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  1. Barab

    Status of the Knight

    Nod, though really with plate knights are slower than molasses. Changes I would like to see and/or test - block needs to be cone in front of knight not 360 - Pursuit changed from 25m to 10M ( think small charge ) with a snare added rather than stun - Whirling Leap, rather than a pull in add an AE snare or make whirling leap a ground target leap charge Even with lmb movement, chain which still takes skill to hit and control the target, and pursuit its easy to avoid the knight. I recently rolled a confessor, champ, and legionnaire and with ease avoided every knight that came swinging my way.
  2. Barab

    Status of the Knight

    Good relative mobility on the knight is a joke right ?
  3. Looking forward to the lore discussion. Is there a connection of any type through Gaea between the Druid and the Forgemaster ?
  4. https://youtu.be/6jMigHoA520 Friday night March 26th Alpha 1.3 5 on 5 on 5 on 5 on 5 group fight with Ranger (east coast server 9:20pmish)
  5. https://youtu.be/sAQvrGFjf58 just some fun fighting, real fight begins around 4:40 min mark and goes to end
  6. Let's wait till the assassin is being tested before calling for power swaps. I've played a lot of knight. If anything the charge should have its distance range reduced by half ( make it a smaller distance more controllable charge) and replace the stun with a snare that last more than one second.
  7. https://youtu.be/rkL0XVAcH7E Some multiple 7 on 7 on 7 ruthless fighting Sunday feb14 night east coast server. Sorry qberto for charging you to your death. Some hah in there , frostsword, Destrin's group bringing it. Funny moment at 1 min mark I go to chain pull a player but grab the elite their group was hammering instead.
  8. Sugoi is consistently the best challenge our small band encounters, right up there with the triple D Destrin groups, tip of the hat. What time zone are you based in ?
  9. http://youtu.be/YsNIA1i6dx4 Fight w mic, Jonny, miraluna, & a_bunny on Friday feb 12 evening...great fight in chest room
  10. Ya I felt like an idiot because after playing the Knight since November I never knew you could hold down "1" to charge that far. I had been hitting "1" for the quick 5 meter or so burst then releasing the button thinking it was a quick short charge.
  11. Nod, we have overcame every handicap and disadvantage a single race guild can encounter in every mmorpg to date. It is unforeseen yet how this will play out come release but we do make great friends.
  12. Learned a few things playing with you as a knight jon
  13. To the powers that be just wondering if we could get an update on the Forgemaster ? I know everyone is busy with this or that and there are higher priorities but could we get a bone thrown our way ? My fear is that we will never see this archetype till long after release. I got a guild of bruised, battered, and scarred but hard brothers that have been looking forward to the Forgemaster since the original videos showing pre pre alpha combat had a Forgemaster doing his thing.
  14. or how much of a delay it would be to switch the work from unity 5 to lumberyard
  15. https://youtu.be/BVDOSk47TpY Just a fun match with a lot of good fights and a chain pull sling out of the inner keep at 5:30. We had a confessor named Ruinahm with us that really was a pro. No idea who he or she is but hats off. Good long fight in the inner keep first floor start at 5:25 around the fire and one at the end around the center with the hunger coming in with 3+ groups.
  16. You guys by chance going to be at Gen Con ? I had a blast with Wolfpack that one year up in Milwaukee when Ubi execs took us all out for pizza and bowling
  17. https://youtu.be/pqRNWURsLW4 Nothing special other than possibly being the last hunger dome alpha 1.1 match in history since it was the last match of this scheduled testing period at the closing of alpha 1.1. Tyrant does get slaughtered at just after the 5 minute mark where there is a three group on group action going on.
  18. I've always felt ani locks were a lazy approach to combat mechanics. Now I dont mind a balance between twitch and ani lock but really playing 99% of the time on the knight with every ability with a lock absolutely sucked to infinity. Why do I have to be locked in place while trying to shield slam or shield spin ? Ever try to shield slam another player let alone while swinging a sword or mace while stuck in space ? Dont get me wrong I am balls deep here and will be playing at release regardless of how combat turns out. I just see a large potential of players dropping out if combat is going to have so many ani locks. Now for range and powerful abilities I can see more of a need for ani locks but not so sure LMB / RMB with other basic abilities really should require a lock.
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