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  1. Cross-court, hail mary, 360 no scope, 6k+ heal much appreciated.
  2. It really feels like they are running out of money, and what they mean by "First Sanctioned Campaign" for 6.0 is that it is going to be the "early access" soft launch to get a cash infusion. They know they don't have a complete game, so they are attempting to mask the lack of content/systems/features with pointless grind.
  3. They are removing the temporary conveniences at 1000% the rate they are adding the final systems that mitigate the pain those temporary systems were meant to alleviate. I am 100% for location locked spirit banks. But without more bank space in campaign, this will just be one more frustration heaped on an ever growing pile.
  4. There are 3 different start dates in the article: when the next trial begins on Thursday, April 11, 2019 Start: April 9 at 4 PM CDT (NA)/4 PM CEST (EU) In advance of the new campaign, we will deploy the 5.8.6 update on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.
  5. It would be awesome if we could get test vendors and training dummies in our EK's on the test server. Would let us test more things when the actual test campaign worlds are down.
  6. Recall now being Russian Roulette for all of your items in CW is a huge QOL nerf tho.
  7. A mechanic to rank up nodes only getting to r10 in winter solves many issues like this:
  8. Everybody seems to be asking about the crafting score, which is understandable. What I want to know is if the kill count is gameable. Can you just slaughter an alt over and over to win? Is there a limit to the credit you get for killing the same person within a certain amount of time? There didn't seem to be anything stopping people from gaming the captures by using an alt to dance in and out of the circles and repeatedly capture an outpost over and over, though I don't think people really abused that one. Wouldn't affect the faction score overall, but definitely could affect an individuals score. If there is no lockout then RIP to the notion of taking it easy on people in death shroud.
  9. +1 need general chat w/Tyrant in attendance again.
  10. That is why I suggested linking adjacent parcels to the system. Not perfect, but better than now. If you add up all of the adjacent parcels of all of the forts and keeps, that is a whole lot of R8-R10 nodes and mobs by the end of the campaign that are generally pretty worthless R3-R4 now. Those fair weather harvesters and gankers are what keep the world from being empty. They are what cause pvp to happen outside of seiges. As the campaigns get longer, how long will it take for people to go from only logging in during sieges to just not logging in at all? We are already seeing this happen during fall/winter in 2 week campaigns. It will only get worse when winter lasts a month. An empty world is just plain not good for the overall health of the game.
  11. 1. Make Spirit Bank only available in the Temple. 2. Start all Keeps at R6 at the beginning of a campaign 3. Start all Forts at R4 at the beginning of a campaign 4. Link immediately adjacent parcels to Keeps/Forts in terms of overall Rank. 5. Set all nodes/mobs in the Keep and linked parcels to R3-R6. Set all nodes/mobs in the Fort and linked parcels to R1-R4 6. Give us a mechanic to rank up the Forts/Keeps. Maybe a sacrifice mechanic. Maybe sacrifice shards from hunger crystals give a ton of value for this. 7. Gate the rank ups by season. Spring Max = Keep:R7, Fort:R5 Summer Max = Keep:R8, Fort:R6 Fall Max = Keep:R9, Fort:R7 Winter Max = Keep:R10, Fort:R8 8. Rank up the nodes/mobs in the immediate and linked parcels with the central fort/keep. 9. Maybe de-rank forts/keeps when they switch hands by 1 rank down to the starting rank as a minimum. This will: Give players more investment in the keeps/forts. Having a bank nearby is now vital. Make forts/keeps valuable to capture and hold even late in the campaign when your faction may have very little chance of winning. Help alleviate instances of certain resources (hungershards/aurochs/certain graveyard types) having very few/no high ranking spots. Make it worthwhile for harvesters to harvest in Fall/Winter. As Plentiful resource pips go down, the quality of the resource nodes goes up. Make Harvest specialization more important. Tons of 5-pip high-rank nodes in spring devalues this training.
  12. After getting stunned, I can't hit a target without moving my reticle off of them and back on.
  13. Couldn't connect a swing, therefore couldn't charge up my heals. Either lag or ZombieGandhi got moves like Brian Boitano. I'll let the community decide. I owe Galvia my life. Totally clutch net.
  14. +1 At the very least lockout timers once an outpost or fort is taken would lessen the circle standing grind greatly.
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