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  1. Unsure if this is intentional or a bug, so I don't want to toss it into the bug reports: Slayer Quickdraw talent (chance to reset Flintlock Shot cooldown on Clean Shot hit) only resets the original skill's 9 second cooldown. It does not take into account longer cooldown modifiers from using heavier weapons.
  2. Reported this in the previous build, but did a tiny bit more testing since then. As a Guinea Slayer, I cannot enter stealth after taming pack pigs and then "un-taming" them by moving far away from them. It seems this bug persists even after killing the now neutral pack pigs that I had tamed. Changing zones or dying seems to fix the bug and allows the slayer to re enter stealth. EDIT: Assassin can re-enter stealth as soon as the pack pig is "un-tamed" by moving far enough away from it.
  3. Unsure if it affects all stealth classes, but after taming some pack pigs and then letting them leash off of me, my Slayer can no longer enter stealth. It seems to still believe they are leashed to me and any time I attempt to enter stealth it just pops me right back out.
  4. It looks like the Sun and Moon 'faction change flags' are invisible in the Sun Temple and Earth Temple. Earth flag is the only one visible. The prompt still and can be interacted with. I have not checked Moon Temple.
  5. It looks like the Sun and Moon 'faction change flags' are invisible in the Sun Temple and Earth Temple. Earth flag is the only one visible. The prompt still and can be interacted with. I have not checked Moon Temple. EDIT: Whoops, wrong thread - feel free to delete.
  6. True, there is video evidence and I would point you to EzzorathTV's own perspective. KGV pushes out at 13:00 in his VOD and is pushed back. Trebs continue firing throughout this. KGV doesn't push back out to pressure our trebs until 26:20 in his VOD. So, it was approximately 13 minutes of uncontested firing. It is true that one of DIS's trebs was hitting a far left section of the wall for a couple of minutes, but I believe that's about it. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/686882182
  7. I didn't play SB, but I've been won over by the former SB players I've spoken to about the pros and cons of these items. So from a non-SB veteran - these sound like great points to devote time to.
  8. I disagree we would end up right back where we are now - but it is a possibility that I cannot completely discredit - so fair play. I believe that showing the scoring information (either who is in 1st, 2nd, 3rd; or the exact scoring of each guild) would lead to more choices, decisions, and compromises than just going after all the cards all the time and hoping you did more than the other guilds. I would think that you and Moneda would agree it's not fun to just discover at the end of a season that you spending so much tie on something you probably don't enjoy didn't quite cut it. But I don't wanna put words in your mouths, so correct me if that's not the case. More information allows all guilds to make better decisions: for example we can all see conquest points and make decisions based around that. It's a largely PvE option within the larger PvP game, but it informs and creates opportunities for PvP. Or are the Conquest points a completely separate and incomparable example to most people? Maybe there's a new option that I haven't thought of that could solve this, but this was one of the simplest and most "easily" implemented that I could see.
  9. So personally, when they unveiled the DF system, I thought it was a step in the right direction and I still think it's a fine system to use. However, the lack of clarity surrounding how the points are awarded is a tough sell for me. There was even a 10 minute discussion in general chat between Duffy, Hungry, and Coolster (I think? Correct me if I'm wrong) trying to figure out who ranked where on the Top and Seasonal Wealth cards and I don't know if they ever came to an agreement on how that played out. I do have to disagree and agree with different parts of your point here @moneda. I don't think the obfuscation is absolutely necessary. I believe having at least some idea of where the rankings are currently would lead to more interesting decision making in a guild's strategy. I'm not sure I would advocate for knowing exactly what the scores are at any given time and seeing how much of a lead the guild in first has, but having some information like who's currently in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd might create interesting strategies. For example, if guild 1 is super far ahead on one card, maybe they focus the other cards with the remaining time. But this also opens guild 1 up to getting lazy and a situation where guild 2 has been stockpiling resources and dumps them at the last second for an upset. Or that same situation can go the other way with the guild 2 working towards closing that gap - forcing guild 1 to pay attention to it and splitting their attention.
  10. I'm not sure I'd say the scoring system itself is dumb; the ability to score highly with little to no risk is what I would call dumb. I think if W was forced to move inside the fort in this video, buildings had more health, or siege taking time to set up the issue would be lessened (although I admit I don't know if that would entirely fix it or just patch it). On an unrelated note: reading through a lot of these, I find myself considering different ideas than when I came into this thread, so it's great to see the discussion continue.
  11. Overall, I like a lot of what Hungry has outlined here, with some exceptions. As far as the Divine Favor, I would love to at least test the idea of scoring on two pillars rather than 3. Even adding something as simple as just removing the lowest scoring pillar (which would be a bit of a hack rather than a fix with all the issues it may present), might give us an idea of how that scoring could work. More of a question to the devs: is the number of pillars you are scored on a variable based on the ruleset or is that a static value across all rulesets? As far as Pack Pigs, I'm not sure I totally agree with all Hungry's points here. Wouldn't increasing spawn timers while at the same time, increasing their reward create the same issue? You can choose to completely ignore PvP by just waiting a bit, grabbing a few, and getting out. Did you mean those ideas as all different potential solutions or all part of a single solution? I mostly agree with the last point. Chiefs and Kings have - so far - presented great PvP opportunities due to their rarity and high reward. I don't really have a suggestion for a solution on this point. I have really enjoyed fighting over resources like Chiefs and Kings, both when winning and losing. Winning because - well that's obvious. But losing over resources like that isn't terrible either as you have the opportunity to respawn and go at them again - adding in a bit of a rush to ensure they can't take said resource before you get back.
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