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Status Updates posted by Barab

  1. Hi Redsett


    Are you still looking for a guild ? Sorry was out camping for a few days. We are kinda in a low ebb, logging into dregs here or there for fights but mainly waiting for 6.2 on test. What guilds have you been in before ? Are you comfortable maining a stornborn class for our pvp spec groups ?

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    2. Barab


      join or dc and post in guest, someone will flag you,,,,we do ask for one stoneborn class based on how e build out our siege pvp groups but otherwise open to playing anything outside an elf whenever. 

    3. redsett


      Sweet, thanks. I joined the dc channel, but I only have access to #general. Not #guests.


      My discord user name is also Redsett.

    4. redsett


      Nvm, I just can't view the message history, :)

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