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    gracen reacted to dolmar in Call to Order on NA   
    To clarify this . I will step in here. As my honor does dictate . You can ask anyone in uXa . No one tells me what to do. They can ask and i decide if i will or i will or will not. I dont say this to be egotistical . It is the same for any member of uXa they are free people to make their own decisions. The game is meant to be fun not work. 
    My enlightenment on soulin and HOA . He never did hide the fact that they were going to join winterblades in balance to secure a win. We worked with them as we would any other sovereign guild in a faction game. Soulin has my respect . HOA does put in work...No one can say otherwise. . It is not easy leading large numbers of people every night especially getting a melting pot of guilds working together with their own agendas. We just see things differently
    uXa was also allied with -W- in order. When -W- informed me they were going balance i was saddened as at the time they were good allies and i had made some friends there.  But, as a guild leader I chose to stay in order for the time being.  My choice was the best one i felt for my team . As was going Chaos now. 
    Soulin and HOA -W- and Dambix/Malefric have made the choices they feel is best for their team and their notoriety. That's fine.  This is Factions This is Zerging this is a game of thrones... good luck to all in this Prealpha game. Have fun.. That is the reason we are here.  Sorry for they typos!
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    gracen reacted to Shiner in Call to Order on NA   
    Thx for a mature response Cyjax,
    Can't say I ever heard the daddy voice comment, but I can say (my opinion) I thought his communication was OK during a fight...but tactically questionable more often than not. (This isn't slagging Soulein off at all) - reluctance to attack, target selection and attack execution....but enough. We aren't discussing that at all...but I guess its all on the table now.
    Not even the fact that it was known HOA was moving well before it happened...people did.
    My comment for HOA as feedback would be more discord discipline...it was crazy during a battle...good reports/target selection/focussing/shot-caller orders could not be passed for all the crap-chat
    I had lots of fun with a few HOA during the quiet times....GF's ahead, noting you guys strip mined and forested everything the eye could see ...LOL...Sustainable mining :)...but fight I will. Lose and I'll call it practice...win and I'll blow my horn of victory for all to hear
    We are all allowed to voice our opinions and ideas in uXa...we are not gagged nor made to feel like plebs farming for the hierarchy like some other guilds. Tark is an asset in my view, and his opinion is as good as anyone else's in the guild I am proud to be a part of. Straight up, no BS, fun and cooperation. Fear none, and we will fight even if outnumbered 99.9% of the time. 0.01% for disconnects/afk's
    What is more important to me in this thread, is the position this has left the state of the game and how ACE can possibly mitigate damage. I don't think a few people making the calls, thought very much past the gold cosmetic reward...in pre-alpha, this is a silly (IMO) mistake to have taken and is not supportive of ACE or the "testing" focus. CHASE THE SHINY...DUMB, JUST PLAIN DUMB.
    Sincerely, I would be extremely surprised if this is not picked up my games media sites and reported on. Ignore it and/or bury ones head in the sand isn't going to help.
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    gracen reacted to Tark in Call to Order on NA   
    You here that @dolmar and @weaponsx? I was never going to allow you to coordinate closely with HOA.
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    gracen reacted to BarriaKarl in Call to Order on NA   
    This is exactly the kind of thing a game developer must hate to see. You go and work hard, decide to be nice and give rewards to keep players engaged and bam! people comes and ruin everything doing dumb stuff.
    And the worse is that you cant do anything. No ones is breaking the rules. Like firstworldpotato said above, sportmanship is always welcome but sadly it isnt required, and as such cant be enforced.
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    gracen reacted to Tark in Call to Order on NA   
    Tark alts will not be beaten. I will get my gold badge.
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    gracen reacted to BigJerk in Call to Order on NA   
    You guys ruined my thread ! This is a call to arms for my fellow Order !  Not a soap opera !
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    gracen reacted to Tark in Call to Order on NA   
    Nice try deflecting to "people are mad", nobody is mad here and that is your way of not addressing the topic. I'm actually very happy with how this situation has played out. Drama and politics always have consequences and I'm just here to do my part in making sure those consequences come to bear. 
