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  1. Finally got into the hunger some for a round last game. Despite the massive lag (oceanic playing on an EU server) it was great fun!
  2. But I mean that isn't do say we don't crush But thanks guys, Zim what faction are you guys in ESO?
  3. So keen to get the Crowfall Collectors edition I will finally have some minifigures to use for D&D! And Awesome looking ones at that.
  4. Feel free to do so! We look forward to hearing from you
  5. Haha well I'm sure we will be there to help in watching Booms' back
  6. Really cannot wait for this game to come out. All the videos and updates are making it look more and more awesome! Although I guess it is sort of luckly that it only comes out a bit later this year what with my whole honours year and everything. But right now the TI5 is where it is at! Some great games been going down, with some quite unexpected results. Also started getting into SkyForge (well a few of us are). So if anyone is keen, pop on over!
  7. Whew finally done with all my coursework, and now just have labwork and thesis left to do before October. Sorry I have been rarer to see than the dodo, just been so snowed under. Good luck to the new apps, and this game really cannot come fast enough. In the meantime, I have been playing some SWTOR and making my way through WItcher 2 so I am up to date for Witcher 3 (which I bought the collectors edition of, and have yet to play... oops). Also been thinking of making a foray back into GW2 with the new update. And there of course is the leadup to The International 5!
  8. That coinage announcement has me more than excited
  9. I am too young to have played SWG, but it is awesome to hear from you and that you had such great fun with my fellow Guardians. If you are interested in just talking to some of the guildies, finding some of those who you played with or even joining the guild, feel free to contact any of us or check out the website. I am sure any of my fellow Guardians who you played with would be over the moon to hear from you. It would also be wonderful to have someone as experienced as you along for the ride.
  10. Finally have access to the forums again! And just in time for CLAIMING THE BACKER REWARDS GET HYPED Looks like fun meridian, I have had many a fun night running through TL2, though never finished the game. You tried Path of Exile?
  11. So close till they want our moneh D: Will have to eat noodles for a few days by the looks of it
  12. Oh that is odd then. As it looks to me on these forums like you put in H-two-zero :S All good, don't worry about it. Something obviously went wrong with the app process
  13. It looks like you typed in Htwenty as opposed to H2O?
  14. 6 years and 1 month... YEW! I really hope that by some miracle we hit the next few stretch goals, I really want a piggy. Hehehe Shizzle you sly dog Well said Dritzz. Basically we will want people playing in the same campaign as us as numbers = win, however we aren't here to force someone to play something they don't want to.
  15. Glad to see you liked the post, cheers for the welcome! If you have any questions etc, feel free to ask any of us
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