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  1. "And all I gotta say to you Wannabe, gonnabe, %+@!$#?&*^ sucking, $@*!&#- eating prankstersIs when the fire dies down what the #&$#+ you gonna do Damn it feels good to be a gangsta" Death Alliance to rest of Dregs US east
  2. Having some fun out there on day 2 https://clips.twitch.tv/HardPhilanthropicPlumSoonerLater-45OsWHP2Iaxl7-VK
  3. Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! The Mithril Warhammers Dwarvern hold is a pvp centric Dwarven themed guild with two plus decades of history. Our existence began three decades ago in the The Realm where we have been competing and having fun in almost every MMO since. We play Dwarves exclusively, when available. Some may remember us from the Death server in Shadowbane fighting for months of total war against an empire of Death, Ostermark in Warhammer Online where we united the Order faction vanquishing Chaos off the server, or Jade Quarry in Guild Wars 2 release as one of the original founders of the Jade Alliance among the various other mmos we have either tested or planted our pvp banner on as we have made eternal friends and sworn enemies across the many realms. We are the best friends you will find. An opponent not easily forgotten. We require one main raid/siege Stoneborn main otherwise alts can be whatever race/class combo you prefer. We are a standing member of the Death Alliance. May your beard grow long, your axes and hammers find their mark, and the ale never run dry in your troll skull mug. HAMMERS HIGH !!
  4. We sons of Gaea may have drunk deep from the bitter waters of misfortune, but we yet survive. Whilst a single Stoneborn Dwarf draws breath, we will fight the evils that assail us, and we will never, ever give up. [MWH] Mithril Warhammers, with our three decade mmo pvp history of playing Dwarves, have had a testing presence in Crowfall's development since day one. Recruiting Stoneborn main players only. We are a guild of leaders, a guild with a long history, and a guild that can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.
  5. Verbal nda is lifted already for Ashes just no media.
  6. ya no poorly made dergs, and what has been done about it ?
  7. First paragraph comes off way too defensive. Sure we all understand those technical limitations. We are just warning you what we foresee happening, and it's all negative, and quite frankly very concerned zone capping was never addressed to this point this late up to release.
  8. My most memorable moment in five years of testing is every time I am in a group fighting the guild HAX if they roll us over with favored odds in their favor they say "good fight", which I assume is said as an ironic statement, but when we stomp them they have four dozen different excuses on why they lost.
  9. Are we going to get a knight class revision before release @jtoddcoleman ? 1. Shield bash and Shield Swipe should be combined 2. Noble Blood should be one cast 3. Into the fray needs to be two combos max. If you train the base kit out for the knight you are lucky to have room for just one disc skill without needing to drop a skill you were spent points in the tree on. The knight base kit is bloated.
  10. Ive been testing Crowfall since day 1 and MO2 since winter of 2020 1. Crowfall you will find pvp more frequently. The pvp is less punishing as well. 2. The combat is different on both games. Crowfall is more action based whereas MO2 feels more "realistic" , for sure slower, in terms of combat. 3. One giant open world with no map in mo2 vs minimaps, maps, smaller zones etc in CF. 4. Crowfall you can play and have a life. MO2 caters to those that that have more time to game. 5. Both skill character building systems provide good unique character building but MO2 is far more complex than crowfall. I like both games. The unreal engine 4+ MO2 uses is legit and far superior to unity in my opinion....anyway these were the first thoughts in my head regarding both.
  11. Knights talent tree and skills are still heavily bloated with repetitive combos. Base kit does allow for much if any room for additional skills via major discs.
  12. Please allow Knight Sentinel's to equip Tower Shields. Have it come from shield master or a minor if need be. Doesnt make sense that Secutor knights should be the only subset of the knight tree that can use tower shields.
  13. If you drink whiskey and ale, have a beard or want to have a beard, would rather punch an elf over being one, and play Dwarves in mmos regularly look no further. Part of the Death Alliance with a combined guild membership of 70+ years of mmo pvp experiences and history. Founding Shadowbane guild of the Mithril Alliance on the Death server, leading Order guild on the Warhammer Online Ostermark server that drove the Chaos faction guilds off the Ostermark server, original Jade Legion alliance founding guild member from the Jade Quarry server in GW2 WvW, and part of the small rag tag group of guilds known as "K4" that fought off the CSTG empire, causing the Emperor himself to break his monitor, for months on end in a 24/7 total war at Atlas release.
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