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    gracen reacted to Samulus in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   

    I don't think any of these are going to help the game be more fun. These constraints literally limit when and how I get to PvP unless I want to go ganking farmers/levelers. 

    Just because it gives the touted, "more organized forces" better ability to organize and win a campaign does not mean it improves "player experience". If anything it helps turn the game that much more into a loiter-by-the-sacrifice-fire simulator.  
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    gracen reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    Playing to win getting a bit too rough on you?
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    gracen reacted to Teddybear in Unofficial Player Review   
    I write this but tell you this is the thought of a single player reviewing this game, and only that, and given on an unofficial means, and not contracted or working for an entity such as MMObomb or others (in this instance). I write this as I was asked by a member that played in the group I was running n on smite, during the days of heavy tournament play (our group was semi pro, did win some money but never unfortunately, advanced to pro level) and on speaking with crowfall, asked if I would recommend it. I had to be honest and say no I would not.
    Much of crowfall as far as playability and stability has improved greatly within this campaign, where at the beginning of 5.8 being horrible during siege times, to now being quite smooth and able to handle more players before hitting heavy lag. In this regard the development team has done rather well in progressing the game. Also being pre-alpha to be fair, there should and will be much more progress made overall.
    However given this situation, it has become a game that is becomming far and away from the game they advertised and promised during the days of their kickstarting. The game is excessively grindy as far as the gathering of materials, dust, chaos embers, more materials and dust to trade for other materials for vessels / jewellry / more chaos embers for these, that to get a complete set of epic gear and blue vessel, with epic jewellry took about two weeks. The gear lasts 8 hours. However lower quality gear can be gotten in abundance, such as blue materials (especially on rank 10s) that you can gather two sets of gear worth of mats, and trade for leathers with mats / dust. However with my playstyle I can use both sets of gear completely also in a single day (tested and proven). Not to mention along with the grind for materials, is a grind for experience. To level a legendary vessel took almost 10 hours. To prevent loss of good gear durability I had used no gear though it is only pve, no gear is needed even upon rank 10 creatures. It took 12 hours (would have been faster even with white gear and weaponry) but in that meantime, if I had been using a full set of good blue gear, it would have all decayed from use during the levelling of 1 vessel, to level high enough to use gold to finish its levels.
    Just how much of a grind this game has become just to play for half of the time is a significiant turnoff of the game, and bad enough that I may likely if I hear it will continue in this manner, try to find out if i can get my money back and no longer support this game, because this game is no longer what it promised to be, or even going within that direction. The players did not want this, only a very few who specifically hunt and can only hunt naked / levelling people and wanted more time for this.
    The developers also had desired pvp to be based largely on two factors, which is gear and player skill. However most combat situations revolves around neither of these for a winning factor. To take from personal experience I will mention the fighting against House Avarri (HoA) guild. In order for me to get a fight I had attacked mandalore and two others, a fight already in their favor in a 1v3. Granted I am a skilled player and I am in full epic gear (geared to my own build, etc et al). One of the rangers had to run away despite the healers' healing (mandalore) and was fighting him and the champion still. The victory was decided by throwing more people against me until I was taken down. Later on I was in a group of five from mixed guilds, just to have a group of five going. In this fight HoA came with 10 people to fight the five of us, and by the time we were wiped they had 15ish. 2 of them had died before the five of us were wiped. I will say we were a very good five people, but HoA won not because of ability or gear, they are known for being a rather bad guild. They won because of sheer number of bodies thrown at us. This is what we have in most 'pvp' situations on this game today. 
    For the majority of the rest of pvp that happens in this game it is a person or a group of people that try to kill harvesters / levellers. This lately is done in groups since combat disciplines have become available to harvesters, even though they are wearing harvesting gear instead of combat to be far easier to kill than normal still. 
    That being said competative pvp is a thing that exists only in a very small portion of actual pvp in this game. The developers are not addressing this issue, nor are they of balance of players on a campaign. This second portion considering they allow multiple accounts being active at the same time by a single person, and on multiple factions they have honestly screwed themselves out of being able to balance the factions in any real manner. There is far too many people playing 'safe' by attempting to have fights that no matter what they cannot lose or die, and this is what the developers are supporting. 
    I cannot see myself supporting this game in this fashion, deviating so far from their original goal of a game. They have promised and not delivered. I will likely finish 5.8 and not playtest for a while again as I had before though still watch, but continuing this trend I would petition for my money back and account cancelled due to these reasons. I also cannot recommend other people to this game that prefer competative gaming / hardcore gaming. 
    I will recommend if you wish to keep anyone that is a competative gamer at all while you make these changes, is to create tournaments for 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 that happen each week, with grand tournaments once per month, as well as free for all tournaments etc which is every man inside for themselves, things of this nature. That being said if that is 'all' you have for competative pvp I would likely only grind and play for that time period and never play this game otherwise, if I played at all. 
    As this is still pre-alpha I am hoping the developers get back on track with what they had intended for the game, as what they had promised was, I will say promising and enticing. I will also not write something as this as an official review because it is this early in development, so will only have this review here.
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    gracen reacted to bear in Zone Caps   
    you counted sockpuppet again. He can not be counted unless he's in my group. 
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    gracen reacted to Mayhem_ in Zone Caps   
    To be Transparent- 
    I played with "W" for over a year and a half and when the conversation of the HoA alliance came up - I gave a thumbs up.  No longer with "W" - My Son and I moved over to uXa.  Simply a better fit for both of us..... and the details why are ours alone. 

