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  1. Death Domain Nightstalker Vampire sight- buffs appear at night, perception does go up to 25 but couldnt see stealthed mobs or players. I tested in along with the minor Heads Up under music, light etc whereas Heads up grants the similar perception and with heads up I could see both the same mobs and players stealthed.
  2. You dont agree the original kickstarter pledgers were attracted to Crowfall due heavily to the numerous mentions of Shadowbane and Stars Wars Galaxy ? And that many of them would have had second thoughts if they believed the Dregs campaign would play and feel more like Guild Wars 2 WvW and that crafting would feel more like Archeage ?
  3. One would hope Crowfall becomes much more than Guild Wars 2 WvW with it's Walmart style cookie cutter keep sieges. The kickstarter pledgers, the investors, and all those drawn to this game from the Shadowbane and Starwars Galaxy veteran base, because they were told Crowfall would have influence from both mmos, would have walked away at the first sign Crowfall was heading towards a Guild Wars WvW clone. I feel like you are making this personal. It isnt about what I find fun or McTan needs. It is about Crowfall and what it needs to be successful. We are not the only two testers, testing since th
  4. Battle Domain Hellraiser disc Needlin Haystack is reflecting back ticks of 200ish bleeds on all types of damage received not just piercing as it states. It's extremely over powerful.
  5. How it plays out is how its played out in every mmo pvp with the similar mechanic to date with increase pvp, an enhanced guild identity in true ownership with more meaning than the current keep system, and a mechanic to drive more players out into the world driving even more pvp. I mean if you want to build your walls at 3am that's your choice but I will be sleeping otherwise I guess go with Corvax to the campaign with static boring keep design we currently have and continue to log in only a few hours a day during that siege window.
  6. How anyone could argue against free location keep planting, anti zerg mechanics, and additional resource sinks to get more players out in the world on a regular basis around the clock is quite disappointing. Need hand shake sieges as well. This would add another resource sink to add to the game. Do not rush this game. If you need more money just toss up location keep planting mechanics up on a go fund me page. I will toss into the hat for it.
  7. This, bring back racial trees....also copy in some form Albion Online's hybrid time / world gain experience training skill system. It's that easy to fix this boring unjoyable passive skill system.
  8. Whats up with the endless parry damage reflect back on templars ? IT needs to be looked at and tuned down a notch me thinks.
  9. Cleric Arbiter Just doesnt bring as much value, after test playing it since the new changes, to a group as Radical-DPS and Crusader - Heals / Buffs / Barriers 1. Add a stamina drain to the Arbiter. It can be AE, single target, passive stamina drain. 2. Spiritual Presence - A. Increase AE range to 10 meters as 5 meters just misses everyone often B. Allow it to heal the Arbiter as well. It doesnt heal the caster currently 3. If the Arbiter is a hybrid cc support class provide more support from anything such as
  10. I keep refencing Albion Online but they had similar issues along the way that mirror Crowfall. Gathering in Albion was a poorly made dergs storm in the beginning. So Albion created crafting gear with good survival ability as well as escaping skills along with crafting yield bonus and weight encumbrance increase.
  11. As long as alliances can still access each others keeps, crafting stations, rez, bank etc. Friendly fire of any type would go a long way to combat the zerg ball.
  12. Would really like to to see Crowfall copy the Albion Online model of passive training. This system allows for a time base leveling of the passive skills along side an experience base mechanic. Would aid the something to do between off hour sieges as well crowd. Would also bring value to the vip system as the premium system with learning points did for Albion Online. This is a hybrid system of leveling skills allowing for a time base point reward system to co-exit along side in game gain experience to level skills mechanic. https://albiononline.com/en/guides/article/Destiny-Board+8
  13. Good points Popeurban Many methods to address the blob. I still say Albion online has the best anti blob mechanics in any pvp mmo Ive played. It doesnt need to be full friendly fire though. Artcraft can set FF rules that only allow AE heals, resist buffs, rescues, buffs within group or guild. It can be certain damage types are only FF such as fire, holy or ice or have it be only AE only etc.
  14. Conq Myrm seems to be in a good place I agree just the other two need some love. Bloody swipe says leap in it's skill notes but it is not a real leap. I would actually use the skill if it leaped forward 10m to 20m.
  15. Back on to knight - Let all three branches take a tower shield...make it a minor if need be. Knights get ignored often in group pvp and Secutors even more so - Let swordsman use axe as well for slashing powers - Bring in the double wield shield knight
  16. Can we test some form of friendly fire ? With the rise of alliances group fights are just giant blobs and honestly we have as a tester base asking for some form of friendly fire testing mechanic for years.
  17. We had group sizes over five during hunger dome testing so how was it hard coded for max 5 five years ago when I was in a group of eight if not more back five years ago ?
  18. 1. Please look at music. We should be allowed to pick and choose songs to twist. The "type" of song 1,2,3 & 4 needed to twist really limits builds and forces you to go 100% almost if not all into music twist or at least change Song of Speed to a none number being used in any of the rotations. Music is more limited than ever per sub classes as domains and even more so if you have to use Minstrel gives a 3 and a 4, Troubadour gives a 1 and a 2; Dirge of Dissonance is a 3, Lament of Sadness is a 4, Guardian Rhythms is a 2, Song of Speed is a 1 2. Bring flare back as a minor or maj
  19. Can not twist songs using Troubadours Constant Chains song as one of the four songs. 1. It is a song so should trigger twisting 2. Previous versions you could trigger song twisting using it
  20. Great night of fighting among some good people and even better friends.
  21. Welcome and what shadowbane servers were you on ?
  22. someone is mad they didnt get a participation trophy for having the best k/d ratio ?
  23. Takes three of them to take down a naked weaponless Stoneborn.
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