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  1. We see you Winterblades...now this, this is a Winterblades we raise a toast to.. Skål !!!



    The Winterblades out capping forts tonight and running over Order and Chaos. Ya gotta love those Dwarven Selfies!





  2. 10 hours ago, Gradishar said:

    You’re 100% right. I built the cities for the Covenant of Swords in Shadowbane. I absolutely agree with you that the strategic elements of wall and building placement were a phenomenal element of Shadowbane and I truly hope that Crowfall eventually provides that kind of strategic city/keep/fort construction within CWs. If we don’t get that on day one...I’m ok with it (although I will certainly be disappointed). 

    I still have PTSD from sieging the main CoS city in Shadowbane during testing 

  3. One of the reasons I enjoyed pvp testing New World and currently testing Atlas. No cheeseball easy win stealth/invisibility mechanic...players have to crouch and/or duck hiding into the environment to attempt to remain undetected, dye their gear to camoflauge among the terrain, and can't hit a button for 100% escapability.

    But just remember stealth in Crowfall doesn't create broken pvp it's on you because you don't know how to prepare for it.

  4. woudnt buy too much into the cranky ass gamer reviews, with a good group of people Atlas is incredible. Still work to do...but it feels like darkfall met ark met sea of thieves 


    we just had a civil war on our island a few days ago, we kicked the traitors to the curb 


  5. We had cleric, the duelist dropped  him, we dropped the duelist even naked, not fully leveled, and not geared but if the duelist wanted to he could have just avoided his death harressing infinitely,  we had anti stealth discs, they suck. 

    Bottom line, Stealth currently is mostly reward with little risk. I get why many of you defend it. 

    Far as track goes, far as I am aware, not once has the skill ability description been addressed. We know it's in the passive tree for training but beyond that we do not know the mechanic specifics. It may not even detect stealth.

  6. 12 minutes ago, mandalore said:

    Thanks, I'm glad you could see it!   You ready for another 5 years of sub par dwarf charters? 

    You know we had some old HoA members join us under our Dwarf charter on Darkbane SB emu for a few ? Really cool guys....Honestly always was cool with Cyjax going back a ways and Soulien was always helpful with asking for advice on builds. Regardless of what happen, still unclear on that, with HoA and LoD & UDL etc we never really felt HoA was just a pile of trolls running their mouths constantly. Not sure what changed....

  7. Just now, mandalore said:

    You chose to run no molehunters, no elken, no rangers, no druids; that's not the devs making counter stealth hard to acquire, that's you choosing not to run it. 

    Your number 3 is wrong.  Dwarf charters had no bards, no stealth, no anti-stealth and clanwarden didn't exist so they had no viable healers.  Tell me more about 2003 shadowbane.  Clanwarden didn't exist until patch 8.0 (Sept 7, 2005).   

    Here's the patch notes for ya: https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Patch_8


    Two words, Bounty Hunter 

  8. 32 minutes ago, mandalore said:

    If the option for counter play is available and you make the choice not to do it then who is at fault?  Who's fault is it when you make a poor tactical decision?  Is it the devs fault for adding a multitude of ways to counter stealth and then nobody in the op's group wanted to run any of the ways to counter it?  It's not like you can't counter stealth, you just have to spec to do it and the honest answer is the OP didn't want to.  What gets me is that Mctan played shadowbane, he knows what a scout is.  Dwarf charters sucked then, looks like they still suck now. 

    1. I was naked with intermediate weapons, low level, playing the new Myrm for the first time ever and Myrm in general in at least four months as I main a champion. I had aura of terror going but with limited range and limited perception it wasnt working well so you are wrong no one was using counter stealth options. Most of not all counter stealth options are challenging to get to work and perception in general is wonky.  He was extremely hard to land bleeds on and even more so with juggernaut going hard to lock down. 

    2. Poor tactical decision ? Who's fault ?  Ya ok, most naked low level non geared players would have all been wiped vs an experience, fully leveled, and geared duelist of his skill level. It was a fun fight, challenging, and even so more rewarding giving him a dirt nap.  Doenst mean stealth and mobility isnt an issue and at some point needs an entire reexamine before beta if not release.  