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    gracen reacted to cyjax in Can't get more than 10 PFS in large fights (specs)   
    Try opening the NVIDIA control panel, create a custom "Manage 3d programs" profile mapped to the crowfall exe.  Carefully review each of the 3d settings and force all the settings you can to optimize for performance.  I was able to get a marked improvement in framerates forcing settings from NVIDIA control panel.  Crowfall is still missing alot of the performance optimization settings.  Your 2600k cpu is 7 years old now, its time to upgrade your motherboard, cpu, memory, and graphics card.  If you are not running the game from solid state you will also take a performance hit.  The 970 series video cards are pretty infamous for poor performance and actually have lower than advertised specs, NVIDIA actually offered all 970 chipset owners a voucher towards the purchase of later generation NVIDIA graphics cards.  If you google NVIDIA gtx 970 lawsuit you can read about the issue yourself.  Artcraft is also well aware their game is not performing too well in these larger battles and has promised us more performance optimizations leading up to their first sanctioned campaigns.  We have a guy in our guild who dropped more than 4500 bucks on a state of the art cyber monday rig with the latest 2080ti and his rig was chugging under 30 fps in bigger 3 way fights, that has me a little worried.
    If you have an EVGA or MSI card you might also want to go for an overclock... can usually eek out another 150-175mhz overclock without losing stability.  I would not try overclocking the memory on the GTX 970 and leave the voltage at defaults.
    I've also had other people in my guild report that basic crowfall graphic setting can actually result in more hitching due to level of detail scaling.  I'd much rather have an opt in/out for LOD scaling, never been a fan of LOD scaling becuase it can cause hitching with the camera.
    Article has instructions for logging cpu and gpu utilization.  Try logging this data before a big fight so you can see where you are running into potential bottlenecks.  You might also want to gather memory usage too while you are at it.  We saw some memory leak issues at the start of 5.8 snap tests.
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    gracen got a reaction from Sloppy in The UnDeAd Legion   
    Dolmar, do i need to have your posting permissions revoked?
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    gracen reacted to Tinnis in "Ultimate powers no longer provide complete invulnerability"   
    could do it in one hit, with plenty of damage to spare.
    its insane how much +max hp people can get with gear. this makes the power gap further divided.
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    gracen reacted to moneda in "Ultimate powers no longer provide complete invulnerability"   
    I wonder how long it'd take for someone like a Champ or Duelist to plow through that barrier while someone like a Druid is in the middle of their "ultimate" animation. 
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    gracen reacted to yianni in Petition to change druid ultimate from being rooted   
    With the changes coming to ultimates not having any invulnerability and being just a barrier , this will cripple druids as they use their ultimate because we cannot move unlike other classes. @thomasblair. can you please look into this or think about it  to changing it so we are mobile while using our ultimates. I have actually been bugged before using my ultimate and moving around . 
    @Xarrayne @Balathan @Tinnis 
    What do you guys think?
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    gracen reacted to Balathan in Petition to change druid ultimate from being rooted   
    Use of druid ultimate in large scale will now increase the chances you die. Watch as i root myself in place for a few seconds with a 35% max health shield as my only defense. Lets call it 3500... that will protect me against maybe 3 people for 3 seconds, in large scale they laugh at me as I just rooted myself in place and asked to die. Please let druids move while ulting or they are going to be deleted next patch.
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    gracen reacted to Phr00t in Quality of life improvements   
    Edit: Probably posted this on the wrong board so delete if needed 
    List all your desired quality of life requests! These are all my opinion and are most likely not informed of future plans or balance decisions.
    Chat, Map, Inventory, talents and all other UI screens usable without breaking auto-run Auto-take option for crafting, to skip having to click "Take" after every craft Changing off Survival Tray while mounted auto dismounts Player-set map markers that become nodes on the compass Hovering over a player should show class and level Feedback when hitting motherlode armor and such to show that you're not breaking through (show "0" damage?) UI element that shows location of banks with items ("Items in Sunset Keep, soandso Fort") Friends, ignore list, online notifications for friends/guilds, etc Crafting tracker that lists materials required for target pieces, like a quest tracker  
    Not QOL but (controversial?) requests anyway:
    Crow should run at swift mount speed, or death shroud duration should be dramatically reduced, both of these combined means there's a lot of downtime just to be able to play again Crow can fly over gaps Re-buff healing blockers
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    gracen reacted to blazzen in leather armor cost   
    There's also no leather motherload. 
