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  1. That seems interesting. It also doesnt seem that hard to code. I am pretty sure they can just tweek the respawn timers. Could make it depend on position and season.
  2. Here. Searched '13' Children: Art+Craft does not knowingly collect information from children under 13 or allow them to create an account or access account features. The Site and Service are intended for a mature audience. If you are under 13, please do not submit any personal information about yourself to Art+Craft. And 'Child': Eligibility: You represent that you are an adult and have the legal capacity to enter a contract in the jurisdiction where you reside. You may allow your minor children for whom you are the parent or legal guardian to use the Service using your account provided that you accept full responsibility for the conduct of the children using your account. You further agree that you are solely responsible and entirely liable for all activities conducted through the authorized use of your account, and you are responsible for ensuring that you and/or any minor children whom you have allowed to use your account is aware of, understands and complies with the terms of these TaC and any and all other Art+Craft terms. Doesnt say much of anything at all. Would any action be taken if a child was found playing the game? How troublesome can it get? Does parental permission factor into anything?
  3. Same with me. Using Firefox. There was quite some time since I saw this issue, however this happened like 5 times in the last 3 days.
  4. Seems like a bug. As long as they share the same grade they should display equal behaviour. Are they different in any way? Race/Class?
  5. I am seriously considering flooding this with 'You can do better' memes... Really, really considering it...
  6. I have yet to see a post thread that I felt was over the top. I mean, CF is +18 game, and for anyone who really uses the interwebs can see that things here are pretty tame as far as human behaviour is concerned. The last few days have the most interesting threads I have seen around here for months! Sure, there was a lot of pointing fingers, a bit more heated debate. But hey, this is a PvP game. We cant exactly be allowed kill , decapitate each other, maybe do a silly dance atop each other bodies ingame then be expected to act like gentlemen here. To be fair we are more like a bunch of drunk men/women. We might curse each other, we might point fingers, we might even fight it out in the cold floor. But come morning we will get over it. No hard feelings. That was a nice punch, lets do it again tomorrow. I didnt play SB. But I could finally catch a glimpse of the politics it had going. I liked what I saw.
  7. I have no idea what this about. Since we all know this will get locked sooner or later can we get some real info before that. Maybe some links? Where?
  8. To @Pann, Any reason why the links such as ToS, Rules of conduct, PrivacyPolicy, and Fair UsePolicy in the, forgot the name, botom of the mainsite link to travian's? Instead of Ace's that is. Either link both (it might look ugly) or just link to ACE's. That is the only that really matters. Edit: Plus, from what I saw, Travian stuff seems to be general. Their tos seemed to be applicable to all its games which makes it even less of a use to us.
  9. I could only find this 'Terms of conduct' at the bottom of our homepage. Which seems to be travian's. Even tho that doesnt mke mush sense to me. Couldnt find a single 'ban' here after a quick ctrl+f search. Still, it seems to be travian's. I am pretty sure I saw ... NVM, I found Ace's. Had to change travian for artcraft in the url. Here. To answer your question:
  10. VIP gets, IIRC, a month of leeway on points storing. Quite frankly they shouldn't make it easy for people to go months without playing. That is counterproductive. I could argue that i is a real issue to non-Vips, 3 days (again, IIRC) is a tad short. I would consider selling just the time extension for say 5 bucks just because it seems like a almost necessary quality of life thing. The idea about just grouping training points in the three categories make sense. Allowing people to just select a main category and distribute later seems simply like a quality of life improvement. I mean, it doesnt make any difference so why not go with the least troublesome way?
  11. I think CF differs from Eve in the fact that here we are actually fighting each other. Sure, in Eve you have those behemoths but a new player is totally able to come in and play his game without even bothering about them. They can each do their own thing bar some convoluted exceptions. The bands -- and I hope we get more bands other than dregs and Faction -- could solve this problem quite a bit. It is a sort of basic matchmaking. The deeper you go the more, uh, hardcore things become. It is simple, Ace could simple wash their hands, If you go to the dregs unprepared, the blame is on you. People will crush and gank the hell out of you. That is okay. Today we quite some skewed metric because of this. We have people who dont really wanna play the faction having to. I am tired of seeing posts that basically traslates to 'the faction rulest sucks let's move to the dregs already' or 'who cares about whether the faction ruleset is fun? All that matters is the dregs!'. Can I blame those people? Not really, they just want to play the way the prefer. Do I think they might be lacking in foresight game-longevity wise? Yeah, I do.
  12. Would the next one be better tho? Can people actually say the same won't happen? I imagine guilds would be able to plan accordingly next time but I fear that the results of this happening two campaign in a row would be disastrous. The first time is okay since this a new issue, but I'd rather they (or us the community) make 100% sure we can avoid the same happening next campaign before trying again...
