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  1. Resource Skills - Increased Cool Down ?

    I just checked on a brand new myrm, my bull rush is at a 30 second cool down. Good chance a skill you had passively trained is increasing, not decreasing, certain cool downs.
  2. Stoneborn

    How long must my brothers wait to start testing the Stoneborn @jtoddcoleman ? Whatever price or cost to speed our production up name it and it shall be met. There is nothing more loyal nor unforgiving as the Son's of Gaea. Our slumber among the rocks and earth have been long and ever relentless.
  3. umm maybe not in survival good call, let me double check.
  4. D'Orion's Accelerando song buff while being in the survival tray is not refreshing as proced via pure voice in either range or melee tray first then switching to survival tray. Is this intended ? The normal run speed song does refresh with the survival tray out after being activated in either of the two other trays first.
  5. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    its the you run away and hide build once big bad champions come near
  6. After further testing Champions whirlwind misses 95% of the time.
  7. Just curious why Champions had their melee Disarming Shout suppress changed from multi targets to solo ? And why ranged Rangers received a range AE suppress to go along with their AE Root? Shouldnt Melee, which is harder to hit, have the the mutil target on suppress ?
  8. No laughing please, fun fights all around
  9. Dominator is not procing on critical primary attacks
  10. Crafters I feel sorry for all of us.

    is there any point of using higher t5 to t9 mats for armor or weapons ?
  11. Crafters I feel sorry for all of us.

    Because of the fail rate, amount of time gathering etc,,,,I was stock piling till 5.4 and when my crafting skils were unlocked to build via bar stats.
  12. yes I am out of export / imports on the North American server
  13. Bard to Blair

    most excellent, with the rank 1, 2, 3, and 4 songs,...Am I reading this right that you could not have two songs of the same #, say two song 3's, in the rotation to proc pure voice ?
  14. Bard to Blair

    so the 5th song can be any of the 1,2,3 or 4 ? i was probably doing it wrong then cause it felt like I need a 5th separate song there.