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  1. 1. Please look at music. We should be allowed to pick and choose songs to twist. The "type" of song 1,2,3 & 4 needed to twist really limits builds and forces you to go 100% almost if not all into music twist or at least change Song of Speed to a none number being used in any of the rotations. Music is more limited than ever per sub classes as domains and even more so if you have to use Minstrel gives a 3 and a 4, Troubadour gives a 1 and a 2; Dirge of Dissonance is a 3, Lament of Sadness is a 4, Guardian Rhythms is a 2, Song of Speed is a 1 2. Bring flare back as a minor or maj
  2. Can not twist songs using Troubadours Constant Chains song as one of the four songs. 1. It is a song so should trigger twisting 2. Previous versions you could trigger song twisting using it
  3. Great night of fighting among some good people and even better friends.
  4. Welcome and what shadowbane servers were you on ?
  5. someone is mad they didnt get a participation trophy for having the best k/d ratio ?
  6. Takes three of them to take down a naked weaponless Stoneborn.
  7. It would be really really nice to not be forced into a sword on the swordsman's spec. They can use axes but will the swordman class be handicapped using an axe ?
  8. Hi Redsett


    Are you still looking for a guild ? Sorry was out camping for a few days. We are kinda in a low ebb, logging into dregs here or there for fights but mainly waiting for 6.2 on test. What guilds have you been in before ? Are you comfortable maining a stornborn class for our pvp spec groups ?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Barab


      join or dc and post in guest, someone will flag you,,,,we do ask for one stoneborn class based on how e build out our siege pvp groups but otherwise open to playing anything outside an elf whenever. 

    3. redsett


      Sweet, thanks. I joined the dc channel, but I only have access to #general. Not #guests.


      My discord user name is also Redsett.

    4. redsett


      Nvm, I just can't view the message history, :)

  9. I wish weapon discs would return.,..
  10. Long ten minute open field field with a long chase at the 8 min mark. Fun fight and respect to YBR. YBR crew always brings it, refreshingly non toxic after a win or lose fight in general chat, and would have walked away if not for the cavalry arriving when it did.
  11. @jtoddcoleman I know you are busy but please review this post and perhaps share with the Unity engineers. We bring it up only because we are concerned with the success of Crowfall. Glad the OP brought up Albion Online which also uses Unity. Over the course of AO's development from beta to release their team developed extremely successful anti blob zerg mechanics, really cool open world pvp pois, and took 300 player 5 fps slide show fights to 500 player smooth fights using the same engine.
  12. I could get it to proc on mobs / dummies but don't recall it ever rooting a player. same with arbiter ae root...never saw it land.
  13. I have never been able to get Noble Blood's root via Sentinel to land.
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