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  1. While I totally understand that ACE wants us to focus more on the functionality of the rewards, I can't help but think very similarly to Galvia here and since I'm sick, I had some time to brainstorm: One method or slight change that I think would be welcome to a number of players is to make campaign rewards mostly cosmetic. For example, League of Legends or GW2 has 'shards' or pieces of items that you can unlock after collecting x number of shards. Rather than gifting out a $30 cosmetic, I'd love to see a single 'shard of a mystical mount' as a reward. Collect 10 of them and you can unloc
  2. I'm unsure if this is a bug or intended, so feel free to tell me off if it's intended I can't seem to get the Frostbite DoT to crit despite having 31% crit strike. Over several tests, all I can get to crit is the original cast of Frigid Ground that applies the Frostbite. I believe this was the case for the past few patches as well, but I don't have data to back that up.
  3. Myself and few others are fairly certain that Mass Dispel is not working as intended. This is what we've discovered so far with Mass Dispel. When it is cast on a: Confessor with their ultimate barrier - only strips a small amount. Confessor with Arcane Barrier - strips the full barrier. Frostguard with ulti barrier - only loses a small amount. Frostguard with multiple unique barriers (Reactive Barrier + Arcane Barrier), Mass Dispel only stripped one of those barriers. We believe it was the full barrier as the buff from it also disappeared. Templar with their
  4. I feel like I've heard the same thing, but I can't remember specifically. But then, why not just expand the fort parcels to include two outposts? The large downside I see from that, is it would definitely create a potentially significant amount of work on the dev side.
  5. I was torn between PvP and Classes as they're correlated with each other in many ways, but I voted for PvP. Tuning the classes and disciplines to allow for more build diversity and player choice could help with a lot of issues I see brought up by both newer and older players. Additionally, creating campaigns with new, interesting rulesets would do a lot to help with many issues. Hell, I'd love to see campaigns where a specific dmg type is halved - forcing some guilds to rethink their group compositions and either put up a lot of resources to create vessels for that specific campaign, run those
  6. Pam, if I'm following your logic correctly... you can't play Knight with Chain Pull (because it sometimes pulls people behind you) despite it being a core mechanic of the class, you can't play Slayer with Rapid Fire (because it fires two more shots after the channel ends) even if you just use it for movement speed and don't hit anyone with it, you can't play Myrm with Vengeance (due to unintentional amounts of healing), you can't play Cleric with Block (due to animation canceling of auto attacks and skills) even though the skill itself says it can be flash cast, you can't use Plague Lord's Shr
  7. Yeah, after some thought I actually was just editing my previous post with a second example. A second example could be something like 600 people per alliance, which would allow one 500 person guild and one 100 person guild to ally, or one 500 person and a number of smaller sub 50 person guilds. This would tether those smaller (and most likely resource starved) guilds to a larger guild that can help outfit them and protect them in the campaigns. In this way, at least a portion of the grievances from smaller guilds and newer players regarding constantly being killed by larger groups can be
  8. I do like the idea of an alliance population limit. For example, 1000 people per alliance would create an interesting dynamic and decision making process of how an alliance leader chooses allied guilds. If we use LoD and CC as an example, they could ally (CC being just under 500 people and LoD being around 350), but then would have to make strategic decisions regarding the remaining 3 slots in their alliance as they would only have room for one 150 person guild or three 50 person guilds, or any mixture in between. I like the idea of the larger guilds being forced to seek out smaller guilds to
  9. Unsure if this is intentional or a bug, so I don't want to toss it into the bug reports: Slayer Quickdraw talent (chance to reset Flintlock Shot cooldown on Clean Shot hit) only resets the original skill's 9 second cooldown. It does not take into account longer cooldown modifiers from using heavier weapons.
  10. Reported this in the previous build, but did a tiny bit more testing since then. As a Guinea Slayer, I cannot enter stealth after taming pack pigs and then "un-taming" them by moving far away from them. It seems this bug persists even after killing the now neutral pack pigs that I had tamed. Changing zones or dying seems to fix the bug and allows the slayer to re enter stealth. EDIT: Assassin can re-enter stealth as soon as the pack pig is "un-tamed" by moving far enough away from it.
  11. Unsure if it affects all stealth classes, but after taming some pack pigs and then letting them leash off of me, my Slayer can no longer enter stealth. It seems to still believe they are leashed to me and any time I attempt to enter stealth it just pops me right back out.
  12. It looks like the Sun and Moon 'faction change flags' are invisible in the Sun Temple and Earth Temple. Earth flag is the only one visible. The prompt still and can be interacted with. I have not checked Moon Temple.
  13. It looks like the Sun and Moon 'faction change flags' are invisible in the Sun Temple and Earth Temple. Earth flag is the only one visible. The prompt still and can be interacted with. I have not checked Moon Temple. EDIT: Whoops, wrong thread - feel free to delete.
  14. True, there is video evidence and I would point you to EzzorathTV's own perspective. KGV pushes out at 13:00 in his VOD and is pushed back. Trebs continue firing throughout this. KGV doesn't push back out to pressure our trebs until 26:20 in his VOD. So, it was approximately 13 minutes of uncontested firing. It is true that one of DIS's trebs was hitting a far left section of the wall for a couple of minutes, but I believe that's about it. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/686882182
  15. I didn't play SB, but I've been won over by the former SB players I've spoken to about the pros and cons of these items. So from a non-SB veteran - these sound like great points to devote time to.
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