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  1. Can't think of one pvp mmo with siege conquest mechanics that didn't include some form of pve. The better games blend both together well.
  2. Why is 69% of the server population all playing frostweavers ?
  3. Imbuement Sigil and Long Blade Mode does not combine. Only the short blade mode and imbuement sigil works (daggers only). If I remember right the long swords were suppose to get the "lunge" crafting option as well.
  4. @RetroSweater @Nagoty (where are you Nagoty) ...fight from last night.
  5. 1. When dying Aracoix often fall into the ground, especially so on raised ground, making them unlootable. 2. People cannot equip intermediate axes or knives though the pip says they can. 3. Getting huge fps drops when fighting at keeps.
  6. thank you for being there for us
  7. The battle worn Stoneborn was training weapon skills in an abandon unclaimed fort on target dummies when a shadows fell upon the earth around the Champion.
  8. Yes, SB mines would be an excellent addition to game play.
  9. Having some large fights in the infected on live. If any stoneborn are looking for a guild please reach out.
  10. That's odd we did place well using the favor system, cause we spent the time on it, and saw tons of PvP.
  11. Not disagreeing Dregs doesn't need improvement to increase fun. I am disagreeing major changes need to occur because one long term respected testing guild left to go play Worlds of Warcraft and another respected guild went HAM on the last NA dregs winning the campaign by four times the needed work. Removing the grind work to be competitive turns this game into a moba. Maybe I am confused are you saying conquest guilds shouldn't have to grind to win just PvP?
  12. Too much grind too little PvP.? Did we test the same dregs
  13. Having fun in Infected with our friends Lords of Death last night
  14. @Pann is the dregs coming to 5.110 prior to the 2nd wipe and beta announcement ? Lots of confusion.
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