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    gracen reacted to VaMei in 5.92.2 LIVE Bug Reports for 6/21/19   
    The corner positions should get a 270 degree outward arc, but the rest is true: Mk-IV ballista as an interior anti-personel weapon is the meta for keep defense.
    If the level of damage vs players is intended, there really needs to be a ground effect to give a chance to dodge out. Friendly fire damage should also be considered, but may end in cross faction alts abusing it.
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    gracen reacted to mystafyi in Ballistas are too OP   
    The attacker being able to use ballista inside the castle is dumb.
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    gracen reacted to VaMei in Ballistas are too OP   
    If we were talking about the Dregs I would absolutely be onboard with friendly fire damage from artillery, but in a factions campaign having cross faction alts abuse it or random noob misuse it would be a bad thing.
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    gracen reacted to VaMei in Ballistas are too OP   
    IMO, the MK-IV should be removed from play until Ace is able to allocate the dev cycles to review the functionality of siege weapons and implement a balance pass.
    The level of damage from the MK-IV's AOEs, the lack of indication, and the ability to fire it into the tree room all work together to make it the single best defense for a keep. It is damaging to the game.
    It's been so long since I've made anything other than a MK-IV that I don't even remember what the others do. If the IV is removed, will another  model be almost as bad?
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    gracen reacted to oneply in Ballistas are too OP   
    Ballistas need to be toned down or reworked. Between the guards and the ballistas its just too hard for the attackers to take a keep without overwhelming numbers (something neither side has). 
    i would say 270 degrees like PaleOne suggested in the thread i pulled this from as well. or just not able to fire inside. 
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    gracen reacted to Pann in War Story of the Week: RealBlankspace   
    Congrats to RealBlankSpace. His underdog 1 v 6 victory is our War Story of the Week
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    gracen reacted to fnukafka in War Story of the Week: RealBlankspace   
    this is better then 1 vs 6  war story
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    gracen reacted to dolmar in War Story of the Week: RealBlankspace   
    Much better story than one dood hiding behind a buncha guards . Not to mention its from a much older campaign. No offense.
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    gracen reacted to mandalore in Vessels   
    Well it is intended to be played in a guild.  It’s not a solo game.  
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    gracen reacted to mandalore in Vessels   
    ACE does a bad job explaining how to get them and what they are.  They are permanent upgrades to the character and require you to level that char at a much higher xp cost. Getting them requires a whole bunch of effort from highly specialized crafters and harvesters.  You need minerals from stone motherloads so that means you need a stone motherload specced farmer with foreman and at least two other people to just have a chance for them to drop.  You need water from vendors.  You need a gravedigger to find graves of the right race and quality for what you want.  You need hands of the right quality and type from zombies.  You need an alchemist and a necromancer.  It’s a lot of people involved in the creation of a vessel.  
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    gracen reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Vessels   
    Vessels are virtually the ONLY thing in the game that does not decay over time.  It's a permanent upgrade on practically the account level.  It should be hard to obtain, and require social interactions.
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    gracen got a reaction from KatzeWeiss in 5.92.2 LIVE Bug Reports for 6/21/19   
    I can definitely comnfirm this location that resulted in my death as well as a coupld of the Corvus and uXa guildies. @dolmar @Shiner @eli@Elii @weaponsx. This is just a few of us that were there that died to it. On top of the nuisance of flying to resurrect and getting a death on the scoreboard is the gear damage that already takes forever to make. 
    thanks @KatzeWeiss for posting this!
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    gracen reacted to Hemmel in Changes with News updates   
    I think even better would be to only make a news post when there's actually something interesting to be said without committing to a weekly schedule, or any specific timeframe really. I've completely tuned out all CF news for a long time now. I'm sure there were a couple interesting things buried in there that I ended up missing in the slew of garbage, but the period as a whole has converted me to a mindset of "I'm just going to stop paying attention to this game and I assume they'll send me an email when it's done." I don't recall what chain of mindless clicking led me to see this post and log in today, but it's anomalous.
    Scarcity is pretty good stuff, man. I know it's been easy to criticize past developers for lack of communication and whatnot, but it really does have its upsides. The DF devs were perhaps the worst and most incompetent communicators in the biz, and yet when they did actually post an update, it was carefully dissected for any nuggets of information that could be milked out of Tasos' strange, vaporwarey greek writings.
    I can't help but see a parallel with the testing strategy. By committing to running a live service before actually launching the game, you supersaturate the players with "spam" playtime, just as was done with "spam" news. I'm skeptical that it has value to anyone, at all, that couldn't be better produced with brief periods of focused testing of specific systems or milestones. ACE could stop paying through the nose to host a live service for a tiny number of players, and those players would benefit by not burning themselves out before the game even launches, instead eagerly anticipating brief testing periods.
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    gracen reacted to miraluna in Corpse Recovery   
    The death and recovery process was streamlined to make Resurrection a more strategic factor in the Throne War. Death attrition is an important factor in Sieges, and now the location of rez shrines is an added benefit to holding territory. Death has more impact and consequence, as it was always intended to be part of the risk vs reward equation for CF.
    I generally take the view that my inventory will be lost if I die and I plan accordingly (bank often), unless I am with friends that can loot for me or I am in an easy-to-access area.
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    gracen reacted to Andius in "Trust This Device"   
    There are two important quality of life changes you guys should make that will make the game a lot more functional to play. Especially while we're having to constantly reload the game due to loading zone bugs.

    1. Re-entering my 2 factor authentication every time I reload or switch accounts is a serious pain in the butt. There are other games such as Star Citizen that use 2FA that you can tell to "Trust this Device" and then set a period of time. For that period of time you should never have to re-enter your 2FA. Having this option would save us A LOT of time.

