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  1. 4 hours ago, rutaq said:

    So this is pre alpha testing, the rewards for the campaigns are the SAME for everyone with just a color difference.   There is no reason to throw away anybody's testing time to yet another wipe over the limited availability of some graves.

    This constant grinding up so we can test again is getting tedious and should be limited at all costs. 

    you are literally in an ALPHA testing, it could be a daily wipe for that matter. we are blessed to have AC attempt to give us as complete a game as possible to play. With every grind and wipe they learn something

  2. point is most everyone already knows and has seen. It may not have been W or only a few W know it happened but it did happen. Every exploitation we learned about was from interactions with W. 


    The same can be said of the accusation where order alts were used on forts this last campaign..never happened and never attempted. At the same time, I am not afraid to admit 2 alts were used by uXa guildmembers for outposts. Just tell the truth! its is so freeing!

  3. Not everyone documents everything that happens in a game. We log it in our minds and learn to overcome or adapt. I am not into the drama of posting and saving poorly made socks. My time is more valuable than that. Unless it is something to do with actual testing then i am not gonna bother. Maybe @dolmar saved some screenshots or something. I doubt it though as it is just not worth it to always take pictures and "prove" it. 


    jah, you are a good player but the constant spinning to try and prove you and certain guilds are better is just draining. Maybe for once just try to stick behind your word and play the game the way it is meant to and that is it. No alts in Chaos, no alts in order, no glitching of armor/weapons, no glitching of sight mechanics, no exploiting of any mechanic and lets just have fun. It was fun for most of the campaign, just too bad it got soured.

  4. 11 minutes ago, Jah said:

    I'd love to see your "caught red handed" evidence of this, because, well, it never happened.


    Just because you want to spin it doesnt make it correct. we literally rolled up on it happening in a campaign. Not to mention the constant use of chaos alts that was ALREADY admitted. just quit Jah, you are better than that

  5. On 7/15/2019 at 1:58 PM, Angelmar said:

    Yup.  Dolmar/uXa made a play by using Order alts to cap their own chaos points, but it back fired.  Enough of us were willing to return to CF to rain on that parade.

    We kept geared chaos characters in Roethem keep to prevent uXa from trying to clear the cap bonus with an Order alt squad.

    Having the entire CW ride on last Friday's siege of Roethem was pretty fun though. 

    the use of 2 order alts is all that was used and we admitted it and it was used on outposts. The though that an alt squad on Roetham is ridiculous but clearly shows the level that balance has before and will perform.  knowing that the daily fights were pretty even and then to show up to throw off the numbers just simply shows that balance is not for a fair fight nor a truly balanced server. so be it but Chaos actions caused the balance reaction and had to adjust their play:) 


    Clams and friends were good and gave us great fights, the most fun ive had yet until Big Brother had to show up because in their minds it was "righteous", so laughable. The continued use of spies in the faction just sitting there in the keep takes away from the game. at this level it is getting more and more difficult to want to login.


    also, dont play the higher than you card about the alts when we have caught balance in the past red-handed flipping keeps with order to reset points. Balance simply has the numbers.

  6. 17 minutes ago, KatzeWeiss said:

    The area southwest of Scribbles fort in Valhig is a deathtrap, huge invisible hole in the world that swallowed up both the group we were facing and multiple members of our group while fighting between the fort proper and a nearby outpost.


    and just like last time this happened in a previous campaign falling into this resulted in TWO deaths added to the scoreboard. :(

    I can definitely comnfirm this location that resulted in my death as well as a coupld of the Corvus and uXa guildies. @dolmar @Shiner @eli@Elii @weaponsx. This is just a few of us that were there that died to it. On top of the nuisance of flying to resurrect and getting a death on the scoreboard is the gear damage that already takes forever to make. 


    thanks @KatzeWeiss for posting this!

  7. i dont know about identifying the leadership trained person but a group function to follow your assigned group leader that is viewable by your group would be nice or atleast a way to put an icon on the called target:) In one game, not to be mentioned, there was a spell that created a purple column that let everyone know the target🤐


    1 hour ago, mandalore said:

    To be clear you mean non-ace employees have access to stuff like that and not ace employees right?? I might have read that wrong.

