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  1. Is Illusionist Invisibility suppose to like like this after moving in stealth ? What is invisibility drain ?
  2. Pretty cool Crowfall promotion video Caldera.....
  3. Please give Stoneborn "strength of the mountain"
  4. Mother Gaea beyond the wall of sleep never forgets , ....and neither do we.
  5. We see you Winterblades...now this, this is a Winterblades we raise a toast to.. Skål !!!
  6. the biggest anti zerg mechanic is going to be the unity engine +1 to friendly fire here, made for more interesting fights in my opinion in the past few mmos with it we have played and/or currently testing.
  7. I still have PTSD from sieging the main CoS city in Shadowbane during testing
  8. You an ork from Shadowclan ?
  9. We were and are an all Dwarf guild that ran with a all Centaur guild. Any names below familiar ? The centaur guild was Dreadlords.
  10. Heh that's golden there, not so much a problem though in either game, even with gamma up terrian helps hide your name tag, either way at least no easy 100% all reward no risk mechanic.
  11. One of the reasons I enjoyed pvp testing New World and currently testing Atlas. No cheeseball easy win stealth/invisibility mechanic...players have to crouch and/or duck hiding into the environment to attempt to remain undetected, dye their gear to camoflauge among the terrain, and can't hit a button for 100% escapability. But just remember stealth in Crowfall doesn't create broken pvp it's on you because you don't know how to prepare for it.
  12. Barab

    Atlas MMORPG

    woudnt buy too much into the cranky ass gamer reviews, with a good group of people Atlas is incredible. Still work to do...but it feels like darkfall met ark met sea of thieves we just had a civil war on our island a few days ago, we kicked the traitors to the curb
  13. We had cleric, the duelist dropped him, we dropped the duelist even naked, not fully leveled, and not geared but if the duelist wanted to he could have just avoided his death harressing infinitely, we had anti stealth discs, they suck. Bottom line, Stealth currently is mostly reward with little risk. I get why many of you defend it. Far as track goes, far as I am aware, not once has the skill ability description been addressed. We know it's in the passive tree for training but beyond that we do not know the mechanic specifics. It may not even detect stealth.
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