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  1. @jtoddcoleman I know you are a busy man but this....dregs is just a number games now with no friendly fire and capped ae's.
  2. That is their question to answer not mine. None of this dribble is personal to me. Someone doesn't want share a drink and a laugh over something as silly as video game occurrences then fair enough. We've been fighting Winterblades since Shadowbane, hell one of our members is friend's, friend's well before Crowfall was even a Kickstarter, with a ranking Winterblade member, as I mentioned earlier they should be applauded for their testing contributions over the years here....that being said the Death Alliance has taken up a rental space in some of their heads for far too long.
  3. If I said anything truly insulting and hurt anyone's feelings please accept my apology. If you look at my original post my comments were clarifying I was the only one from my guild there, as it was said my guild was there in the original post, so no the Mithril Warhammers were not there unless you consider one person enough to claim an entire guild was in attendance, and to state it was a fun. I felt it was important to notate the res statues not being destroyable was a factor in the result. Of course the holes in the wall were another factor as was multiple attackers spread out over various v
  4. Christ, this is like Mike Tyson's punch out. After one level of Winterblade dribbble disappears the next one appears. Like I said above let it go, move on....Ive complimented Winterblades more than most and being honest isnt lying.
  5. I said some of you we laugh at. Because let's face it some of the things some of you say and do are very laughable.
  6. We all had fun. Listen, it's nothing personal to me but Winterblades constantly likes to toss shade at the Death Alliance whereas we do not ever think about Winterblades. It's always " well Death alliance did this, Death alliance did that, going back years" It's like we are all back in high school. Let just all move on. Maybe if we are lucky enough post covid we can meet up at the Artcraft Pre Release party in Austin, and assuming any of you are of the legal drinking age, I can buy you a good glass of whiskey.
  7. We were getting great fights in the infected during test against highly skilled players. Still open to recruiting dedicated Stoneborn Champions, Myrms, Knights, and Clerics. Proud member of the Death Alliance made up of a nine plus guilds of various sizes all under one tag fighting off the oppressive tyrants of Crowfall.
  8. Nice edit, just let it go....you might win the battle but you won't win the war.
  9. Music taste is subjective. I will be completely honest here. I am only speaking for myself and those in my guild when I say we laugh often on how insecure some of you behave in Winterblades. Winterblades has had great success on the field of battle over the years in Crowfall, the organization should be applauded, and contributed greatly to testing over the years in Crowfall but the constant finger pointing , the constant excuse making, the talking down to other testers via the forum and CF discord, and the inability to even acknowledge that we are all here to have fun, to test, and help Crowf
  10. No doubt Earth did a great job of rallying saturday night. Not sure I remember Death ever bringing anyone outside our alliance by design to fight WB or any other guild. Often other guilds show up, because let's face it no one needs to be convinced to attack Winterblades and friends, but by no means was it by design as the results show. I guess there was the one time we, as in most of the server, all arrived to defend Dis's keep verses the Winterblade attack but that was via an invite to come help.
  11. I trade you closed walls for a destructible res statue.
  12. There was only one Mithril Warhammer there that night and it was me. Fun fight but let's be honest if the res statue was destroyable the outcome would be different.
  13. <QUESTION> Will we ever see/test friendly fire between groups in the same guild and/or friendly fire of some form between guilds in the same alliance as well as an increase on the number of targets hit, the cap being increased, on area effect spells ?
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