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  1. Original post was probably over the top, but when I saw their official twitter talking about Giuseppe the Guinea Pope I got kinda disgruntled. Still need to nix the Guinecean = Italian references though.
  2. I might be wrong, but Underhill bosses are given mob titles like "Capo" as well, right? It isn't just a couple of coincidences.
  3. That was my initial reaction as well. But then I realized the duelist buffs aren't just a neat reference to Princess Bride, they also do dual duty of reinforcing the Guineceans = Italians thing.
  4. Why am I not surprised Zybak's only response to racism is memeing.
  5. Guinea is one of many ethnic slurs aimed at Italians in the US. Specifically mocking Italians for having dark skin.
  6. Did I say the hamsters by themselves were bad? But calling a race Guineceans (aka Guineas) and also giving them Italian names is 100% racist.
  7. I never paid attention to the names of the NPC's in Crowfall because I don't care about the lore. So it wasn't until today when I saw this tweet from the official Crowfall twitter that it hit me: #GUINEAPOPE? You are using Italian names like Giuseppe for Guineceans aka Guineas? Are you custard kidding me? Apparently racial slurs are only bad for us players. The devs are allowed to quietly insert them into their game all they like. Haha! We got this race of Guineas and we are gonna give them all Italian names, HAHAHA SO custard FUNNY GUYZ!!!!
  8. Cross-court, hail mary, 360 no scope, 6k+ heal much appreciated.
  9. It really feels like they are running out of money, and what they mean by "First Sanctioned Campaign" for 6.0 is that it is going to be the "early access" soft launch to get a cash infusion. They know they don't have a complete game, so they are attempting to mask the lack of content/systems/features with pointless grind.
  10. They are removing the temporary conveniences at 1000% the rate they are adding the final systems that mitigate the pain those temporary systems were meant to alleviate. I am 100% for location locked spirit banks. But without more bank space in campaign, this will just be one more frustration heaped on an ever growing pile.
  11. There are 3 different start dates in the article: when the next trial begins on Thursday, April 11, 2019 Start: April 9 at 4 PM CDT (NA)/4 PM CEST (EU) In advance of the new campaign, we will deploy the 5.8.6 update on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.
  12. Recall now being Russian Roulette for all of your items in CW is a huge QOL nerf tho.
  13. Everybody seems to be asking about the crafting score, which is understandable. What I want to know is if the kill count is gameable. Can you just slaughter an alt over and over to win? Is there a limit to the credit you get for killing the same person within a certain amount of time? There didn't seem to be anything stopping people from gaming the captures by using an alt to dance in and out of the circles and repeatedly capture an outpost over and over, though I don't think people really abused that one. Wouldn't affect the faction score overall, but definitely could affect an
  14. +1 need general chat w/Tyrant in attendance again.
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