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  1. This is how I imagine this post came about: Pann: Hey Blair, the players are upset about the horrid hungershard drops. Blair: Don't worry Pann. The players are just blithering idiots. Clearly, the real problem is that in their extreme stupidity they didn't notice the changes I made to the skill trees. They obviously didn't already train them before running around for hours fruitlessly beating down hunger crystals. Once trained they will realize the joy of spending hours hunting down the mythical r10 Hunger Crystals in the hopes of getting a halfway decent weapon additive. Imagine their absolute bliss when instead of getting that hungershard they have lost sleep hunting, they get a legendary sacrifice shard that is worth an astounding 1/3 of the xp you would get from the gold drop off a single r1 mob. All I need to do is write an article explaining to the players how utterly stupid they are and finish by telling them they should be rejoicing about this situation. Pann: Wow Blair, you truly are a genius. Blair: It is a burden I bear Pann. But I bear it for the players.
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