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    gracen reacted to KrakkenSmacken in leather armor cost   
    Not enough to actually craft with.  It's a net dust loss, which I would not mind so much if it wasn't also the longest to harvest for requirements material. 
    On the plus side for leather and critters though, is the gold critters drop, and the apparent fix to the vendor prices planned.  So you can get two somethings at a time, just not dust. 
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    gracen got a reaction from dolmar in leather armor cost   
    not to mention the lack of resources such as Ethereal Dust that is not part of the harvesting of leather.
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    gracen got a reaction from Tinnis in Resources for new testers in Pre-Alpha 5.7   
    Crowfall News Discord is expired or you guys just don't like me
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    gracen reacted to Gradishar in 5.7 Live Feedback and Bug Reports for 8/9/18   
    Here's a heads up.... Everything you farm after today's wipe will also be wiped. This is pre-alpha....get a grip.
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    gracen reacted to weaponsx in We getting a patch tonight on live to 5.7?   
    maybe some should not mention there is going to be a full wipe and a new patch, until they are sure the patch is going to go when it is said to go.
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    gracen reacted to Destrin in economy   
    I am also really looking forward to when discs are not able to be hot swapped.
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    gracen reacted to ACE_JackalBark in HIGH MSG than disconect   
    This is typically caused by Malwarebytes. If you have that, turn off the ransomware scanning and it should fix it. Definitely drop us an email if that doesn't help, though, we can troubleshoot more.
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    gracen reacted to alakor in HIGH MSG than disconect   
    it does look like it was Malwarebytes.  thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.
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    gracen reacted to Gradishar in 5.3 Playtest Feedback for November 11, 2017   
    Lots of wonkiness with trays and death. Basically, every time I die my trays get bugged out so I must quit the client and relaunch to reset my tray. This also applies to the character sheet/paperdoll. Oftentimes, after a death you can no longer move items onto or off of your character. Quit/Reboot will correct this.  I discovered that since I made a character pre-patch, none of my training was affecting my character in game. I was able to correct this by switching classes/races/vessels. LOTS of lag associated with moving items into/out of banks/vaults. Essentially my screen would freeze for 20-40 seconds every time I needed to move something into or out of a local bank. The ESC button will not work at various times. Mashing on the button 12 times sometimes works to bring it back.
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    gracen reacted to vkromas in 5.3 Patch Notes   
    Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.3
    Welcome to Race/Class System Test
    With this latest update you’ll need to reset your default keybinding settings. 
    To report an issue or feedback, please visit this thread.
