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  1. you may not like the thread you dont have to comment if it doesn't refrain to the topic or question. Dont be sad that what I've said is true and Artcraft is being lack luster in their vision and expectations to the customer/community.
  2. Couldnt of said it better, my version was considered otherwise rude.... BUT as a customer i do have expectations especially the promises that where said even with a delay.
  3. At the moment I haven't logged in for a 2 months and was excited to see the templar after they announced it BUT no templar....... I want to just say this now so i can be the first. With games that are in "PRE" Alpha or Early start we as gamer's are players of MMO's are getting custarded left and right. We only expect what we have been told and artcraft is already blowing their promises. This game will never be fully done artcraft will continue to siphon money from investors and have another failed game. The complete concept that you advertised and this so called test is just so far behind I have little to no hope for this big turd of a game, and its not even a polished turd. All that has been added is some crappy banking system that doesn't condone any survival or risk vs reward game loop and a few mountains? Who is honestly in charge of this and how much money have you guys got from detonators to contribute to this "progress you have made absolutely pathetic and no excuse to be fund raising a product that you're setting on fire. Good luck on this soft launch.... yet another way to throw gas on this fire
  4. Yet another person who gets it.... all you've done is post on every form that is made casting your opinion over others saying that your right and their wrong. please lets count how many times you've replied to this thread NOT to answer the actually topic but to argue with others.
  5. dude again your the biggest idiot on here, this is a game and its a test of that game. We paid 100bucks to tell you or whoemever whats wrong with whats going on. Your suggestions and comments are just replies to get your post count up your pathetic
  6. YOUR AN IDIOT, your suggestions and comments are the worst tbh. I really think you dont actually play the game. please just keep your suggestions to yourself before big world takes another big step back
  7. If anyone noticed there are new prerequisites for the skill tree's, being said this is making a less diverse system and something that will take ever longer to average out a skill. If i want to use a skill in combat training i need to lvl up my combat principals to 50% wtf is going on with this? Did i read this right, is it as wonderful as the armor requirement's for skills?? someone make sense of this
  8. How about you redirect the thread then and use your powers to be to make progress. Instead you rant and try to make a point that doesn't help, just feed to the fodder..... Redirect post then k thanks
  9. regardless of "testing" as a tester or anyone who plays alpha should let their concerns be heard. I know I'm not the only one feeling this way, i cant speak for everyone but this is the feeling i get. There are a few things ArtCraft needs to get right for us to be successful at helping them work out the kinks etc. Without a banking system the lifespan of a tester is a few hours TOPS. they need to prolong game play so we want to stay on and progress a bit. Cuz all i do is harvest people who hit nodes and then they log cuz they dont want to do it all over again for 2 hours. This is just one point, but @vikingnail your are absolutely wrong. We need to have the tools to be successful as a tester **please list tools**
  10. with the 3.6 big world patch I had high hopes. With my logging in I noticed the pre req's needed for skill tree. This alone is a big set back in game progression. Along with that note i see a lot of the same problems with the requirments of armor and skills. tedious and annoying. Further more the food in this game is taking up 25% of my time, im either harvesting for apples or pine nuts and its a constant time sink. please fix this its not a survival game, food is a big part but it needs to be implemented right, like for combat regen harvesting consumables etc. 10 steps backwards.... pretty upset with what was presented in this patch
  11. gonna be epic! -dustydrool187 aka Babyhands of Grief
  12. When initiating a combo the UI pop's up in the middle of your screen. Some players like myself don't like the placement, could there be an option to move the UI where the user see's fit in the future. also i want to be able to bind these keys to anything i want. Thanks! Babyhands
  13. So for example if you go under the confessor or the Legionnaire have the same sub skill tree's. Each of these different sub classes are just duplicated and no different from the other's.
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