    I am speaking about a forum outside of official ACE forums that is run by the community would have this access. If ACE managed this then I would be more acceptable of the position and use of the forums but they have explained they do not want to manage this forum which leaves the players homeless and yet people are getting banned for in-game messages too. Starting to get frustrated to be honest.

  9. 1 hour ago, Pann said:

    The "poorly made socks" filter was here before I was. So many people are used to it that they just automatically type the phrase instead of the one word that triggers it. heh

    Our forum rules and our stance on those rules is firmly set. There are no plans to change them. We highly encourage players to set up community outlets where they can say whatever they wish. Lots of community members have mentioned that they had plans in the works to create a "Crowbane" forum, there's already an unofficial Discord with a big population of players. I stay away from it because I feel it's really important for the community to have its own space to run amok without us peeking through the keyhole. 

    I feel like a broken record repeating this over and over again, so this is going to be the last time (at least for a while). If you have specific questions about specific rules or policies HMU. 

    the problem with the community forums is the lack of trust most of us have with someone running the forum and getting IP addresses and other information.

  10. 3 minutes ago, mandalore said:

    I'm fine with outposts, just too many of them.  Forts just suck.  The night capping constant back capping with no fights is bleh. 

    sometimes we try to catch you guys capping after we cap and other times we capture to keep you busy while we go capture other outposts/forts. 


    edit: all in the tactics of strategy

  11. 8 minutes ago, mandalore said:


    I personally don't mind doing the outposts as long as I have 4+ helping to make it quicker. The working together and the fact I changed character helps me learn some of the skills better. I dislike staying idle and harvesting/crafting more than taking the outposts. I even enjoy attempting to take forts with 2-3 people on my white wood-elf stormcaller body and white gear lol, its way more challenging than you think.

  12. 39 minutes ago, mandalore said:

    I despise standing in circles for hours with no pvp as as the designed strat. 

    i dont disagree totally, but to some they may find it enjoyable or "worth" the time invested. I despise harvesting/crafting yet I perform this act at times because it is needed.

    The point of it is there are multiple strategies.

  13. 19 hours ago, mandalore said:

    What do you think is going to happen in dregs when there aren't factions for smaller guilds to use?  The zone cap is about performance concerns, not protecting smaller guilds.

    This isnt the dregs, it is factions and need to realize playing in factions is much different. Zone caps is a totally different issue in which I believe we all agree on and are all attempting to manage. The capping back and forth is a strategy in the context of the rules and the creators of the game. 

    18 hours ago, Medicaid said:

    i enjoy playing this game. healing my people, farming whatever ore. wood . gold, exp to lvl up people...

    the idea of logging into a video game to stand still and do nothing while u capture a fort, tower or outpost seems really odd to me.

    and then to make that worth 99% of the points u earn to claim a victory and "win" seems to make an even worse idea.


    an easier fix could be to make keeps n forts worth less, make kills worth more. or is it possible to make deaths subtract from thier faction score?


    maybe once zone caps are increased we could have a CW with just 1 keep to fight for.

    maybe once zone caps are increased we could have a CW with only 1 POI for each resource type (instead of each faction gettin thier own adventure zone with all 3 types in it, say...balance adv zone gets wood, chaos gets stone, order gets ore for example each being 3x bigger than they currently are)


    help me out with another thought..why do forts even exist? why do we have so many?

    right now we  have some high rank forts, with some useful stuff to farm... (reducing players in POI's thus decreasing their effectiveness / use )

    right now we get a bonus to craft in a keep...forts offer the same crafting tables (minus jewlery making), but no bonus

     forts also offer a statue to respawn at, but with several rune gates per zone does this even matter anymore?


    is it possible to offer more uses to these forts, like, u must own fort X to activate X runegate to another zone

    i dont know, maybe that idea is bad, but as for right now, i just cant seem to care about owning this fort, or that fort, it holds no value to me other than that precious circle.