    But we are happy with the change and still have a lot of respect for many of our former Guildies.  We had some really good 2v2's with Mal and Myst this weekend ........ We were completely out geared but never the less had a great time.  "W" has a GREAT Logistics setup that they have been working on for 3+ years.  They have earned it through dedication and hard work.
    At the time we (W) had just gone over to Balance because recruitment from Order had been rough.  "At the time" ....  "IF" the Chaos undead alliance decided to actually put some effort into "Winning" they had the means to do it.  W, in my opinion, has always claimed to want to "Play to Crush" - and they are following through on that goal.  
    Whether the timing is correct, good for the game and certainly some the "Tactics" being employed are just good old "Play to Crush" or something else is creating a lot the fun political drama.  And for the record - I disagree about the timing of the Alliance - In "My Opinion" it was no longer needed at the time it actually happened - But by that time I was no longer a part of W and the "reasons" could have easily for reasons that make sense that I am completely unaware of..... .and I am sure that they don't feel the need to share it.  I Love this part of the game.
    It is also kind of funny to see so many people react to things that have to be total assumptions on their part.  If you are not part of the leadership or have an active role in the decision making of your guild the chances of you having the needed information to form a decent realistic opinion is pretty tough.  That is why we hopefully trust the leadership we decided to interact with as players.  I am pretty happy with uXa Leadership - WeaponsX and Dolmar have a LONG record over the course of a couple of decades to be reviewed and what I have learned about them on a current and personal level in the last couple months tells me they have "Integrity" ....... and they are FUN as hell to play with - Win/Lose - we have FUN 
    All the Drama - I don't care, and Honestly, I have never heard anyone in uXa care beyond the point that we need to "catch" up logistically - which is tough when already so far outpaced.  The timing of ACE's vessel leveling NERF's did nothing to help that ...... and added to Uncle Bob.   
    The Politics stuff has been fun to watch..... more fun when you actually know more of the "truth(s)" than most.  Not going to reveal any of that since they have already been said and the spin has begun....... BUT THIS IS PART OF THE GAME!
    The part that I really do have an issue with is ....... We got some guilds "Playing to Crush" while at the same time the Forums have turned into a "Play to Hush".  Can't have it both ways ACE - Figure it out please - there is no way you could not see this coming   
    To OP:
    Sorry to further along the de-Rail 
    Zone Caps:  Yes - I think they should be increased - I don't think it will solve many of the issues but I would hope it helps. 
    I think we all also need to remember the current state of the game too.  This massive bridge between Gear is only an issue at the beginning; whether at the start of a CW with Rules or after a wipe or come launch time.  Guilds and Solo players "Will Catch up" with time.  The guilds with the current logistical leads will eventually fade in that advantage.    Also, Faction play.  Currently, we are much more limited in options of aligning our selves.  This will change as well with Dregs.  Yes, Alliances will replace a lot of the faction stuff but midstream betrayals will occur too - then the fun really begins.  And in all this...... still consequences for actions.  Perceived actions will play a lot in future alliances..... Hence why ACE needs to find a way to let the Politics play out.  This Play to Hush stance may be the biggest detriment the game currently has.  But that is just "My" opinion". 
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    gracen reacted to VaMei in Question about forums   
    Good to know. In many RPGs, the forums are treated as an extension of the game itself.
    With the removal of General Chat, this seems the natural place for us to to have our smack talk and rabble rousing.
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    gracen got a reaction from Sloppy in The UnDeAd Legion   
    Dolmar, do i need to have your posting permissions revoked?
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    gracen got a reaction from Sloppy in The UnDeAd Legion   
    @rockboozehound hey there bud. Lets get you in discord and meet the guys and see how it goes:)
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    gracen got a reaction from Sloppy in The UnDeAd Legion   
    Ish, I am at work at the moment but can send you a discord link tonight if @dolmar cannot. 
    looking forward to discussing our guild with you
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Question about forums   
    @Pann so wait, you would rather us use 3rd party sites and media than use the official CF forums? If we used these 3rd party sites and spit vitriol then we would not be judged and punished here? I for one, for the sake of transparency and some control, would think that the official CF forums would be the vehicle of choice. It would decrease traffic to these forums and that just doesn't sound good for Art+Craft/CF to me.  
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    gracen reacted to srathor in Balance: 2.5mill | Order & Chaos: 500k   
    The juice is not worth the squeeze. 

