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    Strategic and psychological behavioral observation and analysis. Putting my foot in my mouth. Antagonizing the simple minded among us. Gaming. Art. Voice-acting.
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    Somewhere between DC & NYC
  1. Omg I was SO lost in Hunger Dome last night! LOL

  2. Yes, MUDder back to the 1990's. A variety of different ones I can't recall, primarily ChaosMUD (as I posted elsewhere) then The Last Aerie (which I helped run). Loved the days of text gaming. =) And a good tintin script.
  3. Omg, thanks for the instant flashback... umm Xyzzy? Was that it? Got my first IBM PC in 1981 and Zork was awesome. Yay for Text and Ascii. =) Chaos was great since it was where i first met Todd, Josef, Mark and company. =) Good stuff. Great times. And amazing game, and they were remarkable then, and I am not at all surprised where they all ended up. =) Something to be said for text based for imagination and creativity. =)
  4. So 20 years since (or more? Todd? I am bad with dates). Anyone from ChaosMUD still out there? I stumbled upon W101 and once I looked at the credits I nearly fell off my stool in my kitchen. WOW. And for months I had watched my kids play and thought "Wow, that's familiar... and Falmea? Hey wait a minute... no way" and then Todd confirmed that yes, that was the Falmea named for my Immortal on ChaosMUD (but I was Todd's favorite punching bag mortal Icey - all in fondly remembered good fun and humor). Love to reconnect with the old crowd.... Maya =)
  5. my head is swimming with ideas, my mind is drowning.

  6. To be a "stick-in-the-mud" parent, if the game is not going to be 18+ only, then I think there needs to be some restrictive options. I don't even let my kids have open chat on W101 and I am totally in favor of restricting their communication on any platform. As one who has been using online communications since 1981, I know exactly what/who/why is out there, and I personally also don't relish the rather "adult" conversations some of my friends relay on the games they play (Final Fantasy? WoW? etc.) where it can get a bit too "edgy" and away from pure gaming for my tastes.
  7. I think it would be fun to have a "Monk" type class, those would be loners who roam the realm(s) and can not be violent (usually), they might be problem solvers, negotiators, mediators, and such. I think that when provoked they could be extremely deadly and very powerful (mind powers more so than weapons). Ownership of property and possessions should be extremely limited, but could perhaps run shops or other businesses.
  8. True, but as one who used to totally freeze when hit by PvP out of nowhere, it took a long time for me to learn how to process and respond fast enough. The fight or flight is sometimes too deeply ingrained in people, so to me that was a huge turn-off back on ChaosMUD. Once I had someone help me, teach me and coach me how to do it (plus a little TinTin scripting) and I was enjoying the backstabbing lifestyle of a Rogue. I also love a fair PvP match on W101 (unfortunately it is WAY too biased and out of whack when my level 22 is being matched against level 56 who can critical me to death
  9. As someone who has done voice-over and radio work for a long time (but not recently) I would gladly volunteer my voice and time if it helped. I have always wanted to get into VO for games and cartoons. =) #Justsaying Very seriously. =)
  10. I hope you were not surprised by this? It isn't about the Game they play, I think it has more to do with life experience and maturity. I will be the first to admit I enjoy the heck out of antagonizing during a Warlord PvP on W101 - I can always tell who the "experienced" gamer is and who the noob is - of course I have seen some epic tantrums and it just tickles the heck out of me to think I used to be that person back nearly 20 years ago, I couldn't handle a pvp without going into "fight or flight" mode. Unfortunately, if someone is upset it doesn't matter what you say, it's about their
  11. Welcome to the jungle. Please leave your Unicorn at the door, unless you prefer it be served with BBQ sauce.
  12. Add me to the "Like you" list. #AWESOME #GONNAKILLYA
  13. Great points Todd, and we know how contentious it can be when communities and styles crash. People need to realize it isn't either or, it is something totally new. That being said, how about use old Diku kids, I loved Chaos. I loved the systems you guys had, the story, and I was blown away after it closed and realized who you all were as mortals and immortals. You shocked me to the core. Total admiration. That being said, I never played Shadowbane and only came to W101 since my kids were playing, but I do enjoy it in some aspects. Personally I miss being able to "backstab-flee" an
  14. Todd - So glad you are doing something new, different and innovative, once again. So sorry I missed the span between Chaos and the last. I can't tell you how proud I am of you, and your commitment to the quality of gaming. Thank you for sharing your passion with us all. I believe, and so many others, because you believe - no not quite strong enough - you KNOW what gaming needs and you know who to align with to accomplish amazing things. It takes courage to soar with the Eagles, but you lead them even higher by finding the purest updraft around. =) Sign me whatever you wan
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