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  1. Stoneborn Rangers

    I can gaurentee the Stoneborn have the stones "for it".
  2. Stoneborn Rangers

    If a giant cow can be a ranger let's throw us Stoneborn a bone. A range scout with limited stealth would complete our racial Stoneborn guild's handicap vs range and more importantly stealth. The oldest race made of raw earth and living tree, with skin of living stone and beards of twisted vines and earthen roots has more in tuned with the earth and forest than any other current race able to play as a ranger.
  3. I was able to escape the sliding on my champion by leaping or dodging while sliding for what it's worth.
  4. Disc - Runescarred Gladiator- First Wind did not appear as a passive in my tray Greater Maces- Says Templars can use on mouse over, they cant, once created only shows Champs can use
  5. only date I care about is the date we will be able to test stoneborn crushing the poorly made socks out everything that moves...
  6. Not groundbreaking but I use my middle scroll button for push to talk in discord. For some reason when I hit it the inventory box pops up. also master of greater maces says Templars can use it, but its not equipable on Templar
  7. Mithril Warhammers

    Slay anything without a beard, to the death !!
  8. Camelot Unchained

    proximity chat in a mmorpg would kill me
  9. Shorten the arms, lower the height to what we expect Dwarves to be. If Crowfall is going to have 1 zillion legolas elves running around then at least do this right. Love the beard though cant wait to see it in amination
  10. How soon till we can test these guys ?
  11. Albion Online my referral code if you buy in