    2. In the same general theme as the first suggestion, make it so we can set the game to remember our passwords as well. Create a drop down list of accounts that we can just select one and if we've set the game to remember it we can open it up without re-entering our login info.

    These may seem like small changes with an insignificant impact, but with the frequent need to reboot the game I think the seconds this would shave off each login and account switch would start adding up for us rather quickly. Especially when say, you get booted while zoning in a siege and you're trying to get back into the game and catch up with your factions forces as quickly as possible.
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    gracen reacted to PopeUrban in "Trust This Device"   
    Authorizing a device or even an IP with 2fa would be rad.
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    gracen reacted to veeshan in Jah's Reports on the Trial of Maeve   
    Yep when HoA went to join balance to join WB it through the population of the factions out of whack which gave them basicly free run of the campaign then player who thought it was hopeless to try fighting the zerg joined that faction so they can "win" if you can call it that which then caused a bigger faction pop issue and those still in the other faction no longer see a real reason to play appart from some minor testing each patch before stopping again waiting for the poplation between faction to fix themselfs so the game becomes fun again. No reason to play a game that is no longer considered fun due to simply huge unbalance between faction population. Seems like all balance is vsing atm are new player coming in and picking a random faction not knowing the difference.

    tbh those 2 guilds deciding to play to crush at this stage of the game by mega zerging it up in the respect of the current population is actually doing the game harm at this stage and causing new players to drop it after the first campaign they play. So instead of the game growing its tend to stagnate and possibly even be reducing atm.
    But hey thats there choice to make.

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    gracen reacted to Duffy in Tree fight = slide show   
    Problem one is figuring out the source of your laggy experience. Usually it’s one of three (or a combination): 
    1. Graphics Card struggling, this is where setting changes can help but is primarily a user problem. Optimizations for graphics usually come late in the development cycle just before release.
    2. System strain, another primarily user issue, your machine just can’t handle the strain apart form your GPU, usually look at memory and CPU to determine if they are the bottleneck. Could be the clients fault either via memory leaks or poor use of resources.
    3. Finally, server communication issues and this is entirely a development issue. This is currently the major problem for most right now, and the source of the zone caps. There is a major change to the character controller coming that should drastically improve performance.
    Something to keep in mind with item 3 is that every game suffers from some communication limit for a single processing node. There will always be some cap where the number of active players in an area overwhelm the server, this is a general problem with MMOs. The goal is to push that cap high enough to rarely be a problem, or to design around it such that it’s rarely the optimal way to play. We’ll see how it all shakes out in time.
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    gracen reacted to Noric in Tree fight = slide show   
    Just a short soundless clip of ~20 chaos vs an unknown number of balance. Think they had 50 in zone but no idea how many showed for this. Regardless this shows how much FPS lag the GUI is causing me in larger fights. Heck this was at most 70 people and not all packed into one spot. 
    The 2nd time it has a large impact..... just can't see health or CDs  
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    gracen reacted to coolster50 in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug reports for 3/15/19   
    March 15, 2019
    I like the new Oath of Will Icon Wartribes drop their relics now! Yaass! Collecting 10 relics seems a bit excessive, no? The basic runebind was only 3 parts What are these Enbarri and where do I genocide them for their relics? Esoteric Runestone and Spherical Cut Gemstone recipes don't list under Runecrafting and Jewelcrafting, respectively I used my Ult to get out of a Knockdown, but I was still knocked down after the ult Attacks randomly don't connect with my target, even though they're in range Some Satyr Clerics act like Confessors and some Satyr Confessors act like Clerics. It's really random when they act like that. Maybe I killed too many of them in my search for Satyr Relics Looting Satyrs, Urgu, and Aracoix have the same issues as looting Risen: If they die too close to each other, it becomes a pain to try and loot them because their loot interacts overlap and you often loot bodies you've already looted before. This doesn't happen with animals because they turn into a carcass once they've been looted I like the adding of Canyons and Forests to Siege zones, but maybe populate them with some mobs/resources? They're barren and there's no reason to explore them Every Map is linked to the same zone twice (except the Free City). i.e. Chaos Temple has two portals to Maiol and Helltorn, each. Helltorn has two portals to Roanoke Empire, and Roanoke Empire as two portals to the Balance Temple, etc. Very much dislike getting ganked by Aracoix Assassins 😩 (which either means they need tuning or are working as intended) Some times my powers don't appear to go on cooldown, which has me trying to spam them, even though they're on cooldown. I found an Ice Damage Femur. Aracoix Frostweavers when?
  21. Haha
    gracen reacted to coolster50 in Zone Caps   
    If we’re getting an afk timer, I support it being 15min as opposed to a 5-10min one. Don’t wanna get kicked cuz I afk circle stand T.T
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Commander visibility   
    i dont know about identifying the leadership trained person but a group function to follow your assigned group leader that is viewable by your group would be nice or atleast a way to put an icon on the called target:) In one game, not to be mentioned, there was a spell that created a purple column that let everyone know the target🤐
  23. Haha
    gracen reacted to mandalore in The Hordes of Chaos vs The League of Extraordinary Balance   
    RIP my good intentions friendly thread...
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    gracen reacted to mandalore in Zone Caps   
    I started a dev partner post about it but just to give it more attention most of this alt/spying problem ccan be fixed with removing /who and the ability for people to have nearly instant access to ISR.  If you want intelligencce you should have to earn it, not log in an alt and type /who. 
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    gracen reacted to PAINDOTCOM in C'mon, another thread deleted!?   
    its 2019 everyone is passive aggressive soft skinned and easily offended \o/
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