    Why play in an unfun game with unfun mechanics and no quality of life. I have played almost non stop for coming up on 3 years. 
    I have been hearing about factories that entire time. About how game changing it is going to be. /sigh

    I want a guild chest/vault that you can deposit into without another player having to be at the wheel.
    I want target dummies in an EK. 
    I want a god damn repeat button for crafting. (thralls/blueprints)
    I want expandable player/vessel item storage for ek's (Placeable chests for personal storage)

    I need some quality of life or I can just go play another game that values my effort and time more.  
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    gracen reacted to Tooltip in Balance: 2.5mill | Order & Chaos: 500k   
    Well, only in the most trivial of senses.
    Willing assumes you have the *free* time devout to this goal. Sure, people could quit their jobs and sacrifice friendships and so on to play the game. It can be interpreted as willing, but that's not any metric to go by.
    I might be as willing as anyone to invest time, but I just don't have it. Or not enough other people who I want to play with / want to play with me. In these cases the game still needs to work, be playable, and fun.
    This is a well known issue and millions of dollars have been spent trying to correct for "no-lifers" / people who have significantly more time and better social frameworks with which to play.
    You also point out that the winning guilds are playing the way it's meant to be played, you're right, and what we're seeing is that the way it's Meant to be played is a losing framework. That's the point I think we're all talking about here. Uncle Bob is guaranteed to be invited over for dinner, and when he fouls the atmosphere and everyone leaves, why would they come back?
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    gracen reacted to Tooltip in Balance: 2.5mill | Order & Chaos: 500k   
    @Oaths thanks, I was so excited when I saw that thread. Alas, it's a dumpster fire of accusations and politics. No headway was made on the issue at hand and so now it's locked.
    My point is that CF is a competitive PvP game and we just got a taste of how mega guilds are gonna play it (@mandalore: no, dude, I'm not saying Balance is a mega guild, I'm saying when it goes live, the big no lifers are gonna step in and this will be a daily special. Just look at pretty much any CPvP game out there (Atlas, Conan, Ark, etc.). If folks think this was bad, there are guilds out there that will school Winterblades)
     I just don't know how more carrots are going to solve this issue. What happened (it seems) is that the other factions lost the will to fight. That's a huge problem. It's huge. It ends games and it's not just the players. Not everyone is part of a large well organized guild. Not everyone has the time to spend farming and staying up and the massive investment it takes to do anything in this game. That's a big problem because the 1,000 people who do are not going to be enough to support this game for 5-10 years. This is why PvP brackets were made, why millions of dollars are invested in "intelligent" match making, ELO rating exist, leagues, etc. It's because even though I like basket ball (I don't really), I don't want to play 1v1 or 10v10 with NBA players. I'll just stand there and watch them dunk.
    So how is this mediated? I dunno that multi vector rewards is enough to stop this from happening and motivate players who are being crushed to keep fighting. I did like the suggestion of the game assigning players to factions (a la match making in most games) would help break up hegemonies and prestacking but I dunno
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    gracen reacted to PopeUrban in A Tasty Update - Official discussion thread   
    Valid point. Alchemy contains a very small set of highly potent buffs, and food contains a much larger selection of more varied? Less potent buffs.
    To more clearly define the roles of both lines, and express that alchemy is a primarily skill based line:
    Straight buffs: cooking
    Leave the harvesting buffs in both as the stacking interaction makes both valuable.
    Alchemy: In addition to necromancy mats, allow alchemists to:
    Transmute materials at a loss related to experimentation success. For instance "transmute metal" recipe that takes a 100 stack and a 1 stack, the resulting item being the metal type in the 1 stack in a stack size equal to the resulting experiment % This would allow a skilled, geared, alchemists with enough dust to get pretty high return rates while still ensuring transmutation is less efficient than straight harvesting. This would also make alchemists key economic litigators against bad resource spawn rolls or losing good resource territory.
    Proc, lifestyle, thorns, perception, farsight, stealth, disguise, and other effect potions. These can even overlap (and stack with) food buffs, but require more material and can be experimented upon for potency, duration, and other key stats. This means food remains valuable (because it stacks with alchemy buffs) and accessible (because it requires no skills) but positions alchemists as the skilled craftsmen of the buff world capable of extreme "magical" effects outside the realm of cooking.
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    gracen got a reaction from Doomshadow in Is it me, or are leather classes worthless?   
    Not to mention the sheer cost for a leather piece is significantly more than for a scale or plate piece then add in the use of "motherlodes" and other items from skinning compared to quarrying or mining, even grave digging has more results. I know that the devs are looking at this but no idea where they are into the investigation and not sure if they when it will be addressed.
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   

