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  1. Barab

    hello all

    What servers ?
  2. @ACE-Tiggs I have a kick starter OG account....but the five buddy codes sitting in my code rewards say they expire to be sent on 1/29/2020....I want to save them for 6.4 to be able to send out.
  3. @ACE-Tiggs Can we get an extension on the buddy beta invites ? They expire on jan 29th and I would like to save mine for 6.4 please.....
  4. Hi Right now the five buddy beta codes for a month of access end on 1/29/2021. I would much prefer to send this out after 6.4 due to the incoming wipe. I dont plan to return to testing till after the 6.4 wipe. thanks
  5. Wipe this gripe and then make sure you get a good marketing campaign off the ground informing the mmo world, hit all the mmo gaming news sites, there is a wipe coming and this would be a good time to bring your guild over for testing as it will be a clean sweep and a great time to provide testing data. Hell hand out new guilds stacks of beta invites for their members as there will be little or nothing going on in mid to late winter mmo release and testing wise.
  6. There was also a Bounty Hunter disc with detect hidden and tracking where you could detect if stealthers with in a set area as well in Shadowbane. Seriously stealth has a long history of debate in pvp mmos. I am on side of the argument that having a class that can choose when to or not to fight as well as be able to escape without risk is and always been a poorly made dergs mechanic in a pvp game. For reals though Albion Online's stealth mechanic is probably the best and most skilled to play in more recent pvp mmo games if a past mmo stealth mechanic is going to be copied.
  7. Stealth should just be removed from pvp mmos, because having classes that can choose when and how a fight happens and have a 100% get out of jail card with escaping in a pvp game is dumb, but since we know it will not be removed then the Albion Online / Planet Side 2 model of temporary stealth is by far the best stealth mechanics to copy not theme park on rails WoW
  8. WE had the same issue with a champ trying to apply bleed via rend a few weeks ago in an EK. It wasnt always procing bleed. It was an alpha using an axe.
  9. Feedback from classes 1. Arbiter needs love. The are still a third class citizen among clerics and probably the least played class in game. - Spiritual Presence needs a wider AE and needs to heal the cleric casting it. - Arbiter buff needs a CC added to it, even if it's just a proc, such as a 5% to 10% chance to suppress or a snare. - Give them some type of purge of cc skill....such as freedom fighter. 2. Champions - Pitfighters have way too much health regen capabilities. Ultimate Warrior should be looked at. Either increase the damage it takes
  10. Death Domain Nightstalker Vampire sight- buffs appear at night, perception does go up to 25 but couldnt see stealthed mobs or players. I tested in along with the minor Heads Up under music, light etc whereas Heads up grants the similar perception and with heads up I could see both the same mobs and players stealthed.
  11. You dont agree the original kickstarter pledgers were attracted to Crowfall due heavily to the numerous mentions of Shadowbane and Stars Wars Galaxy ? And that many of them would have had second thoughts if they believed the Dregs campaign would play and feel more like Guild Wars 2 WvW and that crafting would feel more like Archeage ?
  12. One would hope Crowfall becomes much more than Guild Wars 2 WvW with it's Walmart style cookie cutter keep sieges. The kickstarter pledgers, the investors, and all those drawn to this game from the Shadowbane and Starwars Galaxy veteran base, because they were told Crowfall would have influence from both mmos, would have walked away at the first sign Crowfall was heading towards a Guild Wars WvW clone. I feel like you are making this personal. It isnt about what I find fun or McTan needs. It is about Crowfall and what it needs to be successful. We are not the only two testers, testing since th
  13. Battle Domain Hellraiser disc Needlin Haystack is reflecting back ticks of 200ish bleeds on all types of damage received not just piercing as it states. It's extremely over powerful.
  14. How it plays out is how its played out in every mmo pvp with the similar mechanic to date with increase pvp, an enhanced guild identity in true ownership with more meaning than the current keep system, and a mechanic to drive more players out into the world driving even more pvp. I mean if you want to build your walls at 3am that's your choice but I will be sleeping otherwise I guess go with Corvax to the campaign with static boring keep design we currently have and continue to log in only a few hours a day during that siege window.
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