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  1. Mithril Warhammers

    Dwarf Zerker MYRM net pull at the 14 second mark with slow mo fata death swing following
  2. Skill System Revamp

    Really should take a page out of ablion online skill system in their destiny board. It's a hybrid passive training and skill training by using said skills to gain experience to further advance the skill. Players need passive training via premium accounts to advance the skill to a set point. Once the set point is reach the completion of the skill can be obtained by in game experience.
  3. Mithril Warhammers

    sexy as always
  4. Stoneborn Feedback

    + 1 for Strength of the Mountain -1 for Stoneborn vessels being gated to the last node in necormany I will drop $$$$$$ right now if you bring in a str based crossbow @jtoddcoleman Since Stonebone do not have access to an innate stealth ability, a speed buff, or perception buff something baked in to aid vs stealthiers would go a long ways. As it the current model stands its the slowest, brings the lowest healing, cant hide, and gets penalized for using it's racial ability. It's like some cruel joke the gods play upon us.
  5. Stealth OP. Toxins OP

    Stealth needs a limited resource mechanic with a cool down or timer of some type. It always has been a poor mechanic in a pvp game but allowing infinite stealth will drive the sheep from the game and lead to burnout from the wolves sent to constantly protect them. Albion Online's stealth mechanic is a perfect example on how stealth should work in a pvp game without risking the mechanic being too unbalancing.
  6. I will throw down some money for it if we could switch out the bows for crossbows for the Stoneborn.
  7. Fury feels like it's draining really fast on the Mrym. Even with the 10% reduction passive on energy slotted I am running out of fury quickly where I have to wait for it regen in basic mob fights.
  8. Do we really need mob colored telegraphs ? What little challenge there was in farming mobs just left the party.
  9. What guild are you in Chancellor ?
  10. Stealth counter?

    or scarecrow
  11. Mithril Warhammers

    ..There were two undeniable truths in the Realms: It was very easy to overestimate a drow and even easier to underestimate a dwarf. ― R.A. Salvatore, Maestro
  12. Sit down, grab out your notepad and pencil, and take down some notes. Class is in session. 1. Stoneborn are the oldest of all races. Their ancient age and infinite amount of time forging worlds would grant them vast experience in all crafting, 2. Stoneborn are enchanted creatures. What better race to master runemaking than the enchanted crafters of Kronos 3. Stoneborn were created to complete the great work of servicing the worlds. What race would be better equipped to master the various crafts over the one race created by the Gods to forge, meld, and carve out the worlds they serve. 4. Stoneborn are made of raw earth and tree. Why wouldn't they be master of the elements that create their being ?
  13. Cleric's Holy Aura and Vengeful Aura bar keeps moving even after the spell/effect has ended. The UI bar needs to be extended with Humans with the expanded via disc extra power slot.
  14. What elven witchery is this ? Half Giant models on Stoneborn. Someone's name moved up on the Book of Grudges priority list.