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  1. yes, this I am sure we can all agree on. We want to play and "test" and figure out the changes and have fun. Running into a larger alliance with our few people that are obviously under-geared comparatively, then we will make sure we play our way:) I personally have nothing but respect and love for all of our past "friends" in many games not just this one. I thought W and uXa was tighter than this but wow this is enlightening. As for HoA, i enjoyed hanging with them and appreciated them.
  2. ooo you quoted me and changed the meaning, all hail @Gradishar! I gave an answer and opinion on my and my guilds way to play. Sounds like you are upset because we are not playing the way you want. I was not even here the first 3 days of the campaign lol. Let W and HoA and all the other guilds play the way they want. You want to form an alliance and dominate, we want to play small warfare. you go do you and we will do us.
  3. Do you always try to ask questions to set people up rather than accepting what they wrote or answering their questions? This is not as easy a question to answer as it can be complicated by many outside forces but ultimately Guild should always be first. That is like saying does family come first or the government...sometimes they are tied together and run together, sometimes they are not.
  4. I am sorry @bearforgive me for my sins!
  5. points 1&2, Agreed! point systems are not for what this type of game is intended IMO. just quit with the points. 3...that wasnt 2 months, that was more like a week and a half. you stop gaining points at 256k points i think is the number. point is, it stops gaining and have to train regularly in order to continue "gaining" points.
  6. I don't understand the constant bringing up of "workhorse" or "lion's share of work" for a faction. you either play the faction and capture and fight or you don't. the "share" of work is inconsequential to the actions. When you have a larger guild with more incoming materials then you will progress faster and further than a smaller guild. A smaller guild can progress but may have to skip the fun pvps at times and do things that it needs to "keep up," and that's ok. No one is faulting anyone for playing with like-minded people but they are making a joke on how when the first "reward" for a shiny gold star pops up that large guilds team up to achieve this "reward" that really means nothing. It is just funny and I for one appreciate it because it shows the true discrepancy in the mechanics of the faction based balancing. Plus, i prefer to play a more guerrilla style attacks but do enjoy the large fights every once in awhile. I would rather play my way than be forced to play someone else's version. I am fortunate that my guild(@uXa, @dolmar, @weaponsx, @Tark , @Remlap, @littleone, @KrakkenSmacken, @Shiner, @veeshanand all the others I missed) has very much the same mentality and we will continue to do so and will participate in the winning or losing of the battles for Chaos for the near future:)
  7. this was a couple of weeks ago and just got a few of our guys back but most of our guys just dont want to play this level of alpha due to the lack of quality and the substance. Wx is always drawn to the forumfall though, that I am sure is what got him back interested lol
  8. Ish, I am at work at the moment but can send you a discord link tonight if @dolmar cannot. looking forward to discussing our guild with you
  9. @Jah come on man, i wasnt even there for that and I know most of those are alts that are just sitting there because they were crafting or something. Not actually at the fight or active. all the SS does is show the ineffectiveness of having the chat separated as one only has to buy an extra account and put their other character in that realm.
  10. @rockboozehound hey there bud. Lets get you in discord and meet the guys and see how it goes:)
  11. wow, talk about drama.... Just because uXa did their own thing doesn't mean we were not good allies. I can tell you the #1 reason we did not want to join the discord for HoA, it was the discipline that is in that discord. Many times Soulein would target or give an order, as he was the battle leader 95% of the time, and everyone would talk over him. It made our ears bleed. There was some communication difficulties when we would stay in our own but for the most part handled our side for the few people we had. Take into consideration that we are a much smaller guild and coming across resources is not as easy as the larger guilds ability and we had to defer at times to acquire the items needed to be successful or "keep up" with the other players. Now, I havent played in a few weeks due to RL family issues and work(damn work), but that was what I saw. Even though we knew about the HoA - W expected merger, we respected them and their decision. We just got tired of the discord and the "defense" strategy always handed to us. I know we only fielded 10-12 at the very most and usually around 5, as our guys are playing other alternatives, but always stayed on target or added confusion to the enemy. uXa prides itself on being individualistic and honest and allows the members the freedom to do what they want. I hope to be back in game soon but we will see. Good Luck to W, HoA, and all the other guilds.
  12. Dolmar, do i need to have your posting permissions revoked?
  13. I am sure you do want fat animals...lol
  14. was just talking to Dolmar about that!
  15. Yea agreed but that is also ONLY at night when the "hunger" takes over and sometimes not get even 1 during the night times. I agree and beleive that is what Dolmar and Krakken is trying to point out is that due to the benefits of leather(or lackof) and the cost, it just isnt worth the actions but affects many professions that are in a sinkhole.
  16. not to mention the lack of resources such as Ethereal Dust that is not part of the harvesting of leather.
  17. gracen

    Shadowbane 2.0

    @managainsttime Yo my friend!! How ya been? You got the same phone number still?
  18. lol my first was an irekei mage assassin before i knew how to make one and only had 1400 hps lol i definitely remade him later after i figured out the game but my go to was assasin and channy with my solo toon of a deflar!
  19. SB Golden Age was amazing!
  20. There is an obvious problem with the skill tree. Thankfully we are in ALPHA and can make suggestions and give ideas to the developers. I agree Sloppy, that something should be done. There is quite a bit of talk about it and having a new thread doesnt diminish the issue that exists. I never understand the flaming that goes on when someone decides to air their view point.
  21. Im sure Dolmar was speaking to Mayhem not you armegeddon:)
  22. ya, i was only able to play for a couple hours on Friday night. Hopefully be able to get in this weekend and meet the new people. it is NYE though...
  23. @dolmar *you're or you are
  24. I am in Tucson and its been pretty awesome so far, im told it doesnt get as hot as Phoenix but still warm. Supposedly it is the Miami of the west side of the US. right now is the time of the "snowbirds", canadians that leave canada during the winter for a better climate, then they leave in Febish and go back lol. the sights are beautiful, and TONS of outside stuff to do. Come on down Proto!
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