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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    nah more like:

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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    HAHAHA @Tark, man someone took a dump in his wheaties.
    C'mon @Gradishar, we were friends once, cant we hold hands and sing a song of the people? 
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    Just because we are not at sieges or fighting when you want does not mean we are not putting in efforts for Chaos and most importantly for uXa these are not mutually exclusive but independent of each other.
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    yes, this I am sure we can all agree on. We want to play and "test" and figure out the changes and have fun. Running into a larger alliance with our few people that are obviously under-geared comparatively, then we will make sure we play our way:) I personally have nothing but respect and love for all of our past "friends" in many games not just this one. I thought W and uXa was tighter than this but wow this is enlightening. As for HoA, i enjoyed hanging with them and appreciated them.  
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    ooo you quoted me and changed the meaning, all hail @Gradishar! I gave an answer and opinion on my and my guilds way to play. Sounds like you are upset because we are not playing the way you want. I was not even here the first 3 days of the campaign lol. Let W and HoA and all the other guilds play the way they want. You want to form an alliance and dominate, we want to play small warfare. you go do you and we will do us.
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    Do you always try to ask questions to set people up rather than accepting what they wrote or answering their questions?
    This is not as easy a question to answer as it can be complicated by many outside forces but ultimately Guild should always be first. That is like saying does family come first or the government...sometimes they are tied together and run together, sometimes they are not. 
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    I am sorry @bearforgive me for my sins! 
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    gracen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    I don't understand the constant bringing up of "workhorse" or "lion's share of work" for a faction. you either play the faction and capture and fight or you don't. the "share" of work is inconsequential to the actions. When you have a larger guild with more incoming materials then you will progress faster and further than a smaller guild. A smaller guild can progress but may have to skip the fun pvps at times and do things that it needs to "keep up," and that's ok. No one is faulting anyone for playing with like-minded people but they are making a joke on how when the first "reward" for a shiny gold star pops up that large guilds team up to achieve this "reward" that really means nothing. It is just funny and I for one appreciate it because it shows the true discrepancy in the mechanics of the faction based balancing. Plus, i prefer to play a more guerrilla style attacks but do enjoy the large fights every once in awhile. I would rather play my way than be forced to play someone else's version. I am fortunate that my guild(@uXa, @dolmar, @weaponsx, @Tark , @Remlap, @littleone, @KrakkenSmacken, @Shiner, @veeshanand all the others I missed) has very much the same mentality and we will continue to do so and will participate in the winning or losing of the battles for Chaos for the near future:) 
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