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  1. Hey same "Problem" for me too. I will try to update Gpu lets see if it helps. Mostly i get the issue when i spin my character around.
  2. Yeah some people (me) will be confused.^^ Thx for the clarification!
  3. Yeah sure like the Versions before, but why write 1 Point every 10 sec in the Patch Notes then?
  4. The Patch Notes say's 1 Point every 10 seconds, but still i get 10 Points every 10 Seconds? Am i missing something?
  5. But still you dont need to learn a complete Skilltree to get to the next one! Just a example, you want to quickly get to Blacksmithing so the first tree for you is "Crafting Basics". You need effectively 0,4666 Days to get there. (11.2 hours) = 40320 Points. And realy thats quit fast, of course if you want to master a Skill Tree it will take a long time. Some skills maybe dont cooperate with your play style, so you wont learn them.
  6. Maybe not refining to a better quality, but somethin like: Who can craft Weapons/Armor from ore, shouldnt there be a step between this. Refinering Ore into Ingots, Wood into Planks, Stone into "Blocks", Cleaning dead Bodies (Necromancy), grind juweliers etc. So if i refine some Tier 1 Ore, i can add some "Rare Items". To get a special Tier 1 ingot. These "Rare Parts" could be something i get from sacrifices, or from "Hunger Monsters".
  7. What are huge Pvp Matches for you? 10 / 100 / 1000 People? I'm looking forward to some interesting siege matches, i hope these sieges will be strategy based and not who has the most catapults!
  8. The next fun fact is in Albion Online you had 2 Ingame currency's, Silver you got though killing mobs and Gold from buying it with real Life Currency. But also you could switch Gold to Silver and Silver to Gold, in the early stages of the Game the conversion factor was quite low. So you could invest all your Silver into Gold, and after some Months you made a huge amount of Silver if you sold your Gold. (I dont know if there will be a System like that in Crowfall too, like switching between Currency's.)
  9. Just a quick Story about Albion Online and its start. In Albion Online you have weapons from "Tier 1" to "Tier 8", at the start of Albion Online i quickly leveld to craft "Tier 4" Daggers. I bought ressources from gatherers, crafted them to Weapons (Daggers) and sold them, for like 250% of the normal Price... Just a few others could craft them at this moment, few Offers / much Demands. Like you sayd a lot of People are Pvp focused and thats the Jackpot! And this exact thing will happen to in Crowfall, and thats the Reason why i will be a crafter/gatherer at the Start. "To
  10. Hey, Are there different Carry weigths for every Race? I mean can a small Guinecean carry the same amount as a Half Giant? Just thought about a Duelist, who can go permanently stealth and carry a lot of Ressources around.
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