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  1. Preface: I live in a very rural area. I have decent connection speeds, but a limited download amount. I can drive somewhere and download larger files, but that's not much help for my gaming PC at home unless there's a way for me to access the patch outside of the game launcher automatically downloading. It's also doable for me to just re-download the entire game regularly, but most clients I've worked with don't update the main install file very often, and you're still stuck patching anyway. So, my suggestion is just to make it easy to share updates/patches locally. Is there any hope for such a thing?
  2. 15 v 15 battleground coming in a week looks interesting.
  3. I don't really see this as an issue, personally. I played an archer in Tera up to level 60 with 1600MS ping (satellite connection) on an open world PvP server. Took a different playstyle and learning to be very good at kiting, but was playable. Able to compete comfortably in PvP with 250MS ping, which is about what my friends outside of the states are working with, in 1v1 duels and 20v20 battlegrounds. I had to learn the common combos more thoroughly than other players, was about the only difference, because I needed to be able to predict the start of a "GG" stun lock, etc. You still need to do this at lower pings anyway, unless you have the reaction time of a god. And that's in a game optimized for much lower latency than I assume CF will be.
  4. I cannot for the life of me understand why games do this, and people ask for it. You're good enough at PvP to attain this hard-to-get achievement: Here's something even more powerful for you to use in PvP, which you're already great at! Because, y'know, your superior skill just isn't enough to lord over the people still learning. Nuke them all.
  5. I've seen it said a few times that other games have had much more active forums in pre-alpha. I'm curious at the type of information they were releasing at the time? Most of the info released here lately is just "We're working on combat, getting it right.".. And then like.. keeps in progress? Until I understand more about the combat and seige systems, I don't really have a context for keeps to make them interesting to me. The most interesting game info I've seen in months was a dev response in a thread about the knight and mass, and it was just a side-comment. Inactive forums aren't exactly a turn-on for investors, I can't see that being part of a master plan to acquire funding.
  6. Increased enchantment advantage coming this weekend. RNGeesus loves you.
  7. Speaking of RNG and Combat, I really enjoy the build options in Tera. Similar to the build system in CF, players get a limited number of "points" to spend on buffs for their skills. These often give choices between flat bonuses, random effects, or both. For instance, their new gunner class creates a lot of synergy between skills with a setup where Skill A has a % chance to reset the cooldown on Skill B. So with the right selections and skill rotations, you have a decent chance to increase your overall damage output. Similarly, their iframe skill has an option for 35% chance to reset its own cooldown. This skill gets used a lot for positioning and defense, so it goes off fairly regularly. It can still be very rewarding in the "gambling" sense to use an important skill more often than normal, without the "insta-win or gimp" aspect. Making good use of the rng bonuses can swing a match in your favor, but only if you know how to capitalize and are in a position to do so. It's about the only time I've enjoyed RNG in combat.
  8. Here's to hoping I hate one of you very much.
  9. It has a melee attack. Called "point blank" or something, similar to close quarters for Archer but with an added backstep on double tap.
  10. How does that stack up to just making a Reaper and taking it to the end of the storyline? I tested that out with Elite and it was about 11k gold and 3,000 Vanguard credits in a day.
  11. My first thought was that I hope for the type of chain branching talked about over the last page or so. I do wonder how the static combos work out in actual pvp though. Always having to choose between going deeper into the combo for higher damage, or using a different skill that potentially gives you better position against the enemy. I will say that I enjoy the flexibility in Tera, in that regard. I don't really use skill chains, because I find them mostly useless vs actual players who avoid standing in one spot.
  12. I think it's just a question of positioning. If someone is fighting two ranged players and is dumb enough to stay at a distance from them, yes it's easier for them to throw out damage without hitting one another. If, on the other hand, you are smart enough to close the gap against one of those ranged players, the other is now in danger of friendly fire with every attack.
  13. I was just wondering what the post was all about, since I don't think anyone actually complained about griefing at all. But then I remembered this was the internet. Carry on.
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