    New Items in 5.3:
    Action Harvesting has been implemented including the addition of a Weak Points system.  Modified Harvest Powers to point to correct Weak Point Amount Stats. Granted Everyone 35 Base stat to all Weak Point Chance types so we can test this system out. Please note that this stat will change in the future. Harvesting pip system has also been added.  First iteration of Race/Class split has been added. Replaced tray cycling with power-activated tray swapping. (H key) Survival (U key) Combat (Z key) Melee Tray. Default camera has been offset while in the Survival and Ranged Tray. A complete revamp of the skills and skill trees have been added. New additions are notated below under Skill Trees. Racial passives have been added to each playable race. Race/Class:
    Elken is now a playable race. Cleric is now a playable class. Removed class based Right Click Dodges from all classes as they are now granted via the race. The following Classes still have a special Right Click Power: Knight, Templar, Cleric. Made primary and secondary stats dynamic based on class type. Added non-weapon specific fidgets to all playable races. Classes are now restricted to using a specific type of armor. Plate can be used by Knight and Templar. Mail is used by Champion, Myrmidon, Cleric and Druid. Leather is used by Confessor, Frostweaver, Ranger, Assassin and Duelist. Enabled the "Coming Soon" options for Character Creation for classes and races that are not playable at this time.  Disabled continuing forward when you have an invalid race/class combo. As a temporary measure to assist with testing, all classes automatically have an extra 25% mitigation in their native armor's main protection type (Physical/Elemental/Organic) and a 15% mitigation bonus to their native armor's secondary protection type. Added new Weak Point chance stats and amounts for the harvesting weak point system. Harvestables can now have weak spots based on player weak point chance statistic. If the reticle is placed over the weak spot players will deal damage according to their weak spot statistic. Added a new single, non comboing basic left click attack to basic bows. Rangers now default to basic bows and recurve bows. Basic bows are granted to everyone else if they take a bow discipline along with a various flavour of advanced bow. Reduced most Ranged Bow powers max range to 15m. Added a Range experimentable stat to all Bows during the crafting process.  All bow powers that use a ground target remain at a fixed range. Generally 30-35m. Added three new minor disciplines for Plate Proficiency, Mail Proficiency and Leather Proficiency. These grant the ability to equip particular types of armor. Duelists can now dual-wield pistols when Master of Pistols discipline is equipped. Re-added avatar display to the character customization screen. Hooked up the reset and randomize buttons in the customization window. Power Trays:
    Please note: In order to load out powers into a specific tray (Melee, Harvest, etc) or to alter your default combat tray you must be in that specific tray before pressing “K”. Otherwise it will appear as though you have no powers. Updated powertray UI to now match the new tray changes. Cooldowns on tray powers will now properly update even after entering a fullscreen takeover. Can no longer Swap Trays while Stunned, Suppressed, or Knocked Down. Dizzy Down puts you in combat and also puts you in correct melee tray for each class. Set all tray swaps to a power blackout and not global. Added stealth racial powers to the survival tray. Players can now map weapons and armor to power tray and equip using hotkey. Power tray cooldowns show up now. Tray swap UI and power map is updated when trays are granted or removed. Mapped powers should now persist after logging out of game and logging back in. Action Harvesting:
    Updated all harvesting to use instant powers. Harvesting a Node with the wrong tool will not give Harvest Pips. Harvesting a tree with no tool will not give Harvest Pips. Equipping a harvest tool creates a shortcut and dragging to powertray equips tool. Crafted tools also create powertray shortcuts. Changed harvestable loot prompt to LMB and changed the harvest tray to the survival tray. Reduced stamina cost of Harvest No Tool. Added a passive stacking damage buff to Punching Trees so it doesn't totally suck for new players. Tray should now determine your reticle instead of the combination of tray + in/out of combat state. Right click dodge powers should be able to get loaded out into the Survival Tray. Added summoning animation to animal and grave tools. Fixed a bug where skinnable harvest nodes could trap the player when they spawn. When using the harvest wood no tool power, if you're not targeting a tree, you should now get prompted to go find a tree to harvest. Energetic Harvest- When the player has any of the Empowered Harvesting passives equipped, they will now only see the base energetic harvesting buff plus the type of buff associated with the current tool they have equipped. Skill Trees:
