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    gracen reacted to firstworldpotato in The Hordes of Chaos vs The League of Extraordinary Balance   
    The main point is not a problem at all.  Just the cold hard fact that balance has the most powerful, experienced, organized guilds working together.  There isn't anything wrong with that, but it's also somewhat insurmountable right now.  Before you say, "try harder", there isn't a simplistic counterbalance to that.  We've obviously been trying a variety of things to even compete.  Maybe the answer shows itself this campaign, maybe it doesn't, but despite what it may look like, we are trying.  Now, if trying hard is standing in circles at 4AM, then that is just effort I (and likely others regardless of faction) don't have the luxury of doing thanks to IRL obligations to jobs and families (if only I were in my early 20's again :P)
    A tertiary "problem" is something that needs to be discussed in a way that isn't accusatory, finger-pointing, etc.  Some of the tactics on display in recent campaigns skirt the gray areas of the way the game should be played.  I won't stand here and tell people how the game should be played as one little potato sees it, but I think we can all agree to the general concept of what we guess the developers intentions are for the systems within the game.  Yes, there are bugs, and yes, its a good thing to expose those bugs or get the developers to see something they didn't anticipate, but the "anything goes" mindset of a pre-alpha game gets a little frustrating.   
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    gracen reacted to Jah in Zone Caps   
    Please get rid of the /who command. That would instantly remove a major incentive to run alts in enemy factions in the campaigns.
    I am sure it is a useful command for devs, but can't you make it a dev-only command?
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    gracen reacted to jtoddcoleman in Zone Caps   
    Wow, so I just ran down the hall to ask QA "what happened to our AFK timer?" and apparently only half of the functionality is in and working (the disconnected player zombie state) -- I thought we had this in and working since hunger dome testing (and that it just didn't trigger for me because I was an admin account, which is the correct behavior).  But no, it's not happening for anyone.  that's a HUGE problem, and I can't believe that I missed this.  I'll get it into the system and get it fixed asap.
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    gracen reacted to pappy in Zone Caps   
    So you limit each faction to 50?  What about the spies that log in and take slots?  This won't solve anything.  When you see one faction has 60, they really have like 40 and about 20 afk alts/spies taking up 20 slots.  Sad state of gaming TBH.
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    gracen reacted to Ussiah in Zone Caps   
    I do think an AFK logout timer would be good to implement just overall, 5 minutes of no moving etc.
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    gracen reacted to veeshan in Zone Caps   
    I dont want one tenth of my faction slot allocation filled with balance spies. There currently a minimum of 3 watching the zones were in every siege,
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Politics   
    I am speaking about a forum outside of official ACE forums that is run by the community would have this access. If ACE managed this then I would be more acceptable of the position and use of the forums but they have explained they do not want to manage this forum which leaves the players homeless and yet people are getting banned for in-game messages too. Starting to get frustrated to be honest.
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Politics   
    the problem with the community forums is the lack of trust most of us have with someone running the forum and getting IP addresses and other information.
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    gracen reacted to Frykka in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    The whole system would work better if the reason you had to cap the outposts was to unlock capping the nearby fort and the reason for capping the forts was to unlock siege on a keep.    Several of us have touted this idea because it then spreads out and encourages pvp over the outposts and alerts the fort/keep owner of what is coming...   territory being lost, etc...  If you want to hold your fort you can make your enemy spread out to cap and hold the feeding outposts for that fort...   the defenders can then start the fight out at the outposts and possible defend the fort before it even becomes vulnerable to capping by retaking outposts.   This does not help off hours/night caps but does give reason for outposts to exist and be important to the score, could even remove direct outpost points but make them a step to capping the forts...   in siege zones this applies all the way up the line giving pre-siege tasks of capping up the line to even get the keep vulnerable.