    3. No Dwarf charters didnt suck in Shadowbane. @jtoddcoleman can back me up on that. 

    4. Stealth and mobility are a gripe to balance. If you think it's balanced now without issue you need to drop the ego and think of the game's future benefit and success. We are just hoping someone in Artcraft is paying attention to the issue. I am not even 100% convinced they even play/test the game with the general population and/or are aware of the issue.  

  9. 6 hours ago, SoberSoul said:

    Lmao damn the difference between the vets and noobs is massive, run scarecrow or any anti stealth runes such as mole Hunter or illusionist if it is working. Also there is a large despairity in geared and ungeared players 8-10k hp + the extra resistances and proper knowledge of guard blind spots it should be totally possible for someone like mj to out play some kids who just started playing. This is more of a crying post in my eyes than a call for balance you are whining about a mechanic you barely understand how to deal with. I understand that is frustrating but don't call for a nerf like that when there are many ways and skills built in to counter it. You are just running a sub optimal comp my dude

    Also as for your suggestion of 5 dwarves fighting 3 stealth characters is so ambiguous, there are Soo many factors that would go into that fight, ie are you prepared to fight stealthers which in a group of 5 you should be or that's just had preparation. In my massive experience, the 5 should win played right. 

    Besides that the tracking mechanic I'd still incoming so that will certainly help people deal with stelth mechanics on top of the aforementioned anti stealth discs in game.

    As for movement, you dash and Sprint right? If they just flat out out run you that's probably a mount certain class/race combos just have more mobility than others, that's why you pick and choose. You picked stoneborn, one of the least mobile races, if you were running champs you should have 0 issues with mobility. This is just you got out played by a more experience and heavily geared player. Learn from your mistakes dont cry out for change until you fully understand what you are dealing with


    Kids started playing ? We have been testing here since day one. 

    I was proccing aura of terror on scarecrow. Stealth reveal disc talents are weak at best. I expect the current combat stealth as well as the movement speed advantage certain race/classes get will be addressed later in development.

    If not I expect after release it will soon be just the same handful of guilds fighting each other since the hunger dome days. I always wondered why more pvp guilds were not joining testing over the years or why there were not more consistent streamers as in previous pvp mmo alpha/beta tests we have tested but I am starting to see why.

    Learn from past games mistakes when sheep had no chance verses the wolf who could fight and disengage with impunity. Beyond a mobile  steather being able to engage guards and players in an opposition keep with litttle risk, I still remember how easy it was to gank the fat gatherer/crafter in the keep games a while back but it still hadn't changed much, gathers/crafters in this game will flee. Not even talking about the dregs where we will be but the other more softer server pvp rulesets is where you will lose your player base unless checks and balances regarding this mobile stealth are not addressed.


  10. 43 minutes ago, Deernado said:

    First the speed complaint is due to the original poster not realizing there are mounts in the game with no graphics (character appears to run faster). The only way someone moves faster than bard's speed is with a mount.

    The faster of the two mounts is a large speed increase.

    That said, there are some races with speed benfits like trail master and trailblazer giving either a 15% or 25% bonus to speed out of combat.

    There are disciplines that can also give these buffs. 

    The Bard discipline gives faster ooc speed and a 10% in combat speed buff.

    As to the stealth mechanic...

    I dont feel it is overpowered. If you run in a small group, stick together and focus fire. 

    Heal the person being focused. Hopefully you bring a ranger..good perception and flare..



    Thanks for the tips, but you missed the entire point of the OP's thread. Stealth needs to be reigned in along with the in combat speed advantage some classes / races have. If not eventually it will be just fea assassins and guin duelist running around circle jerking each other off a month after the game finally releases. 

  11. Whirlwind when activated on a slope doesn't register hits at times.

    Please keep vessels locked to their campaign till the end of the campaign. We had fully geared max leveled solo players with epic mounts jumping from EU, where they maxed out, into NA at start rolling basically naked under level ten players in mass.

    Remove fire brazier from EK's. Players shouldn't be able to level so safely. At least force players to have to log into a campaign to level.

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