    Skill Trees may take up to 8 seconds to load or navigate through. We are currently investigating a fix for this issue. A revamp of the skills system has been added including the addition of Time Bank. The skills you train are not specifically tied to a vessel, rather, they can carry over from one vessel to the next. Training continues to occur even when you are not online. The Time Bank does have a cap, which means you can queue up to 24 hours of skills to train. Currently, everyone is set to only train 3 skills at a time with the VIP training feature currently disabled.   Added Armor and Plate combat trees. Added Leather Armor tree. Added Melee combat tree. Added One-Hand Melee tree. Adding Great Melee combat. Adding the new Combat Basics tree. Renamed Armor Decay Rate children stats so they include the name of the armor they affect, e.g. Plate Armor Decay, rather than all being named "Armor Decay". Added all class skill trees. Percentage completed on tree of trees for each unlocked tree is now displayed.  Added in the ability to close skills from lobby with escape. Swapped out Elemental Mitigations for Organic Mitigations in Barbarian tree. Fixed Personal Critical Hit Modifiers erroneously labeled as Critical Hit Chances. Disciplines and Powers: 
    A general pass has been made on the basic attack and many other power descriptions and have been updated with proper descriptive text.  Timing pass on all activatable abilities. Damage pass on damage abilities. Unarmed attacks should work again. A pass on buffs displaying under nameplates has also been done. Reduced range disciplines grant from 10 to 5. Issue with disciplines persisted on power tray after being deleted has been fixed. Toggle powers will now shut off if you change trays and they aren't also slotted in the new tray. Removed Basic Attacks from Bow Disciplines as they are now granted in the weapon object. Added many major and minor discipline passives to the list that can be loaded out while in the harvest tray. Most major discipline buffs can be used in Harvest tray. This does not include healing powers.  Specific Disciplines and Powers:
    Group Leader Passive can now be loaded out in the Survival Tray. Granted all players Mental Fortitude as a passive but not equipped if their PCM is too high. Reduced Mental Fortitude from 20% to 10%. Added improved version of Weapon Finesse, which reduces resource cost by 20%. Set armor penetration on Spot Weakness to 5%. Bard Song of Speed no longer cancels when entering combat. The issue with Bard Song of Speed remaining at combat buff amounts if the buff was placed on you and you were in combat mode, then went into non combat movement speed has been fixed.  Reworked Seeker's Blessing buff from Friar to play nicely with Trailblazer and Bard Song's. Master of Pistols power: critical dodge can occur more than 2x in 45 seconds. Pixie Power: does not stack. Burning Hatred can no longer trigger from damage you do to yourself, such as from falling. Updated Burning Hatred tooltip to make it clear that it heals a percent-based. Blood Pact can no longer be used by the Templar or Duelist class. Fixed a visual issue for Mortal Sin, Long Live the Fighter, Ghost Army, and Haunt showing up as debuffs on caster. Fixed scale for Axemaster Cooldown Combo which was two decimal places off (but safely capping) power_cooldown_short. Updated Master of Daggers Crippling Stab description to reflect its current functionality. Trailblazer/Trailmaster should restart when power is shut off in any way.  Many tweaks to Camouflage including the functionality of canceling it when the player enters combat and Trailblazer/master buffs are suppressed while it is active. Added a 45 second cooldown to burrow/camo.   Adjusted the stamina regen pauses on camo and burrow to use period instead of amount. Added Retaliate and Soul Powers as valid for use in Survival Tray. Adjusted all Soul Powers to force you into a combat tray when used in Survival Tray. Discipline Retaliates can be loaded out and used in the Survival Tray. Fixed Candle That Burns icon so it’s a buff icon instead of a debuff. Naiad Supreme Element Passive - Fixed issues with the procs not correctly activating on various damage types. Corrected an issue preventing the Stealth detection component for Molehunter, Heads-Up and Aura of Terror disciplines. Adjusted the critical chance and/or critical hit damage for the following powers to +10%:  Careless Whisper, Nothing to Lose, Revenge, Ricochet Shot, Deadly Retaliation The cost to activate Nothing to Lose has been reduced to 500 health. Set Ultimate Warrior, Glass Cannon, Resolution, Furious and All Clear damage bonuses to +10%. Glass Cannon now increases damage taken by +10%. Sturdy now reduces damage by 33% while your health is above 80%. Guardian Rhythms now reduces damage taken by 5% or 10% while twisting. Illusionary Armor now reduces damage by 7%. Runecarve Flesh now reduces damage by 10%. Corrected an issue with Slow Demise and Festering Wounds that prevented the Healing Bonus reduction applying. Take Root now increases Healing Bonus by 10%. Group leader Thorns bonus is now up to +10. Created Dominator minor discipline for Champion which adds Dominance on basic attack crit. Removed Rage degeneration in combat, reduced rage degeneration out of combat. Added functionality to the Black Mask Discipline. Call Darkness while active, acts as though all attacks count as from behind. Shadows Linger increases critical hit chance by 50% for 3 seconds after breaking stealth. Shadows Linger can no longer be equipped in any tray except a Stealth Tray. Racial Passives:
