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  1. I'll be interested to hear more about their thoughts because the state of combat and their perspective on it seems troubling to me. Some good info with the stats being put in though!
  2. So, like you just said, it gives players using older vessels a temporary power increase vs a new one that has to catch up. My concern, is that it's just another a potential disadvantage a new player will face coming into the game. All this starts to pile up and people are going to stop coming out if they feel too far behind.
  3. I like the idea of the system. I think having something that encourages and rewards people for interacting with the world is a good thing. In theory, what I dont like is that it currently creates more of a power gap between new players vs old temporarily with what theyve said. It ends up being one more thing a player has to do to get into the endgame combat. Interested to see how it goes.
  4. I have two suggestions: 1. Group Finder: The above image is how I would like to see a group finder work in Crowfall. You can list private for guild, or public for anyone to find. You can name the groups, it also has a player count. Fairly easy to use and read and allows for easy pug access. 2. Proximity Chat Personally, I think something that could help with find a group is a proximity chat. I came from a game that had it, and while it could be used to stupid things (You can just mute people) it was great for talking to people outside of your group and people seemed to be a little bi
  5. Thanks for the responses so far folks, looks like there is some interest in the event. I'll start putting something together. I will try to keep the event on the weekend. It could maybe start around Noon(maybe earlier), that seems to be a potential decent time for EU folk (I understand not all time zones are the same).
  6. Hey all, We're looking at organizing a massive melee brawl. No weapons, No armor, No disciplines, only fists of fury, giant blobs of people, and madness. Would people in the community be interested in an event like this to close out the year or usher in a new year? We would love to see over a hundred people punching it out.
  7. Should someone tell him what he quoted?
  8. Was a little hard to hear you clearly at times (was on my phone). Otherwise, was an interesting video. Tha ks for sharing it from your perspective.
  9. It can be confusing for new people, that's for sure. But i'm glad that people aren't losing access for a week or two completely like you said.
  10. Thanks guys! It was a blast to finally get a look at those siege weapons! Looking forward to the next time!
  11. That looks really awesome. I'll be saving some of this. Didn't know it existed.
  12. The problem you have IMO is that "making the game work" also involves group testing. Since there is almost no PVE to the game, it falls squarely on PVP to test mechanics outside of crafting. It's almost a catch 22 of you really shouldn't have to focus on balance in an alpha - but with this kind of game you kind of have to in some ways... Still a ways to go for everything.
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