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  1. you are literally in an ALPHA testing, it could be a daily wipe for that matter. we are blessed to have AC attempt to give us as complete a game as possible to play. With every grind and wipe they learn something
  2. if anybody was able to take advantage of it then that is too many if it was not intended. so close to server up would be the best time to wipe because of an internal "screw up". @Pann
  3. point is most everyone already knows and has seen. It may not have been W or only a few W know it happened but it did happen. Every exploitation we learned about was from interactions with W. The same can be said of the accusation where order alts were used on forts this last campaign..never happened and never attempted. At the same time, I am not afraid to admit 2 alts were used by uXa guildmembers for outposts. Just tell the truth! its is so freeing!
  4. this isnt court Jah. I am not going to play this part of the politics with you. I already told you we rolled up on a keep where this was happening. We just attacked and lost, outnumbered yet again go figure, and moved on with our life. The issue we have is when we follow the guide of our enemies, it is persecuted. laughable at best.
  5. Not everyone documents everything that happens in a game. We log it in our minds and learn to overcome or adapt. I am not into the drama of posting and saving poorly made socks. My time is more valuable than that. Unless it is something to do with actual testing then i am not gonna bother. Maybe @dolmar saved some screenshots or something. I doubt it though as it is just not worth it to always take pictures and "prove" it. jah, you are a good player but the constant spinning to try and prove you and certain guilds are better is just draining. Maybe for once just try to stick behin
  6. Just because you want to spin it doesnt make it correct. we literally rolled up on it happening in a campaign. Not to mention the constant use of chaos alts that was ALREADY admitted. just quit Jah, you are better than that
  7. the use of 2 order alts is all that was used and we admitted it and it was used on outposts. The though that an alt squad on Roetham is ridiculous but clearly shows the level that balance has before and will perform. knowing that the daily fights were pretty even and then to show up to throw off the numbers just simply shows that balance is not for a fair fight nor a truly balanced server. so be it but Chaos actions caused the balance reaction and had to adjust their play:) Clams and friends were good and gave us great fights, the most fun ive had yet until Big Brother had to sho
  8. i dont know about identifying the leadership trained person but a group function to follow your assigned group leader that is viewable by your group would be nice or atleast a way to put an icon on the called target:) In one game, not to be mentioned, there was a spell that created a purple column that let everyone know the target🤐
  9. I am speaking about a forum outside of official ACE forums that is run by the community would have this access. If ACE managed this then I would be more acceptable of the position and use of the forums but they have explained they do not want to manage this forum which leaves the players homeless and yet people are getting banned for in-game messages too. Starting to get frustrated to be honest.
  10. the problem with the community forums is the lack of trust most of us have with someone running the forum and getting IP addresses and other information.
  11. sometimes we try to catch you guys capping after we cap and other times we capture to keep you busy while we go capture other outposts/forts. edit: all in the tactics of strategy
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