    Half-giant Racial Passive grants 5% damage bonus for 12 seconds Human activated passive grants 10% damage bonus and 5% increase in resource costs with a 45 second cooldown Human passive reduces damage by 3% Nethari personal crit chance mod is -3% All Racial passives can be loaded out from the harvest tray. Race Specific Notes:
    Racial Burrow will now play the “come back above the ground” animation when they deactivate the power. Adding the burrow end anim to the common stealth cancel passive. Stealth now breaks if you eat a consumable while stealthed. Centaur:
    Centaur Charge can now be used with no weapon and loaded out into the Survival Tray. Class Specific Notes:
    Removed weird buff icon that shouldn't be there in Champion's Leap 2. You are no longer rooted while performing Massive Cleave. Added a new pool "Dominance" for Champions. Champions gain a point of Dominance when leaping and two points of Dominance with each activation of Ultimate Warrior up to a total of 10 points of Dominance. Dominance decays slowly over time. Dominance is consumed by the following abilities for a guaranteed crit: Disarming Shout, Massive Cleave,Rend, Spinning Backfist, Vicious Stomp, Whirling Pain. The cost of Whirling Pain has been reduced and the full cost is deducted on ability use. In addition to the guaranteed crit, Massive Cleave causes additional damage when used with Dominance. Hooked up new champion UI widget for dominance stat. Whirling Pain eats a point of Dominance at the beginning of the ability rather than when it ends. Cleric: 
    Corrected buff overrides and added string references where necessary for: Block, Divine Order, Holy Aura, Vengeful Aura, Illuminate, Retaliate, and Tend Wounds. Divine Order: Added invulnerability and related ultimate effects. Divine Order and Miracle Super Power abilities now restore some of your own mana. Made hushed prayer visible. Tuned the cost of Cleric basic attacks. Flash of Light now requires a Shield. Holy Aura and Vengeful aura now actually affect your group as well as you. Changed the anim id to map to the same ones as the knight for block and unarmed cleric powers. Cleric basic attack should now correctly do damage at farther distances. Cleric Basic left click is now modded by PCM. Confessor:
    Confessor Immolation can now be loaded out into the harvest tray. Druid: 
    Shroud of Darkness won't stun you if you initiate damage on yourself, for example by falling. Nature's Avatar AttackActive flag remains for the duration of the entire channel instead of wearing off after a second and change. Coalesce Nature now will restore resource to all class types. Lightning chain combo #2 is no longer hitting multiple targets. Master Of Shields Taking Stamina Instead of primary resource. Druid staves should now properly grant healing orb left click in healing tray. Druid removed from Careless Whisper discipline users. Corrected an issue preventing Contain Essence and Empower from working. Druid essence meter should now only show up when you're in a combat tray. Essence Scram has been split into two separate abilities, each usable from a specific tray and the harvest tray. Essence Scram is usable from the Healing and Harvest tray and now Rapidly drain yourself of Essence repeatedly inflicting damage to nearby enemies, restoring 25% to 35% maximum Health to group members and yourself, granting temporary damage immunity, removing Expose and Dizzy effects. Death Surge is usable from the Death and Harvest trays and pushes nearby enemies away and causes them Nature Weapon Damage, restores 25% to 35% maximum Health and grants the Power of Death granting a 10% Damage Bonus for 30 seconds. Added icons for Essence Burn Tray types in the HUD. Duelist:
    Hooked up Duelist stealth to use a Tray Power. Removed old duelist activate and deactivate from Duelist power grants. Added tool removal to in and out of combat passive. Broke pistols into mainhand and offhand. Removed Duelist access to ranged slot, now that pistols use primary and secondary slots. Default duelist uses offhand pistols, taking the pistol mastery discipline grants the main hand pistols. Pistol mastery left click is now linked to main hand pistols. Duelist pip meter should now only show up when you're in a combat tray. Fixed tooltip issue reporting incorrect amount for Bonneti's Defense. Humiliations Galore - Saber attack's should now generate bonus pips. Knight:
