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  1. Finally got into the hunger some for a round last game. Despite the massive lag (oceanic playing on an EU server) it was great fun!
  2. But I mean that isn't do say we don't crush But thanks guys, Zim what faction are you guys in ESO?
  3. Or you have a dual use ability, a bit like the Vitality subclass in ArcheAge. The roots you can cast on friend or foe, on friend they will bind them in place, but heal them, and on enemies, bind them but damage them. Or something similar
  4. Yeah that idea of the slide like in SkyForge would be sick fun!
  5. So keen to get the Crowfall Collectors edition I will finally have some minifigures to use for D&D! And Awesome looking ones at that.
  6. Came here to say this. We need birds to make it a complete farm. Pigs, cows, birds, deer. You could have a guild called "Old McDonald's Farm" made up of archetypes of only those types hehehe
  7. Thinking about it though. What if their stealth was turning into an unsuspecting cow?
  8. Definitely a good point, however if they figured out a way to implement such a mechanic, it would be amazing. Maybe something like as opposed to being balanced at full HP, you have a few abilities that become unavailable/change what they do the less health you have. So maybe an ability that when above x% HP will cause a slow on the target, but below 50% the slow disappears/lessens but the damage increases. I think a mechanic like that could work in the end.
  9. From what they have released of other archetypes, I will be very surprised if they don't have spells with multiple outcomes, such as the shard that will either pierce or detonate.
  10. Druids summoning a sharknado perhaps?
  11. Feel free to do so! We look forward to hearing from you
  12. Haha well I'm sure we will be there to help in watching Booms' back
  13. yeah I feel like they won't have much to do with water, concentrating on ice-based magic. Purely based on the setting. Unless they move from more water based attacks in the earlier seasons to harsher ice attacks the closer it is to winter.
  14. Great post RKNM, and definitely gives some insight into what possibilities the Myrmidon could have.
  15. Never played SB, but super keen to play a minotaur, something super different to most other classes/races in MMO's
  16. commcrab

    Druid Spells

    From what we have seen of the Legionnaire, I think they have some very interesting concepts in mind for the druid. Likely it will be a nice mix of some damage and some buffs (maybe not even any direct heals) for the base class skills, likely very plant/nature based the concept picture being very green and naturey. From there I would say you could upgrade to your other specs, which would move into a more dps or more support based role, and that will be where it could branch into the not so naturey, maybe an option into a pestilence sort of druid for damage, or maybe an arcane based one. Due to
  17. commcrab

    Druid Armor

    I like how they are doing that, makes life a bit easier, and gameplay likely more fluid than stopping being like er what is it wearing? Should be bother trying?
  18. Yeah definitely keen to see some new sorts of possible shifts that could be used for things other than the ye olde tank or damage. Just like you said Regulus, something new like critters to run around unnoticed or something would be great fun, and I think needed to revitalise the druid class in MMO's
  19. Yeah not too sure how a Minotaur could be stealthy lol. But hilarity would ensue for sure!
  20. Really cannot wait for this game to come out. All the videos and updates are making it look more and more awesome! Although I guess it is sort of luckly that it only comes out a bit later this year what with my whole honours year and everything. But right now the TI5 is where it is at! Some great games been going down, with some quite unexpected results. Also started getting into SkyForge (well a few of us are). So if anyone is keen, pop on over!
  21. Whew finally done with all my coursework, and now just have labwork and thesis left to do before October. Sorry I have been rarer to see than the dodo, just been so snowed under. Good luck to the new apps, and this game really cannot come fast enough. In the meantime, I have been playing some SWTOR and making my way through WItcher 2 so I am up to date for Witcher 3 (which I bought the collectors edition of, and have yet to play... oops). Also been thinking of making a foray back into GW2 with the new update. And there of course is the leadup to The International 5!
  22. That coinage announcement has me more than excited
  23. I am too young to have played SWG, but it is awesome to hear from you and that you had such great fun with my fellow Guardians. If you are interested in just talking to some of the guildies, finding some of those who you played with or even joining the guild, feel free to contact any of us or check out the website. I am sure any of my fellow Guardians who you played with would be over the moon to hear from you. It would also be wonderful to have someone as experienced as you along for the ride.
  24. commcrab


    From the CC comments, pretty sure some game just use the description as a class being a "controller"?
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