give rewards to keep players engaged and bam! people comes and ruin everything doing dumb stuff. And the worse is that you cant do anything. No ones is breaking the rules. Like firstworldpotato said above, sportmanship is always welcome but sadly it isnt required, and as such cant be enforced.
  15. But this thread is just so much better now.
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