    Chainpull no longer roots you in place when activated. Ranger: 
    Forest Step is now an attack that teleports you directly to your target rather than a canned-distance blink. Added a quiver item that Rangers can equip in the ammo slot, works as a vanilla flavored arrow and decays like normal equipment.  Sustain: Now costs 500 Soul Power with the Lifesteal portion of the ability lasting for 30 seconds or until the Ranger heals for 30% health. Templar: 
    Devotion won't heal damage initiated by yourself, for example by falling. Stats:
    Added Elemental Penetration, Organic Penetration, Physical Penetration and Armor Penetration stats which feed into the other penetration stats. Added some new stats which act as parents to the lowest level crowd control stats and are children of the top level "cc_all" stats, based on the three categories of crowd control: Attack Control Defense Hard Control Defense Movement Control Defense Attack Control Intensity Hard Control Intensity Movement Control Intensity Tuned XP tiers for all race, class and combat trees. Changed pips required to train next box from 3 to 4 and 4 to 5 for mastery. Basic armor mitigations have been reduced to 5%. Deleted some old methods of using snare to slow player based on in combat or stealthed. Buffs/debuffs now apply their bonuses to the current base movement speed. Crafting:
    Crafting items should now properly contribute durability from the base template as well as components, not just components. Fixed a bug where items in the inventory would not be destroyed when they broke from decay. Fixed a bug where item decay toasts would show the wrong item name. Remove old harvesting runes, and created new recipes for Basic Harvesting Axe, Hammer, Pick, and Knife.  Significantly increased the effectiveness of achieving both Good and Great successes in crafting experimentation. Increased the resource quality bonus for Common, Uncommon and Rare resources. Increased the experimentation point cap per line for non-Legendary resources as follows: Poor and Common: 6 Uncommon: 7 Rare: 8 Epic: 9 Advanced Staff did not have any experimental Power Cost Multipliers (PCM) in any of the components. An experimentation line has been added during the crafting process. Added PCM experimentation lines to Enarmes for Shield recipe.  Updated all advanced weapon recipes to now include a Crit Damage experimentation line and set it so PCM is only experimented on for one component during the crafting process.  Removed PCM from all Bow Components, replaced with attack rating. Tweaked Distance Coefficient on experimentation values for crafting bows. Added in a Basic One Hand Hammer to the Basic Weapon Crafting Recipes for Cleric. Created a Quiver recipe for the new Ranger item. Basic Bow Range is no longer experimentable. Removed and deprecated major, basic, and weapon discipline recipes and large unmarked runestone. Added a public test crafting recipe for the new Dominator discipline. Harvesting disciplines have been added to the pre-alpha test recipes list under Major Disciplines, which are:  Scout, Miner, Logger, Quarryman, Skinner, Grave Digger, Villein, Hoarder, Connoisseur, Lookout, Survivalist, Foreman Removed dual weapons from crafting list for 5.3. Removed unobtanium recipe requirement from archery disciplines. Plate armor recipes now want the "plate_layer" adjective which is on the plate layers. Fixed experimentation line tooltips words for Primary Mitigations, Secondary Mitigations and Tertiary Mitigations. Experimenting on chain and leather layers effect the proper stats. Updated test discipline categories to now include Major Harvesting Disciplines. Removed test potions that conflict with new harvesting disciplines and created a Mother Lode alchemy potion with a duration of 30 minutes. Campaign:
    Logging out or disconnecting while driving a catapult should no longer get you stuck when you log back in. Capture thrones should now persist their state so they won't reset after a server restart. New and smaller beachheads have been added to the Campaign World Tyranny. Bank Recovery item has been added to Beachheads. Added 2 copies of long daggers and one handed maces to weapon racks in Beachheads in order to allow the dual wielding classes to easily equip basic weapons. Corpses loaded from persistence should now correctly keep their inventory so they can be looted/collected. Bane trees should now correctly remove themselves when they die. Updated placement of throne and circle radius in the Forts. FX Adjustments: 
    Recreated Dissipate, New trails on Coalesce, added some cleanup behaviors. Fixed an FX issue causing the fireball to move slower depending on firing location. FX Retiming on basics/zealot rush. Druid projector fix, Nature's Grace polish. Templar devotion and smash; confessor fervor polish. Field FX created by stealthed characters should now play correctly for observers who can't see the stealthed character. This includes powers like Caltrops and Stinkbomb. UI:
