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  1. I agree. Small QOL improvements. Ive wondered this too. If you could just hold the button and then still move your camera and it would retain the action of mining even if not facing it. The other one that bugs me is inventory. Not being able to run while having inventory up at the same time.
  2. This is my feeling on the matter. Also, personally, I find mining very soothing. I think I'm just an old school gamer and the Runescape runs deep through my veins. I used to sit for hours clicking on an ore node for that ore. So Crowfall is like 10000x better than what I am used to for gameplay sessions. Also, as others have said, the GPU power demand would increase and the game is already fairly intensive as is... My GPU isnt total poorly made socks, its pretty decent, but its my bottle neck and I am already pretty worried about large scale battles when this game releases.... Adding s
  3. @ OP, You know there is SOME way to alleviate this... If they made training not auto-train the next level... It might require a little fine tuning as to the amount of time things took, but think about it for a little bit... What if each level only took a few minutes to train. I know the LONG levels could take longer, but imagine having 2 or 3 accounts. You couldnt just 100% passively train, you would be forced to constantly cycle through your accounts and never play the game. Currently, you set a "node" or que up something to train, and you can walk away and come back 3-4 days later and a
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