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  1. While we are talking about XP please add XP for player kills. A reasonable placeholder would be adding a modifier for player's skulls sac values. Also, i will once again request player's skull match vessel rarity. Low hanging fruit, amazing improvement.
  2. Please give priority to those. I specially think this one is a game changer. We need it ASAP. The other knobs are cool, but this one is a must have.
  3. Someone posted this on Discord and it is seriously sad how much it applies to CF. It is insane how, despite we having everything to avoid our predecessors mistakes, we instead did them all worse. Good read: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/77897-Player-Population/
  4. lol Imagine abandoning a friend cuz he wrecks you at games. git gud
  5. Activate it together with the Holy damage buff? DL can pull some crazy damage.
  6. On lego? Yeah get custarded. You had 4 full levels to get your poorly made dergs together.
  7. 1-30. Free 31. 5k 32. 10k 33. 20k 34. 45k 35. 75k
  8. That is from being mail. Leather get those stats too but raised.
  9. Soryy, im confused. Are you talking about Shadows on dregs?
  10. Also chest is damage, rest is defense.
  11. Here: https://guillaume-docquier.github.io/crowcraft/
  12. We definitely need more fanatics and BGs. Absolutely.
  13. Most of us vets hate it. It is an incredibly poorly made system.
  14. I like this. Maybe yall dont want to mess with keeps and or forts attack windows, but this idea of 'spread up to benefit our group' is something we need to see more. It is the reason I hate god outposts. That is how those should work. We control them so our group can receive those buffs while they are here. This hold for 5 min to get a 3hr buff mechanic is dumb. Anyway i really like this idea. Hold x poi to get increased gold drop, general gathering stat increases, hell, increased capping time, stronger npc guards. Go crazy. If it could give an interesting buff to players in a zone and make them wanna hold those for a while add it.
  15. Ya, unfortunately numbers will always be an issue. Pulling a 4v6, a 6v9, etc. feels great, but nothing stops the enemy from just bringing up even more next time. It is a show stopper. Alliance/Guild zone caps seems to me the easiest way to avoid that. Just have some 1 party zones, 2 party zones, unlimited zones. Hellgates like content would be great but that requires more work. Should be the next step. We need something asap.
  16. Yeah, this too is imho the most easy change to make. Sure proper Hellgates with special maps, rewards systems and all would be great. But that is more complex. Just make some islands 6 men, some 12, etc. And it gotta be said again, this is super easy to implement. Like for real.
  17. Lvling sucks. The most efficient way is killing mobs in a safe place. as such it doesnt add anything and is just a pain in the ass. Legit spent 2-3 weeks in a blue vessel simply because lvling ti is boring as hell. Doesnt help that sac items comparatively suck. So a purple sac item? gives me what 350 xp? I can kill 10 mobs and get 500 xp easier. Honestly saccing a bunch of sac items and seeing your xp bar barely change makes me mad. Might as well remove those. Just taking space in my bag. Please up Harversting XP. My gatherer farming in a good spot is way more engaging to everyone involved. Also XP on kill pls. Again, if lvling is gonna be just about who can spend more time killing stupid mobs might as well make it reward doin stuff? Harversting? XP. Got a kill? XP. Capture? XP. Cant get any worse.
  18. Got some REAL bad freezing after farming elementals for a while. Prolly some leak somewhere.
  19. Fix balance. Yall bleeding players and yet we dont see a single impactful change for weeks. Legit there are a couple powers that do 4k damage when the average hp is a bit over 8k. Yet it seems yall dont care enough. After dying twice to the same guy simply because his stupid envenom power do 4k+ i just realized I dont care. I will prolly log the afternoon to pass all the stuff i farmed to our ek and then Im really not sure if I will do stuff again.
  20. I honestly thought theyd use HD as a lure. Have it be a f2p mode and to customize and advance your hd chars you need to play the main game. Sadly it seems setting up a ingame queue system was too much. That was all hd really needed to be usable.
  21. Or you could just not ult? I mean, seems obvious to me. Feels like all the sins that keep running and stealthing despite it being clear to me they are just dying slowly to my brig. I can see you bud, might as well fight me. If you know someone can see you dont bother stealthing. Seems balanced imho. Those are your hunters. God knows Im still exploded by fessors regardless if i make a simple mistake.
  22. Everyday my first login in the game doesnt work. I gotta wait while stuck in 'Loading Avatars' until the game returns me to lobby or a I kill the game. I will once again ask for a return to lobby button. There is no need to need a player to completely close your game and it is something that should be avoided at all costs.
  23. custard it. I dont see why not. Cant die any faster.
  24. Yall should move basic balance up in priority. This inst beta anymore. we can let clearly broken classes and powers stay unchanged for weeks. Instead of playing for another hour Im logging off. That is the kind of stuff that causes games to die.
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