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  1. Uya is at the top of the Champion food chain though. The rest of us middle tier champions would have most likely ate a dirtnap.
  2. ok then I stand corrected once again, Maybe it's just mental but on mail it feels far more squishy than plate.
  3. Remove “weak or vulnerable to elemental/organic" from scale is my suggestion. Scale / Mail doesnt have to be strong vs elemental/organic but doesnt need to be weak / vul either. With it having a neg effect already with full set: -5% movement, -10% damage dealt dont really see the need to have a further negative with weakness vs magic especially with so many confessors. So just change scale mail from weak / vulnerable to neutral.
  4. No one is going to chew you out, gw2 combat was fluid and fun. If cf's combat ends up closer to gw2 combat in feel it will be a win.
  5. I am cool with no ani locks other than big dps range
  6. My thoughts are if the allegiance / alliance / guild subset system functions properly then we can see guilds be able to function in the smaller to medium size. I know we would rather prefer to roll as our typical small/medium force with the option to join other medium size guilds in an union. I am sure there will be 500+ guilds that want the strength in numbers but hopefully they are more fodder than a threat.
  7. Shadowbane followed by the original Everquest on the Zek servers then Warhammer Online. Nothing else is even close...
  8. My dream archetype, just whipped out of my head, would be something like this Main Archetype- 2hd hammer or 2hd axe DPS 1 tray / 1 tray group support based on some type of fire like essence 1 Promotion class that breaks group support into more of a healing role 1 Promotion class that breaks dps into more of a axe/hammer and board tank meat shield role 1 Promotion class that breaks dps into a range dps class.
  9. 90% physical damage mitigations for 15 seconds if the Druid goes under 20% health wtf ? edit -- i mean lolz... I will wait to see this in game first but on paper it seems cray cray
  10. JtoddcolemanArtCraft Ent. Creative Director - We've had a lot of talk about moving this guy from "forgemaster" over to "battlerager", as we don't want force every crafter in the game to be a dwarf. the thought is to move the crafting skills and recipes out of the archetypes and into disciplines. I'm also a big fan of dwarven warriors (playing one now in a 5e game) and I think we could make it fit the narrative really well. https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/4i09af/crowfallartcraft_ama_with_ace_founders_coleman/d2tw68z I think this is pretty encouraging news. Especially so knowing I am playing in a Dwarf central guild as our biggest fear is we would be even more handicapped if the Forgemaster was the best crafter with limited combat usefulness. Discuss ? Also WAR BEARS !!!
  11. is the thread up yet ? I dont see it
  12. Nice fighting, I miss testing the knight, make sure you rmb that block up for the reflect on magic and damage mitigation. That confessor was popping you.
  13. I remember the last time I got worked up reading the peanut galleries comments on a mmorpg pc gaming site said me never.
  14. Looks like 24 with moment but lets say 24 to be conservative. I do have a few longer range hurlbat hits but none that resulted in death.
  15. Gauntlet thrown https://youtu.be/-yeOyDnsOFM
  16. I hear that often on my vids. My mic is push to talk and everyone else's in channel as well. I feel like it may be the game. A pulse or something because it's ebb and flow is exact. Edit: that noise is from the hunger on the perimeter I think. It's a hunger pulse of something. It's definetly not from discord or our mics. Once the match ends as we are in the lobby you don't hear it. I've picked that audio pulse up on my recordings since hunger dome using fraps, shadowplay, and YouTube. It's been killing me as to what it is.
  17. We had an epic fight at the last remaining banewood tree in the very last match of testing Friday. This is the last nine minutes https://youtu.be/jVOCwCktH8o
  18. I cant believe how fast time flies. It's May already.
  19. As someone married into a Norwegian family I can quite assure you Swedes do save it for the battlefield
  20. Our entire lives are made up of random experinces. I think I will be ok with a little rng in a pvp gvg game.
  21. Full mail - Applies Daze effect to targets on each swing.wha ? was this in last night ?
  22. I am sure there will be player caps per faction. If there are population caps in game per faction I wonder if we will see a large group of afkers over the evenings or during work hours blocking their faction from logging in ?
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