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  1. Several games have swapped "dailies" with "weeklies" for this exact reason. So rather than doing 1 hr 7x a week, you can do 7 hours 1x a week or 3.5 hours 2x a week. Etc. Same "time" just able to do it when you have time. But I do understand the concern. The concern is "stay anchored to this game or fall behind". While its BETTER than "active EXP earning" and I do appreciate the VIP benefits here as being meaningful (remember they do need to fund the game for ongoing production).... My concern is it FEELS like a money grab. Its a fine line between "pay for convenience" and "pay to avoid a BAD feeling" This is why I was wondering, or hoping they could implement some type of "gateway" or phone app you could use to monitor this stuff, so you dont feel anchored to the game per se... This allows the VIP person to set it, and forget it for DAYS... It allows the non VIP to set it and forget it for HOURS but then need to log back in through a portal to "reset" their training. As for "over night" training I think this is avoided through smart planning. Train your rank 3 or 4 or higher tier nodes at night, train your lower rank/tier nodes while awake. In the end, it wont be much "power" difference frankly between someone who misses a few days here and there, versus a VIP who trains 24/7
  2. Krakken my brother, How would your view change if they had an "APP" for your phone OR an online portal in which you could sign in from ANYWHERE and "reset" the training of your skill? I do agree that a players initial perception due to training tier 1 skills and the time to train the 1st pip is rather short... So rather than feeling like "yay I can train while offline" its almost looked at, as "man I have so much downtime I COULD be training" so thats a tough call. The REAL impact is minimal, so part of me wonders if its just the "low hanging fruit" takes too short a time so its not like you can set it, and forget it for 16 hours and log in later when its done.... I wonder what it would look like if they made the pips all linear, so the time to train pip 1 was the same as pip 5... So if its 3 days for a tier 1 = 14.4 hours per pip MINIMUM. But this might be too SLOW to "move through the tree" where today you might only have to spend like 1 day training to 3 pips, now 3 pips would take 43 hours.... so 2x as long. So solve this, they could let us "pass" with just training ONE pip in each node, to proceed, which would let us proceed faster and not feel were "wasting time training" something we dont want or like.... Merely get 1 pip - minimum 14 hours for tier 1- and move onto the next node. Would this curtail your "negative" feeling since it wouldnt be a SHORT time to "reset your training". Thoughts?
  3. This is a REALLY nice improvement on the skill system. I still feel like its FAR to linear though.. If I am a new player and I want to become really good at harvesting, I have to walk the same path 99% of the other Harvesters have ALREADY walked for a LONG TIME just to get to a point where I can actually start to specialize. I would STRONGLY encourage you guys to make these trees much more "short and fat" rather than "long and skinny". I would be more of a fan of each TYPE of thing having its own skill tree, rather than you trudging through various "basic" skill trees for days, if not weeks before you get to any level of customization... So rather than "combat basics" type of thing, and then towards the end you start having weapon speciality. Id rather see something where like "2H Axes" has its OWN TREE that I could start from DAY 1 of training. This way as a "combat specialist" I am not walking the SAME PATH other combat specialists already walked for a month just to get some "specialization"... Or if I wanted to be REALLY good at mining a certain type of Ore for instance... I should be able to start THAT specialization from day 1. Not do tons of basic harvesting -> mining -> Specific Ore Mining etc. Thats my feedback anyways. Love the new 1-5 pip thing. Also I am a FAN of the non-VIP que system. If you want no VIP, you can still train longer skills at night. Like a higher tier skill will take a LONG time to process - so I am cool with this. Its "pay for convenience" more than "P2W" and I like it. Would be interesting to have a PC "gateway" or "portal" you can log into and manage skills there as well - or even a phone app! Just another few ideas. This could be either VIP restricted as well, or free to enable players to train skills "on the go". The VIP advantage would be "you dont get punished if you forget" rather than now - the non VIP issue is that if you are not home and able to LOG IN you lose progress.... Overall - good change! Still could be better though. Keep up the good work guys!
  4. Coming back to the forums after a few months away... I am surprised this wasnt immeditaely brought up. the types of players who will be min/maxing will ALSO fork over $50 for a second account to play during non combat times in which they will be either harvesters or crafters. All the current system does is incentives people to build alt armies, rather than heavily investing into 1 account with VIP membership. So no, I dont see many "PVPers becoming a burden". Since everything is passive training, people will buy more than 1 account and do multiple jobs with multiple accounts depending on the current needs.
  5. YAY! Another skill tree thread! Im SHOCKED Krakken isnt in here already! Nothing more to be said that hasnt been said. Current Skill trees are VERY boring IMO. They SHOULD offer diversity and real choice, otherwise, why have them at all? Makes no sense. I keep going back to my TWO suggestions: 1) Make Universal Skill trees more like an "Elder Scrolls game" in which each "type" of thing you can do has its own specialization. Want to get good with 2H weapons? There is a tree for that! Want to be good at Mining Gold? There is a tree for that! Remove all the BS "basic" trees, CREATE literally 40+ trees for all the "jobs" or "specializations" you want to create. Let people pick something to start training and have at it! 2) Make Archtype Trees more "Build-Like" A good EXAMPLE that Crowfall could easily do would be mimic Witcher 2: Or something like this would work well too!
  6. Lol, took about a week break from the forums. First time back and I see this post concerning the skill tree... But were just crazy Krakken, nothing is wrong with the skill tree, its not supposed to provide uniqueness or entertainment or theorycrafting... Just stats.... Just ignore all the other threads about it and its fine.... amirite?
