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Posts posted by Barab

  1. Not disagreeing Dregs doesn't need improvement to increase fun. I am disagreeing major changes need to occur because one long term respected testing guild left to go play Worlds of Warcraft and another respected guild went HAM on the last NA dregs winning the campaign by four times the needed work. 

    Removing the grind work to be competitive turns this game into a moba.


    Maybe I am confused are you saying conquest guilds shouldn't have to grind to win just PvP?

  2. 9 minutes ago, royo said:

    they get a better armor than usual mother load u need better tools, i thought it was a bug too until me and my mates try with good tools (+40 and more)

    I was equipped with a 45+ and we had foreman going. Maybe some are bugged and others not. I will retry it with everyone with 40+....

  3. So after six+ weeks of passive training into blacksmith I did a test with whites ore. Having ten blacksmith pips available I made three crush damage bonus chests (1 all armor, 1 all Crush damage bonus, and one with an even split between the two) with treated steel to compare it to the same "type" of plate dropped from a mob.  





  4. Knight new pursuit, especially on Sentinel, after playing with it in open pvp ....it feels good and syncs with the shield skills. 

    Would be nice to have the tower shield option as well on the Sentinel. 

    Also please fix the freeze recruit freeze on noble blood, it is suppose to root players but it isn't working.

  5. Hi 


    Now that we have a full loop in terms of materials being harvested, crafted, and so on could we get a trade forum added  as well as trade chat in game?

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