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  1. i dont know about identifying the leadership trained person but a group function to follow your assigned group leader that is viewable by your group would be nice or atleast a way to put an icon on the called target:) In one game, not to be mentioned, there was a spell that created a purple column that let everyone know the target🤐
  2. gracen


    I am speaking about a forum outside of official ACE forums that is run by the community would have this access. If ACE managed this then I would be more acceptable of the position and use of the forums but they have explained they do not want to manage this forum which leaves the players homeless and yet people are getting banned for in-game messages too. Starting to get frustrated to be honest.
  3. gracen


    the problem with the community forums is the lack of trust most of us have with someone running the forum and getting IP addresses and other information.
  4. sometimes we try to catch you guys capping after we cap and other times we capture to keep you busy while we go capture other outposts/forts. edit: all in the tactics of strategy
  5. I personally don't mind doing the outposts as long as I have 4+ helping to make it quicker. The working together and the fact I changed character helps me learn some of the skills better. I dislike staying idle and harvesting/crafting more than taking the outposts. I even enjoy attempting to take forts with 2-3 people on my white wood-elf stormcaller body and white gear lol, its way more challenging than you think.
  6. i dont disagree totally, but to some they may find it enjoyable or "worth" the time invested. I despise harvesting/crafting yet I perform this act at times because it is needed. The point of it is there are multiple strategies.
  7. This isnt the dregs, it is factions and need to realize playing in factions is much different. Zone caps is a totally different issue in which I believe we all agree on and are all attempting to manage. The capping back and forth is a strategy in the context of the rules and the creators of the game. I like some of these ideas! Forts should be worth something more. Defending them should be easier and take longer to capture in order for the other factions to be notified and respond. A fast travel to the fort during the beginning of the fort attack but not allowed after you have fast traveled once to the fort with a timer for 30 mins or something. agreed but once again, it is one strategy that can be implemented. The OP ideas force the other factions and forces into playing a certain way to "win" instead of having options to play to win. be the tactician you are and figure it out. Decide if you can figure out their tactics and cut them off, often the capture of the outposts is done with 1 group or LESS, why do you need 10 people to defend? if you ahve 10 people wanting to stop the taking of outposts then send 5 one way and the other 5 another... that is a lazy argument EXACTLY!!! +100, there are times when very few people are on but they want to "help" the faction, outposts is one of those ways... it is a strategy that allows for a catch up or atleast make it competitive, PvP doesnt necessarily mean ?v? but can mean a fight over the land, over the POIs, and the actual engagements. Lets play the full game not the aspects just one side wants, this isnt LoL(mentioned in the thread). damn I hate you @Phylor.the.Jester, i agree with everything you say here....
  8. @Pann so wait, you would rather us use 3rd party sites and media than use the official CF forums? If we used these 3rd party sites and spit vitriol then we would not be judged and punished here? I for one, for the sake of transparency and some control, would think that the official CF forums would be the vehicle of choice. It would decrease traffic to these forums and that just doesn't sound good for Art+Craft/CF to me.
  9. HAHAHA @Tark, man someone took a dump in his wheaties. C'mon @Gradishar, we were friends once, cant we hold hands and sing a song of the people?
  10. Just because we are not at sieges or fighting when you want does not mean we are not putting in efforts for Chaos and most importantly for uXa these are not mutually exclusive but independent of each other.
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