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  1. I'm just dropping this here. Most of you already on these forums will propably not learn alot from this one. But, i'd like to mark this as my starting mark for a series of vids wich will eventually go into deeper waters! For now, this might be a good tool for anyone wanting to educate a newbie about Crowfall for the first time!
  2. Yay! Had a blast meeting all the fellow Crows! It was an honor representing the game at Gamescom! Definetely felt the passion of all those present! Thx devs!
  3. We are SoulTribe! SoulTribe is a new Guild, formed trough Shadiz' streaming community. Our core consists of veteran MMO fanatics, who came together to build a platform that will last for years, with Crowfall as its "pioneer" MMO. Our biggest emphasis when playing is the community. We believe that the core element of every MMO we have played for a long time has been the awesome people we've met there! If you are looking for a Guild with this mindset, crave to be part of a team that is building itself up from the ground and experience the adventures and challenges that come with it - Join us! What kind of players are we looking for? We are currently only recruiting people who have access to the pre-alpha tests. If you do not have access to the game yet, but feel like you want to get to know us better. Feel free to join our community Discord server! Combatants People who mainly want to focus on the PvP aspect of the game. You will be our muscle in campaigns, the protection our harvesters and crafters need in order to do their job. You are the main force! Harvesters You want to be the provider! You love venturing out in the open dangers to gather those valuable resources, which our crafters will need to provide armor, weapons, siegeweapons, buildings, keeps and so forth. Enabling us to participate into commerce & trade! You are the blood that flows with nutrients! Crafters You love to hone your craft! Become one of the big cornerstones of the Guild, that will help us attain succes in campaigns & indirectly influence the flow of battle, by providing the finest armor and tools of war to slay our enemies! You are the hands that work our anvils! Scouts You have a knack for tactical & high-fantasy warfare! You want to be our eyes and ears on the battlefield looking for new opportunities to lay siege to our enemies, scoping the terrain for the main force & make navigation a breeze! Rules? As far as rules go, we like to keep it simple but logical! These are our core pilars of behaviour: Be exellent to eachother: Having a big group of people playing games together, mixes and matches alot of different personalities! Have respect for your fellow guild- & community members no matter their origin or views! English is the guild language! When attending voicechat and textchat keep in mind that not everyone knows your language! An appropriate understanding of the english language is required! While engaging in organised guild activities and battles, voice chat is mandatory! The ability to listen to commands during fights is a must, having speech highly recommended! Have the mindset of a young adult! Age 18 and above is our general guideline, altough exceptions can be made by showing us your best side! Carry our name with pride not arrogance! Simply put, be a good sport. Be competitive, but do not mindlessly grief. Our reputation is a very important part of the community aspect. Anyone who disrespects that will simply be removed. Connect with us below! Join our Community Discord! Shadiz' Twitch Channel! PM Shadiz,N0ra,Rietz or Orosili in our Discord if you are interested to join us!
  4. Hahaha ! Amazing xD . Karma got me good guys Loved every second of it tho! Soulreaver thanks for the very kind words but honestly... I wouldn't be streaming if not for having a great community like you guys to do it with ! So keep up the chillz guys! Very happy and proud on how well the stream has evolved since I started in october! Crowfall has definetely been and still is the highpoint of the stream! I hope we can build something nice here and be able to take it along for many years to come! Y'all have a good one and see you in the next test ! (saturday evening) Peace ~Shadiz~
  5. Well patience is virtue! I just wanted to know it was on the to do list ^^ Rather have them take the time they need to flesh it out then dropping these kind of things ^^ You go crowfall devs !
  6. Amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for . I just couldn't find info on it, or I was not looking well enough! This relieves me greatly! You sir made my day! I'll be sure to relay more specific suggestion when we see more of the system! Looking forward !
  7. Yo guys! Posting here to write down one of my biggest wishes for this game and hoping to get the answers here! Something I think is very neglected nowadays in MMo's such as Crowfall here is the lack of an actual Alliance system in the game! Games like these naturally push you towards forming alliances between guilds yet there is no actual system to support this gameplay. What ends up happening in a lot of these alliances is the fact that almost only the leadership of both guilds actually interact with eachother. Having a system to, for example, provide alliance chat between all members and a few simple tools, would enhance gameplay tremendously! It will also give a more cohesive feeling towards the alliance. When talking about this, one game I used to play comes into mind that did this splendidly although that game didn't even really need it. I'm talking about Guild Wars 1. What do you guys think about this idea? Does it sound logical to you? Any reasons not to have it? And any Devs reading this wich can provide concrete information? Discuss! ~Shadiz~
  8. 5-man parties is the magic number IMO. This size is perfect to organize people in smaller cells come big warfare battles. Offcourse I do opt for some sort of raid-group possibility. Just like party chat not being in yet I don't worry that it will be added at some point ^^. Pre-alpha remember
  9. Oh Cool ! I will add to it when I get off work later ! Have a good Crowfall this weekend ! ^^
  10. Just wanna make something thing clear on this one here too. MMo's arent supposed to be balanced, fair to everyone, or equalized at all. MMo's try to reflect living breathing worlds. We have MoBa games for such a thing. As in real life when you get born, are you expecting to be able to do a 100m sprint like someone who is 25 years old ? Don't think so. MMo's are progressive games wich means you put in the time to progress away from the masses. If not being the very best or on par with them because a system doesnt spoon it to you, seems like no fun to you, then watch some more pokémon ( Ash still isnt the very best but still having a ton of fun is he not ? xD ). Yes MMo's have competitive factors to them and this one will have many since it's PvP oriënted, but it ain't going to be an eSports game. This system by the way does allow for a catchup sytem to be implemented by the devs.. As it's time based they can simply decrease the time for skills to develop for newcomers one year from now untill they get to a certain treshold. Just saying. Don't jump the gun here. Much love ! ~Shadiz~
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