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  1. What guild are you in Chancellor ?
  2. Stealth counter?

    or scarecrow
  3. Mithril Warhammers

    ..There were two undeniable truths in the Realms: It was very easy to overestimate a drow and even easier to underestimate a dwarf. ― R.A. Salvatore, Maestro
  4. Sit down, grab out your notepad and pencil, and take down some notes. Class is in session. 1. Stoneborn are the oldest of all races. Their ancient age and infinite amount of time forging worlds would grant them vast experience in all crafting, 2. Stoneborn are enchanted creatures. What better race to master runemaking than the enchanted crafters of Kronos 3. Stoneborn were created to complete the great work of servicing the worlds. What race would be better equipped to master the various crafts over the one race created by the Gods to forge, meld, and carve out the worlds they serve. 4. Stoneborn are made of raw earth and tree. Why wouldn't they be master of the elements that create their being ?
  5. Cleric's Holy Aura and Vengeful Aura bar keeps moving even after the spell/effect has ended. The UI bar needs to be extended with Humans with the expanded via disc extra power slot.
  6. What elven witchery is this ? Half Giant models on Stoneborn. Someone's name moved up on the Book of Grudges priority list.
  7. CU Beta isnt going to be persistent, at least at first in CU, it's just going to be planned testing sequences or modules lasting hours at a time..
  8. says the person who hid / ran away from fighting me
  9. Had a connection lost, looks like campaign went down early. Anyway in my short time on, I must say the sounds have came a long way. World audio atmosphere is really nice now.
  10. Soft Launch

    This discussion is leading me to flashbacks to past MMORPG's I've alpha tested that failed. This game's development needs testers that question development not blindly follow along saying everything is great.
  11. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    Join order, you should fit in well.
  12. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    Theoretically uncorrelated factors are correlated and theoretically correlated factors are uncorrelated in Bartles. Leave game theory to the philosophers or Carl Jung not the fake psychologists please.
  13. When the time comes of our awaking there will be a relentless vengeance released. The Great Book of Grudges has grown over the last few years.
  14. Soft Launch

    Cliff notes please ? Now I see how someone can have 3k post yet Ive never fought them during any test run dating back to hunger dome nor seen them on any test server on any region. Just curious what guild do you belong to ? Keep this real simple to avoid further confusion on what we are saying. There is ever growing viral confused and incorrect opinion among the mmorpg communities regarding what Crowfall's soft launch is or isnt as well as an incorrect consensus on what pay 2 win in a pvp game like Crowfall is. Even original pre alpha testers are confused still on what the difference between beta, soft launch, and official release is. Any and all information out there from Artcraft is over two years old, hard to find, or in clips here or there on dev streams. At some point, in my opinion sooner rather than later, it should be addressed head on with the mmorpg media outlets as well as hosted in a clear and easily seen area on Crowfall's website.