  13. Seems like he means respec. I would rather they not. People should get used to the fact those are permanent. Sounds dumb but I bet people would complain when the ability to respec is removed in the future.
  14. Plus I think we should have some sort of difference between factions. Might be the rewards OP raised or anything, It just doesnt make sense to factions to differ in name only. We need a bit of realm identity we see in RvR.
  15. I think there was one ruleset in the KS that was exactly that. Factions today are chaos, Order and balance but there was one ruleset where its was gods against gods. I dont remember how many gods we have but it would be like a lot of small factions battling. Not sure whether that ruleset will make it to launch even tho it is just a slightly modified fation play...
  16. t would be fun if after someone wins there is still the need to go to the embargo to export things. Leave the world running for a few days (maybe have the hunger start destroying the world) and force player to have to fight it out till the very end. Though that might be more workable as new ruleset: Capture all dragonballs and take it to the embargo. Once someones gathers them all the world start to die and their location become (somewhat?) traceable. Whoever returns any of them gets the rewards.
  17. This is actually pretty good. It would allow players to plan accordingly. The main problem with the current campaign is that most people didnt see it coming and are locked in the faction now. Imagine if people had the chance of making that rally call before the campaign even started? Things would be completely different.
  18. Yep, You wont be combat-able in white vessels. (Nor in basic/intermediate gear) The only good info I have for ya is that you dont need to upgrade vessels by steps. If you manage to get your hands on an Orange vessel go straight for it. The idea is for veseels to be slowly made available in the live game. We will have some months where everyone will run white. Then the folks at the top will have some time with exclusive green. Then the unwashed masses get their green. Rinse and repeat. Plus we will have more rulesets and CWs. It shouldnt be common to have new players having to compete with vets.
  19. They should wait a few days to make sure it is a bust. The problem is how stop the same happenning in the next campaign. As you can see above there is people who think nothing is wrong. And I think it is better to let those 12 days play out than risking it happening twice in a row.
  20. Oh, hello there stranger who has no post under its name and decided to chime in exactly here. You dont look suspicious at all. No sir.
  21. I think the issue is that the first part doesnt sound, uh, awesome enough to stand by itself. The intention seems to be to say CF is the very first Throne War game ever, but it reads blandly. It is why I thought the stop wasn't meant to be there. If I had to say 'only' just doesnt have enough "oomph" to fit there. If that makes sense...
  22. I think they are already doing that. It seems to be handled by Travian. Again, it just isnt good enough.
  23. Hey, pessoal. Eu acho q todo mundo concorda q a tradução tá longe de ser perfeita, né? Então eu gostaria de pedir a ajuda de todo mundo pra q ela se torne a melhor possível. Acabei de criar um post pedindo se seria possível ganhar alguma coisa por nosso trabalho. Talvez funcione, quem sabe. Mas msm que não eu gostaria de pedir a ajuda de todos em reportar erros na tradução. Eu acho q o presente esquema de mandar email pra travian é um tanto problemático, então bora postar aki msm. Isso vai ser mais fácil pra td mundo (menos pro fauno talvez), vai dar uma animada nesse nosso forum, e vai permitir a gente discutir e checar por melhores traduções. Win-win. Eu ouvi dizer que a guilda que reportar mais erros vai ganhar uma coisa especial. Soberanos do chaos ( @asteiro), Sinergia ( @Athyllan), Death Law ( @InfernusDL ), Reapers ( @Meliiodas ) e Corvos Famintos ( @Noura) Bora botar os membros pra trabalhar!
  24. Hey, folks. I know the topics of rewards have been a little controversial these days but hear me out first. ACE, it saddens me to say this, but the translation for portuguese just aint good enough. It just isnt. It has bothered me for a while, but seeing the current translation to CF, uh, slogan (?) made me finally step up. Here: "Crowfall é um jogo de Guerra do Trono unicamente online. Você pode vencer." Which translation would be: "CF is a Throne of War game uniquely (solely) online. You can win." or "Crowfall is a Throne War game only online." Okay, I speak pt-Br and maybe that is in pt-pt, but I dont think there isn any difference between the two in this instance. My point is, that is a awfully silly mistake. And I aint even talking about whether that translation sounds good (it doesnt), just the plain incorrect translation. In-game translation also has such issues. My request would be to consider giving us some incetive to actually go out and look for those. A simbolic title, a badge in the forums, something small (as in no extra work on your part) but that would get players and guilds working to better the translation. And, pls no stats or in-game gains that are not cosmetic. Pls. The same could also be done to other translation being made. While I cant talk about the qualities of these, a couple hundred extra pair of eyes could be useful.
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