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  1. As i have only begun to play druid and opinion may not mean much, the druid Ult was nice but if this change comes in then it ruins the ult! If this change happens then some form of mobility needs to be added or even stealthing like the confessor.
  2. still not sure why a crow cant fly over gaps!
  3. leather armor cost

    I am sure you do want fat
  4. leather armor cost

    was just talking to Dolmar about that!
  5. leather armor cost

    Yea agreed but that is also ONLY at night when the "hunger" takes over and sometimes not get even 1 during the night times. I agree and beleive that is what Dolmar and Krakken is trying to point out is that due to the benefits of leather(or lackof) and the cost, it just isnt worth the actions but affects many professions that are in a sinkhole.
  6. leather armor cost

    not to mention the lack of resources such as Ethereal Dust that is not part of the harvesting of leather.
  7. Crowfall News Discord is expired or you guys just don't like me
  8. When loading into the world from the beachhead and playing some then recalling back to the beachhead to sacrifice then attempt to go back to the world, I got the loading screen that said "unloading world(zone)" cant remember if it said world or zone, over and over and never loaded.
  9. Test update

    sent email and posted but no answer:(
  10. is snaptest down for awhile or just temporarily?
  11. wow, i have done everything and still cant login:/
  12. this new patch got rid of the chat groups? I only have 'global' and 'me' Is this correct?
  13. Shadowbane 2.0

    @managainsttime Yo my friend!! How ya been? You got the same phone number still?
  14. The UnDeAd Legion

    lol my first was an irekei mage assassin before i knew how to make one and only had 1400 hps lol i definitely remade him later after i figured out the game but my go to was assasin and channy with my solo toon of a deflar!