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  1. Stubbs

    Templar talk.

    I specced Fury knowing a respec was coming soon. The main problem is divine light sucking down all my pips in exchange for very mediocre healing. Get rid of the pip requirement entirely. Maybe base the strength of the healing on how many pips you have, but for the love of Maleki leave yur damn mits off mah pips. The other two specs don't get clobbered by this, one gets a talent to remove it, and the other removes the healing (and presumably it's pip drain) altogether. More General Templar issues: 1) Parry would be great as a normal ability but is useless when you are forced to give up a huge portion of your mobility for it. Especially in light of #2 2) Our leap is pretty much impossible to hit with unless your target is afk, and can lead to wildly different results based on the quirks of in game physics. If your target is running away from you the vast majority of the time you bump backwards off of them and then the ability gets triggered, missing them because they kept on moving. 3) We are the only defensive pip-based class. We need to have access to a passive that gives us a chance at generating a pip when hit. One missed swing can leave you in a pip-hole and lose an entire fight, even at the very beginning.
  2. I've only been back for a few weeks since basically hungerdome, so I just assumed that actual Mob AI and powers just weren't in the game yet. All they do is tiny stutter steps in between constant melee attacks. But today I logged in right after a server restart and the mobs were AWESOME. Rapid firing cool powers, and swarming you. But as I kept farming they slowly started slipping away back down to full retard. Such a sad fate. 😥
  3. 1) Guards should spawn at least twice as fast 2) Neutral Guards should attack everybody 3) Once freshly capped, x4 capture speed till full.
  4. It's not. Nice to conveniently ignore the actual reality of the game state right now. Right now nobody needs to train crafting trees because they can just swap around the test disciplines at will. So what does that leave for their second training slot? Oh right, exploration. Going on a harvesting run? Spend a couple slag and dust and you are now a maxed out harvester. And even with all of those advantages to harvesting that won't last once the test discipline recipes go away, the world is still empty in winter.
  5. A mechanic that disincentivizes players to actually play the game is a bad mechanic no matter what length of time it occurs over.
  6. I have only been back for a couple weeks after a looong hiatus (hunger dome was super fun, empty campaign world with nothing to do was not), but it seems like one of the recurring themes is lack of motivation to play in Fall/Winter. I think boosting victory points and capture bonuses will help the high-level gameplay in later stages, but the way resources are handled currently is a big mistake. They are a flat out disincentive to play later stages of campaigns. With multiple character slots available, if you aren't winning, why wouldn't you just spend your time in a newer campaign? Even if you are winning why would you do anything more then the bare minimum to stay ahead while splitting time in a fresh campaign? A solution that fits both lore and gameplay wise would be to adjust the rare drop items so that they follow the reverse path of the common items during campaign progression. As the Hunger infects more of the world things like Chaos Embers, Soulstones and Hunger Shards should drop more in Fall/Winter then they do in spring/summer. IMO once you are in winter things like hunger shards should drop from just about anything (at an appropriate rate) Time spent in winter should always be the most potentially lucrative time spent in game. It is just that the distribution of resources should shift from high common staples/low rare drops in spring to low common staples and higher rare drops in winter. For example, food gets scarce but choice body parts are easier to find. If you were to distill all items down to a gold value, the total gold value per time spent at any activity should only increase as the seasons progress. Its just that the overall distribution of the resources gained for any activity should shift from high amounts of low-value drops in spring to high amounts (relatively speaking) of high-value drops in winter.
  7. Does the "D-Team" in your sig mean Degan and Dreaden have joined you in Sugoi? And, Hi. I'm back from my Crowfall vacation
  8. I have nothing to say other then I hope that this thread stays on the first page in general discussion for all of eternity.
  9. It would be really cool if high quality vessels didn't just "break" when worn out but instead degraded to a lower quality. The lower quality ones should have a frankenstien look to them, as they have been killed multiple times and been patched back together, while the high quality ones could look pristine.
  10. The lunging on legio and knight is way more subtle. More like a baby step. The champion takes a decent stride. *Edit* but the knight and obviously legio have higher base run speeds then the champ to compensate. BTW listen to Oberon when it comes to anything legio, especially movement. Sometimes it feels like he found a secret teleport power. The jukes are real.
  11. If you stand still, touch nothing on your keyboard, and then spam left click you will step forward with every attack. Tested it on Champion, and the steps don't move you at full speed, but left click does move you all on it's own.
  12. I don't know how many times I've tried to reply to you on this one, and you ignore it every single time. They are already there on basic attacks. It is most pronounced on the champion.
  13. And then there are the "testers" that haven't played enough to understand the game and get good at it, let alone realize when significant changes take place, who speak as if from positions of ultimate authority.
  14. I've gotten completely used to the camera/movement and have started doing things to utilize the options it gives you for better visibility into what is going on around me. That said, I think it wouldn't hurt to try some of the things you are talking about. I've just been trying to get across an accurate picture of the current state of the game. It drastically improved from 1.0 to 1.1 and got even better while 1.1 was in session. But the forums seemed to be occupied arguing over things that had already been addressed. Maybe not addressed to a highly polished state, we are still in pre-alpha after all, but addressed nonetheless.
  15. https://youtu.be/jmXNHNUgZv4 A couple of my better matches from the last day of the Hungerdome. Played all day, was tired, things went quickly downhill after these games. Damn you Cuddles!!
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