    The last two sieges have been horrible performance wise...   not sure of why we are back to freezes and lock-ups but it is not even a fight.   QueueFall is not great at all either.   
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    gracen reacted to Noric in "Withstood the Siege"   
    The only inter-factional cooperation was kill the defending force. No point in fighting it out at the bane tree or out side the tree room....  I can tell you there was plenty of "friendly fire"
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    gracen reacted to Phr00t in "Withstood the Siege"   
    Fighting in those small rooms on a raised platform with everyone running force mage is cancerous
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    gracen reacted to damebix in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    At the very least this thread brought out in clear daylight the issues with the current point system, and there are small changes that can be made (whatever they are) to better the gameplay experience of the testers, new and old.  That can be agreed upon.  Hopefully ACE takes the time to digest the content of this thread and makes some changes for next CW.
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    gracen reacted to yianni in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    simple fix is, stop being a bunch of try hards. 
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    gracen reacted to veeshan in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    Here what would happen if this change is made, NA order and chaos faction will probaly roll Euro server again for more entertaining gameplay leaving balance alone on the NA server once again.
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    gracen reacted to mandalore in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    Lol he’s the guild leader of Winterblades.  You know, that guild with the most points, most captures, highest KDA.  
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    gracen reacted to Remlap in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    Limiting content in a game with such scarce content by making it even scarcer would be a terrible decision for this game. So unfortunately these days it stands to be implemented, catering design this early on around a small handful of disgruntled and vocal players(compared to the amount that backed the kickstarter) is ludicrous. Further the legitimacy of the feedback on this thread is questionable at best, lots of new accounts are coming in and offering nothing but +1.
    The score system is fundamentally broken in this current iteration of it, however removing all of the small groups of peoples ability to have an impact on the game is nothing but a recipe for a ghost town. I'm not seeing very many people advocating that the current system is perfect or even good, but it at least allows for some constant impact and score changing by the majority of players. I sincerely question the motives of those trying to limit others ability to even play the game through the use of time gates.
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    gracen reacted to Shiner in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    At the time of writing, I note the OP has a total of 34 captures. Doesn't seem like a person qualified to call such a silly petition, nor to judge this aspect of the game. 
    1. May I ask, how many of these points were from capturing camps and towers?
    2. How many were from Forts?
    3. How many were from Solo actions?
    Myself, on the other hand having nearly 500 captures thinks the motivation for this is clouded manipulation...yet again.
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    gracen reacted to miraluna in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    The 3-faction ruleset needs to be fun for the more casual/average/solo CF player. The problem with gating content on long timers is this:
    Average MMO gamer plays 10 hrs a week, in 2 hour play sessions.
    Putting everything on 12-hr to 3-day timers will not make the game more fun for the average player, good content needs to be available for everyone's 2-hour play session on any given day.
    We are currently testing 3-faction ruleset, when we get to test Dregs in 6.0 we can give feedback on how that works for hardcore players/guilds.
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    gracen reacted to Volare in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    Limiting the seige fights, the best and most enticing pvp in the game currently to every 3 days would remove what little pvp is already in the game. I do agree that circle standing is miserably boring and really scares away any new player base from playing as that's what the majority of the day becomes. I do agree that providing timers and locks would encourage more organized larger scale pvp which we are in dire need for. The intention behind this post is good but the type of changes you are requesting aren't favorable. I agree with Krakken's points and would rather the community and Ace discuss and develop a fix that really hits the problem. What your asking for would simply remove the casual player base and that would leave even less action for the big guilds. Lets implement changes that engages and benefits everyone.
    It is also unfair that the majority of +1 voters are all Winterblades and HOA members. You are trying to force personal bias that impacts an entire community, this includes the thousands of players that are waiting for a healthier game and community before trying and or returning to play. There is a lot of voices/opinions that go unheard on these forums, not all people are as vocal.
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    gracen reacted to Darksun_ in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    I disagree with this. Some of you here are now saying the game is about PvP. Then why did you all nutcup together. You just want to log on for the siege, out # everyone and win. That's all you will push this game to if you have set timers on the forts,  keeps and remove points for camps and towers. Everyone will disappear in-between. Stop acting like you are here from the health of this game. Half of you already said. "I will do anything to win" I guess that includes killing the game. This is a bad idea that just front loads your play style. It's boring capping camps and towers, but it's fun when you run into another small group doing the same. This game needs more small scale fights. We should be looking for ways to increase small scale. Now you are trying to kill that. Save all this log on twice a day to fight sieges and forts for your Dreggs. You will just have a similar issue as Darkfall. Leave factions alone!
    I am not saying the current system is prefect.
    @Ace please don't do this.
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    gracen reacted to Shiner in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    - 1,000,000
    Another self-serving "contribution" (the OP), conveniently timed when the swing is against the "control trend".
    IMO, the original post does not contemplate a game improvement, merely an admission that now they have to do what everyone else has to do, instead of pack-roaming and wanting not to have to WORK for a win.
    What's really the problem? You run in packs of 2 groups (minimum) most of the time...how long does it take to flip a camp with 12 people? - LOL
    Lots of up voters...wonder which guild they are in mostly (already a biased petition with results nothing more than utterly useless) ..., must have lifted the "forum code of silence" from within.  
    This is more like...We aren't really winning this capping war...lets start a petition to change the rules to ones which suit us.
    We can see right through this and I hope ACE does to. There is movement at the station!
    Has anyone published the siege videos of the last couple of days? Must have missed seeing them
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    gracen reacted to Audin in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    Staggering would just mean the zergs would show up at each fort when they went live. Capping out the zone. Doesn't sound too appealing to me.
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    gracen reacted to BarriaKarl in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    I find it incredibly amusing how there is always a bunch of new player that appear out of nowhere to agree with these folks.
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    gracen reacted to Samulus in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    This. This. This. 

    I am probably a dirty casual because I have a job and a child. I'm OK with admitting that. 

    What I don't like seeing is WBs leading a petition and skewing the votes (at least, that's how it looks on the surface) to push for a change that would potentially alter the rules to better benefit their inherent organization. On top of it, my small group and I (and others like it) would have literally nothing to do but lag during siege fights and then go craft on week nights. And maybe get into a fort fight that would end up being just a laggy siege fight all over again. 

    Either standing in circles or standing by the fire waiting for your guild to lead something is still standing around. As casuals, we at least don't have that problem lol. 
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    gracen reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    No arguments there. Standing in circles is bad game play, and constant fort flipping is also bad game play.
    I just happen to think the proposed "immediate fixes" favor a very specific type of game play, and totally cuts out casual players from the greater war game, (solo's could not effectively contribute without camps) and are slanted towards "what will help us win" more than than better game play.
    I would rather ACE implement real fixes, than spend time tweaking an incomplete system.  This last campaign has at least been competitive, and these changes would pretty much guarantee the next one wouldn't be.
    I can bear up with great fortitude to the complaints about certain guilds feeling burnt out by the pace, considering how deaf to other players complaints those same guilds have been when it comes to "doing what it takes to win", even at the expense of those players game experiences.
    Shoes on the other foot, and suddenly it's a "simple fix you can do today".  
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