    I like some of these ideas! Forts should be worth something more. Defending them should be easier and take longer to capture in order for the other factions to be notified and respond. A fast travel to the fort during the beginning of the fort attack but not allowed after you have fast traveled once to the fort with a timer for 30 mins or something.

    12 hours ago, Jah said:

    To some degree this does actually work. We've found some fights that way. It is not as effective as back-capping, though. And once you find the opponent in this manner and kill them, they will go somewhere else to back-cap. The time you spend chasing them is not as effective for getting points as the time they spend avoiding combat to cap. If you want to beat them on points, you stand in circles rather than chasing them from zone to zone.

    agreed but once again, it is one strategy that can be implemented. The OP ideas force the other factions and forces into playing a certain way to "win" instead of having options to play to win.

    12 hours ago, mandalore said:

    Forts take minutes to take and you can spend upwards of 20 minutes getting to some.  How are we supposed to defend them?  Have 10 people at all of them? 

    be the tactician you are and figure it out. Decide if you can figure out their tactics and cut them off, often the capture of the outposts is done with 1 group or LESS, why do you need 10 people to defend? if you ahve 10 people wanting to stop the taking of outposts then send 5 one way and the other 5 another... that is a lazy argument

    11 hours ago, moneda said:

    The server play time is literally 24 hours a day. 

    EXACTLY!!! +100, there are times when very few people are on but they want to "help" the faction, outposts is one of those ways...

    11 hours ago, Jah said:

    Given some of the feedback in this thread, it seems that the outpost and fort capping system is being defended because it represents a way to catch up with the people who are holding keeps. It is in that context that I say running around capping is more "effective" than looking for pvp.

    I don't think "back-capping" is so much a pejorative against the people who are doing it, as a pejorative against the mechanics that reward it. If the objective is to win the campaign, you are better off capping undefended outposts and forts than looking for a good fight.

    it is a strategy that allows for a catch up or atleast make it competitive, PvP doesnt necessarily mean ?v? but can mean a fight over the land, over the POIs, and the actual engagements. Lets play the full game not the aspects just one side wants, this isnt LoL(mentioned in the thread).

    9 hours ago, Phylor.the.Jester said:

    I find some validity from more or less everyone in this thread beyond the people thinking that some of these active players are alts. Particularly @Medelyn.

    It does seem that most seem to think that the circle standing mechanic is somewhat flawed. I actually kind of like Srathor's idea of doing something with the land for points as well but that would require making sure there are things to actually do on that land. Could be an interesting long term fix.

    The current outpost mechanic is probably the most painful because there is very little pvp reward for going around and standing in said circles. I do agree with those that want something to be available for smaller groups of people to be able to contribute, particularly on factions which is where more incoming players would show up. The argument for something to be available to those who play at off hours is a good concern as well. I'm not sure that outposts the way they are really are provided with any content from the outposts as they exist. It might be kind of interesting if there were stashes of things that generated over time at the outposts that people could grab or steal if they took the outpost from another faction giving some more activity to people traveling to them/turning them over. Would likely require a reduction in the amount of outposts though.

    Making the towers actually act like sentries and sending out alerts to a faction if they see multiple enemies in an area might be interesting as well whether or not they were actually attacked.


    We're stuck in a weird spot where we have guilds that are wanting to play on the Dregs in a bit more competitive/hardcore setting but ultimately that just is not available at this time. I've spent more hours recently that I'd like to admit doing the circle standing stuff. I've got some decently fun fights from it like earlier this morning but most of it is just afk standing waiting for the circle to turn.

    It is nice to see things active though both in terms of how strongly people feel about the game as well as how hard some are working to pull themselves back into contention.


    damn I hate you @Phylor.the.Jester, i agree with everything you say here....

  14. @Pann so wait, you would rather us use 3rd party sites and media than use the official CF forums? If we used these 3rd party sites and spit vitriol then we would not be judged and punished here? I for one, for the sake of transparency and some control, would think that the official CF forums would be the vehicle of choice. It would decrease traffic to these forums and that just doesn't sound good for Art+Craft/CF to me.  

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