  7. (Insert Generic Skill Tree is fine comment) (Insert generic customization is not to come from skill trees comment) On a serious note. This would be cool but I doubt it will happen. I think a type of "capstone" ability would be awesome for each tree. Not just AT, but within the Universal stuff as well.
  8. Because its an issue. Not just me. How do you not see ALL the threads about this.... I didnt create this one, nor most of the threads about it. Sure as heck didnt create #487935876568778346746548578975498475846548765 threads about it
  9. Pang, In a "level" based system, most players can hit max level within what, a week? 2 weeks? The longest game I have ever played in terms of "leveling" was WOW Vanilla which took me about 3 game days to hit 60. NO other game has ever taken me that many days to level to max. So even IF Crowfall wanted to be another LONG leveling game, 3 days? 72 hours? I would be "caught up" in just a matter of weeks. On the current skill tree system. You will never catch up. Sure the "benefits" get smaller and smaller, but the problem I see in the CURRENT tree is, itll take some new player 2 months just to even get "specialization" in his tree. Itll take a player a minimum of weeks, if not months, just to be a "service" to his guild/faction because itll take him so long to get to any meaningful nodes. Lets say he wants to be a Harvester. Well his first 3 days of the game he will spend learning how to better "gather apples from trees". I know many games you can hit max level in 3 long play sessions. As you stated. Thread #487935876568778346746548578975498475846548765 about skill tree. This should be a huge red flag for the DEVs that people continue to talk about the skill tree.
  10. Yeah there is definitely a gameplay loop or reliance that all "specialists" should have on eachother. I am HOPING the disciplines is the "NEED" of combat players. They referenced NPCs dropping mats for these. I hope they are really hard NPCs that might only require a small group of COMBAT players, but would be really tough for a group of non combat players to kill. Maybe they should "target" a 3-5 man group of combat specialists for the mobs that will drop the mats for this - IDK. Just an idea. But I think the IDEA is Combat provide mats for disciplines for all classes Harvesters provide mats to crafters for all classes Crafters provide gear to all classes So they each have a "role" there. I think too each "job" will have secondary roles. Such as a fight OVER resources. Or a blacksmith who is repairing armor during a siege etc. There are definitely things non combat players can do during these times.
  11. Created a thread in the Alpha Discussion section. Hoping to get some DEVs reading it: https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/15199-discussion-basic-skill-trees-ruin-the-passive-tree-and-goes-against-specialization/ Participate if you want!
  12. Well, I just created a thread in the alpha discussion section. Hopefully they will see it: https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/15199-discussion-basic-skill-trees-ruin-the-passive-tree-and-goes-against-specialization/
  13. This exactly. Forget a Soft launch. When it hits Open Beta - the best thing that could happen is You do a full "wipe" of everything, release the game in "Open Beta" for all the players, and then roll out full CWs, a full gameplay loop, and let that roll for 3-6 months. Learn. Tweak. Change. Then another full wipe for a "HARD" release. If the game is fun, and the gameplay loop is fun, players wont mind playing an "open beta" for 6 months to get it "just right". Also it allows time to build hype, players to stream, etc. Since its not "LIVE" people wont completely judge the game. Many will, but I hope by that point 90% of the systems are in place and its minor tweaking. I think a soft launch would be a bad idea. Since training is 100% passive, you want a definite "START" date so people get hyped about starting training on "day 1".
  14. well frankly... I think this problem would be somewhat solved if they did as I suggested in removing the basic trees, having 50+ individual things all corresponding to each area of specialization. This allows a new player to become GOOD at something rather quickly. So even if you fast forward 2 years in, there will be a handful of players who are "Masters" at like 2-4 different things. A new player can still join the game, and in a relatively short period of time, differentiate himself as being good, or very good at something else. The CURRENT problem, as I layed out above, is that new player joins the game, and his initial 1-2 months are all spent training the SAME things that all the VETs have already trained: Basic Trees. This is avoided with each specialized "Job" having its own specialized tree that you can start from day 1. So that NEW player can train "Silver Ore Mining" from day 1, without having to do all this other crap that many veterans have done already. Sure he will be "re-walking" the road that other "Silver Ore Miners" have walked, but not the same road that EVERY Harvester has walked. You could then further make "catch up" mechanics, with multiple ways: - Selling special "training" tokens that reduce the time to train tier 1-3 nodes. - Have a special "promotion" (Example: Next two weeks, training is doubled in the Silver Ore Mining etc). Things like this, however I don't know how necessary it is... Frankly allowing someone to become competent in any one area rather quickly, means that even the newest player can play a vital role in a CW after a short period of time, being a vital cog in the guild. Etc.
  15. This is where a Short/Fat skilltree system has its perks. If you have 50 trees that in any given tree you could "max out" in just a few months... A new player COULD come into the game and say, specialize in "Siege Warfare" and become better at that 1 thing than veterans who have been playing for 2 years. This is why we need to get rid of "basic" trees - that end up eating up the first month+ of time investing into the passive tree system PREVENTING specialization. EVE's system was more what I advocate for. I never played, but have been reading about it for Crowfall. They had 100% passive training, but you would get a "training book" that was a specialized area of the game. You could level that up fairly quickly and make a "real" impact in that area. I think the Basic Skill Trees are a HUGE enemy to the game. They are NOT specialized, and they eat up tons of training time and a new player ends up merely gaining all the same "basic" nodes that all the veterans already have. Rather than 50 choices, all representing unique gameplay mastery options, you have THREE basic choices: Combat, Crafting, Harvesting and have no "customization" or "choice" beyond A, B, or C. Even if you want to master "Silver Mining" you have to spend months progressing through the tree before you can even get the first node that specializes in Silver Mining. The Basic Trees, are a HUGE culprit of the problem with the passive tree
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