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  1. nice, that looks a good bit better. Maybe im just not seeing the video right, but, it seems like the large circle gives priority to closest target if a closer target is in it, while center dot reticle target is ignored. Maybe nitpicking a little but it would be nice if whatever the center dot was on always got priority.
  2. Ah was not aware. Well i am glad they are trying something like that, but i think it clearly needs fine tuning. There are countless well documented videos where you simply cannot hit the target your reticle is hovering over because there is another closer target that "intercepts" the shot due to the huge size of raycast. I would much prefer aim assist basically be removed entirely, but i could live with a system where you can at least hit what your aiming at. If the current iteration is final, sadly i just dont think i could enjoy the games combat enough to stick around.
  3. The ranged hitbox / reticle system is very frustrating to use. I can even understand wanting some aim assist to help players who are not great shooter players, but in action right now it just makes for terrible team fight mechanics, you almost always hit the closest enemy to you because the aim assist is so huge you cant trust the reticle. If you really must keep this much aim assist in game, it would be great if you could at least program in some kind of "reticle priority" where target in reticle is always given priority vs other targets in the vicinity that might be closer to you.
  4. my 2c, i think POIs that are able to produce goods for owner with minimal / no interaction on part of owner (like say a quarry or crop plot that generates resources every x mins) should be capturable / destroyable at anytime in general. But player built bases / forts really need siege windows. I have played many survival games with 24/7 base destruction and can recall the number of exciting / enjoyable pvp encounters from them on one hand. In the short term you may feel fueled to seek revenge on the people who burned your base while you slept, but generally people can only take picking up st
  5. regarding healing, i interpretted it as healing would be initially weak during this phase of testing but it is not intended to stay weak, and would be improved through focusing on support power rather than other stats. They certainly added a ton of new healing options in disciplines so it feels like healing / support will end up being a bigger part of the game in some ways. Doesnt necessarily mean firehouse healing, though thats kind of a subjective term IMO. Im fine with strong healing / support abilities so long as they arent too easily used compared to landing damaging effects. I though
  6. I think you are missing one thing here - the discipline gives form life, which is litterally the druid default left click in heal stance. So since this ability does nothing for druid, i think they added on the additional bonus to make this rune still worth considering taking on druid. Just my 2c.
  7. This is something i am also concerned about and hope the devs reconsider. I just dont like the idea with so much to lose from full looting, to have combat being decided by randomness. Seems borderline ragequit worthy with some of the numbers being posted as possibilities (3x crits, etc). . I would prefer crits be deterministic by some kind of combat state as many others have stated. Or have the ttk be so long that a single lucky crit is not going to decide the battle.
  8. ill admit im 100% ignorant in regards to these kind of fundraising campaigns, but seems oddly counter-intuitive that rules would require you stay fairly quiet during a fundraising activity rather than actively trying to... idk, showcase things to help raise funds. lol. But i have seen my fair share of strange regulations.
  9. I like the essence mechanic, and i like the proposed idea of healing power increasing at higher essence levels. That would tempt players to play risky so to speak and really allow people who have a firm grasp on the class mechanics to show it. I am not a big fan of much of the death tray abilities at the moment just because so many are rooted vs the newly introduced classes like myrm and duelist having much more free movement ability. It is hilariously awkward and usually futile trying to kill people with death orb circle and such at the moment. I like the idea of the eventual healing
  10. I was hoping to see healing involve more raycasts, projectiles, frontal cone, etc just like damage does. If you do that then there are all kinds of counters to healing by just the nature of positioning, body blocking, etc. Plus healing can naturally fail by player accuracy over time, so its much harder to maintain the "firehose" indefinitely. Id prefer we didnt have archetypes that are like "this is the anti healer he has -99% healing debuff", personally i find those lame. Healing debuffs with limited durations are fine but i dont like things being so rock paper scissors that its an abso
  11. Im sure only the devs really know what they meant with "no firehose healing". Personally i love healing and am glad to see it appears heal / support focus will be roles in game, but to me that quote meant "we dont want 50 healers channeling heals 24/7 into one guy while 50 people beat on him and ultimately nothing happens". I feel like lego kind of creates this situation now (obviously on much smaller scale of combat) due to just how powerful and easily applicable their heals are. I personally dont think point blank aoe heals are good for this type of game unless they come with some kind of
  12. hell i love firehose healing / trinity stuff but thing lego is pretty lame. No targeting / aiming at all, just big point blank aoe heal spells. Really not digging the design at all, I like druids healing methods a lot more personally (though overall that class also still feels very awkward especially killing anything by itself). i know its early in combat design just my 2c
  13. theres some indication that the explorer path will have things like stealth and tracking, which could certainly help with evading roving gank groups. But since those arent implemented yet its really hard to say how it will work out. I do like the idea of individual and small groups of players being able to have a fun time in game with things like this. Sure they wont be winning any combat campaigns but if its fun and it helps the world be more fleshed out then its great all around IMO.
  14. yeah i dont see why rng failure is needed with durability system and permanent breakage.
  15. I think the base rate of harvesting just feels too slow, especially on stone and metal. Breaking entire veins without getting a single drop just feels very lame. Even if you just buffed the quantities needed to make something and overall harvesting time required remained the same, seeing more "stuff" produced when harvesting would make it feel better IMO.
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