    Fixed the red HUD damage frame showing up on load, instead of only on low health. Combat HUD and other various HUD prefab updates: Rearranged starting positions of hero special HUDs as well as harvesting HUD to be easier to see, and drag when in cursor mode Improved readability of buff names Cleaned up the Combat HUD a bit power bar cleanup, more compact and reduction of color footprint re-anchored various hud elements to properly anchor when screen aspect changes Dioramas can now be seen on the Campaign Map. Left Mouse Icon now used in interaction prompt instead of LMB text. General bug fixes:
    Combo button cooldowns now get properly resumed after leaving a takeover window. The world map is now completely revealed when viewing it in an EK. If you interact while stealthed, it should now interrupt your stealth. Placeable buildings that had their rotation modified while dragging around (while not hitting the rotation keys) now work like the rest of the placeables. Fixed bug with attack animations sometimes playing multiple times. Equipment slots can now specify if items equipped to that slot should grant their skill adjectives. New EKs will launch in the region closest to the player, but afterwards the EK can be set to launch in any region. [MAP] Re-hooked up the scroll bar and parcel boundary toggle. Disable importing purchases on test. Fix for the tools clipping the Guinecean when he is in his idle pose. When you are going to leave a corpse behind, you should now be prompted to confirm before creating a new vessel. Added confirmation prompt before the character create screen if you will be leaving a corpse in the world. Attack and Hold powers will now trigger the AttackingHold parameter on the client side before the server takes over so that it feels more responsive. Known Issues:
    Skill Trees may take up to 8 seconds to load or navigate through. We are currently investigating a fix for this issue. In order to load out powers into a specific tray (Melee, Harvest, etc) or to alter your default combat tray you must be in that specific tray before pressing “K”. Otherwise it will appear as though you have no powers. Character sheet is still a work in progress - a new sheet is currently in development. Knight Chain Pull and Myrmidon Net Pull may not function correctly - a fix is currently being investigated. Z-Fighting/Sorting issues on buildings have been reported during internal playtests. Guinecean Burrow FX persist after going from Stealth to Survival Trays. Centaur scale size in character creation is very large. Motion Blur and Depth of Focus settings have been altered and may need some more adjusting.  Floating rocks and trees at the edge of campaign parcels may appear.  The Champion often slides an appreciable distance after landing from his Leap ability.   Some parcels are displaying their default name.  Harvesting doobers are falling or floating away from the drop source.  A balance pass is still in the works for hippos. Current feeder requirements may change. Players have reported getting stuck and/or lagging on various steps throughout some of the campaign zones. Keeps have trees and rocks spawning in them. Frame rate performance may be slightly lower. Videos have been removed until we can update them. Floating temples have been reported. To fix this issue exit to lobby and return to the campaign. Destruction of buildings may also cause post processing visual issues.  Hellcats missing animation after running leap. AI can track and attack stealthed players. AI may be difficult to loot/skin due to a smaller loot radius. Templar LMB Attack without weapon is missing animation. Non-Ranger classes lack bow animations. All bow related disciplines will remain inactive until they do. Weapon disciplines that grant weapon equips will not be fully functional until  animations are added. Final Power Cost Multiplier is not properly calculating gains from skill trees. Players can encounter jumping issues when spam-jumping from higher elevations to lower ones. Ranger machine gun bug - a weird state in which the Ranger animation appears to get stuck in LMB animation. Pressing alt while the trade window is open permanently hides the trade window. UI: 
    Some players have reported inventory items not updating their reduced amount. This appears to be happening most frequently with deeds and resource items. Blue crow effect persisting after reviving has been reported to occur at times. Logging out and back in will fix this issue. Chat disconnects may occur. If this happens, just exit to the lobby and rejoin. Test patch client doesn’t close itself after the game is exited. Durability meter on items is not displaying properly. 
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