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  1. Having to re-iterate what the actual problems are is getting tiresome. it's quite clear that Gordon has no intention of listening to anyone except the large zergs. Take your crappy 10 zone map, and add at least 5-10 more zones with NO KEEPS OR FORTS like Poly has. just outposts and farming areas. and THEN we might actually have something to play on. and then, launch a west version, with west timings. Launch an east version with East timings, and an EU version with EU timings. Stop listening to the zergs crying about not having pvp. they themselves and their play to crush attitude are why they don't get any pvp. because it's been so suffocating that they have just "crushed" their opponents completely out of the game, and they probably won't come back. @Tyrantyou seem so ridiculously scared of people not finding pvp that you are literally suffocating your game. We like pvp, but dear god we need enough room to do something OTHER than 24/7 pvp. and on the flip side the zergs cry about no pvp, because they are too big. Stop doing things to shove everyone together and get rid of this absolutely stupid ideal you have of working with what you have. start working with what you want. Though tbh, all this lip service your giving about deliberately not advertising etc, is just a cop out because you knew this game was on it's deathbed when you went to launch it. And your actions in how you have been handling dregs re-enforces this. Just FYI roughly 4,000 players on a "Launch" is not something to be proud of for an MMO.
  2. It honestly to me seems like there is a race between the dev's and certain parts of the playerbase to see who can kill the game first.
  3. This has to be the most out of touch post I have read from you period. You really seem to have no clue what actually makes a campaign good. If you intend to keep releasing these pathetically small 4 zone campaigns, then you do NOT need a "few thousand" level 25+ players. If you filled up every zone, including the temples, that would barely account 1600 players. it's not even remotely close to your supposed "server cap". Never mind that with how small the actual maps are 200 people per zone is far far far to many. When are you going to wake up and get a clue, the issues right now aren't "finding pvp", pvp is absolutely non-stop. the only people I imagine complaining about not getting pvp are the guilds so stupidly big ( because there are no control measures in place) that they effectively lockout zones and deprive themselves of pvp. How about you wake up and get a clue on your own game. Everything that's happening right now has been warned to you, yet blatantly ignored, and you still even now refuse to address these issues. How about you stop listening to the zerg guilds for a second, and actually take action that will keep your game in a healthy state, instead of driving people away because they are suffocated in your campaigns
  4. You forgot to add that you also have to have VIP in order for you to even be able to list your EK as public.
  5. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). ATM nothing. you haven't done anything for this launch that remotely stands out for all that you got wrong. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? The current balance of the game, the fact that you launched with class balance so skewed is beyond me, wardens and alpha's are in dire need of a balance pass, and a number of under performing classes need looking at. The state of Dregs, Once again you just have refused to listen. I'm tired of being shoulder to shoulder with players in every zone because there isn't enough room. We told you time and time again that dregs was too small, that 4 adventure zones is nowhere near enough, that the actual size of maps is too small. but you proceeded to launch with dregs from test anyway, even though they were suffocating with just a 100 - 200 playerbase. Alliance system is a joke, yet another thing we have repeatedly told you about that you have not listened to. Why is there not a guild member cap on alliances, these were touted for being for small guilds to band up, and all they do is perpetuate uncle bob Guilds zone locking, this really just lends into to my 2nd dislike. The current siege system doesn't work, timer fall is getting old, outposts being on 1 hr tick rate absolutely sucks because zergs can just roll in in the last 10 minutes and mass cap outposts. outposts being all clustered together so that there is no effort to control all of a zones outposts is absurd. Forts being once a day instead of constantly throughout the day is just slly. also all of these timers only cater to the east coasters, even on a west coast server. Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive. If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Be nice, seriously don't be a jerk. Is this feedback even worth the time I spent typing it out? seems to me you are only interested in listening to the large zergy east coast guilds who have successfully coerced you into developing rules for the game that cater to them in such a way that they have to put little effort into the game.
  6. This is very bad information. There are two stats at play, Stealth and Perception. Both of these stats affect the range at which you can be detected by an alertness skill. The default range for detection is 27m, a higher Stealth rating will decrease the range at which you are detect relative to the perception of the user using an alertness skill. Perception otherwise is a worthless stat without an alertness skill, as it won't passively detect stealth. Alertness is limited to the Heads Up minor discipline, the Ranger tree Alertness skill, the Hunter Minor Discipline which is limited to the Ranger class, and Elkins Racial skill. The main difference between each of these is Duaration and Cooldown. The only thing particularly egregious with the stealth system, is how much the Assassin and Duelist ulti's are get out of jail free cards. As the access to alertness skills is relatively limited. The strongest class by and far for stealth detection is the ranger, and is generally considered the anti-stealth class.
  7. What's that, people crying about smaller maps, and too little number of zones? It's almost like we have been saying this is a problem for over a year, but nope the zerg guilds like Dissentient, Hax, Winterblades etc, would just keep claiming the maps ( that were the same as what we have now) were actually too big. Claiming that the dregs size was scaled to the 100 - 150 players we had at the time. Well now we have something like 30x the size of the testing pop, and even across 3 servers it's still horrendously over crowded. I suppose that's what you get when through testing you have developers right in the pocket of zerg guilds, even going so far as to discuss changes in their discords so they only hear a biased and skewed version of opinion from one side of the potential playerbase
  8. Basically all the interesting stuff only happens during East Coast Prime time window once a day. And there is basically nothing else going on during the rest of the day because the large zergs, that happen to all be east coast, complained and whined about night capping. It leads to a small window of action, then things dieing down, and it all caters to east coasters. This is despite the request that if they insist on having timers on when things go live, that the frequency be significantly increased, instead now they are just going to implement "handshake sieges" which is such a laughably bad idea when couple with the zone caps.
  9. Key proponents of the campaign like keep sieges being ill suited to other timezones due to being based on East Coast timezone, to put it simply.
  10. Which really speaks volumes to the state of this launch and the questionable testing leading up to it.
  11. Even if this was the case, throwing up an NA East and not a West is a bit mind boggling. Further to this being that they are insistent on only catering to the East Coast timezones for event timers. Feels to me they really are just intent on driving the nail in the coffin. Next thing we will see is the campaigns being the laughable size they were during Test, of only 4 adventuring zones linked to the three faction temples + a worthless castle zone. The devs just seem to continue to show their incompetence and refusal to actually listen to proper feedback
  12. You did such a good job about regions GR's, but now you turn around and shaft US west, AU and BR with your campaign launch. Like seriously what even is this.
  13. There is a guild chat, there seems to be a bug atm where it's not opening by default. Typing /guild into chat if you are part of a guild will bring the tab up. As for your concerns around PVP it's really hard to say, I definitely know there are some EU guilds playing but not to what extent. It's been popping on the nA servers during prime time, and to my knowledge the AU servers as well.
  14. Right after 5 hours of NPE, or a credit card swipe for the level 25 skip
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