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  1. Can you show me when Winterblades alliance sieged a Castle verses a heavily player defended castle since release in either last dregs or this dregs ? The best part of plebeians like yourself is that we regularly laugh at all the anti Death Alliance regurgitation that flows from the other two big alliances targeted at us. Death Alliance has five guilds, ranging from smaller medium member size to large size, with a rich history of playing with or against each other going back decades in MMOs. We are friends first and foremost. Collectively we have over eighty plus years of pvp mmo experience. I say this because nothing you type, say, or do will impact us in any way other than cause us to mock you internally among ourselves. MMOs come and go but reputations are permanent. Ironically there is one alliance in Crowfall that is constantly being mocked by the community. It isn't the Death Alliance. On a side note I am sure the dysync issues, causing our groups abilities not to register damage, went both ways but would need to hear about it from the Hax alliance side as well. TIp of the hat to Hax for a successful defense of the castle regardless of the zone issues impacting both of us.
  2. Room for a few more Dwarf Stoneborn players interested in group spec organized play. As in we will ask you and expect you to play any number of assign class spec roles in our designed stoneborn class groups during pvp raid events. On a side note if you find yourself playing Dwarves in mmo's we plan to have presence in Ashes of Creation mmo during alpha 2 testing (though months if not longer out)
  3. The ramp area caused some serious desync areas. The entire zone had issues - We had members zone in to duplicate clones of their characters, crash, and then locked out of the game - We had members stuck at loading character state permanently - We had abilities not registering hits, as in canceled by the server... - We had what appeared to be several member deaths only to come back from the dead Anyway glad this zone is being removed from the game next dregs. Pretty sure we have been sending logs, videos etc in and I know Tyrant was there.
  4. Was a fun five alliance wide fight. The biggest surprise was ACO coming in mass after the other factions had been defeated.
  5. We may be the loudest but doesnt mean the lock zone mechanic isnt garbage nor turning sieges into safe space non player content driven stale fights...nor are we the only players with a problem with this system. Hax streamer was commenting on this the other day mentioning he was truly against this player content limiting slot mechanic as well. Again the slot system actually gives an advantage to the Death Alliance, You should be thanking us for standing up for what will make Crowfall a better game over killing one of the few things actually fun in the game.
  6. guess you missed the comment later stating they are not friendly....doesnt matter anyway, It was a lot of fun with multi alliances all beating on each other that would never have occurred in your safe space lock zones mechanic.
  7. We fought conflict and they fought us at SL's siege. Trust me slots wont stop the the Death Alliance but it will kill the unique multi alliance three way plus fights, the real player created content that comes with it, and the randomness of player interaction that has created some incredible war stories from back stabbing politics to multi guilds /alliances fighting over a seed plant after the defenders of the keep were vanquished.
  8. Handshake sieges, totally needed to avoid burn out, needing to log in repeatedly beyond logging in for no show sieges among other requirements. Plus it comes with a resource sink which is very much needed in a world with so little guild resource sinks. This two sided slot system though is killing one of the "fun" aspects of Crowfall....the unpredictability that occurs currently in any siege. One would hope most would understand win or lose the randomness of fights such as we had last night at Spectre Legion's keep is what make games like this unique and fun. While one large alliance was sieging a defenseless smaller smaller guild's keep we had at least a five way keep fight at Spectre Legion's keep. SL, Hax and friends, Conflict, ACO, and Death Alliance plus other randos all fought at various times each other at the keep. It was glorious. Hat's off to all of you that where there win, lose, or draw. This unique free for all fighting, a spontaneous player created unique event, would never exist in a two sided slot system. Queue topped off into the low 20's. Even though the zone capped there wasnt a slide show. It was fluid and queue moved quickly. It was simply put...fun. I think many of us have dealt with zone cap issues across mmos games across decades. It's a necessary evil sometimes but the player unique content for having a open world player cap zone verses a stale two side pre determined side fight that screws over smaller guilds and small alliances even more so is an easily choice. I think back of all the three side plus fights we had during beta and alpha, the back stabbing, the randomness of it.....it sucks to think one good aspect / experience of Crowfall is going to disappear if this slot mechanic, as currently designed, happens. If nothing else give us two dreg options. Guilds that support a two side slot mechanic can go there and flex all they want.
  9. Lot's of ways to encourage faction balance.
  10. Says the guy in an alliance with with over 600 members on guild rosters sieging / wiping out smaller guilds like Unparalleled with 98 members. Come pick on the big guys like Hax and Death you bullies.
  11. The OP is talking about the abuse of faction swapping to join the most heavy populated winning faction, to troll someone, or farm more safely by switching to the most populated faction without penalty. What is the point of having factions if you can just switch around to the winning side ? There needs to be a cost, penalty, and/or large cool down for switching. Imagine playing DAOC on a server if you could just switch between factions on a whim. This current system gives no incentive to stay in the same faction nor does it create a sense of faction pride. It's just a soulless, meaningless, shell of a faction pvp world with no realm pride with an abusive faction swamping mechanic.
  12. Thanks, just for the record, on paper we may be in the current largest alliance but the most we can ever muster with call to arms is in the low hundreds. There is a lot of bloat, non actives, and alts on the rosters. Most of the time we just are out there doing our own individual things as our own guilds and not one large blob. More so on the record we have only sieged larger alliances which cant be said for some of the other larger guilds and alliances constantly pointing fingers at our on paper roster size, we were the first alliance to be zone locked against losing the keep on a crashed zone bug, and we are not even playing to win conquest. If we were all the active would just pile into one guild. The last zone cap I was at, the castle siege the other day, it wasnt the zone cap that created issues, it was the rez bug more than anything ...and both defenders and attackers were as close to equally represented. Zone cap didnt hit till right before zone siege started. On a side note, if your a smaller guild getting picked on by one of the bigger alliances, and requested aid in defense, with this current cap system idea it would make it much harder to assist you as a non alliance defending member or on the other side of the coin as attackers.
  13. How about we just try the hand shake system first without the player caps to see how it feels. Just keep everything the same without the player caps for attackers or defenders.....or have a campaign just with the hand shake system and one with the player cap with hand shake sieges to see which one fits players and guilds playstyle better.
  14. Gradishar, Ive always liked and respected you....going back to your PRX days. But you clearly do not know McTan nor understand that our alliance numbers have nothing to do with his perceived problems with this design. If you think we are in Death alliance due to the number of members each guild has and it has any motivational aspects at all on us, then you do not know us either.
  15. Getting some great smaller scale fights out there in the Dregs. Tip of the hat to all those logging to provide us fights.
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